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Found 10 results

  1. Hi we are back and forth with the idea where to live when we apply/arrive next year...... Other half is a nusrse, i will be house husband (dreaming of course - will end up doing anything around school hours) and we had first set our sights on sunshine coast. comparsion came with rainy season, humidity, and then the need for kids ( 3&5 ) and wife to have it bearable to live in. I am not bothered where we live as long as its QLD, or Tweed heads. Can anyone give advice on where its bearable for fair skin family Coolganta or sunshine coast, or further in ipswich or coofs harbour ? Could we survive in townsville, We will be going on a RSMS. Helpful advice any one ?
  2. My eldest daughter is getting an award tomorrow in assembly for smartest uniform. So this evening, whilst I was upstairs getting a load of washing, she has drawn all over her arms, legs and face with a dark green pen :cry:. I have tried washing it off with soap and water, but it has stained her skin. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get the pen out?! Her uniform is dark green, so worst case scenario, at least it matches! :cry:Kids!
  3. The Pom Queen

    Skin Cancer

    I know that many of you will think it could never happen especially with the weather we are having at the moment, but I just want to remind everyone the sun over here is fierce (yes, ok, when it comes out) and you must remember to slip slop slap. I had a message from my mum yesterday who informed me she has skin cancer, it came as quite a shock as she always puts the sun cream on, BUT, it is on her legs. Now let's face it how many of us just do our arms, shoulders, face and backs and ignore the legs, I know I do. So please remember to cover yourself everywhere. Kate:notworthy:
  4. Guest

    Skin Burns in Oz

    Forgive me, if this topic seems you irrelevant. I have seen discussion somewhere that asians when emigrate to great and beautiful Oz land are more prone to skin cancers , skin burns , skin darkening. Is it due to one can not escape from great OZ beaches or is it misconception on my end. Not concerned about myself, i am asking it only for my children's sake.
  5. Hi ladies, If you live close to Godwin Beach, near Bribie Island. QLD. Basically this an excuse for a chat and cuppa this Saturday at 2pm. My wife was wondering if any of the lady members would like to attend a Skin care Party. (Not selling anything). She has been given a selection of “Dr Lewinn’s” Skin care products for her friends to try at a Skin care party. There are also free samples for those who attend (sachets of Even Tone Lightening Cream and Day Cream Moisturiser). Together with a voucher for money off if you decide to go out and buy some at a later date. Samples to try on the day include. Gentle face Cleanser Cosmetic Lift Activator Cosmetic lift Powder Even tone Lightening Cream Day Cream Moisturiser She gets these samples because of signing up to a site that sends you free samples to try and on this occasion they have sent stuff for a Skin care party. We do not get anything for holding the party, (other than the samples) and there is no selling of the product involved. So if you fancy a friendly get together, and a chat let me know. It should only last an hour or so, but that depends on how much chatting is done.
  6. johnd

    skin damage

    one good reason to move back to the uk is to stop your skin being damaged by the sun. using sun block or not people here 90% of the time look at least 5+ years older than they are, sometimes worse. i had a friend i was working with last year, keen offshore fisherman, who in the conversation said,"you know that bloke he's our age", i thought , excuse me?, i was 39 at the time and had this fellow down as being 50 at least. turns out he was 44, i thought well thats the sun for you!. anyone else noticed this?, also how many aussies smoke!, absoutley loads here!!, that combined with a real dental problem and bad diet....fast food!, makes me think i'm living in a blue collar nightmare, (not everyone is like this but a lot of people are). i am a blue collar person myself but if i compare these things with the uk , ( i know im not in the uk!), person for person it seems peoples attitude to health/food/smoking etc is 20 years behind uk. footnote....didnt oz get the unhappy title of the fattest nation on earth?, if it did beating the yanks is some going....sort of blows the bronzed aussie god myth out of the water.......just my observations...i'm not having a go...honest!
  7. Guest

    Boots Women's Skin care

    I know this is a minor topic in the big scheme of things. But sometimes the little things matter! I am a big fan of Boot's No 7 Protect and perfect skin care range and was wondering if i would be able to buy it on Boots website when i am out in OZ or is there an alternative? I know it is minor thing to think about, but your advice will be appreciated!
  8. Brits warned on Aussie skin cancer risk - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  9. stacybird123

    fair skin

    hi, we are almost there now and are just waiting for the visa to come through at any time now as we have done state sponsorship to speed things up a bit, and our agent says we could have it within 4 months. Its funny after all the worries we have had with money, moving costs, schools, missing family etc......the biggest worry i have is my son's very fair skin. He is blue eyed and basically has white hair, this really worries me, more so than any other thing about immigrating due to the very high rates of skin cancer in australia especially the fair skinned. I was reading somewhere that 1/3 australians develope some kind of skin cancer in their lifetime, this is probably higher in fair skinned id say. Am i being too paranoid or is this a big enough reason to actually re-consider the move? any opinions?
  10. Dawny

    Skin Cancer worry!!

    Just a quick question, if you had a couple of moles that are ok but on the neck , Before going to oz as it has a high skin cancer risk would you consider asking to have them removed as a precaution here in the uk !:wacko: And would the doctors here ok it!!