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Found 15 results

  1. The new plain packaging laws were introduced on December 1st in Australia. By law now any packet of cigarettes looks something like the below pic. Has the new packs deterred you at all from smoking ? Are you smoking less? Do you think about the health effects more than you previously did ? I'd like to do a poll: Has the new plain packaging deterred you from smoking? Yes or No.
  2. The Pom Queen

    Smoking Makes Men Stupid

    Scientists find smoking reduces cognition skills and increases memory loss. But only in men, not women. The research suggested that the effects of long-term cigarette smoking show up terms of memory loss, inability to connect past experience with actions in the present, and a drop in overall cognition skills. The study in the Archives of General Psychiatry followed more than 5000 men and 2100 women in the British civil service. Research subjects entered the study at an average age of 56 and were followed for up to 25 years. Researchers at the University College London checked their smoking status six times over that span and ran a series of cognitive tests. They found that smoking was linked to more rapid declines in mental ability across all cognitive tests among men who smoked when compared to non-smoking men. "Our results show that the association between smoking and cognition, particularly at older ages, is likely to be underestimated owing to higher risk of death and dropout among smokers," said the study, led by Severine Sabia of University College London. Men who quit smoking within 10 years of entering the study were still at risk of greater cognitive decline, but long-term ex-smokers did not show the same deterioration levels. "This study underscores that smoking is bad for your brain," said Marc Gordon, chief of neurology at Zucker Hillside Hospital in Glen Oaks, New York, who was not involved in the study. "Mid-life smoking is a modifiable risk factor with an effect size roughly equivalent to 10 years of aging on the rate of cognitive decline," he added. The findings are increasingly relevant to the world's ageing population, the study authors said, with some 36 million dementia cases across the globe, a figure that is projected to double every 20 years. Just why women did not show the same link was unclear, though researchers suggested the smaller sample size and the higher volume of cigarettes smoked by men in comparison to women could be contributing factors.
  3. ozziepom

    Stopping smoking for New Year

    If anyone wants to stop smoking can I recommend "Allen Carr's Easyway to stop smoking". I stopped smoking just by reading the book 8 years ago from a long term 20/day habit, and hard as it is to believe it was pretty easy. Not sure who sells it in Australia but its available via ebay or amazon (or probably your local library). Hope this helps someone, I'm so happy I found a way to stop for good. This is the book, feel free to check out the reviews http://www.amazon.co.uk/Allen-Carrs-Easy-Stop-Smoking/dp/014103940X/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top
  4. 2tigers

    Smoking ban in cars?

    What's your thoughts? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/8891521/Smoking-in-cars-should-be-banned-doctors.html
  5. There's two outside my flat over by the restaurant El Bulli - dressed 'up to the nines', hair, makeup, everything is perfect, yet they want to smell like ashtrays?
  6. tonyman

    Smoking in Prison ......

    i suppose the dopey hoff can answer this .............with all the anti smoking laws in order at the moment in public ,how do prisoners stand , can they smoke in the cells as normal , are there designated areas ect .......i expect over 75% of prisoners smoke but for those that dont , do they get a say or do they get slatted if they oppose as if they are the ones in the wrong ...????
  7. kernow43

    Smoking Bans!!

    I used to smoke 60 a day but gave it up 5 years ago. I am glad I did because it is being made more difficult to smoke. Soon smoking in the home will be banned. This article gives an idea of what it could become. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2011/04/18/3194702.htm?site=melbourne
  8. I can't be the only one. Does anyone else remember the days when you could book a 'Smoking' seat on an aircraft. Ahh, those were the days, when we (smokers) would be pushed and manipulated down to the back of the aircraft and once the no smoking signs had gone off, we could all spark up. It was like a school play ground. All the smokers would be looking at the smoking sign, as soon as the plane had levelled out and that 'Ping, Ping' sound rang out we all desperately got our ciggies out and the back cabin resembled a rock concert where everyone lit their lighters.:biglaugh: Never mind that we were killing ourselves, but the fog and haze from our habit, :wubclub: gently wafted up to the non smoking cattle and EVERYONE had the joy of inhaling those lovely fumes.:eek::policeman:. Ashtrays in the arm of the seat were soon full and bulging, many a top had burn holes in it, and more often than not, the airline staff would look rather peeved at our actions. Only because they weren't allowed to have a cig on duty , UNLUCKY.:realmad::yes::biglaugh: Gone are the glory days of smoking and air travel, all we can do know is wear a 'patch' smoke an 'imaginary' ciggy or what more often happens we bitch and whinge at our nearest and dearest until we get to the next stop. And off we get, relentless in our pursuit of the 'Smoking Areas'. Young children and the elderly are pushed to one side as we make haste toward 'Nirvana'. And then as we enter, the thick, arid stench of nicotine hits our lungs and hey presto we become ever so slightly giddy at the prospect, ahh, those were the days.:notworthy: I was once hauled in front of the Darwin authorities for lighting up in the loos' at the airport. Me and a few others couldn't wait anymore and we were not allowed outside, so we piled into the toilets to feed our habit, unfortunately we didn't see the security guard having a wee, and soon enough the :policeman: came in and we were severally told off. But, don't give up just yet. I travelled on the airline called Merpati from Port Hedland I think to Bali, about eight years ago. Only about a dozen of us on the flight AND they allowed smoking. We couldn't believe it, the whole aeroplane to ourselves and we could smoke. That short but pleasurable flight I reckon I sat in EVERY seat having a cigarette, as did everyone else, bloody hysterical it was. The plane resembled a pea soup when we landed but what the hell, make hay while the sun shines I reckon. Don't know if this airline still allows it, maybe not in this day and age. This thread is a little tongue in cheek folks, I realise that not only for safety reasons, but also passenger comfort the no smoking rules were introduced. But I often miss sparking up when I have a coffee or two onboard and letting the hours tick away. Cheers Tony.
  9. No, I'm not talking about smoking pot, but normal cigarettes. When I was in OZ 10 years ago, I remember that people were becoming more conscious about smoking. It seemed that smoking was becoming less popular in general. It has surely changed a lot in Europe in the last few years were smoking has been banned from many public places. So, is it the same like it was 10 years ago or has the culture changed (to the better or worse) in OZ? I'm curious to know.... Cheers B!K3R
  10. Guest

    Help Needed Reference Smoking

    Morning all. Now as most of you will know I have no life, and my only mate is the speaking clock, BUT. I am now sitting at a desk at home working on several projects for the future AND of course on PIO a lot, sad or what. Anyway, not going that avenue again. But since I have been working from home etc and spending around 18 hours on the computer I have started smoking around 60 - 80 cigarettes a day, when I'm busy I tend to light one up every couple of minutes, I know its a disgusting habit, and I have tried on countless occasions to give up, no will power you see. I can't afford to walk away from the desk as I have LOADS to do. I have tried patches, hypotheraphy, pills and potions, to no avail unfortunately. Please any suggestions. I will try anything, maybe not to give up so much, but at least to cut down a bit. I KNOW it is will power mostly and I am ashamed to say I have little, so can anyone offer any alternative suggestions, PLEASE. Cheers Tony:goofy:
  11. My husband has stopped smoking for the like 5th time since we got here.... Anyway he has tried the patches, the tablets from the doctor (where you choose which day you stop) they worked until he ran out of them :wideeyed: SO NOW we are thinking of hypnosis as he obviously has NO WILLPOWER!!! We are on the peninusula in Melbourne but would travel anywhere really!!!!!!!!! Please give all views both positive and negative or what worked/didn't work for you. BTW I stopped 5 years ago, cold turkey and never looked back so i am at the end of my tether with himmmmmmm:mad: Thankyou xxx
  12. Hi I am an NNEB Nursery Nurse but I work in Public Health as a stop smoking adviser. I know that Victoria especially are pro active in Smokefree legislation. I am not a qualified nurse so what are my chances of getting into their public health team as a stop smoking adviser? (Big ask I know) Or does anybody have any links to people I can contact regarding this please? Thanks Tracey x
  13. Guest


    hi does any one know about laws on smoking in public places? is it the same as the uk do they fine you? thanks john & michelle
  14. Guest

    Smoking Ban.

    Just a quick one for those of us who are guilty of smoking. We've had the no smoking policy here in Wales for a month or two and, even being a smoker, I reckon it'll benefit everyone in the long run. Good luck anyways!!! Agnes and Vera smoking outside the nursing home in the rain and Vera pulls out a rubber cover for her ciggie so it doesn't get wet. Agnes says " What is that and where can I get one?" Vera replies "there condoms and you can get them at any drug store". Agnes heads off the next day and ask the shop assistant for some condoms. "What brand would you like ma'am?" a little bemused. "Oh it doesn't matter lassie, as long as it fits a Camel". :err: