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Found 212 results

  1. How’s you doing friends, Actually I was wondering should I assess my Australian work experience or it will accepted without as I need to assess my degree that done overseas. I will be thankful that if anyone can let me know should I assess my experience with my degree or not because I am about to go thru this process. Regards Garry
  2. Dear all, My wife and me are evaluating our chances to immigrate with either 189 or 190. However, I get slightly confused with what should be counted and what should not. Your advice is very much appreciated. My wife (main applicant) has Bachelor degree in Accounting (221111) but 0 yrs of experience as accountant. She also has Master Degree in Information Systems (261312) and 3.5 yrs experience. Which path should she choose: Accounting or Developer? I got recently confused by finding out that only Bachelor degree gets points Also, not sure whether she can claim Partner skills points as my occupation is only the short-term occupation list. Thanks
  3. slashoholic

    Migration Pathway Dilemma

    Would appreciate any kind of possible help folks...have entered a migration pathway dilemma I am an international student from India and am currently pursuing a 2 year MBA course in Australia. My MBA course commenced in Feb 2017. The sole purpose of my coming to Australia, as many others, is to obtain a PR in Australia. Need help with the best possible route and options for me and my partner. Following are my circumstances which would give you a better understanding of my case : About ME (Currently residing in Australia) Male, 32 yrs DOB – Nov, 1984 Marital status – Unmarried Sister is an Australian citizen since 7 years, residing in Sunbury, Melbourne – 3429 Have completed a 3 year “Bachelor of Science” degree from India Have 9 years of work experience in Human Resources No professional Human Resource degree like MBA Currently pursuing a “2 year MBA course with specialization in IT” from a university in Melbourne About my PARTNER (Currently residing in India) Female, 24 yrs DOB – Dec, 1992 Marital status – Unmarried Currently residing in India 4 year “Bachelor of Technology” degree (Electronics & Communication) from India 1 year “Bachelor of Education” degree from India Total of 1 year of teaching experience in 2 different schools in India No engineering based work experience
  4. Hello I'm new to this forum & please excuse me if I'm posting something discussed earlier. I'm a Sri Lankan citizen. I've completed my higher studies in UK in the field of EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineering ( B1 Mechanical). This is not a degree however the main requirement to obtain the Aircraft Engineer's Licence. The certificate is issued and recognized by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and after minimum of 2 year of work experience I'll be eligible to apply for the Aircraft Engineers Licence. Currently I'm working at Sri Lankan airlines as an aircraft technician. I've now gained work experience of 1 year. Here's the matter ..... I was so interested to move to Australia after I got sufficient work experience. However unfortunately the New SOL does not consist Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. I'd be really greatful if someone could tell me about the other options available to me to move to Australia once I've gained enough experience. Thanks in advance
  5. jahcer80

    Help with visa selection

    Hello, We are a couple in our late twenties looking to emigrate to Australia, we are marrying this summer and would move as soon as possible (visa allowing!) We have no kids and no mortgage so we are footloose with plenty of savings. We are unsure of what to do to get the ball rolling with visas. Our occupations are Management accountant (on SOL) & primary school teacher. We would be looking to live over there indefinitely so looking at a decent length of visa. We have tried to make sense of the immigration website visas but think we need a sponsor for SOL job to apply for any of them so we need some advice on that. We also need advice on what visa to get for primary teacher. Furthermore are we ok to start applying as a non-married couple then continuing as a married couple? If you have any advice please reply, in the meantime, good luck if you are currently in the process and happy belated easter to all!
  6. Hi guys, I'm from Singapore, I am 22 this year. I am currently serving the army, planning to study in a local university - SIT, Digipen to acquire a Bachelor In Computer Science and Game Design. I am due to complete my Bachelor in 2020. I've went through the Visa list and found that in order to migrate to Australia - I would like to stay in Melbourne, I can only apply the Subclass 189 (Correct me if i'm wrong). I've been through the Skilled Occupations List and found that Software Engineer is within the list. But just when I'm excited that I'm eligible to apply in the future, I did the points test. I believe i'm only able to acquire 55 points out of the required 60. 1. Age - 25-32 (inclusive) : 30 Points 2. English Language Ability - Proficient English - person has a score of 7 or more in the English Language Testing System (IELTS) in each of the four test components (This is just assumption) : 10 Points 3. Education - At least a Bachelor degree, including a Bachelor degree with Honours or Masters, from an Australian educational institution or other degree of a recognised standard. (My local Bachelor should be recognised) : 15 Points And... That's about it? I am unable to attain the 60 points. The only way I see is that i work at least 3 years in Singapore to attain an additional 5 points. By then, I would be 30 years old. Is that recommended? Also, I intend to migrate together with my girlfriend, who is currently in her first year, studying in a similar Bachelor - Bachelor in Computer Science and Real-time Interactive Simulation from SIT, Digipen. If this information is relevant? Any kind souls around to point me in the right direction?
  7. Hello, I've just joined this site like 2 mins ago so plz be nice Ive got an admit from Monash Uni for Masters in Business (My intended major is Project Management). I intend to stay back in Australia and hence need a PR. Part 1: The likely outcomes from my major dont seem to be on the SOL (There's one called construction project manager,but i dont see myself into construction). Does this mean I wont be eligible for a PR? Is it absolutely necessary to have an occupation on the SOL? Part 2: IF i dont choose Project Management,the other majors that I'm open to are Information technology Law and responsible business Managing human capital Marketing Responsible management Risk management Supply chain management Is any of these likely to get me an occupation from the SOL? I'm from India and intending for the Feb 2015 intake. Also, I've seen certain occupations that i may be eligible for on the CSOL. But these seem to have no mention on the Victorian govt's SOL..!! Am i eligible for CSOL in the first place? Secondly,what if my nominated occupation isnt on the govt's site? Plz help. I'm investing a hefty sum here. Wanna make an informed decision. Cheers..!!
  8. http://www.immi.gov.au/News/Pages/changes-csol-sol.aspx [h=3]Occupations added to the SOL[/h] The following occupations will be added to the SOL: Chef (Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) 351311) Bricklayer (ANZSCO 331111) Wall and Floor Tiler (ANZSCO 333411) [h=3]Occupations added to the CSOL[/h] The following occupations will be added to the CSOL: Hydrogeologist (ANZSCO 234413) Exercise Physiologist (ANZSCO 234915) [h=3]Changes to occupation titles[/h] The following titles will be changed: Ship's Surveyor will be titled Marine Surveyor (ANZSCO 231215) General Medical Practitioner will be titled General Practitioner (ANZSCO 253111) [h=3]Changes to assessing authorities[/h] For new applications for the above visas made on or after 1 July 2014, new assessing authorities will be specified for the following occupations: Nurse Manager (ANZSCO 254311): Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC) Nurse Educator (ANZSCO 254211): ANMAC Nurse Researcher (ANZSCO 254212): ANMAC. Marine Transport Professional not elsewhere classified (ANZSCO 231299): Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services (VETASSESS) Best regards.
  9. The Australian (one of the two Australian national newspapers) is reporting today that chefs, bricklayers and tilers are to be added to the SOL: Coalition opens way for foreign chefs, brickies "THOUSANDS of foreign chefs, bricklayers and tilers will no longer have to be sponsored by employers to obtain permanent visas, as the Abbott government eases skilled migration rules to address alleged labour shortages. Under changes backed by business groups, the three professions have been added to the Skilled Occupation List from July, meaning these workers will be able to apply for a permanent visa without requiring a sponsor." More information is here: http://www.gmskilled.com/?p=1023 Best regards.
  10. Hi guys, Wanted to ask if someone can help with information regarding the partner points. The profession of my de-facto partner is on both on the SOL and CSOL list, however my profession is only on the CSOL list (maybe I can get a positive assessment for a profession on the SOL list, but I have doubts about this). So the question is: will my partner be able to claim partner points for the 189 visa if my positive assessment is for a profession from the CSOL list or he can only apply for 190 visa in this case? Thank you in advance! A
  11. Zazuzi

    Help I'm lost!

    Dear all I have problem. I'm thinking of migrating to Australia but I'm lost in... well, all the info posted on Forums. I don't know where to begin with. I don't have a job yet but I'm not even sure if that's what I should start with when thinking of moving to Australia. I found in a different forum that first I should begin with looking for the right visa and then for a job. Ok, but shouldn't it be the other way round? I read I need to find if my occupation is on SOL list. What if it's not? I've been working in publishing sector for about two years and I'm not sure that's enough for applying for a visa as I heard I'd need to have at least 3 years of work experience. Or can anyone tell me under what section publishing is? Also, is that true that it's better to find a migration agent than doing all the visa paper work by myself? Oh, forgot to ask - which cities would you recommend to live in? If you could share some info about it, I mean, what to begin with - I'd appreciate it greatly. Thanks in advance! Best, Zuzi
  12. http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2012L01451 The Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL), is a single list of occupations for employer sponsored and State / Territory nominated skilled visa Subclasses. The CSOL replaces the Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS), Temporary Business (Long Stay - Subclass 457), and General Skilled Migration (GSM) State / Territory nominated Skilled Occupations Lists. Best regards.
  13. Hallfamily

    CSOL List

    Am I correct in saying that if your occupation is on the CSOL List and not on any SOL List you can only get a visa through an employer nominating you?
  14. Hello All, This is a hypothetical question only. What if, in past 10 years, I had experience that I could relate to an ANZSCO code in the SOL/CSOL list AND what if my current position does not match that ANZSCO? Would it be safe to proceed and take the first step by getting my skills assessed in light of the last 10 years? :-)
  15. Hi, We're pulling together paperwork for our TRA assesment. My husband has worked as an electrical technician on helicopters for about 13 years. Avionics technician has just been removed from the SOL (which is the most natural choice of occupation title for him) but is currently on the NT and ACT lists for state sponsorship but if possible we'd like to get him in as an electrical engineer technician which is on the SOL and gives us more flexibility about where we move to without the restrictions of staying in a specific state for two years. His qualifications and apprenticeship are all in general electrical and electronic engineering but obviously his work experience has all been doing electrics on on aircrafts. Does anyone have any experience of putting forward a TRA assessment for an occupation that straddles two job titles? Will the TRA literally just check his experience and qualifications against a checklist of standards for the role of electrical engineering technician or do they review him and then pigeon hole him into the most suitable category? It's really tricky as his experience and qualifications would allow him to work on trains, boats, cars etc so in that respect it's unfair to limit him to being an aircraft technician. Our migration agent is going to review all of his evidence and then advise us which occupation she thinks we need to go for but I just wondered if anyone on here had any experience or trying to nominate an occupation that isn't necessarily exactly the job they have been doing? Also, do the TRA speak to your employers too? Would he need to specify a particular person for them to contact as we haven't told his work we're hoping to emigrate as it's such early days in the process. Thanks a lot. Any advice would be really welcome.
  16. Clarius Skills Index September Quarter 2012 Australia faces a significant shortfall in a number of the nation’s crucial business professional sectors at the heart of driving big business over the next 12 months. The Index reported that growth in labour demand in the Australian economy is primarily occurring in higher-skilled occupations and professionals representing a significant proportion of employment in growth industries.
  17. George Lombard

    New SOL Announced

    The official version of the new SOL is here: http://www.comlaw.gov.au/ComLaw/legislation/LegislativeInstrument1.nsf/0/DA1BE00DC2F66895CA25774A0013D89E/$file/10026LI.pdf. Schedule 3 is the new SOL for overseas applicants (page 29), and Schedule 4 (page 37) is the list of occupations which may be state sponsored. The table contains relevant occupations, points and assessing authorities. The column for "Country" refers to whether it's a trade assessable by Vetassess or TRA. Cheers, George Lombard
  18. Guest

    List of Skilled Occupation

    in Appendix 6 - List of Skilled Occupations, it includes, 221111 Accountant (General), does it mean you should have to be a CPA? Can I qualify for that skill occupation, where I have a degree on Accountancy and practicing Accounting jobs.
  19. Guest

    Software testing and SOL

    Need help and guidance from the forum members regarding my Permanent Residency plan to Aussie land. I am ( 32+ years old) an Electronics Engg Graduate from India with a 7+ years of Software testing (manual) experience which includes nearly 3+years work experience in Australia on a 457 visa. With my employer not willing to sponsor me ENS way of residency is there any way I can get my residency on my own . As you all know Software Testing is not in the new SOL list its getting harder for me to get it on my own or I am just :daydreaming: . Can a manual tester be accessed as a Software Engineer or similar. As SE is in current SOL list or do we know by any chance Software Testing is going to be included in the SOL list in near future or I am still :daydreaming: Is there anyway I can lodge the application on my own and get the residency. Much appreciated for your time :cute:.
  20. Hi, I am planning to apply for the Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175). I am a Project Manager in the Software Industry currently having around 11 years experience. When I checked the SOL, I could not find a skill that corresponds to IT Project Management. The only skills that relate to a software profession that i could find in the SOL are: - ICT business analyst - Systems analyst - Analyst programmer - Developer programmer - Software engineer - Software Tester - Software and Applications Programmers nec - Database Administrator - ICT Security Specialist - Systems Administrator - Computer Network and Systems Engineer - Network Administrator - Network Analyst - ICT Systems Test Engineer Can someone advice me on the skill I can select while applying for an Independent migrant visa? Thanks in advance, gts
  21. The occupations currently experiencing shortages of skilled labour are listed below: Mechanical and Fabrication Engineering Tradespersons (112.2 in the Sep qtr; 108.9 in the Jun qtr); Chefs (107.8 in the Sep qtr; 105.3 in the Jun qtr); Automotive Tradespersons (103.7 in the Sep qtr; 103.8 in the Jun qtr); Hairdressers (101.8 in the Sep qtr; 101.1 in the Jun qtr); Food Tradespersons (101.1 in the Sep qtr; 101.8 in the Jun qtr); Computing Professionals (100.4 in the Sep qtr; 100.5 in the Jun qtr); and Wood Tradespersons (100.3 in the Sep qtr; 102.6 in the Jun qtr). Further details click here: Australian Skills Shortages Demand 2011 Clarius Skills Index Major employment sectors to be hit by skills shortfalls.
  22. A4Ron

    RSMS - what SOL does it use ?

    Does regional scheme use Schedule 1 or Schedule 1 & 2 ???
  23. Dears, pls be so kind to help me to find out if my job is listed on SOL. I'm a forwarding agent working in logistic / shipping company (organising transport and goods distribution). I have a 3 year diploma degree at the university of maritime transport. If anyone can help me to recognise my proffession for visa aplication procedure. Many many thanks!!!!!! :sad:
  24. Ive scanned the SOL ive checked the forums but im still none the wiser... I work in a grade one listed building in London doing what they call Fabric maintenance. My job includes pretty much all types of building works, facillitys, install, carpentry, plumbing, lock picking!, etc etc... I am c&g quallified plumb & chippy, but as my job title is neither in particular does that mean im off the list or what? I dont really want to go back to site work just to make my job title suit, I would be willing to do site work when I get to Oz tho. Any ideas?
  25. Guest51810

    New SOL list

    Hey am i right in saying there will be a new list of occupations in july?? Does anybody think there will be more construction trades on it? There are thousands of construction jobs on the internet but its so hard to find a sponsorship! Spoke to a agent from go matilda yesterday, she says although daves occupation " excavator operator" isnt on the list if i look at the codes and if any of the descriptions match what he does then ive to let her know. Ive found " linesman " on the list which he worked as last year so hopefully we should be able to do something with that. She says to be able to do that he would have to be tested by vetasses, can anyone explain what this involves??? All this immigration info is hard to take in!