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Found 27 results

  1. I thought it was about time i got back on here, and add a missive! Sadly all my stories, and insights to the first few years of living in Australia has gone, well that is a shame, but move one I say. So whats happened? Well me and wife are due to celebrate our 1st year in our own home (we arrived in OZ Nov 2012). And still much to do, but funds as they are, we have done lots, to make our forever home. So why the Title? Well the one reason, like Barry Sheen, I hate the cold, and the long winters, and going to work in the dark and going home in the dark from Oct to May, and the recent snow did remind me of it, and just going though my photos taken in 2009 of my cars and road where we lived covered in snow, and saying to myself, "I do not miss the snow"! So some may ask, why are you living in Melbourne where you can have four seasons in one day? The answer is a compromise, MDW does not like the heat, and cannot cope if it goes over 25c. So living in the hills of Gembrook is ideal for us, as it tends to be 5c cooler than on the flats and CBD. So I hope to contribute more on here, as it has been a journey, and do I miss UK, some things like family and friends, but with the power of social media, most contact is taken care off, except for the human touch. Yes have visited back to the UK, and felt that everyone had moved on, and why we left the issues are still apparent, so do no regret the upheaval and the hard yards to be where we are, happy!
  2. The Pom Queen

    What is Snow Fish?

    I tried some whilst in Singapore and it was very much like Salmon. I can't seem to find anything on it and wondered if we could get it in Oz?
  3. We’d love to make it out to the hills and see some snow and let our youngsters have a play in it, but are there any opinions on whether the cost of going up there and staying for a night is worth it when we’re not going to ski/board? Not to mention whether there will be any snow there! We’re not after much - just enough for snow angels! It is of course peak season so I’m guessing accommodation will be expensive so tips on where to go and good toddler friendly accommodation whilst we’re at it would be good too.
  4. 2tigers

    October snow in the UK?

    Now I'm never one to bag the UK and I hope this thread doesn't turn that way, but I read this and couldn't believe it! What is the world coming to? Snow predicted for Oct in the UK....... I love all the seasons, I really do - we make the most out of whatever comes but I've never heard of snow in October before? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2039418/UK-weather-Snow-forecast-parts-Britain-early-October.html All our seasons are so mixed up, all of them seem to have shifted forward a few months, I love the heat we now get in April, to me this is like summer, and now the winter snow predicted so early?
  5. Thought I would get in first.:cute: A BITTERLY cold winter and prolonged snowfall may hit Wales for the third year in a row, forecasters warned yesterday. Welsh forecasters are suggesting long-term heavy snowfall could wreak havoc again across the country, especially in January and February. The past two winters have been especially cold in the UK, as high pressure systems settled over northern Europe, preventing warmer air currents crossing in from the Atlantic. December last year was the coldest in the UK for about 100 years – and Cardiff saw its heaviest snowfall for 30 years. Read More http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/2011/09/02/forecaster-predicts-heavy-snow-in-january-again-91466-29348137/#ixzz1WonMJWxI
  6. Mongrel

    ***** as snow shippers

    Any body any info on them mates needin urgent good or bad thanx. Mally
  7. gaz n family

    Thank-you SNOW - I LOVE IT

    Way HEY - Another day off thanks to the snow, we had another 4-5 inches this morning and it looks like more is coming. :jiggy: all of this ontop of about 8 inches. this only thing i hate is i am sick of clearing the drive. But now the car is up the drive it can snow all it wants. Well might have to clear it again to pick up the wife at tea time, or shall i make her walk home? :wink:
  8. Guest

    Snow in Oz

    Brisbane Weather | ourbrisbane.com Blimey :eek: relatives in brissie tell me Oz is having a poor summer up to now, what's it like where you are.
  9. gaz n family

    More snow pictures from the UK

    After a good downpour Thursay night no one expected another down pour last night. The one major advantage of deep snow over night on a Friday. Wey Hey no shopping Saturday......So to get out of the house we all took the dog for a walk. here are some of the photos of this. Why does the dog want to make snow angels? The finished artical our road - yet again, no grit in sight - employers never believe me when i say we cannot get the car up the road.
  10. bunbury61

    Snow anybody ?

    Weve got loads - getting back home down the m6 and m42 was a nightmare today . Iam sure every pom ,still in the uk, who uses this board,will have a horror story to tell. There are a few records being broken . More snow overnight . The novelty of the pre - christmas snowfall is well and truly over. Now, this is the serious stuff.
  11. OilDigger

    Snow on the driveway

    Firstly a happy and prosperous 2010 and new decade to all at PIO. :cool: So have any of you missed clearing the snow off your drive this winter :biglaugh: Spent a pleasant 30 minutes removing an inch of soft snow yesterday which was a a relief from the ice I had to remove 3 days earlier following the Christmas snow I had left [dozy bugger]. So after 2 massive lighting bolts, thunder and a power cut before midnight, the obligatory fireworks and champagne after midnight have now woken to four more inches of snow and it's still bleaching down :no: so I guess it's out with the snow shovel again and some serious sledgeing with the kids, just as well it's the holiday weekend as everything will be comming to a stop. Still only 48 days to go until we are living in the Perth sunshine and thats just maybe makes all this snow special for us all. Snowball fight anyone !!!!
  12. Guest


    Are you missing the snow? I am!!!! until it turns to slush that is :snowman7:
  13. kellyjamie

    Love the snow flakes!!

    I love the snow flakes that fall down the screen!! I was oohing and ahhing when i just seen it! Yes i am so easily amused i know but thanks anyway its lovely x
  14. Guest

    Xmas Snow '09.

    Hi all, just a quick photo of my front garden and street. (Didn't take many too ruddy cold!) Helenx
  15. Guest

    Going to 'the Snow'

    I know that snow and alpine sports are not the first thing that come into mind when migrating to Australia, but I just want to report what a great time can be had at 'the snow' as everyone here seems to call it - ie the Australian Alps (in our case Mt Kosciuzco). We've just come down from a long weekend away to show our kids the snow. They were too young to remember it in the UK, and so this was the first time they saw any of the white stuff - and how thrilled they were. It can be amazingly expensve if you stay in the alpine villages like Thredbo, but a lot cheaper if you stay about an hour's drive away in Jindabyne or Cooma. We booked through Lastminute.com and thoutght we got a bargain at $220 for a family room for the weekend, but we saw people calling on spec and getting the same rooms for $88 a night! It's interesting staying in a country town where they are very friendly and really do dress like the Man From Snowy River - complete with cattle dogs. For snow activities we tried Thredbo and found it a bit too busy and commercial, plus the snow doesn't come down all the way into town. Then we tried Perisher and it was amazing. The drive in itself is a scenic wonder, and the village is just blanketed in snow. The only catch is that you must ($300 penalty) carry snow chains for the wheels, but these can be hired in all the petrol stations for $20. We thought we wouldn't need them but there was a 5cm fall of snow even on the day we were there. We're not skiers, and the hire prces and ski lift pass prices looked quite steep - but that didn't seem to deter thousands of Aussies from having a good time by the look of it. We just let the kids go on the tobaggon run, which was fun enough [and exhausting enough] for one day. Last weekend I was catching the sun at Palm Beach, this week I'm almost getting frostbite in one of my toes. We'll definitely be going back, and better prepared this time around with cold weather gear (not something of a priority in Australia). Would highly recommend it - and yet another reason to migrate to Australia.
  16. Guest

    Happy Birthday Snow White

    Today is the 12th of July and it's a very special day for 3 PIO members celebrating birthdays,johnny5252,tonzy,and lesley,better known as Snow White. All of us here at PIO wish you a Happy Birthday and we hope you have a great day,BTW did you know that July 12 was also Julius Caesar's birthday?
  17. I would just like to say a really big thank you to Snow White and her family for a lovely day on sunday. She made everyone so welcome to her home including those who came along that she did'nt know where coming (whoops my fault) and those she had never met before. We had only met her and her family a couple of times before then but have overwhelmed by her kindness and generosity. She's also pretty knowledgeable about the plumbing license regulations over here, which has helped our friends over here. So once again Snowie thanks for a great time:hug::notworthy: Sue xxxx
  18. Hi just looked out and it's snowing in Preston tis blooming cold anyone snowed in yet and thinking of not going to work tomorrow. I might go and preform a little sonw dance to encorage a thick can't get the car out type covering. I can only hope..:frown:
  19. Guest

    Snow Causes Chaos

    :smile:We are building snowmen today ! Kids are both off school can't wait, not as much as predicted here though (Buckingham). Lets hope there will be more because if we get in to Oz this could be our last lot of Snow !! enjoy everyone. Sallie
  20. Guest

    Looking for snow!

    Hi Everyone We are thinking of taking a short break, over the school holidays to see some snow. We live in Sydney and are quite happy to travel to the snowfields and spend a couple of nights there. We don't particularly want to ski, just have some fun in the snow with kids (15, 12 & 10). We are off to the Blue mountains this Sunday where we may find some anyway but all suggestions are welcome! Thanks
  21. Guest

    Snow in QLD yesterday

    Snow, rain and gales hit Queensland&squo;s southeast | The Courier-Mail Nat Burton of the Bella Rosa Tea Rooms at Thulimbah, near Stanthorpe, said flurries of snow were increasing. Luckily i'm working inside otherwise it would be another 2 days rained off!
  22. alcocainmel

    Who has Snow?

    With all this warm weather here and after reading Skynews.co.uk got me thinking.... Who has Snow this Easter??!!!! Deb xx
  23. Hello Everyone The Bobbing Apple is a big pub, so don't let the weather put you off. I for one am really looking forward to the meeting. See you there April
  24. Roberts13

    Snow Sports in Oz

    May seem a strange question I know!!! We are keen to continue our hobbies even in a country where its mainly sun than snow!!! We enjoy water sports and Snow sports Would like to know if there are any indoor snow sport centres in Oz especially in Queensland or NSW - something like the Xscapes we have in the uk. Thanks in advance
  25. HI, we had snow last night but it didn't stick, but when i took the girls to school this morning there was lots of cars with snow on !!:sad: I don't do snow i am afraid... Roll on OZ :cute: