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Found 24 results

  1. Hi. I'm hoping that someone on here might be able to identify today's house guest please. :notworthy: I've tried several identification websites and have only managed to narrow it down to 'a snake' :smile:. It was in a built up area 1.5 miles from beach, 40 mins North of Perth. About 50 cm long, although I didn't have a tape measure on me at the time :wink:. Any suggestions?
  2. brideycollette

    Wa snake identification :)

    Here is a WA SNAKE IDENTIFICATION INDEXgreat site with pictures lol Also has :For those living in the Perth region (Geraldton south), Goldfields, Gascoyne, Pilbara and Kimberley you can download Identification Keys too Brides x
  3. They were reminding people what to do in case of snake bite on TV today, after that poor woman in Qld was killed this week. I was out walking in the bush today and spoke to my daughter who was with me about it, and it turns out she knew how to do the first aid (given that you know about it that is). Without panicking, it's worth knowing about I think.
  4. Weighing 131kg and 6.5 metres long, I wouldn't like to wrestle with this one: She is held at the Australian Reptile Park and is Australias largest snake:shocked:
  5. newjez

    Snake Bite in the UK

    For all those worried about the creapy crawlies in Oz, watch your feet http://uk.news.yahoo.com/5/20110423/tuk-nine-year-old-in-hospital-after-snak-45dbed5.html
  6. sebahat

    Spider and snake bites

    Hi all, How can I teach a 13 month old daughter not to touch insects? We are arriving in Mandurah in 5 days and the closer we get to that day the more freaked out I become. We are currently visiting my in-laws in South Africa and the other day m daughter picked up a massive(about 4cm long) bug and thought it was funny. I almost had a heart attack as those buggers bite very painfully. Luckuily she was not bitten but what if.... Now, what if she picks up a spider in Oz and the creature bites her? I won`t even know what it was as she won`t be able to tell me. I`m really getting paranoid now to a degree that I have nightmares lol. Please, any advise. Has anyone of you been bitten by a spider? Thank you Alex
  7. Does he realise that its either the pepsi or the snake:wink: Either way he's knackered:chatterbox:
  8. biffo

    Steve Irwin Day

    Crikey! We have been living in Oz since January and have been severely bitten by the wildlife bug. If you are in Oz, visit the local wildlife sanctury or zoo and I am sure that you will be impressed by the enthusiasm the Australians have for their wildlife. Steve Irwin was very well known for his devotion to the well being of wildlife everywhere so please help the wildlife warriors and donate today. You can donate though our web page at http://www.everydayhero.com.au/koalakids so go on, make a difference and help preserve the wildlife for them and us. Sorry if anyone is offended by the posting of a fundraiser, but it is as Australian as they come.:wink:
  9. Guest

    OMG SNAKE and still in UK

    We have a snake living around our pond in the rockery, noticed it 3 days ago, adder or hopefully grass snake, dont leave for Oz for another 5 weeks. People coming to view house for rental Saturday hope he dont make an appearance. Apparently they are protected and you cant move them!:arghh: I knew there would be snake issues but wasnt expecting it here, I nearly passed out so god knows what I will be like if I see one that might do me some harm. Jo
  10. Guest

    Friend bitten by snake

    I just heard from my mate in north QLD that his wife has been bitten by a snake. It was under the cooker and bit her on the foot and she survived. Has anyone else been bitten by a snake?
  11. lizzy27

    Brown snake on my driveway!!

    There was a brown snake on my driveway last night!!
  12. PommyPaul

    Snake on the verandah

    Stepped outside this morning and almost stood on this snake right outside the backdoor, just happened to have my camcorder in my hand so got some footage. What kind of snake is it? I'm guessing its just a harmless tree snake (that likes my bin lol). mBWv58o6ZM4
  13. aussiedreamz

    50 Foot Snake Found Dead....OMG

    [YOUTUBE]Uqg3Pg2M9WU[/YOUTUBE] This is incredible, not sure if it was in Australia though...
  14. Hi Everyone This is what was next to my car when we arrived home today!!!! My daughter SCREAMED!!!! Anyone any idea what sort it is? Love Rudi x
  15. twinsmom65

    Snake Like Creature in the House

    The other night we were sitting in our living room, minding our own business, when my daughter noticed something moving on the carpet. It looked like a baby snake, we are not sure if it was a baby snake or a legless lizard. It was black and slivering along the floor, moved pretty quick too. We did not go into panic mode (big surpise for us LOL), we just kept an eye on it and then tried to figure out how to get the bloody thing out of the house. We came up with a very unique way to get rid of it... (must be cause we are Canadians LOL), we got the vaccume cleaner out (it is the bagless type) and vaccumed up the little sucker. It was okay and still alive, so my hubby let it go outside to return to the bush. It hasn't returned thank god. Well we have only been here 8 weeks and so far have come across redbacks, huntsman and now this snake thing (again not sure if it was a baby snake or a legless lizard). The main thing that surprised me is that I am not that scared of them...if you had asked me 3 months ago, I would have told you I was going to be terrified of the wildlife in Oz. So as the Aussies would say No Worries, we are adapting very well here indeed LOL Karen
  16. The Pom Queen

    Snake Warning

    Just a quick reminder to all Melburnians to be aware of snakes especially around pets. We have just had our neighbour come round to advise us that they found their dog dead this morning, after taking it to the vets they have been advised it died of a snake bite. It's strange because 3 days ago another dog on the same street took a turn for the worse and had to be PTS'd the vet thought it was a brain tumour but it makes you wonder whether that also could have been a bite. I must admit to being quite shocked and very upset I know we have snakes in the reserve at the end of the road but I have never seen them in the garden. Please if you have dogs keep your vigilance and try and deter snakes by keeping your grass cut short so there are no hiding places. Apparently phenol & naphthalene will deter snakes and they won't cross where it has been sprayed a cleaning product that contains both is Rinsewash. Also it may be worth keeping an injectable Vitamin C in the fridge and if your dog does get bit, inject immediately with the Vitamin C. Dogs of 30 to 50 kg will require about 10 - 15 mls by intramuscular injection in the side of the neck. You cannot overdose on Vitamin C and if you do give too much the worse that can happen is that the dog will get diarrohea, a small price to pay. then get the dog to the vets ASAP!!!!! I am not sure if you are aware but Vitamin C acts as a reducing agent, an oxidizing agent, an anti-clotting agent, an antihistamine, and as an anti-infective agent so therefore anaphylaxis does not occur once injected. Snake venom affects the nervous system which slows down until natural functions cease and death occurs. It can cause instant death but this isvery rare without the dog first showing symptoms which in turn lead to paralysis. When a dog has been bitten, their eyes will soon appear to look all black. That is the pupils have relaxed and dilated. Since snake bite can - and usually does - occur unwitnessed, if your dog slows down and becomes lethargic or distressed, do look at the eyes at once and even if they do not show much sign get on with the injection. If you can see the bite marks rub some Vitamin C in to the effected area, if you don't have the injectable vitamin c rub a crushed vit c tablet in to the area. Please don't waste time looking for the snake or bite marks. Your main concern is to get your dog to the nearest veterinary clinic as soon as possible, make sure you have an emergency number close by at all times, a lot of clinics close at night, so make sure you know your nearest 24 hour clinic, if your not sure which this will be let me know and I will give you the number for your closest one. I am sorry to be so morbid, and although snake bites do happen they are not usually common in built up areas, so please don't panic too much, just be aware of what to do if it does. A lot of walkers who go out in the bush carry Vitamin C with them at all times just in case.:sad:
  17. Headstart Homestay

    Snake Skins, how many

    Being a Plumber from the freezing temperatures of Mansfield to a welcome on a drive way by a daddy Kangeroo, then removing red hot roof sheets at Pamona at 34 degrees to uncover 3 snake skins :swoon:and cob webs incy winy would be proud of. How life changes, at least i can pass the skins off as the winner of a snake wrestle.
  18. Guest

    snake bites snake

    The deadly brown snake slithered between his legs and lunged at his manhood as he crouched on a roadside near Laura, 300km northwest of Cairns, about a month ago.Details of the incident only came to light yesterday after they were confirmed by a paramedic. "It certainly had a swipe at him," an ambulance spokesman said yesterday. "But it didn’t envenomate him. "As it came through it must have got a bit of a shock." The snake beat a hasty retreat, leaving its victim with a scratch, vomiting and abdomen pain. Emergency workers raced to the scene to treat the man. The wound was wrapped in plastic in case poison had penetrated the skin but medical staff gave the man the all-clear after conducting tests. He was taken to Cooktown Hospital where he spent a night recovering. The ambulance spokesman described him as "lucky", given his near encounter with one of Australia’s most poisonous snakes. "I think he was a bit shocked and embarrassed," he said. Article
  19. Guest

    Snake Eats Pet

    OMG I have just seen on the news that a family pet in Kuranda, QLD, has been eaten by a python. Apparantly it had stalked the dog for about 4 days and then ate it in front of the familys 2 children. I will maybe think twice before bringing our lab now. I'm sure its not a regular occurance though(I hope). The poor kids they must be traumatised. Pauline:wideeyed:
  20. Guest

    Red Bellied Black Snake

    just got the neighborhood news letter and apparently we have one of these lovely things slithering around our gardens note that it has NO legs yet it can move around, surly it is spawned from the devil himself
  21. Guest

    Snake attacks

    Just thought I'd share this little story from a Townsville newspaper: A LARGE deadly snake terrorised three people in Garbutt last night before it was killed completely by chance by a passing semi-trailer. Mark Archer-Truscott was helping his friend Janelle Brooks and her young daughter fix a sign on his property along Blakey's Crossing in Garbutt about 8pm when a large eastern brown snake came charging out of scrub, heading straight for the trio. The snake, one of Australia's most deadly, measured about 2m long. Mr Archer-Truscott, who had caught snakes several times, managed to grab the massive snake by the tail and flick it towards the road. Much to the trio's surprise, the snake came back to attack them a second time. "It just surged at us," Mr Archer-Truscott said. "I've never seen anything like it in the five years I've lived here, and I've seen plenty of eastern browns." Mr Archer-Truscott again grabbed the angry snake by the tail and flicked it away from Ms Brooks and her daughter, towards the road. The snake looked like it was about to turn to charge again, however by chance, a passing semi-trailer crushed it under its tyres. "It was just a freak chance that a truck was passing," Mr Archer-Truscott said. "I'd hate to think what would happen if it hadn't have come past. "I just couldn't believe it. It nearly gave me a heart attack. "I've still got goosebumps." Mr Archer-Truscott said he had been bitten by three common brown snakes in past 10 years. Living on a property surrounded by swamp, he has had 15 puppies bitten by snakes. "It's like a hammer hitting you," he said. "Doctors have told me that if I was ever bitten again, the anti-venin might work against me. "But if I was bitten by this thing, I reckon I'd be gone." People are warned that venomous snakes are particularly active on hot summer nights. "In the Bohle and Garbutt areas especially, this is where these guys gather," Mr Archer-Truscott said. "They are chasing the frogs and the birds. "They are out now and they are very aggressive. "For an eastern brown to come and attack you twice, it is very uncommon."
  22. Guest

    Snake in Wales oh my god

    Cant believe i have had my first encounter with a snake, and i haven’t even left for oz yet? I was in work on Friday when my colleague suddenly ran across the room looking rather pale as she had discovered a snake in our office which is located in Cardiff South Wales. Although we were all panic stricken it was merely a grass snake and we managed to remove it with out anyone getting hurt ??!!!! :twitcy: Helen
  23. I was wondering if anyone knew someone thats suffered from a poisonous bite? If so what was the creature in question and the outcome. I know the probability of this happening is low but I am interested here any experiences with the really wild wild life, this does not involve those that have 2 legs and say ''whey I man' or 'g'day'.
  24. Guest

    Problems with snake catchers

    Hi Has anyone else had problems with snake catchers? They charge you a fortune and then they don't even catch the damn thing. Somewhere running (or should I say slithering) around our neighbourhood is a lovely and very deadly brown snake. :goofy: He had it in his reach quite a few times, but he was obviously as scared as what we were. However when he had finished his attempt at Swan Lake (or should I say Snake Lake) he held out his hand and demanded the cash for the joy of watching his performance:jimlad: . I now walk around the garden wearing steel toe caps, full body armour and a helmet that makes me look like Ned Kelly:shocked: . Probably the little brown snake has now slithered to another neighbourhood by now, or perhaps he was working alongside the snake catcher to make as much money as possible. :mad: Mrs TinB