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Found 54 results

  1. Hi With the start of the new football (refusing to call it soccer) season about to start, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with the following... I can theoretically log onto my parents sky go in the UK, to which they have the full sky sports package and therefore I would be able to watch it on my computer. The only snag is as im sure people have read before is that my computer knows where i am in the world and therefore refuses to let me do this. Ive tried using the free section on hidemyass to see if it will work and it just wont load. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue. Any suggestions greatly recieved. many thanks in advance :huh:
  2. sadsmile23

    Wanted down under

    Hi, I've been avidly watching the Wanted Down Under series this week. Just want to know if anybody else thinks the same as me tho - the family on Wednesday programme were looking at WA, now they said at the beginning of the property search they had £180k to bring over and would like to buy without a mortgage, lets see what you get for your money. In the voiceover, Nadia whatsername says you can get 4bed family house in Rockingham area for around £200k. Now my ears prick up, coz we fancy that area, sounds a decent price, looking forward to this! WHY oh WHY then, do they show them houses (lovely as they were) for nothing under £260k????? Is it to make the programme look good, fancy newly renovated or new build houses, but what about us that live in the real world and want affordability??!!:arghh: Sorry about me ranting, its just i would really like to see what the average joe bloggs could really afford! By the way, im from yorkshire, got a pretty low mortgage here and we are (apparently) notorious for being tight with money here, so maybe that explains why im so peeved!! lol. :biglaugh:
  3. I hate her voice, a hundred times worse than Thatcher. I've no other women in Australia talk like that.
  4. Can Anyone Tell Me If Uk/Eire Sky Remote's Work With Foxtel, Any Replie's Would Be Apprecitated !!! Thank You in Advance :hug:
  5. It does not make sense unless it's all part of Rupert Murdoch's cunning plan to take over the world?
  6. Just had to stand for 'God Save The Queen.' (But nothing will save the Governor General!) It's hard to believe that she's been on the throne since the year I was born, when she made her first trip to OZ too. I suppose this is the way it was for many Victorians? It's live on all the news channels, everyone glued to their sets, except for the leftie grouches who are all composing their letters of outrage to The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times, and The Age. (And even they have got their sets on so they can see what it is they want to whinge about!)
  7. .... I'd be safe and warm, if I was in WA (or NSW/VIC/SA/QLD/TAS/NT/ACT/Norfolk Island, Lord Howe Island, even Xmas Island!) Australiana dreaming, on such a Pommy day!'
  8. Beautiful pictures, take a look http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2031704/Australian-photographer-Lincoln-Harrison-endures-15-hour-photo-shoots-capture-stunning-night-images-star-trails.html Metoo
  9. We are cancelling our sky subscription. Our house contents are being shipped tomorrow - should I take my sky plus box with me or will it be useless? I know we will not be able to get the sky channels, I'm wandering if it'll work as a freeview box? Cheers, Mike.
  10. Guest

    Sky and Oz

    Hi guys, Just wondering if I was to ship Sky dish and Sky box to Oz would it work there? Has anybody tried it and can let me know? My OH will be lost without his Sky TV...:cry:
  11. Amateur Photographer Shoots Largest Ever Photo of the Night Sky Michael Zhang · May 04, 2011 Share266 What you see above is the largest true-color photograph of the night sky ever created, shot by 28-year-old amateur astrophotographer Nick Risinger using six astronomical cameras. It’s not just the view of the sky from one location, but is instead a 360-panoramic view of the sky taken by trekking 60,000 miles across the western United States and South Africa starting in March 2010. The final image is composed of 37,000 separate photographs. Check out the massive zoomable high-definition version of the photo here. Fantastic photography.:jiggy:
  12. walker2012

    xbox live = sky tv

    hi everyone just a quick one, does anyone know if sky tv can be used on your xbox in australia? cheers lee
  13. clickettuk

    Sky / Freesat TV in Australia

    Does anyone know if I took my Sky dish and box to Australia whether or not it would work? If not, are there any options to get British TV????? :biggrin: Michael.
  14. I woke up this morning and it was another grey yucky day and it made me feel quite down! So, I got to thinking, does living in a country where you wake up and on the majority of days and the sky is blue when you wake up really make a difference to how you feel? :em3600::cool:
  15. Dancingsanta

    Sky box - will it work in Oz?

    Hi all, has anyone taken over their sky box? We were just wondering if it was worth taking or not, if it will work. Thanks
  16. theonetruechris

    Sky high mt dandenong

    Anyone been for an evening meal up there, I've been in the day for a look round. I was thinking its probably good for the sunset, just wondering about the food? We'll probably be going in a couple of weeks with father in(out)law before he buggers off home.
  17. Guest

    Should we bring our sky+box?

    I think I read somewhere that you need this to run your UK tellys......is that right...our shippers are in Monday and I need to know if it's worth taking it. Also is there anything else I need to stock up and put in our container? Have now moved into blind panic as everthing is so close....thanks for youe help....Louise
  18. rockola57

    Foxtel v sky uk

    Hi,we just got foxtel as the regular tv here is crap.Well it aint near as good as our sky tv we had back home.18 MONTHS AGO our near top sky package for one tv cost us about 44 quid a month.This we have now in OZ is for 2 tvs,one with top package,the other has movies etc,but no hd channels,costing 140 dollars a month for both.Anyway,seems to be tons of sh..ite on it.Though there was in the UK also,seems to be even more here,leaving less choice of good channels.My advice ,be careful not to get duped into getting Foxtels full monty,as it aint worth a carrot!:twitcy:
  19. Guest

    Sky tv?

    Hi might sound soft but can you get any of the channels you get on sky in Oz! Would also like to watch Eastenders and Coronation St. Also what is the monthly cost of sky or their equivalent. Any help appreciated cheers Joe
  20. Guest

    Boeing 787 takes to the sky.

    Boeings newest long range aircraft ,the 787 Dreamliner made it's maiden flight today. YouTube - Boeing 787 makes maiden flight YouTube - Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" First Landing
  21. Help! We are in the early stages of looking into everything. My OH works for Sky Tv as an installer. His job description matches that of a Foxtel Cable TV Installer in OZ. We would like to know if his job falls under the skill 'Electrical Eqipment Tradesperson'. 4315-11 Electronic Equipment Tradesperson Points 60 Radio and Television Repairer Maintains, adjusts and repairs radio and television receivers, and related audio and visual reproduction equipment such as tape recorders and video cassette recorders. Skill Level: The entry requirement for this occupation is an AQF Certificate III or higher qualification. Tasks Include: identifies nature of equipment malfunction monitors radio and television reception to assist in diagnosing faults removes protective coverings to gain access to equipment performs voltage and resistance tests and waveform checks, using electronic test equipment adjusts or replaces faulty parts tests electronic circuitry, resistors and capacitors records servicing time and replacement parts used installs television sets and antennas on clients’ premises adjusts controls of colour receivers using colour bar generators may accept payment and issue receipt for service may examine and repair motors of record turntables and tape recorders And the following is his own job desription at SKY: Sky TV Engineer/Satellite Installer Technician: City & Guilds Certificate in Digital Satellite Installation with Health & Safety Working practice. (Gained on the job) Including: Digital Satellite (arial) Installation Satellite history & transmissionD Dish assembly & repair LNB & cabling Dish alignment using a rover meter Sky box functionality Programming remote control unit Telephony Connectivity Health & safety working practices Ladder working Risk assessment Pitched roof working & chimney lashing kits Flat roof working Use of a variety of power tools Nobody seems to be able to answer us as to whether this job falls under this. We have looked at several companies in OZ such as Mr Antenna & Foxtel, and my OH would be able to fulfil their requirements. But nobody can seem to answer whether his job falls under the 'Electrical Eqipment Tradesperson' Skill Category, which gets the max 60 points. Its very frustrating. He has been doing the job for 2 years, so we are aware that he may need another 1 or 2 years on the job. But He has also got the City & guilds training and certificate. Can anyone help here? We would be so grateful.
  22. Guest

    Sky or Similar!!!!!!

    :jiggy: hi All Just wondering we are moving to gold coast or sunshine coast and just wanted to know if foxtel or similar is the same as our sky tv? Want to know what sort of packages you can get? Can you get sport package only we are big Man City fans and want to watch the footy matches! Our boys are sporty and love footy, golf and boxing! So can you also get boxing and UK Footy on sports pack? Also do they have a similar thing to our sky+ boxes do they have hard drive box so we can record programmes (Footy Matches) because of time difference? Any info would be great Thankx Jan & Dave
  23. Guest

    Foxtel - sky ?

    Just a though that hit me last night, something I didn't check out when I was over in Oz. You know how on Sky TV here in the UK you get BBC 1 through the satelite. Our local BBC is BBC Wales, Ch 101, but I can pick up on Satelite say BBC North West, BBC Scotland, London etc., cH 975. Just wondering if in Oz on Foxtel, say you live in Brisbane and get local Channel 9 or 7 can you get say Channel 9 or 7 Western Australia, or South Australia.? The TV there is regionalised and I'm wondering if through Satelite you can pick up different regions? I realise because the time zones are different you get different schedules but was just wondering if anyone had checked this out. REDS :wacko:
  24. Guest

    Help: Ocean Sky Shipping

    Hi there, I am returning to the UK :arghh: in 7 weeks and have got a quote from Ocean Sky to ship a few items home. Just wanted to know if anyone has used them before and can tell me if they are good or bad. I'm a bit apprehensive as I've never heard of them and their quote was cheaper than everyone else by $200-$300. I'm just naturally suspicious.:unsure: Help. Thanks Hayley
  25. Guest

    sky , football

    hi all is there a channel that shows english football in oz ? is sky the same ? dobba