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Found 17 results

  1. for me its a good thing,its an oppertunity to mix,and blend with other ideas,and custums--not a bad thing to unite the world:wubclub:
  2. Hi all, I'm mighty confused! Please help I'm an applications programmer getting all my stuff together for a skills assessment by the ACS. I don't have a degree - only a BTEC national cert - but I do have 20 years experience and I'm not sure whether I should go for the standard assessment or whether to go down the RPL route instead. I'm tempted to at least try regular assessment first (as there's less paperwork!) and re-apply under RPL if I don't get through the first time... I'm not too sure which ASCO code to use. As things stand, I have 110 points which means I would have to go for state sponsorship (although I believe that I could get another 10 points if I do well in the IELTS English test). The general code for applications programmers is 2231-17, but there is a code on Western Australia's priority skills list for the particular technology that I use; it is 2231-79, "Computing professional - Progress". WA is the only state offering sponsorship for Progress people and having spoken to the WA government at a recent expo, I know that I'd have to be assessed under 2231-79 in order to apply for state sponsorship as a Progress specialist. I'm torn between the various options... WA is the only state that has Progress on the priority skills list, so I could go for 2231-79 and hopefully get fast-tracked into WA by virtue of taking the state sponsorship. But... I'd rather live on the east coast and I wonder if having a skills assessment as a Progress specialist as opposed to a general applications programmer might actually work against me if I make my visa application to a state other than WA. There seems to be a fair amount of Progress work on the east coast and I'm confident that I could get a job there but I don't want to get labelled as an out-and-out Progress guy if it might work against me in QLD/NSW/VIC. So... what to do? Regular assessment or RPL? Get assessed as a Progress specialist, take state sponsorship and live in WA for a couple of years? Take IELTS, get assessed as an applications programmer and go for the regular skilled migration visa? Thanks in advance for all advice, Tarby
  3. Hi does anyone have any experience on how long the ACS are taking to process a Skills Test ?? Mine was received by them on 9th Aug. No news yet. My allocated "person" has stopped communicating by email suddenly - just get an automated response. (ENS , 121) cheers, Richo.
  4. This really got me thinking last week. In our local paper a convicted child molester was released only to rape a 10 year old girl 6 months after being released. Can these people ever be released back into society after being convicted. Is it just to much of a risk that they just might rape or even murder another child weeks, month, years after being released, can we honestly take the risk they will not re offend. I honestly think a child sex offender must be locked up till he dies, we cannot take a chance with an innocent child's life. Do you agree or disagree.
  5. Hi All Download and Read This : http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/acs-skills-assessment-review.pdf I have ACS assessment positive Computer Professional NEC (2231-79) on 22 Dec 2009, As i need not got the SOL & MODL , i Re-applied under 2231-79 ( Network Security ) and got the Positive on 22 June 2010, I would like to know, as per Australian Computer Society Skills Assessment Review – 7 January 2011 , Do i have to get Review/Re-assessment/ New Assessment under ANZSCO, so that DIAC can put me under Priority 3 ? Which ACS Form do i have to feel?
  6. Hey, i wondered if anyone has has they skills assessed by ACS and how long they take, the web site says 3 months......at this rate once 3 months is up the Aus immigraton would have change their policy!!!!
  7. Hi all, To those who are planning to send their documents by mail or courier to the Australian Computer Society, please note that the ACS has moved to new premises: ACS address The official notice of this was put up on their website only a few minutes ago, and the new address takes effect from next week onwards. This may be of particular interest to those who plan to use a courier service for delivery to their street/office address. Regards Peter
  8. Hi, Does anyone know what the following on my ACS Skills Assessment means: "you have satisfied the requirements of the ACS PIM2, Group A"? I'm not sure what's meant by PIM2 and Group A. Thanks. Michael.
  9. Since the new coalition took power there has been a lot of talk about the 'Big Society', I appreciate the sentiment behind this idea but is it ever truly possible to achieve. In short the coalition wants to put more power into the hands of local councils, local people, local communities to achieve the goals they want and have the power to change their particular circumstances. It is also hoped that society in general and those that inhabit the society should take far for responsibility for the way they interact with everyone around them. But in truth is this EVER achievable. People will always want different things from their world, differing opinions are after all what makes the world go around. People of all races, colours and beliefs will ALWAYS want different things from their lives. There will also always be those that can't be bothered to try and change what they see as wrong, there are those that just accept the way things are, and there are those that will do their utmost to change the world as they see it, but more often than not things really change because these voices become stifled by those in POWER. So just what does the coalition hope to achieve with this Big Society. Call me a skeptic but in no small measure the government is once again trying to dissolve their responsibilities to the people of this country and pass responsibility onto local authorities and the people of these communities. There will come a stage where the government can and will admonish themselves of any responsibility and in so doing will turn around in years to come and say, 'Look, we gave YOU the power to change things, it is not our fault that things haven't worked out'. This is not a criticism of this particular government, it has been going on for years. Privatisation, abdication of power, etc have in no small measure made this country one where to blame the government is becoming seemingly more difficult. If the government is basically holding their hands up and saying 'Over to you', how on earth can they be held responsible for any future failures or indeed successes. As I said, I appreciate the sentiment behind such an idea, BUT. I am honestly not sure that the people of this country feel truly empowered enough or indeed care enough to bring about the change that government pontificate that they want. Surely it is the RESPONSIBILITY of any government to make the BIG decisions. After all, they were voted into power with the hope that they would once again do all they can to make this country BETTER for all its inhabitants. Government cannot and should not be allowed to abdicate power too much as this will only result in years to come us as a people having the inability to look at government and ask, 'Well, what the hell are you going to do about it'. Surely a better idea would be to actually give the people of this country more 'real' power, REFERENDUMS and the ability to VOTE on the issues, immigration, Iraq, Afghanistan, the EU, etc. This is what the people really want. Where whilst it is governments responsibility to run the country we can in a controlled and sensible way still have a say on the issues that affect us ALL, not just small segments of society. Democracy does not mean the abdication of power, it means giving the people of this country the ability to TELL government what they want on the bigger issues of our time. Cheers Tony:wink:
  10. Why is it that things have gone so wrong, i remember being a youngster playing ouside all weekend with out a parent in sight. It seems these days you do anything with out a consequence. Why are we so tolerant to criminals that cause harm to children or woman, why are we not removing this element from society and bringing back capital punishment and getting society back to how is used to be. In my opinion you start giving these people punishement to suit there crime and it will start going down the line to our youngsters. Ive seen so many young people get away with crime, hitting elderly, hitting the police. WHY ARE WE PUTTING UP WITH IT. Why cant someone with balls in the government start things rolling.:arghh:
  11. I have an interview on Tuesday night for a graduate nurse position at the Friendly Society Private Hospital, Bundaberg! I noticed there was no thread for this hospital anywhere on PIO!! I was just wondering if anyone has worked/does work there. Any insider info or warnings?!?! Anyone else got an interview here?! Thanks guys, Sarah!! xxx
  12. Hello This is my first post here, I am glad I found this forum! I am planning to immigrate to Australia under the Skilled visa. I am a programmer and I have submitted my online application to ACS last week. This week I noticed that my CC had been charged, and I then got an email from them asking for those infamous "certified copies". There are quite a few posts here about certified copies, but I am still confused... Some people here say that even a GP or a solicitor can certify copies, however the email from ACS literally says: It seems to me that GPs and solicitor are excluded then? I checked the Australian Embassy in London, and it seems that they do it (Notarial - Australian High Commission), charging £14 per certified copy. As I have 10 copies to certify, that looked like a lot of money... However, after checking with a notary, I found out that they would charge £55 for the first copy and £25 for each of the others! Suddenly the embassy price looked not that bad... My question are 1 - Am I getting everything right or am I missing something? 2 - Probably I will use the embassy to certify my copies, but their notarial section is open only from 9h30 to 11h30, without an appointment system. Anyone who used that service can give some advice? Is it busy? Should I get there really early? Should I take my tent and sleep at the door there the night before? Thanks for reading and any advice! Regards, Luis
  13. mullsey

    australian computer society

    Hello I am in the process of applying for a 475 skills based visa. My skills based assesment was received by the ACS on the 24th september 08. On the ACS website it showed my application as awaiting case officer. About the 20th October it changed to in process. Does anyone know how much longer this part of the process will take. Many thanks jason
  14. I am interested to know what qualification people passed on with out having to do a RPL. I have been told that they only recognize MCSE, MCPD, CLP, and CNE. Has anyone passed with anything less ? Does the A+ and N+ hold any kind of value ?
  15. Im 23, i have a 1st class degree in Computer Science, 1 year of Australian work experience 1 year of British work experience, I also have IELTS, I have no criminal record and no health problems - my occupation is also on the MODL list. So you would have thought there would be nothing stopping me applying for a 175 visa. Wrong. Turns out i need my occupation "Approved" by the ACS (Australian Computer Society) - and because I didnt get my degree from an Australian University it means i need 4 years of experience in my field. b******t. How much does this suck? Heaps. And how would someone fresh out of an Australian Uni have the experience for a 175 but someone from a british uni with 2 years experience doesn't? Im on a 457 at the moment that runs out end of the year. Looks like its gonna be back to cold cold miserable england in January. If anyone knows a way around this or has manaed to get approved by the ACS without 4 years experience please let me know! thanks
  16. Hi, Can anyone recommend any agents who are good at dealing with applications that involve assessment from the Australian Computer Society. We need to start looking at appointing an agent but my husband has to do assessments with the Australian Computer Society so would like to try and find an agent with experience of that. Thanks Mandisfam
  17. Hi All Has anyone as an IT engineer had any experience in applying to the ACS (Australian Computer Society) I have to provide a list of my duties in my present and current IT jobs that i have had. Should i just summarise the roles/responsibilities or does this need to be explained as if it was to a trainee or somone who is nt technical at all? by this i mean simple and in all detail? Not really sure of the requirements, therefore all help would be much appreciated Many thanks to all :notworthy: