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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I hope that everyone is managing to stay safe and well during this time! I had a couple of questions that I just can't seem to find the answers to online, all I seem to find is a lot of conflicting information... I would be so grateful if anyone has gone through the 189/190 application process and could offer some advice! I was recently invited to apply for a 190 visa (VIC) as a secondary school teacher. I've finished the application and I need to attach documents to support my application before I can send it off. My first question is regarding document certification, is it mandatory? I remember on my previous visa it asked for certified documents, but I just uploaded copies that weren't certified e.g. passport, payslips, letter from employer etc, a case officer did ask me for additional documents but never mentioned anything about certification. Visa was granted shortly afterwards. I was planning to certify everything that was an official document like passport, birth certificate, degree certificates and transcripts etc. But there is some evidence that I'm going to struggle to get "notorized" or "certified" like my evidence of skilled work experience, I've got letters from my old schools on the letter head etc but I don't know how I'd get this certified as it's not an official document like a passport or certificate... Also with my skills assessment from AITSL, they only ever provided me with an electronic copy and an ID number (they only asked for ID number in my EOI). I rang AITSL and they said that the online copy is what you attach to your visa, I guess it'd be easy enough to check as it has the ID number. But again, this conflicts with the request for certified copies. My second question was regarding my evidence for skilled employment, on the form it says: This may include a certified copy of your employment contract, a letter/statement from your business/employer or work reference. I have the letter/statement from both jobs stating the dates, what I did, that I was full time and that I took no leave etc. I do have old contracts/job offer letters but they don't show too much other than the start date and salary, as they were both ongoing contracts. Is just a letter enough? Again it just feels a bit flimsy given that it's not certified. In the letter it has contact details of the school and invites them to get in touch if they have any questions. Just can't seem to find any straight answers anywhere, anyone I manage to get a hold of doesn't seem sure or tells me conflicting information! Would really appreciate if anyone has any experience or has been through this process or a similar one! Thanks in advance!!
  2. Flo&max

    permission from ex

    Hi! I am looking at relocating with my 2 kids and husband within the next 2 years. We haven't got a plan as such in place yet, but we are thinking either WA or QLD as we have friends living in both states. We plan on applying for a skilled visa as I am a RN. I have a child from a previous relationship and am aware I will need to have her dad sign a 1229 form. I have a feeling he will throw a spanner in the works and refuse to consent meaning I will have to go down the route of mediation and maybe even court. Which from what I have read is a long winded process and the court wont always grant permission. She is 4 and there has been no contact at all in the over 2 years now so I wont be taking her away from a bonded relationship. We were at court previously for contact but daughter didn't take well to it so judge granted indirect contact which her father has never followed as no contact has been attempted. I am hoping someone could advise on what I will need to present to the court to prove moving is in the childs best interest? I am aware I will have to show I am willing to allow contact to take place via skype/phonecalls/emails etc. It would be great to get an insight into others who have experienced the court process as I really have no idea what to expect. I would really appreciate any guidance on what to include!
  3. Hello everyone! I thought of starting a discussion with people who migrated from Dubai to Adelaide in the past few years! People who have already applied for their skilled visas and are waiting to migrate are also welcome to join The idea is to connect with folks on topics like: 1) How do you find Adelaide vs Dubai? 2) Looking back did the move work out for you? 3) What are the things about Dubai you still miss dearly? 4) How did you manage landing your first job? 5) Any advice for people who will be migrating soon? I applied for my SA 489 visa along with my wife and baby in Jan 2019 and I’m currently waiting for my grant. Part of us is excited but another part of us is also anxious! Our reason for the move is to hopefully provide a better environment for our baby growing up and of course get PR at some point. We do live comfortably in Dubai but it is starting to get expensive (especially raising a child) and our careers are stagnating. This is what prompted us to consider migration Your contributions will be invaluable to us and I thank you all in advance!! Cheers!
  4. Hi everyone, my name is Umair Shahid I am applying from Pakistan for Skilled Visa of Australia Immigration for subclass 189 or 190. I am an Electrical Engineer with 2 years experience in the Telecommunication sector and right now I am having experience of 2 years in Procurement department as a Procurement officer (electrical and technical products procurement). I am making CDR. 1 career episode I made out of engineering university final year project, 1 career episode I have from Telecommunication job experience project. My question is should I make 3rd career episode from Procurement job? If so, can I mention my technical products procurement and electrical data sheets study of different products and their purchase? Will it be relevant to my electrical engineering degree? Or else I should catch 3rd career episode from another project of the university or another field work of Telecommunication job? Please reply I am confused about 3rd career episode. Thank you '' if you do not make your own path someone else would hire you to make his ''
  5. Hi guys! I am a Nursing student and I am planning to apply for skilled visa as soon as I finish my studies. In order to secure visa process I would like to get superior English result. Can you please tell me if anyone succeeded to gain all "A" in OET? Is it possible? I prefer this one as it is specific to nursing, but I have some doubts if it is possible to get all As. Or maybe PET is a better choice as it is needed to get more than 79 in all parts which sounds a bit more realistic. Can you please share your experience about these two tests? Thanks!
  6. Nymeria Chauhan

    Construction Project Manager

    Hi, I was wondering if I am eligible to apply for PR under 133111 Construction Project Manager. I have a Bachelors degree in Geophysics, and currently doing Masters in Project Management in Australia. Regards
  7. Hi Everyone, I am new here and any help is highly appreciated My 485 visa was about to expire so I applied for a student visa on 22/10/2017 and BVA was granted. I received the invitation for 189 on 06/12/2017 and applied for the visa on 07/12/2017. Today (12/12/2017), I was granted BVC saying this visa is not in effect because my BVA is currently in effect. My question here is, should I withdraw my student visa on my own or wait until CO guides me? Also, I read somewhere that there are 28 days cooling date once you withdraw your visa upon CO guidance and then only CO will grant you the visa? Thank you so much in advance and I really hope to hear from you all very soon
  8. Hi everybody, I'm new to the skilled visa forum and would love any and all advice. I am a nurse (in the United States- we don't have a group like this to reach out to ) and I'm already registered with AHPRA. My partner is Australian and we want to move back to Australia this year. I was going to apply for the partner visa, but due to the cost and processing times I was advised that the skilled migrant visa might be the faster and more efficient route. That being said I have a few questions and would love any and all help. Can I travel to and from Australia while waiting for approval? Do I have to be outside of Australia when approved? After being approved was there a certain amount of time that you had to be in Australia by? And finally for nursing.... is it the general skilled visa migration visa 476/887? Sorry I'm asking all of the beginner questions. I found these answers to be much more readily available on the partner visa portion of the immigration website (and maybe that means they are stricter while verifying partner visas? but I have no idea really). Thank you all so much for your help! Lindsey
  9. Hi guys I have submitted skilled via 190 for NSW last month for myself,spouse and my kid, we found out recently that we are expecting a second baby. 1. How do we go about health exam for my wife since she can't get Xrays now. Is there any waiver process or do we get on hold? 2. If we don't get visa before my second child is born (which is doubtful), can i get my second child added to same visa application. 3. If visa is granted in 3-4 months and we wait for baby to be born in India, what's the process and timelines for child visa application Would appreciate if you can guide me through Thanks Mani