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Found 18 results

  1. Guest

    Sleep Paralysis

    Woke up in the night thinking she had finally flipped. This is no joke, I woke up thinking (and feeling) someone was sat on my chest with their hands around my neck trying to strangle me. I was unable to move from my waist - up. It was the scariest thing ever. It seemed to last for about 5 minutes but more likely it was about 1 minute. Anyone else had this? I put it down to having a couple of heavy sessions over the w/e, hope thats it and it isn't demons!:wacko:
  2. Guest

    whats a sleep out?

    im looking at houses on the web to see what out money will get us in oz. the places im looing at say 3bedroom with 2 sleepouts... all sorts of things are going thru my mind, is this a z-bed on the verandah? pull out sleeping area? or some sort of mezzanine bed system :err: im confused! then again it took me a whiel to wokr out that a robe was a wardrobe :biglaugh:
  3. Just been announced that Peter Andre has been named 'Celebrity Dad' of the year.:notworthy::notworthy::jiggy::jiggy: Ahhhh, I knew that life would just get a whole lot better, I feel a spring in my step, a smile on my face, and all is well with the world again............................................................ Can someone please pass the Prozac, pins to stick in my eyes, and hand me a tissue for the nose bleed I now have,:realmad::no::shocked:. Cheers (going back into my hole to 'Hermitise' again) Tony.:mad:
  4. The Pom Queen

    Drifting off to sleep

    Ok don't laugh but when you are drifting off to sleep do you see things lol x I see peoples faces, people who I have no idea who they are, but I'm not asleep. Have I lost the plot:goofy:
  5. GaryandGillDublin

    Sleep Deprived ;(

    Just wondering if anyone else out there is suffering from sleep deprivation like us :SLEEP:. We had our meds 18/03/11 and according to the online system (which I am checking every half hour!!) they are all received. Everything else was uploaded/attached by our agent but some things are still showing as requested online. If we're lucky enough to get some sleep, we're dreaming about getting that 'golden ticket', then when we wake up and check online / emails we're disappointed not to have word. Didn't think I'd ever be as bad with the OCD email checking as I was while awaiting word on WA SS. As they say, "it'll be all worth it in the end". :jiggy:
  6. Guest

    Sleep Sunday Five Faves

    Bored and hungover I've decided to start a thread 'Sleepy Sunday Five Faves' (can you see what I did there? :biggrin:) So who and what are your favourite for the below random categories.... 1. Comedian 2. Word 3. Song 4. Male actor 5. Novel Moi: 1. Frankie Boyle 2. Cummerbund 3. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley 4. Al Pacino 5. Bird Song - Sebastian Faulks (although it has a weak ending)
  7. Guest

    One more sleep to go...

    Well... after approx 5 years of planning, applying, having 2 children, getting married, getting visa, passing IELTS, selling house & saying goodbyes our belongings are now in a container in Liverpool, so we are sitting on the floor drinking champagne and eating cheesecake with a plastic fork, yum! Our cases our packed and taxi booked for 4pm tomorrow to airport - then our adventures really begin!!! Exciting times ....:biggrin:
  8. I don't know if it is just me but ever since we started with Australia all I can think about is Oz:confused: It is driving my o/h insane! Is anyone the same or I am just a really sad individual! Emma
  9. Seems like Chris Evans not having a good night's sleep lately :daydreaming:,that is the reason every morning when he reaches office he announces new changes. Even DIAC not aware of the changes, most of the time. I wish the Hon. Minister to have sound sleep, so he can think with clear mind and understand what he is doing.:biglaugh:
  10. It's finally happening. I've finished work. The kids have finished school and my car had been sold. We've had 3 leaving parties so far and I'm getting a bit fed up with saying goodbye (it's sooo hard). Oh and the shippers are coming in a few hours OMG!!!! Doesn't Jeyes fluid smell terrible! I now just want to travel forward in time and jump right to the point where we land in Melbourne. Oh well only 9 days until we fly. Good luck to everyone whatever stage you are at in your plans to live in Oz ( or back in the UK). Sue
  11. Guest

    Only 1 more sleep!!!!!!

    Thats it only 1 more sleep, 7th march 10pm malaysian airlines to Sydney.... so cant wait (hope the wife sleeps all the way!!) is it sunny??
  12. PLEASE READ http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/70064-student-visa-sponsorship-please-need-advice.html i seriously cant sleep i have to pay the school by the 8th nov i applied yesterday my agent told me i should be in bridging visa and i dont need to pay the school im soo confused i dont know who to trust i cant sleep Thanks to whoever can help me with a nice advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. RobandCatherine

    Flights booked - didnt sleep much last night!

    After weeks of talking about it, we've booked our flights!!!! Went out for a meal with the kiddies to celebrate. Big grins, but nervous bellies! We fly on Boxing day into Melbourne. Really really really hope we are doing the right thing. Only time will tell now I guess......
  14. This will have a huge impact on both their health and the relationship as poor sleep increases the risk of stroke, heart disease and divorce, said Dr Neil Stanley. Read more: Want the dream marriage? Then sleep in separate beds | Mail Online
  15. I only need about 4 hours maximum a night sleep and it seems to be getting shorter as I get older....whats your sleep pattern.
  16. Guest

    i need some sleep

    Hi Guys Since my visa has been granted i have just not been able to sleep. The body wants to but the head is on over drive. I have tried the drinking and the:Randy-git: but although very nice its not worked. I have read books and counted sheep but NO i can not sleep, so please help me out tonight. Send me your ideas, i will try almost anything i'm just so tired ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Off to get my hair done now, just for fun i am going to count how many times i yawn while sat in the chair !!:wubclub:xx
  17. Guest

    Cant Sleep!

    Oh God! its 2.0 clock in the morning...hubby is snoring his head off.....i really cant sleep...still so excited about visa being granted.....ive just posted my first blog called diary of moving down under! for any one who is bored and is looking for something to read....well guess i should try and get some kip,,,,,,if my mind will switch off! Take care all :twitcy: -x-
  18. I have not has a proper nights sleep for about 3 weeks:wideeyed: and all due to waiting for TRA result, plus hubby away this week acknowleged application on 20th March agent told it had been processed and finalized on 28th March told it was in the post told the files were being transferred??????:arghh: finally I rang them today (tonight) after agent said he had no joy after ringing them every day this week very nice young lady told me that it arrived back to them on 21st April !!!! she is requesting my file and promised me that it would be faxed to my agent by 1pm so I am going to bed, to try to sleep and I will be on the e mail at the crack of dawn watch this space......... will be unbearably happy :laugh: or down in my boots :cry: tomorrow