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Found 22 results

  1. Only in Australia surely? A driver who tried to squeeze a massive organ into the boot of her car has left police dumbfounded. Officers stopped the Ford sedan in Perth WA on Sunday after spotting the instrument almost completely hanging out of it. Tied down with just a few loose loops of rope, the large timber organ appeared to be far from safely secured. Have you seen worse?

    Plus size clothing

    Hi ladies I am what one would call a BBW over here in UK we are looking at Melbourne and I am wondering what is it like for buying larger size clothing over there are there specialist stores? Many thanks for reading this
  3. Just trying to make a list of what to ship. Planning on moving to Sydney so I guess we will still need duvets for winter. Are the duvets , mattresses and beds the same sizes as in the uk? For e.g do they have the standard 4'6" double bed etc? Also are duvets the same sizes? Oh please help.
  4. Guest

    what size dress

    a friend of mine in his mid 50s--is thinking of dressing up in women's clothes for personal fulfillment--he has bought a transvestite magazine-so the question is what size dress would fit him--hes a 32 inch waste/46 inch chest--i guessed a size 18 in womens size would do the trick-am i right:unsure:help required please:wubclub: oh he wishes to order online,rather the go into a woman's shop for fear of them girls giggling:embarrassed::wink:also are the sizes different in australia:confused:ive been told there american based sizes:confused:
  5. cartertucker

    UK Super king size bed frames in WA

    Do they sell the UK size 'super king' beds in Western Australia? :unsure: I have a mattress I may be shipping, but would not be bringing the frame, so need to make sure im gonna be able to buy one once there....Dont fancy a mattress on the floor! :confused:
  6. Well I'm just in the process of trying to work out what to take on the flight and what to ship but just wanted a bit of help about the sizes of bags allowed. I'm flying with Singapore airlines so get my normal baggage (unfortunately as I'm an oz citizen returning home I dont' think I get the extra), my 7kg hand luggage and a handbag. But what size handbag do they allow? I've got big ones but don't want to take one of those full of stuff only to have them tell me I've got too much. Any ideas? ALso I've got my little boy flying with us so although he doesn't get hand luggage I can take nappies etc for him, anyone know roughly what size they will allow of that too? Thanks so much x
  7. scotsaway

    standard box size?

    Hi guys! So we are roughly 3 weeks away from moving (no flights, accomodation or shipping sorted yet - eek!) and I was hoping that someone could tell me if there is a standard box size used by the shipping companies? I can't work out how I am to get a good estimate for the online quotes otherwise!:wacko: Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, I have the shippers coming in a few days and thought I should get round to buying some duvet covers to take over. I'm taking my double bed to keep as a spare so have plenty of double duvet sets, but will be buying a new bed for our bedroom. Can anyone tell me if Queen size is the standard size people buy over there and what size duvets you need to buy here to fit it? I looked online at international bed sizes and it looked like a queen size bed in Australia is the same size as King size in the UK, but wanted to check with anyone who's bought in the UK for aussie beds before going and buying the wrong size. Thanks Shaz
  9. we are selling a king size mattress it is 3 yrs old from Snooze - Body System No 2. We have gone from 4 bedroom to 3 bedrooms and have no room for it Collection from Buderim, Sunshine Coast, Qld mattress has always had a protector and is in good, clean condition. Cost new $2,300 - asking $500 Pm me for more details.
  10. emmaroo

    Box Size?

    This is a really random question, but i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the average size of the boxes used by shippers is? Trying to work out how many boxes we might have! thanks in advance Emma :cute:
  11. Pozz

    Container size.

    I know I can do estimates for what size we need with the various companies, but I would like an idea from you guys. I have been budgeting on a 20ft as that seems to be the norm, but when taking stock we arent bringing that much. Basically we will be bring; 1 kingsize bed, 2 sofa's, 4 side boards, 4 dining chairs, and the usual household junk...tv, pc, tools, clothes etc. How does this compare with what others have brought in respect of container size? Thanks guys.
  12. does anyone know how the shipping companys work? do they go on size of a crate / t chest or is it purely on weight or both? thanks in advance
  13. Hello, I love Sydney and the climate is so wonderful. Can anyone tell me if there are any areas in which the house prices are around £550k to £650k, that have good transport links to the CBD, are close to the beach (i.e. within a 10 min drive or 30 min walk), that would come with a decent sized garden and that are close to decent schools. A pipe dream? I really hope not...:biggrin:
  14. Tomdickanarry

    Size Matters

    Hi all Going to be moving to Melbourne in a few short months. I have never been to Australia before and I can only picture all the women looking like they came out of Baywatch or something similar! Can you advise if there are a good selection of business/casual clothes in real size women's range? Here in the UK it's a bit of a struggle finding good quality (not too expensive) fuller figured clothes. Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks
  15. As per the question really. I'm having real problems trying to upload documents that are less than 1000 kb. Have been using pdf, then scanning on the lowest setting,( 75) then croping the sizes, but the only things I've been able to upload so far are photos and my passport details. Thanks in advance
  16. Hi all, we broke-lease recently to move into a house of our own. If you are a family looking for an immediately available house with 4 bedrooms, a large garden, a pool and a playhouse then the house we moved from is at Cartwright Property Group The house is in Corinda, a old leafy suburb, and just across the road from a bushland park. 10 minutes walk to Corinda station from which it's about 15 or 20 min into Brisbane CBD. They are even throwing in garden and pool maintenance. Cheers, Tom
  17. Generalis

    King size bed

    We got a king size bed and just wondered can you buy king size bedding over in aus or is it different sizes. Seen lots of queen size bedding but unsure about king size. Thanks
  18. pez2008

    Geelong size wise

    Hi. Could someone tell me how big is Geelong say compared to London or is it half size of the UK lol.
  19. Guest

    Free Passport Size Photos

    Hi folks, Thought I would share with you all, this website I have just used for some passport size photos. Passport photos for free - ePassportPhoto.com Its very easy to do, no need to download anything. Please note, this is for passport size photos. Whilst you can make these photos suitable for official documents such as passports etc, by sending them off to the printed. If you just need the size, then you can download the photos and print them yourself. Hope this helps people. Mandisfam :wubclub:
  20. Hi folks, Just sorting the mountain of paperwork for our meds and x-rays next week. Im a bit confused. How many passport size photos, does each form need. The letter from the doctor doing the meds, says bring 2 passport size photos, okay can do that, but Im unsure as to how many you need for the x-ray application form. Is it just one photo??? I hope so as I only have 3 left and I dont want to fork out another £4.50 to get more done. Also, when you have your x-rays done, do they give you the x-ray to take to the doctors??? or do they forward it on??? Thanks Mandifam
  21. Guest

    Super King Size Bed

    is there any point bringing out bed? We had intended to bring it but I'm sure I've seen somwhere that the bed sizes are different so you can't get replacement bedding? Anyone any ideas?