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Found 16 results

  1. gaz&family

    AQF in simple terms

    Im a plasterer (solid) renderer or internal work, got the visa, but I want to know about getting my AQF (I need it to start work, dont I). I cant just swap it for my city and guilds or am I wrong. What else do I need in simple terms.Ta.
  2. Heatheryo82

    simple question on Subclass 176

    Hi, If anyone can clarify one thing for me that would be really great. As cook, get a tasmania State Sponsorship and lodge 176 as cook (chef) will this be cat 3 or cat 5 Thanks! after all this years waiting for visa, i have decided to do something.,... good luck guys!
  3. Hi everyone, need some help- just cant decide wether to take our stuff or not!! any advice would help. heres my dilema 1. The shipping is £3500 apx for whole container- which prob fit most of our stuff(mostly 2-4 years old) 2. I have done quick price list and to sell our stuff would prob get £3000 3. Started list on aus Ikea total at mo is $ 2400ish which only includes beds/sofas/table chairs/some bedding. 4. Our stuff would maybe make move easier for boys(2h&1h) and us. 5. Need to decide pretty soon as may take while to sell 6. :arghh: thanks any objective opinion would be appreciated. Maz
  4. Hello! I am totally new to this site so bare with me! I am looking in to travelling to oz (Bunbury WA) to live with my family on a working visa. I have a two year old Springer Spaniel and the thought of not bringing him with me is too much to bare (this may sound silly to some but other owners will understand!). I'm worried about how he will handle the flight and the quarantine period. I work shifts at home and he is on his own for long periods but he has never known any different and is fine at home. He knows I will come back and knows he is in his home so I'm worried that the travelling and quarantine period will effect him immensely. How does the process work? And how long is a normal healthy dog with no medical history held for in quaranteen? I've had a quick look through the other posts regarding this query but there is a lot of abbreviations and things that I know nothing about! Could somebody please talk me through the process and even other members who have taken their pets to oz, could you let me know how your pets reacted to the travel? Thanks in advance for reading my post! Holly (and Sid)
  5. Guest

    Simple Police Caution

    Hi, Please could some one assist, I received a Simple Police caution back in October 2010 for petty theft of £20 from my previous employer. My Sill Assessment has been approved, I am just about to apply for 176 visa immigration application and just wanted some clarification on the Questions around Criminal convictions, Should I add the Simple Police Caution details to Visa Application form? How will this affect the Visa Application if its added? will it be rejected? Please any assiatance will be welcomed. Thanks
  6. hi there.. i am new to this forum but from the looks of it i think this will be a great help to us ....... to be honest and to the point my head is sooo full of visa forms im completly lost now and have been trying to get some straight advice on things and just not getting anywhere ..... ive read so much now i really dont know where to start or how long i even have left .. the situation is as follows................... i have been with my partner for 2 years now ( he's ozzy obviously) and been defacto for just under that .. thats seems all ok ...... im currently in melbourne on a working holday visa as i returned to oz with him in late june this year ... meaning my WHV will be up come june..... we are engaged and want to marry next oct ..... we need to apply for a partner visa but just dont know where to start or what to do ... or how long this may take...... we dont really want to move the wedding any closer as we want the time to plan properly but fear we may have to so i dont have to go back to the uk while we wait for a visa.... i also have a 10 year ban in place from america that will be up in jan from where i was there past a visa when i was 19.... i have adhered to that but now fear this could delay things for me now ... i guess my questions are if anyone has firstly had any experiances or problems with said issues like mine and america? and a run down in simple terms for me on how to go about all this and time scales.... how long roughly will this take?... will getting married before my WHV runs out help ?? or just a waste of time,i mean will it speed things up or can i stay temporary till its sorted? and if i apply and i dont get a result from the partner visa back before my WHV runs out do they issue you with a bridging visa to allow me to remain with my partner untill its issued? i feel sooooooo lost at the moment and worrying sooo much about this ANY HELP at the moment will be great full .......... your comments and opinions are all welcome thanks :cute:
  7. Guest

    A simple question?

    ......If you know the answer. How do you know when a case officer has been assigned? Do they e.mail you. Or do ijust keep up my obsessive daily check and notice a change.:eek:
  8. We're at that stage now where we need to sort out our finances prior to moving to oz and would really appreciate people's experiences. We've sold our house and the proceeds are in a savings account. So what do we need to do next? I presume whilst we're still in the Uk we open an Australian bank account and then transfer money to it as and when we need it or when the exchange rate dictates? Many people use a money transfer company, why is that? Any info greatly appreciated, thanks.
  9. Hi, could someone please explain the process of buying a secondhand car from a private seller please. I've brosed the forum but would still like an idiots guide if you like :biggrin: I live in QLD and the car comes with Registration until AUG 2010. The advert says it will also have RWC upon sale. Will the seller have the forms that need to be filled in like a UK V5 etc? I've looked on QLD Trans. and they have fee's listed for:Registration transfer and Plate fee. Are both of these payable by me and if so do I have to visit a QLD Trans. office with forms from the seller? Does the RWC last for one year like an MOT or is it different? Thanks for any help. :biggrin:
  10. Hi , Now i am probably going to sound like a really dumb blonde in asking this question , but here goes, Hubby has been offered a 457 sponsorship visa, now we are in the process of getting all the paperwork together, but i dont want to commit to anything until i know most of the facts etc on the 457 and the LAFHA so here goes, if say hubby is on $55,000 per annum and we can get LAFHA on renting and food allowance now does this mean hubby will get extra in his wage packet each week or not is basically what i want to know! sorry bit blunt but thats what we need to know. We are a family of 6, me , hubby and 4 kids all under 10 , so a yes to this question would be a real +++ for us thanks for looking michell
  11. We have completed my hubbys RPL application with ACS and I am not trying to help my sister and her hubby do their application with TRA. I have read loads of threads on the new process but am more confused than when I started (and I thought ACS was complicated!). Basically her hubby is an Auto Electricain with 20 years experience but no real qualifications. I have managed to work out he needs path B :smile: From here I am confused. Am I reading it right that he needs to apply for RPL to be awarded AQF Certificate III based on his experience and then he applies for a skills assessment? If so where do we apply for the RPL and how much does it cost? I have found this website Skills Recognition, is that the sort of thing we need?? If I am way off the mark please feel free to shout! Any advice would be greatly appreciated .... but keep things simple my brain is mashed already!! Many Thanks Jen x
  12. Guest

    Sun Sense & Simple Sun Cream

    Hi Can anyone tell me how easy it is to get hold of a sun cream called Sun Sense and how expensive is it? It's the only one that my youngest can use without scratching himself silly. It is an Oz make so I hope it is easy to get and fairly cheap. Also, my other devil can only use the Simple brand of sun cream (awkward kids!:wacko:) can I get this make in Oz? Hope someone can help otherwise I may have to use our entire baggage allowance in sun cream. thanks Michelle
  13. In light of the recent stories in the press and market volatility, I thought it might be helpful to post a “jargon-free” explanation of what this means to you, as a migrant, and the effects on your future wealth. Over the last 2 months the market has moved over 30 cents, so if you had £100k to move across then that is a difference of $30,000, which in real terms could be a new car, your flights paid for or some nice furnishings for your house! Worrying, yes, and unfortunately the recent moves have been downwards. The question is how low can it go? The simple answer is nobody can predict these moves, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself against these currency fluctuations and eliminate the risk of the markets moving against you. When migrating, it is paramount to ensure you are aware of these market movements and any significant trends developing, because the transfer of your funds from £ to $AUD will have a massive impact on your future wealth. Many people will leave their funds in the UK, as they may be renting for 6 or 12 months. However, 6 months ago the rate was around 2.40, and 12 months ago it was over 2.50, so the question you need to ask yourselves is what risk am I willing to take, or how much can I afford to lose? Please visit our website Foreign Exchange Specialists |HiFX plc, call us on 01753 859159 if you would like more information, or feel free to ask me any questions directly. Thanks, Richard, HiFX.
  14. Guest

    Simple query!!!

    What happens with british Cds and DVDs can u play them in Oz, i may be being blonde but do u have to have a british DVD, CD player and what type of plug sockets do they have? Please do not laugh if I am asking a totally stuipid question..... :goofy:-this is me minus the blonde hair ha!!!
  15. Lynne2007

    Simple Soap/shower Cream

    Hi all, Does anyone know if you can buy simple soap or simple shower cream in oz and if so where. Lynne :jiggy::confused:
  16. Guest

    simple melbourne or adilade

    family with 3 young kids, looking for pro's and con's of each