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Found 102 results

  1. caroline Selwood

    103 parent visa time allowed

    Can anyone tell me how long you are allowed from the grant of your visa to when you have to be permanently living in Oz. I lodged my visa in 2010 and queue numbers seem to be moving now.
  2. Guest

    House sold now fun begins

    Hi everyone, Have not lived in UK since 1985 (I think Wham was still #1 in the charts) Have lived in Los angeles 13 years, Adelaide 7 years and Brisbane 5 years. Now decided it's time to go home. We have just sold house in Brisbane after three months.:biggrin: fingers crossed it all goes through. Plan to be back in blighty May 2012 Lot of suggestions on 20 ft containers. Any suggestions on who to use? It seems a lot more expensive to go from Oz to UK than the other way around for some reason. Anyway lots of things to take care of. Have got some great info from this site. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I have hopefully (fingers crossed) just sold my house in the UK (subject to contract) and I wanted to get the heads up on transfering the money from the sale of this house over to my account here in oz, before it actually happens. How would I best be going about this please?? thank you RVN
  4. Hi, again I'm posting for my friend who is imminently returning to the UK with kids and patner. The house has been on the market for some 3 months now and hasn't sold - has anyone been in the same situation and can give some advice on what they did or how to handle it if they move back over here before its sold? Who do you leave it with?Solicitors? Estate Agents? Any help or advice greatly appreciated. My friend returning alone in advance with the kids to get them into schools for Sept and partner staying for time being but doesn't want to stay on his own for too long .. Help?!!! Has anyone done this and come back with no money too .. as all money tied up in the house, all they will have is what he can earn on returning + benefits anyone 'been there done that' ?? :confused: :hug: xx
  5. Guest

    omg sold the car today!!!

    We have sold the car today even though we have no date to move!!!! (up until yesterday we thought we were going end of Aug) but now after being totally mislead by the estate agents we are not sure, arghh!!! Hopefully things will move as when we put car on ebay it was the right time, what a difference a day can make, but couldn't risk not selling it, we have already had that problem with a motorbike. The question is now, do we make do, walk, use the bus, hire a car, buy an old banger???? What fun this emigrating is, one day you are up the next down, but looking forward to the move, just want to get there (Perth). Cheers for listening Kim
  6. House has been on the market for the grand total of one week and we accepted an offer for it today! But theres no excitement or anything kicking in yet!?!? Is this normal? We fly out to Perth 12 weeks tomorrow. Really looking forward to getting out there, just thought we'd react better to selling the house? Are we just plain old WEIRD lol?? P.S. Anyone want a 57 plate Honda Civic Type R? Thats proving harder to sell than the house!
  7. The good news is ive sold the house just after been on the market for one week whoop whoop .....:biggrin: The bad news is we they want us out in about 6 weeks , the o/h meds have been refered and agent says it going to be about 8 weeks or more. My head is like mush ... do we rent somewhere .... move in with my mum and put stuff in storage... And then what if we dont get our visa !!!!:unsure:. carolyn x
  8. LinziM

    House is SOLD

    Well, we sold the house on the weekend after ten weeks on the market and no offers. We took a hit on the price, but are hoping the good exchange rate at the moment will make up for some of that. Settlement end of May and hoping to be back in the UK by my birthday in June! Just girding my loins for the next fun-filled weeks of organising and co-ordinating everything from booking the shippers, sending hubby to say ta-ra to his (English) folks in Canberra and selling two cars and all the household appliances. Anyone coming to Perth in the next couple of months, we will have a 2006 Ford Escape and a 2009 Ford Focus Coupe Carbriolet - my dead posh hard top - for sale end of May. Really looking forward to getting back to the glorious green Welsh valleys. We haven't seen any rain in Scarborough for six months, that's about to change for sure......... We can't believe it's only a few months since we made the decision. Flights booked now and can't wait. My sister is beside herself with excitement!
  9. :eek::eek:I am in complete shock ...... we told a friend we were thinking about selling our house in the Summer and they have come back today and want to buy it:biglaugh:. N :wubclub:and they are keeping our goldfish in the pond pmsl :biglaugh:Hubby is on his ship somewhere and is celebrating because by July we will be homeless( well ok renting in the uk for a bit lol ) Now all we need is a visa lol if not hey ho Sorry had to shout it to anybody lol :jiggy:
  10. gilliantay

    The Sold Sign Is Finally Up

    Well, the house went under offer a few weeks back but there were a few things that had to be ironed out........................................ A visitor today pointed out that a 'sold' sticker had been plastered over the 'for sale' board..........so I take that to mean that the few things have now been ironed out !!! So, we move out in 9 weeks.......................................better get my skates on and start planning who, what, why, where and when................ Started sorting out things today - 3 drawers in and gave up - can't quite believe the amount of 'junk' we have gathered in the space of 2 and a bit years.............. Isn't it just the way............have met some rather lovely people this past few weeks and I can see that by moving just that bit further into civilisation, I could actually have a life here................................................. As I have been saying of late.....................just call me confused.com
  11. Morning all, I called my dad this morning and he informed me that he has now sold my car. He wanted to know the best way to transfer around £2,000. What would be best and what info would I need to gather. Thanks.
  12. christopher

    We've sold the house :-)

    Well we've sold our house after it only been on the Market for 2weeks and for $100,000 more than what we paid for it, so as from Monday we've got six weeks before we head back - happy days )
  13. Diz

    still not sold car!!!

    We are flying to Perth on Monday and we still havent sold our car - its been for sale for 2 weeks!! Any suggestions?? Thanks, Donna x :cute:
  14. Guest

    Finally sold our house!!

    Well this is it, we have finally sold and are hoping to be heading out to Epping the end if November, yippee, cant wait. But what to do first, it seems a long time coming but now it will be all go. Any tips anyone on things to definately do before we go?:jiggy:
  15. Hi, Has anybody out there been unable to sell their house, so have decided to leave it and sell it whilst living in australia? Would people recommend this? This is maybe the only way of getting on with the move to a new life. If anyone has done this, was it a nightmare? Thanks in advance for replies and advice Rache
  16. Daffod1lly

    Sold the house - Yippee

    After so many ups and downs with our house sale - we finally completed yesterday! I have seen so many people bogged down by the process during my time on PIO and wanted to urge all of them on .... we never thought we'd get there!! We originally went on the market in February but our buyers pulled out a week before exchange.... Then our next buyers had to withdraw due to their buyers pulling out .... Finally - 3rd time lucky - these buyers pushed for a move within 5 weeks and it actually happened! Can't quite believe it :wacko: Now off for a beer or three .... to celebrate :jiggy:Good luck to all those in a similar situation !! Thanks to everyone who has offered us encouraging words over the past few months!
  17. Guest

    Sold the car...what next??

    Sold the house, well pretty much , sold my beloved Honda CRV, got 8 weeks to go.....need to get rid of a lounge suite, a dining room table and a few bedroom furniture bits.... its all seeming very real....and I can't wait til we get there!! is anyone else selling up before they go or are you taking everything?
  18. Guest

    House SOLD at Long Last!

    I have to say its been a while since I posted here. But had to post about my house sale, its literally 3 years since it went on the market and have had numerous people muck me about/dropping out and that with the recession its been a tough few old years. Thankfully today exchanged contract on the house and plan to head out to Brissy in less than 10 weeks. At last its real now and I can make plans.... first thing to book my flight! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :jiggy:
  19. Hello everyone, After two long years the time has come - the final link in our chain has been reached - we have accepted an offer on our house (after it being on the market for 7 months!) and with everything crossed we should be arriving in Brisbane end July (poss early Aug). I need to pick everyones brains about everything!! My family consists of a hubby, two sons aged 14 and 16 and a daughter aged 8 and our dog - Ernie. Our two oldest children aged 18 and 21 are staying behind in the UK and have just moved into their first house together - so mixed emotions. We are looking at baseing ourselves in Beerwah when we get to Oz and would like some feedback about this area. Ideally we would like to be about 20 mins from the coast and an hour or so from Brisbane but there would need to be enough to keep the teenagers happy too and transport to the coast and Brisbane good enough for the teenagers to go off and do their own thing without having to rely on mum and dad's taxi! The 14year old and 8 year old will need to be registered with a school and the 16 year old is hoping to go straight to college so any feedback regarding the schools etc in this area would be gratefully received. We havent packed a thing yet! We are considering selling everything and coming over with just our clothes and personal items, photos, pictures, ornaments, TV's etc. - any thoughts re the best thing to do. We will also need to get some temporary accomodation set up for when we arrive - any ideas?? My mind is going ten to the dozen - suddenly so much to do in so little time!! I cant wait to get to your beautiful country and settle our family! Look forward to meeting you all. Jo, Dan, Jordan, Ryan, Maddie and Ernie:biggrin:
  20. Elliott-Family

    How long until your house sold?

    Hi Our house has now been for sale for 19 months :arghh: we have reduced the price by £30k:arghh: and still we have no sigh of a purchaser, we are so fed up and frustrated, just wondered how long it took to sell your house Claire
  21. Hi prob a very daft question to most but does anybody know if "John Frieda Frizz Ease" products are sold in Oz shops, if not I will ship some without it I look like a very scary, Scary Spice:biggrin:
  22. Jane my wife had a telephone job interview with Shaun Gillespie the Director of Nursing at the Calvary North Hospital, this morning at 06.30 a.m. Jane has got the job. Working on the 26 Bed Oncology Ward there. The best thing about it is that they are willing to train Jane up to be an Enrolled Nurse, then an optional opportunity to train for RGN. We are overwhelmed with this opportunity and I am ever so proud of my wife. She has worked as a healthcare assistant for 16 years now and always dreamt to be a Nurse, but because of having children and the expense for the Nurse training, she has never managed it. I have gained the actual visa and have the vast amounts of experience and qualifications, so we took it for granted that I will gain suitable employment and Jane will find a part-time job eventually. Then this happens. I have also got my interview with Alex Edwards-Brown the Director of Nursing for the Glenside Campus Hospital, sometime next week, I am very confident in gaining a job through him. In addition, I had a viewing for my house on Tuesday and the guy telephoned me yesterday and said to me that he will come and see me today at 1pm today and that he wants me to tell him a price for my house and with everything to go with it, the furniture - the all lot. Also we have agreed not to go through the estate agent, thus saving me £3k in fees. The best part is, he is going to give me cash in the hand, obviously through solicitors. I am currently waiting for an operation for Hiatus Hernia, because I am in major pain. I am now considering paying for a private consultation and this consultant referring me for the operation, too see if this can speed things up, but it will have to be on the NHS. However I have now decided to still come to Adelaide if I dont suceed with my operation before Xmas and see if I can have it in Adelaide. All this has happened in the last few days, bloody hell we have hit the ground running and Wow! We are going to enjoy the ride. Jane's job starts in January, our house sold today and move out by end of October. Spend Xmas with my family in Burnley, Lancashire and also Jane's family in Leicester and then fly out late December/early January, bye bye freezing Newcastle upon Tyne. Hello Summer in Adelaide. After I have spoken to the guy who is buying my house today I will then search for flights and once I have booked them I will then apply for AOA via South Australia Government. Need to sort out removals, just to take our clothes and odds and sods. Right you readers: Need your help/assistance (join our ride). lol. QUESTIONS 1. What are the best area's to reside/live, which will be near Calvary North Hospital and Glenside Campus Hospital as well as near the CBD, transport links, the beach and just as important we have kids at 21 (lad), 17 (girl) and 11(girl) so we need somewhere lively (entertainment wise), for them to enjoy. More urgently is to provide us with some places where there are community houses are, so we can at least request certain areas for our AOA. Nothing wrong with just requesting on the application form for AOA. 1.5 Also friends please, especially for my kids, Love BBq's if anyone is having any (hint hint)., thats for the oldies, lol. 2. The best places to look for cheap flights to Adelaide. 3. Removal companies, must admit thinking of John Mason. However through Moneycorp they have a removal company, which we get a discount and its only three miles away from my current home. 4. Because AOA is not certain, what is the best option for a back-up plan regarding suitable accommodation. Is there any problems if I arrange alternative accommodation and then cancel it at th every last minute due to gaing AOA. I would fancy a caravan park for a back-up. WE ARE SO HAPPY !!!!! __________________
  23. Guest


    we sold house at last lock stockand barrel only problem we wernt told that my wife needed to do a name change certificate in perth to get her aussie passport. getting into panic mode now:arghh:
  24. Well cannot believe it after 52 viewings finally sold the house again just hoping all goes to plan this time we have taken a massive hit but just couldn't bear another year here so all you waiting to sell looks like it could be a good week as many of us who have been waiting seem to be selling. Just cracked open a bottle of wine although not elated as we should be we are relieved and looking forward to completion in February fingers crossed:yes:
  25. Thanks for everyone that contributed on my other thread "Rejecting asking price - we must be mad"... I am so grateful for everyones time and opinion. Today we accepted the asking price offer we had from our buyers and I have to say... I am now over the moon! (who'd have thought it!!) if anybody's interested our conclusions (based on a broad range of opinion from family, friends and poms in ozzers) - we want to buy within 12-18 months in Perth... concluded that the economy is not going to improve, that much, here in UK during that period... could even get a little worse in that time... so if we rented our house here, we should consider that it would need to be for longer. - Perth economy going from strength to strength and house prices rising. - safety net in UK might mean we dont get on with our new life in Aus... also if we came back we wouldnt want to come back to bexleyheath because of the grammar school system, so would move elsewhere anyway... and I really dont think we will come back. - we might have made the wrong decision to sell, but I am now ready to say goodbye to our home and move forward... two days ago I wasnt, and the lord only knows how i've now managed to take the next and final step to our move overseas. Thanks everyone, you all really helped, the negatives, the positives, the emotional issues... right or wrong, we are now HAPPY with our decision. :biggrin: