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Found 94 results

  1. I am a single mom with a 7 year old daughter and I am trying to organise a secondment to Sydney for a couple of years. I'm worried about moving away from my support network as I will have to do the school run every day as well as work full time. Has anyone already been through this? How common are after school clubs and how easy is it to organise childcare? I really want to experience the Australian lifestyle but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by going it alone.:wacko:
  2. Me and my partner are applying for a skills visa. Both of us have wanted skills, my partner is the main person applying for the visa and I am going on his partner. We have been together for 6 years, we haven’t lived together and we don’t have a joint bank account. We currently live between our parents houses as we are saving to emigrate. We have evidence through photos, flight tickets, statements from friends. What is needed to ensure the visa will be granted? What else can we submit as evidence? Has anyone applied for a visa in a similar situation who could help? thanks!
  3. Guest

    going out as single parent!!

    Hi folks, well just split from boyfriend and going out as single parent, im is that getting on a bit! daughter is 5, he didnt want to go, and its been my life long dream, i need some support!!, feeling down x:sad:
  4. Hi all, I've been looking at moving out to Australia for some time now but am struggling with where to start. I've noticed a lot of the posts on the forum are from couples or families and/or where someone already has a job offer before they leave so have a destination in mind and an idea of income etc. Could anyone give me any advice on moving out alone? Has anyone moved out or looking to move out without a job offer? If so, where have you/are you planning to stay (hostel/room/apartment)? Is a hostel or shared flat/house the only option? Any advice much appreciated.
  5. whatsthestory

    Single Life - Adelaide?

    hey everyone, just wondering what single life is like in Adelaide? Where is the best area to live and / or go out for a 30 year old. don't really want to be surrounded by screaming kids or teeny boppers. Need a bit of info, sharpish! coming over in july and i haven't really got a clue where to go. going to be 30 in august so i got a few weeks to round up some drinking buddies. cheers all, i'll get the first round! Danny
  6. I'm moving to Sydney in 3 weeks and I've had so many mixed messages about the weather, wondering what to pack vs. what to ship. Shipping crate is not arriving for a good six weeks after I arrive so all proper Summer stuff is going in there obviously, I am more concerned about how Wintery what I bring in my case needs to be. I've heard it's still around 20 degrees, which is warmer than here right now, but I suppose that could dramatically change in the next two months? Also more importantly than what I'm going to wear for the next 10 weeks, are there any people moving or have moved alone to Sydney. I'm moving to take up a job as a Fashion Buyer, I know a couple of people but would love to hear tips and experiences from people in the same boat. A lot of the threads here seem to relate to families and couples. Thanks :biggrin:
  7. Hello. Well have made it through the first 6 months and the festivities but am starting to feel a little homesick. However I am determined to stay positive. I need ideas of how my son and I aged 12 can get out together and meet new people. Can anyone make suggestions? :err: Thanks Jane
  8. Hey My name is Claire I am 36 I have a 3 year old,I have been here in Oz for 5 years now and live in Labrador I originally come from Bexleyheath in Kent, I am on my own now and really would love some new friends. I can get quite busy during the week as I have gone back to studying, but hang out down at the broadwater in Labrador at the weekends, its pretty cool, great chippie, swing park on a beach with a man made lagoon which is def safer for the little ones. I have been through the spouse visa through to getting my permanent visa so may be able to help if you need some. I would love to meet up with brits, maybe we could organise a bbq or a meetup? If anyone wants to catch up give me a shout. Claire x
  9. Hello all, I've just returned to Brisbane, after training as a teacher in the UK. I spent 2 years there and nearly ended up staying, but saw the light and returned to Brissie - just in time for the floods! I've always found the Aussies to be a friendly bunch but conversationally a bit hard going, as my knowledge of big engines, AFL and fishing is somewhat limited! I never thought about looking for like-minded Brits before, who might be up for a few beers and a bit of banter, as well as sharing costs of the occasional weekend trip down to the 'Goldie' or up the 'Sunny'. I like a bit of surfing every now and then, although as soon as I try and stand up you can tell immediately that I'm a Pom! :-o Any information on regular meet-ups in the area would also be appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Matt.
  10. Guest

    2 SINGLE BEDS for sale

    $250 each - as new - metal white frame - easy assemble - Pick up in Artarmon Just pm me OFFERS TAKEN Simon :yes:
  11. Has anyone here received State sponsorship as a single person without any dependents?
  12. Will it be a huge negative if one were to apply for SS being single and not know anyone at the State their applying for? Does the application ask you if you know people and what their names are? Also, what if you don't know anyone at that specific region, and you're traveling alone, will that be a big negative? :err:
  13. mtrews

    Single people in perth

    Hey everyone, i am thinking of moving to perth from nsw, i know quite a few people there but they are all families, and although i love hanging out with them i am single and have no children, just wondering what areas all the single people tend to live & settle. Any advise would be great!!:daydreaming: Thanks...
  14. tonyman

    Single White Male Wanted

    my mother in law will be living here soon and she is 62 , blonde , attractive,good fun , non smoker ,like to go out to theatre or dine out , easy going , any problrms then ask me , seriouly if i didnt think she was ok i wouldnt be putting her on here .......she is now a PR perm resident ....if interested pm or use the thread , as there is no hidden baggage ......................
  15. I would like to hear from any single parents (mums and/or dads) who have migrated abroad with their child or children? How was the process, how was it settling in for yourself and child/children? I'm planning on moving to australia once I finish my nursing degree, I have no family or friends over there and would be leaving behind a big family in the UK but my main aim is a better quality of life for my little one. If I was moving alone I could handle it no problem but I'm just concerned about my little one who will be starting high school when we move. Also my nan said I should go for 6months-a year by myself first in order to get a feel of the country, look for schools and family accommodation but don't know if I can be that long away from my little one even though it would be ideal to have that all sorted before moving with her.
  16. Hi guys! To set the sceen ... I am 29, I have two chlidren (6+4). My dream is to live in Australia for a few years min, possibly settle down there. My problem is leaving my childrens father behind in England. I was raised my just my Mum and have no problem with how the kids could adjust, because as long as they are secure they can adjust. My problem is I have just given 9 years of my life to this man, we fell out of love and now I want to take his kids away. I am not sure how to start talking to him about this or how to answer the questions he is bound to have like, when will he get to see them, will he have to pay maintanance still ... or maybe it would be a good idea for him not to pay maintanace but save up to visit us instead? I need to be sure in my mind before I can talk to him so am asking for any advice ... I have also looked for advice on being a single parent and emigrating but can't find any. I am not even sure where to start on that one.
  17. Hi there I wonder if there is any single travellers with the sponsored 176 ACT visa hoping to go to Canberra in the near future? It would be great to hear from you and see if you are having the same dilemmas as me as one minute I'm ready to book a flight and then the next I've changed my mind again and then I'm on the roundabout wondering what to do for the best. I Look forward to hearing from anybody in the same boat.
  18. tonyman

    Single Looking for Love.

    single mature man wanted for fun possibly more , my mother in law who is single will be coming over to Perth on permanent visa , she is 60 , attractive , takes good care of her self , enjoys theater , cinema , holidays , dining out , .......she is down to earth , a good crack,:wink:.......dresses to a high standard , loves to cook , is /was a magistrate and RCN officer ....and also an old fashioned nurse....she can drive , non Smoker , she loves me and my family , thats why she is coming over here as soon as she has sold her house ......Gents , dont miss out she would be a good catch ......and im being serious ........THIS IS A SERIOUS THREAD , NOT A JOKE , ...... man u fans do not apply as i cant be doing with another utd supporter in the family ......GUYS pm me if you want to be discrete ..
  19. Guest

    single moms

    hi there i'm a single mom of two, my daughter has had no contact with her father for 5 years but my sons dad is still on the scene. my dream is to move to oz for a better life for me and my kids, i don't have all that much money does that mean my dream is over already? i'am a qualified nursery nurse and doing a course in baby massage which i love. Could anyone advise me if i should give up now or try and live my dream.
  20. Here in Ireland there is additional tax credits for a 2 income earning family. ie. family with 1 earning a salary of €70000 pays more tax than a family with both working total household earnings of €70000. Is there similar additional tax credits for double income families in Aus. Or is it the same tax rate whether you are single or married? P
  21. Guest

    To come work in Perth??? buh

    Hey there everyone, My indecisive nature really is a pain...what it is that I have been offered a position in Perth on a 457 visa in a mechanical engineering role but I have already accepted my old job back in Aberdeen as I was away travelling for a year. The role in oz is also with the same company and the role is the same really, the only thing that is different is that if I leave the oz role in first 3 years would have to pay all expenses etc back myself so could be upto 20k....I have never been to Perth so am unsure what like it is. I am a 25yr old single scottish lad into the usual stuff football, cars going out etc. I have heard that Perth is quite isolated and not as social as the other Australian cities so not loving the thought of being on my tod in another country. Any advice etc would be greatly appreciated Thanks Andrew
  22. Hello All, Strange last minute question as we fantically try to organise our lives in 4 weeks (2 down 2 to go, 1 week to removals eeeekkkkkk). We were hoping to get a new matress for our little ones bed but it's a 200x90cm single and I see Oz sizes are different. Does anyone know if it's possible to get this size? Many Thanks Louise:arghh:
  23. :laugh: Hey, are there any single mums out there in or around Rockingham?? I am 40's lol and have been here 5 months although working, haven't met any single people to go out with. Had a brilliant social life back in UK now finding it a little hard to get one going here! Can anyone help :wubclub:
  24. The Butlers

    2 single beds to buy in perth ??

    Hi all We are looking for 2 beds to buy for the boys it has to be single (not king single ) as have bedding for singles. sinlge beds or bunk would be great x Thanks Emma sick of looking on gumtree Butler :laugh: