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Found 93 results

  1. paullym

    UK job situation? How bad is it?

    Hi all, Firstly, thanks for all the other threads in this forum. It has really helped us out knowing that we are not the only ones with this feeling of being constantly in 'limbo' and feeling like we don't belong here. I came out in Brisbane in 2000 and have been based here ever since. Here I met OH (also an expat, but German in origin) in 2004 and we have lived here since then (bar a year when we travelled around the world). We have just recently had a babe and feeling we should return home has become much stronger, as well as OH's mother not being too well at the moment. We want our respective families to enjoy being with our daughter. As such we have made the decision to return before the end of the year. However my family is giving us equal encouragement to come but negative views about the UK job climate. We appreciate what Australia has and the lifestyle on offer. As such its a difficult decision to make, and its been compounded by the fact that with a secure job here in Brisbane we could be giving up a lot for an uncertain future in the UK. So we would value any advice that you may have. I suppose our main question to help us move forward and follow through on our decision (or delay it!) is how the UK job market is looking and how it may be looking 6 months down the line... It would be good to get some information from people in the UK or those who have just returned, as an internet search about it is not bringing up much. I am working in IT and my OH is a commercial accountant working with SAP looking for work part time. We are predominantly looking at London, which is where all the work seems to be, but would move anywhere south of Manchester. Thanks again for any help... Good luck in your choices. Paul
  2. jamesandsarah

    unusual situation (with house)

    Hi, We are planning to come over in about two years but have one major headache, My property is in a joint mortgage between myself and an ex, in a nutshell she has done a runner and cannot be traced. I have had no contact in three years, I am in a new relationship and soon to marry and have a baby. Mortgage company not interested as I have always paid every month without fail. I have seen 6 different solicitors to no avail. They have not been able to be very helpful. problem is, when i want to sell, I need her signature and im damned if I will let her stop my move to oz. (she will be awkward). The property has 20k equity. I would consider giving this up and 'handing back the keys' on the way to OZ. Has anyone done this? What were the consequences, if any? How did this impact what happened in Australia. Im a very moral person but at witts end!!
  3. Hi my partner and I are moving to Rockhampton next June. Iam a chemist so lots of opportunties in Brisbane especially with my current company in the UK. Considering living in Brisbane full time but also having a small place in rocky for my partner to live whilst working 4-5 days a week, then him flying back to Brisbane. Does anyone else do this or in a similar situation in another part of OZ, does it work?? Trying to consider all options we both need to be working. Any advise much appreciated
  4. Hi members, I was wondering if somebody could tell me how the job market is in Australia at the moment? We are moving to Adelaide in February and my hubby is a CNC Operator/Programmer. Is it normal that potential employers don't answer when you apply from Europe for a job? Some did in our case, kellyservices for example did not reply. I think we are to early for applications, aren't we? Thanks a lot.
  5. Hello members, hubby and me are just preparing to make the move in February. I was wondering if somebody living in Australia could tell us how the labour market is at the moment? We are going to Adelaide/South Australia. Hubby is a CNC operator (TRA recognition as a fitter/general). Hopefully there are enough job vacancies for trades worker. Thanks a lot for replies. Regards, Rabeah
  6. Tulip

    Our situation!

    Hello everyone! Thought I'd update a bit as I'm not sure I even did an intro thread! Well as soon as I got back from Australia last January...I have felt the bug to go back. Even when I was there I never thought 'I'd like to stay here forever!', but when I reflected on it after being there for nearly two months...my heart *ached* to return. I met Mark online three years ago, he's Aussie, and I'm English. He came over for xmas one year, and then I went to Aus the next year for xmas, and then he moved over afterwards in February and proposed. It's no surprise that a few months ago I admitted my want to move over to Aus. He loves where we are now, but he also loves Aus, and I trust him when he tells me he doesn't mind where he lives as he loves both places. We both agreed that the one place we had to live if we were going to Aus was the Gold Coast; we both adore it and I can't imagine living anywhere else! There are some complications, money primarily; we're getting married in August, and still have to move out of my mum's when I have a job and save up for that, as well as our Aussie fund. For this reason we've set outselves a little time scale, and would love to move over in 2013, even if it's later in the year than we'd planned. One push on time is that Mark is desperate to go to University, and we can't afford for him to pay for it up front here because although he was born in Scotland and thus, has dual citizenship, he hasn't been in the country for 3 years so can't apply for a loan or grant. So. For now we're chugging along, and I'm dreaming of our life in the sun. When we're married I can get the spousal visa, and hopefully ship our dog Maisy over with us. Fingers crossed, and hello again! Here's me scratching a roo in Dreamworld... And Marky being silly in the GC Botanical gardens... Forgot to say; I'm 20, and Marky is 21. No kids (a rarity for my age group in the UK!), so less strings attached!
  7. Guest

    Scary situation

    Hi, I am in the process of applying for a partner visa, the application went in last month. My husband is Australian. We have four daughters.....two with Australian citizenship by descent. The older two are my children from a previous relationship. Their biological father left in 2003 when the oldest was just 2 and the youngest was a baby. We were never married and he never had or subsequently acquired any parental responsibility. He has never sought any contact with my daughters. I have no idea where he is. I do not even know whether he is alive or not? He was a violent unstable man and it has taken a long time for me to rebuild my life. The Migration Officer is suggesting that I may need to get Stat Decs from him allowing the girls to migrate......even though he has never had parental responsibility. This terrifies me.....I do not want to seek out this violent person from the past. Is this the norm for Migration to ask for Any advice very welcome Thank you Mumsie
  8. Hi all, I have a complicated situation that I need answers too. This isn't related to me as I've got an Australian passport. I live in Manchester and I have a boyfriend who I want to bring to Australia with me who is a British citizen and 23. Problem is, he was convicted of hit and run and sentenced to 6 years prison (big mistake, I know). Soon his to be having an open prison setence and I told him I'll be taking him to OZ when the first opportunity arises. Now I am sick of horrendous salary, uncompable government benefits and the continuous cuts in jobs, pensions and increased educational fees. I told him I wouldn't leave without him and my brother won't go to Australia unless I do, which in effect has a negative impact on him. Now I am wanting to know what I should actually do. If you're going to say - find someone else or some other rudimentary response, then don't bother posting. Should I inform the Australian government that we are in a relationship? How should I start organising things for our relocation? Furthemore in relation to his sentence, he has served almost three years with another three that will be on open prison. This is absolutely heartbreaking but I'm unsure of how to begin preparation for our relocation. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would his visa be refused applying with an Australian citizen? It was a once off offence if that helps. J
  9. We have everything in order....visa active, bank account, letter showing employment in Oz and salary, letters of reference from our previous bank in the US, etc. Basically everything we've been asked. Still no luck securing financing for a vehicle. It's getting a tad frustrating. It looks like we may have to get an unsecured loan for a ridiculous interest rate to get a vehicle. That is not acceptable. Does anyone have any suggestions on a better way to go about this process here?
  10. Guest

    difficult situation

    Hi all, I don't know how to move.. I applied for the 176 visa for WA on the 18th June 2011. Until now no response , no case officer... I found a company in Perth where the owner want to hire me. I had a couple of interviews on Skype and he told me.. you are exactly what I'm looking for.. etc etc.. He also told me that he want to help with my visa. I asked to my immi agent and he told me that the only way is start a new application for a sponsored visa :sad: Do you think is there any other way to speed up my application? If the owner of the company write a letter to the immi dept where he explain the situation, should be helpful? Anyone in the similar situation? it's really annoying.... Thanks
  11. I received an email from my CO yesterday. They asked for some more things for the application. One being emails and phone logs of our time apart. Thought I gave enough originally. No problem have plenty more. The original NOIm. No worries will sort that. I have an official letter but not the NOIM from the celebrant as I was not there to witnessed it signed when filed by my fiance. Now to the sticky part- that asked for this: "Evidence of the Sponsor's financial support (The sponsor is responsible for all financial obligations to the Australian Government that your partner might incur in Australia.) Examples of financial support may include a letter of employment from the sponsor or the sponsors statement of earnings issued by the Australian Taxation office." She is unable to provide this as she has been on support from Centrelink on disability for two years. What do we do? Do I be honest, let the CO know we don't and why with official documents from the start as to why she hasn't. Or just send those docs from centrelink in? As anyone familiar with an Assurance of Support (AoS) we can't get one until they specifically ask for it. I don't want any denial of visa and have to reapply. What do we do here?
  12. Hi, I was supposed to move to australian in 2010, on the 'last remaining relative visa' -to then find out that immigration has stopped the number of people from 200 to 20 people per yr being alowed in, I have been told that my visa will be granted but just have to wait for my turn, it has upset me so much! as i wanted to start school there and everything! I have wondered if anyone is in /or was in the same situation as me and have been told they have to wait?! Many thanks would be great to hear from someone :biggrin:
  13. Guest

    IT job situation

    OH is looking at job situation for IT (systems admin) in Adelaide. Hays seem to be the agency to get into so he's registering with them- but they say really he needs to be in Oz to be interviewed face to face. We were hoping he would have work to go out to. Any one any experience with Hays IT?? Whats the situation?- could OH head to Adelaide in a October/November and secure a job in a few weeks- whats the chances? Or should he stay put and keep searching for jobs online? Anyone got any advice?
  14. Hi All, I got sponsorship from SA in Nov 2010 and my case is currently with DIAC under security checking. I received a strange email from immigration SA today regarding a discrepancy in my IELTs test results. Below is the text from email: Now this is very strange for me because I provided them a sealed TRF from British Council Pakistan (British Council Conducts IELTs test in Pakistan). It seems that there is a either a real discrepancy in the TRF that was sent to me & to SA & the online system or someone in SA punched in wrong credentials while checking my IELTs test via their online system. What should I do in this situation? Luckily I had given 2 IELTs tests, one GT & another Academic. I used the the results of Academic since it was newer however both were valid at the time of application to SA & both are valid to date. I have got the minimum 6 score in both the IELTs (that was the minimum criteria for obtaining SA sponsorship for my profession at that time). But I am still confused, that what should be my response to SA?
  15. Guest

    work situation

    hi can anyone tell me if there is much bricklaying work around brisbane due to arrive there later this year. can you still get work walking on to sites or are things quieter there just now is there much work further north nearer noosa areas any info much appreciated
  16. Hi, Hope you are all well. I was just wondering if someone could help please. I am a 31-year-old from England. I am a journalist by trade. I came here just over two years ago on a 417 visa. Just after I got here I found work at a small country paper in NSW. I have been on assorted bridging visas for about two years as my employer has tried to sponsor me, without success. Our latest application for a 457 visa was rejected yesterday on the grounds that my potential sponsors are not an "approved" business. Apparently, they do not meet the designated amount for providing funds for training workers, so do not meet the guidelines. Again, apparently, my/our only course of action left now is to go to a migration tribunal. This could be a costly/time-consuming exercise. It seems ridiculous. I know life isn't fair, but since I have been here I have paid taxes, abided by rules etc. My employers have never tried to sponsor someone before so don't know much about 'the rules' of sponsoring a foreign worker. They are also a small business in country NSW, which is something the immigration department does not seem to take into account. I was wondering if anyone had been through these tribunals. If so, did they have success? Are they worth it? Does anyone know if there are any alternative routes I could go down or any visas I could apply for? I know that the best course of action now is to try and contact a migration agent. If anyone can give me any advice now, though, I would be very grateful. The thought of having to leave Oz makes me want to cry. I just want to stay here, eventually get a job in Sydney and be with the person I love there. Going back home now makes me pretty scared. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Stuart xx
  17. Hi all I am moving to Perth in jule. If anyone know what the work situation for bricklayers and general builders in Perth at the moment? May be anyone know any building company or agency where i can send my CV or do I have to go to talk to someone on building sites? How it usually work in Australia? Thank's a lot Philip
  18. Can't believe I'm having to come on here (again) and say this. Hubby is plasterer and has (again) been told today that there is no more work in the pipeline which therefore means no income for our family. He SO wants to get out of the self-employed rat race, we have never been able to build any security in the almost 3 years that we have been here, no savings behind us, with 3 kids to look after I am truly scared and frightened as to where to turn now. How does anyone with one particular skill, who cannot sustain long term secure work in that skill, move onto something new? He is a hard worker, reliable and trustworthy, just looking for a fair crack at life. Has been told he cant get into the mines as he has no experience, but how do you get experience if no-one gives you a chance? How does an average guy get a break over here? We are not asking for hand-outs, just a chance to give our kids a future, and to keep the roof over their heads. Is it really too much to ask? Can anyone offer any advice please? Honestly dont know what to do next.
  19. Hi guys, thinking of getting out to Perth around January time, are there any bricklayers or people in construction reading this that might be able to tell me what the works like there at that time of the year, as in England its generally a quiet period till spring-ish. Nice One!! :biggrin:
  20. Hi everyone, So, I should be studying for my end of year exams right now, but as per usual I just can't get our potential move to Australia out of my head. I still have another 2 years until I graduate, but I want to be prepared and ready to get my visa applied for at the earliest opportunity. Is there anything I can do in advance of my graduation to speed things up? Btw, I'll need my degree in order to successfully apply for my visa.... Also, something else thats been bothering me slightly is my husbands age. He has just turned 50 and works as a wastewater planning engineer, however doesn't have a degree, just a hell of a lot of knowledge. As well, my step son is wishing to come out with us but will have just turned 18 when I graduate, but has decided to stay in education in order to try and get on our visa. Then there's the dog, do we or don't we bring her??? Such a hard decision....... The only simple thing that I can see with our move will be our 5 year old daughter who is very excited and laid back about the whole thing. So reading my situation, do you think our visa will be a complicated one and which type of visa do you think would probably be our best bet? My job role as a Podiatrist is on the shortage list for the whole of Australia and fingers crossed that will still be the case in a few years. I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts and in the mean time I best get revising for my exams or I won't be going anyware....:wideeyed:
  21. Hi, I am currently on a WHV in Brisbane and have been working with a very large flight company, Doing first level IT support on travel industry specific programmes which I guess is the strong point I have, I only have 6 months IT experience and very little IT qualifications however I can do the job very well and am currently self studying for exams. I was wondering if it is worth chasing them for a 457 or would they (DIAC) say you dont have enough experience/quals etc. The company are not sure of the process but obviously that isn't really the issue as if it realistic then they will read up etc. I am also awaiting TRA results to apply for state sponsorship for SA but under Radiocommunications Technician which is what I have done for the previous 8 years, Grateful for any help or similar situations
  22. Hi all, Can anyone comment on the work situation in Perth? There seems to be alot of conflicting information out there, would really appreciate your comments. OH is an Electrician Thanks :jiggy:
  23. Hi everyone I am in a confusion about how to file for my 885.I have got a positive skill assessment from ACS as a Developer Programer.Just got my Ielts Score of 7 each yesterday.I have already filled for a TR i.e 485 on 16th janurary.I how have met the 120 points eligibility for 885. 1) Do I need to cancel my 485 application or can I file for my 885 straight away. Also My student visa is going to expire on 15th march 2011. after that my Bridging of 485 would start. How Shall i go about filing for my 885 Please help me.
  24. I have been reading and reading all the posts on here for ages now and have done plenty of research but I think I just need some reassurance from "poms in oz" My husband got an independent skills visa last October (yaaaaay!) and we had planned to have a bit of fact finding holiday this Sept/Oct for 4 weeks as we have to get an immigration stamp within 12 months. Since then there have been rumblings of redundancy at my husbands work and its looking likely that this week he will get made redundant with a payout of around £20k. We have about £10k in savings and no debt apart from the mortgage. We plan to put the majority of our belongings into storage and rent our house out for about £750 per month (- a % of agents fee) and we will also have the mortgage paid by an insurance policy taken out years ago in case my husband was made redundant (we have already checked that they will pay out if we are no longer in the country and if we rent the house and they will) They will stop paying though once he takes a job in Oz. We plan to fly out beginning of May (as we have some family events we want to stay for) and then short term rent (4 wks) in Sydney and then long term rent in a suburb like Mosman, Neutral Bay, Queenscliffe, etc). I hope to get a PA/Office Manager temping job (or even permanent) earning approx. 70K AUD and my husbands job in IT pays approx 120 - 200K AUD. We will need to pay for childcare as we have a 3 year old little boy and will need to buy the majority of household items again. My husband plans to have a couple of months off before finding a job to settle our son in (as they have never had that amount of quality time before). We have budgeted for the following weekly costs Rent 750 AUD Food 200 AUD Travel cards 100 AUD Childcare? Mobile phones? Health insurance? do we need this? Sky TV? General household expenses? Eating out 100AUD Not really sure how much tax to deduct yet, is it about 30%? We might look at moving further out of Sydney maybe more towards the central coast once we have had time to travel around (another cost for a lease car!) I lived and worked in Sydney about 10 years ago so I kind of know what to expect and I am bracing myself for a much higher cost of living. Are there any things that we should take with us from the house, that we are just ridiculously expensive to buy in Oz. Our long term plan would be to stay for at least 4 years and get dual citizenship and then come home or sell our house in the UK and buy in Oz. Feeling a bit nervous with this whole redundancy thing looming over us and telling our friends and parents has been horrible :no: I would be grateful of any advice. :chatterbox: