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Found 76 results

  1. We'd like to ship a bedframe from the UK to Aus - the UK supplier is unable to export it themselves but happy to transport it to a suitable UK port etc. I'm struggling to find a company who will quote on this as it's not commercial and/or a container load. We can wait for it to be shipped - we don't want the high expense of air freight. Total weight of the 3 packages is approx 180kg. Any suggestions on who could help? Thank you!
  2. Hi, Hubby had to go out ahead of me to secure his job... So, now I must do THAT flight on my own with 3 kids, OMG.......... Kids aged 7yrs, 5yrs and 2yrs. The older ones are girls and they are great... But the 2yr old is a boy and 'holy-moses' he is a handfull! I am dreading every min of that flight. Flying with Singapore and flighing in the evening. People keep saying, 'drug him' or 'drug me', But could do with better tips!!!!! Am sitting on 2 rows of 3, would be great if no-one sat on the end! But am sooooo scared and worried!!!!! All help, tips and advice WELCOME - PLEASE!!!
  3. Hi We moved to Sydney last week from the UK with two children 5 1/2 and 3. We are just going through the application to get a house in Birchgrove near Balmain - are there any kids clubs, playgroups, coffee mornings I should be attending in order to meet new friends and get the kids some playmates? My husband starts work tomorrow so I am keen to start integrating into Sydney life a.s.a.p. Sara
  4. Anyone been though this? My son goes to an "outstanding" small town primary school (1 class per year). Everyone knows everyone and it works really well. The areas of Brisbane we are looking at all seem to have massive primary schools. I am a bit worried about the change from 1 class per year to about 6. Do sensitive children get a bit lost with it? Are bullying/problems kept on top of? I'd really appreciate any feedback, thanks.
  5. In short, I have my final consultation regarding a small operation I need on the 6th October. It is highly unlikely the NHS will organise this operation within 1 week of that consultation, which leaves me in a difficult position, as my flight to Australia is booked for the 16th October. I cannot fly any later as the visa (WHV) runs out on the 21st October, I will be 32 on the 22nd! Does anyone know, if there's any sort of possibility of me getting this operation in Australia, via the NHS? I can divulge details of the operation, if it matters.
  6. Hi all, My husband, baby and I are hoping to fly to Melbourne in a couple of months, I'm already worrying about flying/temp. accomm with a 4-5month old. What did people do about a cot as don't really like the portacot/travel cots as the baby seems so far down in them and for 2-3mths till furniture comes it seems too long. Did anyone just buy a new cot/mattress etc upon arrival? Also how do babies seem to cope with jet lag...am I gonna be up all night? Does anyone have any recommendations for temp accomm, about $700 pw within 30mins of CBD? Corporatekeys looks most promising so far? Many thanks!
  7. Guest

    small fish....VERY BIG POND!

    Hi there My husband and I are both 30yrs old & we have 3 children aged 3, 6, & 9. We have thought about moving to Australia over the last 5 years and have done nothing about it but talk :unsure: and not alot else. We have just come out of the worst 2 years of our lives, we lost our house our jobs and any savings we had due to the recession that hit, we basically lost everything and have struggled to start again, during the last 2 years we have becam even more disallusioned with the UK and it has prompted us to really take stock of what we are going to do with the rest of our lives & we have decided that for our childrens futures we feel Australia is the answer, dont get me wrong we are aware that the streets are not paved with gold and it will be a long hard slog but we are hoping that it will be our children that benefit in the long run. Unfortunately this is our situation and any advice or help would be more than appreciated....here goes... we have very little capital approx £5000 at the moment neither of us have a skill on the sol list my husband is a HGV class 1 driver ive only ever worked in administration we have 3 children (also a chihuahua lol although we will concentrate on getting ourselves there first!) we are not sure where to start!!! we do have family that we have never met that live in adelaide and we have spoken to them via skype and they seem very keen to help us, I guess what im asking is what everyone wants to know..... whats the easiest and most uncomplicated way of getting to Oz hahaha if only it was that simple...right:cute: So anyone whos got any suggestions or wants to be brutally honest ie)dont bother your wasting yout time!! it would be great to hear them! Thanks for reading :wink:
  8. Hi All, I'm really struggling to find the right deal here. Heres what needs to be shipped: 1) A small box about 10kg of textbooks. Not negotiable to leave behind as I am still at Uni. 2) A larger box with personal effects, trinkets, shoes and the like. Maybe 10kg all in but volume a bit bigger I would like to ship both by air as when I looked into sea, it takes way too long for me and also comes with additional charges that make it not worth the wait. I have a couple of options, Fedex do an economy service, 3-7 days for £70 for box 1. This seems to be the same price that the 'movers' charge, without the added hassle of having to use their boxes, have them come back, pay extra fees etc. There are excess baggage companies charging around the same for the two boxes, £170ish for both but I have to deliver them to their depots. Anyone had any experience with small scale shipping of stuff, and if so, who did you use and what were the costs? I should add, I don't have transport at the moment, and will most likely be catching the bus Stansted - Heathrow, so difficult to drop stuff off anywhere. And I leave in 11 days. :twitcy:
  9. cartertucker

    Small car ~ 19 year old

    My Son has a Vauxhall Corsa here in the Uk What would be the equivalent over in WA :unsure: Also, could anyone post me any links to where is good to buy cars from (second hand) Many thanks :cute:
  10. Hello there, Sorry if your thinking of moving back to the UK and its not worked out. were moving out at the beginning of Sept and will be needing a car straight away and looking to buy a small boat in time. If anyone who's moving back has any of these to off load then please drop me a message. Cheers and all the best, Joe
  11. Guest

    Small Primary School Sydney

    Hi there, We're moving to Sydney from UK at the end of May. My daughter is 5 and currently in Y1 in the UK in a small village school. We'd like something similar in Sydney but have no idea on school sizes, reputation etc. We're looking at living Northern Beaches / West Pennant Hills, Cherrybrook. Does anyone know of any good friendly small primary schools. We're also in need of a pre-school for my 4 year old too. Many thanks Lynne
  12. Hello everybody I am going to migrate to NT ( Northern Territorry ) state. I wanna know how much money should I bring with myself to rent a small apartment in a good location of city? Waiting for your posts Regards Mohammad Reza Roozbahani
  13. Hi all, After being in Oz for three and a half years we are happily moving back to the UK at the end of July. Most of our furniture we have decided to sell before we leave as we have furniture already in storage back home with different family members. But can anybody out there give me any info about just sending small quantities back such as packing boxes of clothes, books and CD's etc, Are there any companies out there who can send just a few packages such as this. Hope all is well with everyone.... Cheers Dave
  14. Hi all due to move out to Melbourne in just over 5 weeks and need to ship a few small items like our george hoover and few pots pans glasses and some clothes so only need about 3 boxes, can you please recommend a cheap reliable shipper to use. Many thanks
  15. Guest

    Perth with 2 small kids

    HELP I am spending hours researching and getting nowhere! We are a family coming to Perth in a few months from the UK (kids are 4 and 7). the usual story...looking for a 4 x 2, ideally near the beach or with pool, will be working in CBD so good links to town. We have always lived in the city so a bit scared of pure suburbia....Does any place exist that will be right for us or is the reason I can't settle on somewhere that it doesn't exist?! Rental budget up to $650 per week. Any ideas PLEASE!!
  16. I've just been doing some searches re excess baggage and thought I'd share with anyone who may be interested. (all prices are from UK to Sydney) Excess Baggage | Baggage Shipping | Student Storage | Mini Moves | Student Shipping - £80 for 1st case the £30 for each case after (20kg). U-Bag - Excess Baggage Shipping Services - £176 for 2 suitcases 20kg to Sydney Airport. A lot extra if it is delivered to your door. Intercargo £110 – 2 suitcases 20kg each http://www.wedelivertheworld.co.uk - £233.00 (2 x 20kg cases) door to door Shipping - if you are planning on travelling without taking furniture and just cases, bike and standard boxes. https://www.sevenseasworldwide.com - door to door 70 days on a ship. All of the above give you online facility to get quotes so you can play around with figures that suit you.
  17. olly

    Small quake in Cairns

    Tremor across Cairns after small quake :shocked:
  18. munchbaby99

    Gutted! With small sliver of hope

    It seems that professional experience means nothing and if you haven't got a degree you're buggered! It's looking like my only way to get out there is by having a job offer before I go................ Well that or finding my Bruce in shining armour   so do i start trawling round earls court now or try and get a job? Does anybody know of large Aussie organisations that have a reputation of taking on poms before they arrive in oz? Looking to go to Queensland. Any advice would be great, thanks. Feeling really gutted today!  Hoping for a move to oz in the coming year or two.......hoping not three!
  19. Smith Tribe

    UTE and 4x4 or small car WANTED!!

    Hi, We are moving bk to Brisbane end of Jan and will be looking for a ute for OH, twin or single cab and a 4x4 or small car for myself. If anyone has anything for sale can you post or send me a PM please ta, will be very grateful ) Smiths
  20. mines a small but it goes for hours,and has never let me down its not fast,or flashy its just realiable--where as the wife has got a big one,its got loads of room,and can fit 5 people comfortly:wubclub:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i own a ford fiesta van (diesel),and the wife has a hyundi 130 series--i just wundered what other members drive--and does size matter:wubclub:
  21. Hi, I hope you all are doing well. I am an accountant and waiting for the visa grant. I am thinking that when I shall move to Melbourne I will start my own import and distribution business of Garments and other items. I know the tax related and import matters but I have no idea of shop to shop selling and marketing. I mean whether is it a norm there that you can just enter into any store and show what products you have and ask them what are their requirements etc? Is there anyone who can guide me how should I go about it and if he/she can provide me an insight into the garment's store and garments business. Best regards Asif
  22. whopperdaisy

    Small moments That Mean A Lot

    Sometimes there are moments in life where someone makes a kind gesture that means more than they realise. Today I took the little one to a local beach. We wandered along the shore looking for shells and stopped to watch a dog bounding into the sea to fetch his ball. The dog owners, noticing my little one looking on, offered the opportunity to come over and pat the by now very wet pooch. Then they offered the little one the ball to throw, many times over. What those lovely dog owners couldn't have known is that this evening there's a little kid still thrilled at the memory of throwing the ball into the water and watching the dog fetch it. A pure simple joy that I can't offer because we can't have a pet where we live. The story of that dog will be repeated to me for weeks. How has a stranger touched your life recently?
  23. Hi Just wondering if anyone has any advice on who we should ship our belongings with? We dont have any furniture to ship as we have sold it all, just have boxes of household equipment like kitchen stuff, bedding, towels, pictures, dvds, and extra clothes that wont be travelling with us, along with two bicycles and a few other items. Looking for any advice from people who have shipped part loads and whose belongings arrived safely and with reasonable costs. We are not moving over until the new year so we have no rush, especially as I have heard part loads can take a while. Also, has anyone used any storage companies in Perth if their goods have arrived before them? Would be grateful for any answers and advice. Thanks Nic :jiggy:
  24. Hi Just a quickie. Does anyone know how I would go about sending say $200 to my lad who has no abode (doing the campervan thing). He has a Commonwealth bank account and we have a Building Society account here in UK. Is there a simple way to do this. he doesn't have an address where we could send funds to. :arghh:Kids!!!. Cheers Jasp
  25. Quick bit of background – hubby and I married 5 and a half years ago, and moved to a Sydney suburb a few months later. The deal was that I decide during that time (on sabbatical from job over here) whether I wanted to stay or not because I never really wanted to leave UK in the first place. Lived there 15 months, both working full time. Hubby loves it and wanted to stay. I liked it, but never really settled – missed my dad and my friends a lot, but made a massive list of pros and cons of both and were it not for the family and friends aspect I think I would have stayed. I did enjoy the lifestyle even hthough I’m not a beach/sea person!! Hubby not sociable so family/friends aspect doesn’t affect him at all even though his mum and sister/nieces live here. Decision was made for me when I found out I was pregnant. I really wanted the support of my family and wanted to go home. So I left and hubby reluctantly followed 3 months later. Ever since he has been pining to go back. He reads the Oz papers ever day online. He is doggedly determined to hate it here and wont make friends. My eldest is now 3 and a half and his brother is 8 months. Hubby wants to go back whilst we’re still young enough to resettle. I don’t have the same pull of family I had before (the main reason was my dad whom I lost in April, but thank god we came back and he got to meet his two grandsons before he died) although I’m still fond of my step mum and mother in law. The friends I had when I left last time are still there, but we’ve all moved on and had families and I cant see them very often because of distance. I have a new set of ‘mum’ friends whom I’d be sad to leave, but I started again here - I can do the same somewhere else. But I do love the town I live in. I find there’s always lots to do with the kids, the parks are great, there are lots of surestart activites and places to take them like soft play, farms etc etc. They are both at nursery now as I start back to work part time at the end of the month. Eldest is partially funded as he’s now 3. He will start school next September. Basically I find that I’m never lonely and never feel like I’m stuck with two littlies and no life, and there’s lots for them to do. My experience of Sydney was obviously through the eyes of someone with no real responsibilies. I have no idea of childrens facilities, nurseries, school etc. All I did was go to the pub and the gym! I have no idea whether its feasible to work part time (I test software and I know theres plenty of that type of work about so probably would be) When do kids start school over there - is it the same as here - the September after their fourth birthday? And I'm also trying to find out about help with funding for nurseries. Hubby keeps saying ‘its not about us, its about them and whats best for them’ Well, I partially agree, but this is my life too. I’m nearly 36 and I was settling nicely, but I think we could make a go of it, as long as I don’t end up friendless with two small children. I’m pretty sociable if the facilities are there to help, so I guess that’s what I’m asking. For the experiences of people who have done it with small children. We would probably move back to the Sydney region.