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Found 23 results

  1. As the title said I was wondering if anyone is sitting IELTS in Sunderland on Saturday 3rd September. It would be nice to have someone to chat to
  2. stevie ellis

    dog sitting

    A was dog sitting for ma sister inlaws dug ellie , shes a black lab. Shes awa hame noo and am missing her a must admit . What a welcome she gave ma in the morning and fan acame hame at night. Shes a wee cracker
  3. Checking POI :tongue: Mr poppers penguins .. Quite funny so far but kids telling ne to put iPhone down :chatterbox:
  4. When i was in oz ,this time of year ,i used to get out of bed and then sit in the garden to get some heat . Mm you cant make this up . Any one else :idea:
  5. Guest

    sitting ielts tomorrow

    hi all out there, im sitting the ielts tomorrow in bristol, has anyone got any tips or advice ? Its been a long time since i sat an exam !!!! cheers
  6. grainne73

    House Sitting

    Hi Just in case anyone is interested in housesitting I am listing the links from The Sunday Times today.... Might suit someone out there! :biggrin: mindmyhouse.com trustedhousesitters.com housesitworld.com grainne
  7. kellyjamie

    Hubby sitting Ielts right now!

    Well Jamie left at 8 this morning to be at the college for 9.15 to sit ielts. bless him he was quite nervous i tried my best to ensure he,ll be fine, but he knows theres so much riding on his result. He went away in his shirt and trousers and i asked him why not his jeans and jumper but he says he prefers to be dressed appropriately as it gets him the mind set for sitting an exam, hes the same when he had his telephone interviews for oz! When he got there he text to say it was heaving, and there was a couple of them there for migration purposes. I am keeping everything crossed it goes well, we really need this he read the ielts rant post last nite, i told hom not too but curiosity got him and i think that made him nervous this morning, anyhow i told him just try your best and thats all he can do Goodluck Jamie xx:em4400:
  8. This may interest some of you if you need short or long term free accommodation before you decide where to live. Have found this site about housesitting [link removed by admin], which has a lot of users on it. Seems to cover most of the questions that you can ask in their FAQ sections. Worth checking if you are on a tight budget. :wink:
  9. a friend of mine in the uk has asked me to find some info on regards house sitting , shes a seniors school teacher looking to make the move but as with many people money is tight and i dont think she could stretch to a rental property ...... has anyone got any thoughts on her idea or could point me in a direction where i can pass info on to her please :notworthy: cheers
  10. Guest

    House/pet sitting

    Hi to everyone My 15 y.o daughter and I moved to Adelaide from Birmingham in May '10. We are visiting friends in Auckland over Xmas and wld like to extend our visit by 2 weeks. If anyone needs or knows someone who wld appreciate house/pet sitters during late Dec.'10 to early Jan'11 we wld love to hear from you. We wld consider other areas of NZ too. Many thanks
  11. Dear all If i have passed my skills assessement with ANMC before IELTS came in in July, do i have to sit the test now? I have my 176 visa through, have a job lined up in Brisbane, IELTS determines going to OZ this is mad! I'm sure i have to sit the test for QNC registration. If my agent had adviced me properly i could have avoided doing the test and as soon as my skills assesment was through i should have gained registration with QNC it was well before July 09. Any thought appreciated
  12. Guest

    House Sitting

    My partrner and I will be travelling around Oz for a year. We arrive on 22 January and have no fixed plans on the route or length of stay in each place. I have looked at some house sitting sites and not sure which is the best. Can anyone recommend the best site to use and whether there are any free but trustworthy sites out there:jiggy:. Thanks
  13. hedgehog

    Childcare baby sitting

    I live on gold coast and need childcare for twin girls 9 years old for holidays. Any ideas? I live in Benowa
  14. Hello, we are planning to move to WA this year and intend to start out with a couple of months of house sitting while we decide where we want to live. There are many House Sitting websites available. Has anyone got experience with any of them please? Any recommendations? Thanks, Shelly
  15. Guest

    Sitting on garden chairs!

    Alright Packers have been and gone. Container is on its way to brisbane. We now have mattresses on the floor for sleeping, deck chairs in living room and a 15" tv. Living the dream! Ps john masons did a great job packing. can thoroughly recommend them. Lee
  16. Guest

    House Sitting

    Hi there Just been granted VISAS - WOW!!! Set on renting - but house sitting keeps coming up in conversations. Has anyone tried this and can we please have your comments - good/bad! Many thanks Gary & Senga x
  17. Can anyone give us some advise please, As we thought we couldnt get into oz as my hubby has an hgv licence and has been working for a waste firm driving all modes of vehicles for 15yrs,hes 34yrs old .we are not on the skilled visa list. a lady from an immagration company called last week and says we can get into perth as long as my hubby goes to perth first sits his test there and then she will line up interviews whilst we there and ,if he gets a job we could be over there in 3mnths of that, Is this really true ,,,Or can we just get a sponsor with out getting ozzy licence :wacko: we so confused and excited that we could actually be going some day,,,,but is it true that it could all happen so fast.:unsure: Ihave 3 children aged 3 , 6, and 16... its going to cost a lot to get over there as there is 5 of us time to start tightening the purse strings..
  18. Hi everyone, Don't know if this is of any use to anyone else, but if you are in Melbourne, and need to sit the General IELTS, IDP has arranged for an additional sitting in May due to the backlog.:idea: (Currently bookings for the General test are as far back as September) You will need to get in fast though, and it might be worth giving them a call before sending everything off to see if they still have any spaces (as at lunch time, AEST, they did!!) Here's the link: http://www.ielts.org/test_centre_search/results.aspx?TestCentreID=8e2ad4da-00cb-4fb0-8a32-34dd95e882f7 :jiggy: Cheers Jules
  19. Guest

    house sitting

    Hi all, we are moving to perth in august and are looking at our options for where to stay when we first arrive. Read somewhere about house sitting. Has anyone had any experience with this and can recommend sites?
  20. Hi Has anyone any experience of the requirements for getting a full driving licence in Vic and has anyone sat their test there? I've failed my driving test in the UK 3 times now and really need to pull it together. I'm a really good driver, but fall apart emotionally in the test situation and it's got worse each time I've taken the test, to the point where I had a panic attack on my last attempt. I was a couple of months pregnant at the time and I don't think that the rampant hormone levels helped any! Nothing phases me when I'm driving our car or with the instructer so I think it's just that the examiners are too scary. Last one was a right nightmare and I found out later that she'd been dismissed for being too hard on the learners - her son had been killed by one the year before I did my test so I was doomed as soon as I was assigned to that one. :arghh: Would love to know what I will have to go through in Aus as I'm hoping it won't be as traumatic. :swoon: Also, do you have to sit a theory test in Vic or are there any requirements that are different to here? Oh, last thing, I presume I will need to get a new provisional licence as my UK one won't be transferrable and how do I go about getting this in Victoria? Can I do it straight away? Thanks, K
  21. Has anyone used and could recommend a pet and house sitting service? I need to know the good, bad and the ugly. I may need someone to look after Lulu for a couple of months as I cant face putting her in a cattery. Any ideas? Many thanks Emma
  23. TheBrammies

    Two Flies Sitting On A Toilet Seat

    ...................................................................... ....................................................................... .......... ONE OF THEM GOT P@@@ED OFF :biglaugh: :biglaugh: