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Found 22 results

  1. Hi All:smile: I am new to PIO, wish i had found the site earlier!, We have our visas , flights booked and moving to the Gold Coast in Oct 2008. My OH is a Roofer and we have 2 teenage sons who will be 19 & 16 when we land!!!!( a load of postings to come re them 2) Are there any sites similar to the Money Saving Expert/money supermarket or good comparison sites that allow you to compare insurance, travel, utilities etc Ta Michelle
  2. As the resigned possessor of a large chest - I tend to buy a lot of my clothes and all of my underwear in Bravissimo. We are planning to move to WA (yesterday?????) and wonder if Australia has an equivalent brand :cool:
  3. Hi my partner and I are moving to Rockhampton next June. Iam a chemist so lots of opportunties in Brisbane especially with my current company in the UK. Considering living in Brisbane full time but also having a small place in rocky for my partner to live whilst working 4-5 days a week, then him flying back to Brisbane. Does anyone else do this or in a similar situation in another part of OZ, does it work?? Trying to consider all options we both need to be working. Any advise much appreciated
  4. Guest

    Kalgoorlie and similar

    Can anyone tell me any places that have become mining towns or simular? I want to do some research on moving to one of them rather than Perth. I heard Broome is good - anyone have experience of being there?
  5. Hi, I am currently on a WHV in Brisbane and have been working with a very large flight company, Doing first level IT support on travel industry specific programmes which I guess is the strong point I have, I only have 6 months IT experience and very little IT qualifications however I can do the job very well and am currently self studying for exams. I was wondering if it is worth chasing them for a 457 or would they (DIAC) say you dont have enough experience/quals etc. The company are not sure of the process but obviously that isn't really the issue as if it realistic then they will read up etc. I am also awaiting TRA results to apply for state sponsorship for SA but under Radiocommunications Technician which is what I have done for the previous 8 years, Grateful for any help or similar situations
  6. Guest

    DIAC - similar to Vogons?

    was thinking to myself the other day, the DIAC seem to want everything done to within and inch of its life and then they still hum and haw and want more.... reminded me of Vogons from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy I'll let the guide do the talking... :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: [disclaimer: no offence intended, i'm just having a giggle!]
  7. Hi there, We’re applying State Sponsorship for ACT in the next couple of weeks (IELT & VETASSESS ok) - 3 children under 7 & a Jack Russell. Doing the 2 page essay at the mo on why Canberra, done lots of research on suburbs my head is spinning but have a few q’s for anyone out there on Gungahlin. We need to rent a 3 bed (pref. 4) and cannot afford more than 550$ p/m I’ve researched and it seems subs in this area would fit ok.. question is what is the nicest suburb in Gungahlin ? or can you suggest somewhere else in outskirts of city with good primary school? Thanks a lot !
  8. Hi there, Myself and my husband and our two chidren (Aged 2 and 1) have been in Melbourne for just over a week and are looking to meet a similar family who have also made the move down under. We are currently located in Berwick and are looking at rental properties here so if anyone lives in or near to Berwick then please get in touch. Leanne
  9. Hi All How adventurous are you guys prepared to be about where in Oz you might live and work for about 5 years, please? If you are willing to consider the Outback then there may be a visa solution for you. First of all, please find your own exact occupation in the ASCO Code, which is here: http://www.ausstats.abs.gov.au/ausstats/free.nsf/Lookup/A86A0162E6F672DFCA256ADB001D10D4/$File/asco.pdf The document works strangely. The alphabetical list of occupations is at the back. Gravedigger & Garbologist are both in there, so all of you are in there too. Find the occupation and it tells you which page to go to. Hit Adobe Pages. Then click on the page. It will put you into the Code about 7 or 8 pages before the page that you need, so once you are in the Code itself use the page numbering at the foot of each page of the Code to get to the right page. Some occupations are shown as the alternative job-title for something else. Examples: Crane Driver, Hoist or Lift Operator: Page 484 Excavator Operator: Page 479 Forklift Driver: Page 480 Scaffolder: Page 515 These are all Group 7 occupations. Being female I have no idea what most of the machinery or tasks even are, so you need to do your own hunting around, please. And be honest with yourselves, too. Your occupation is either within ASCO Major Groups 5-7 or it isn't. If a realistic description of what you do is in ASCO Major Groups 8 & 9 then even the most willing Aussie employer would not be able to sponsor you for a visa. The visa strategy works as follows: Because your occupations are not on the SOL and are regarded as being semi-skilled only (ASCO Groups 5-7) the only realistic way for you to obtain visas for Oz is via the Regional Employer Concessions in the 457 and RSMS (subclass 119/857) visa schemes. Because you cannot undertake formal skills assessments for migration purposes, you have to be prepared to be on the subclass 457 visa for a minimum of 2 years and then you have to hope that your employer will agree to reward you by sponsoring you for the RSMS 857 visa next. Under the terms of the RSMS visa you are obliged to work for the sponsoring employer, in the nominated occupation, in the regional area, for a further two years once the RSMS visa is granted. RSMS visas take a bit of time to process and set up, plus you will not start work on the 457 visa the day after you arrive in Australia. Realistically you are looking at committing a minimum of 5 years to living and working in Regional Australia but if you knuckle down and do that, Australia will give you your freedom as it were as soon as you have complied with your obligations under the RSMS visa. Thereafter you will be able to move to the middle of Sydney if you wish, and do whatever you like when you get there including selling ice cream on the beach or simply loafing on the beach if you prefer. What is happening on the ground out in Oz is that there is mining & construction happening in the remote parts of WA, the Northern Territory, North QLD, possibly the North of SA and I am not sure about NSW and VIC. These remote areas are very sparsely-populated. People with the right to live and work anywhere they like in Australia generally won't go to these places because they are too far from home. The lifestyle is tough because the climate is harsh and it is unrealistic to expect mod cons such as you would find in downtown Perth. Also, the local populations in each township are small and a relatively high proportion of the local population may be Aboriginals because these are their lands, much of it is sacred land and their rights to it must be respected. Some of the others are refugees and asylum seekers. Plus the pay is potentially lousy. The minimum pay on the Regional 457 is $39,100 and there is no right to any hand-outs from Centrelink so no Child Benefit or Working Tax Credit type arrangements are possible. Employers are finding it difficult to extract the minerals and/or build the townships because the workers needed for both will not go to the places concerned. The Regional State Migration authorities understand the problems faced by the employers in this regard. The other thing is that the 457 visa requires the would-be migrant to have good English because the States requirement for that tends to be higher than the one DIAC requires for it. So although there is no shortage of would-be migrant workers from all over the world who are prepared to go to the Outback and get on with it no matter what the pay etc, many of them fall over when they sit the mandatory IELTS because their English is simply not strong enough to meet the State's requirements for it. Native English speakers are automatically deemed to have Competent English, which is high enough to meet the State's own requirements and so are exempt from the IELTS. However, the British also have unrealistic ideas about Oz in many cases. Although it is theoretically possible for an employer based in Mandurah (45 minutes from Perth) to claim that he cannot find a suitably qualified and experienced forklift driver from within the local workforce, the proposal to hire and sponsor a migrant instead has to be approved by the State Migration Centre. Who will not agree to the proposition that this could not find his forklift driver locally if he ups the ante on the pay that he wants to offer. The State authorities will NOT permit the 457 visa to be used as a means of keeping pay down. That said, the State people understand only too well that in some of the remote Outback areas the employers can't even get would-be migrants for the jobs because the native English speaking migrants won't put up with the places concerned. So they are very aware that it is a Catch 22 all round. Please see this document: http://www.det.nt.gov.au/employment/workforce_nt/docs/nt_occupation_shortage_list.pdf Page 2 describes "other shortages". Including mobile and stationary plant operators in Groups 7111 and 7112. Group 7913 potentially includes Scaffolder, Structural Steel Erectors and Construction Riggers as well as the Steel Fixer whose Code is 7913-13. The List is not set in tablets of stone and when I spoke with a lady in the NT the other night, she told me that they have compiled a new list which is longer than the current one. They are waiting for their IT Department to find the time to swap it for the existing list on the website. Continued/……
  10. Guest

    Vetassess, Similar

    Hi All, New to this, but would appreciate any info. Was in Perth on Hols in March, 3rd year running and am looking at relocating from UK. Due to age, 54, no jokes Now!!!, find it a bit hard. Had an interview with a Perth based Electrical Contractor for a Project Engineer while I was over there and their MD said I should do the VETASSES in the UK. Is the the best or only option to me??? My partner has 3 sisters who reside in Perth and both her sons are at present on working visas in Australia. Any info would be appreciated. Joe Kerr
  11. We are a family of 4 (2 Adults 2 Children) Anticipate moving over to Perth Nov/Dec Have been granted 136 visa's, validated May 2010 and have already received Job offer. Dilema is that we now need to rent a furnished house 3/4 weeks then none furnished ideally for approx 3/6 months. Like the Canning Vale area but would consider other areas. Stayed in Kingsley when we visited and that was also nice but looking at settling in Canning Vale (I think) Can anybody assist, Thanks
  12. Hi We are looking into the posibility of emigrating on aCPV 173 or 143 (undecided as yet). I am female 57 years old so will be around pension age if/when it happens my husband is 2 years younger than me so has working life in front of him. We have a little money (not as much as we would like after paying for CPV etc etc) and I am not ready for retirement just yet, frankly would be bored to tears :cute: We would love to have a little bit of land for a hobby farm just on a small scale free range chickens and the like, but bottom line is we wouldnt have enough money for land and everything else that goes with it. In the UK a lot of farmers rent what is known as 'church land' and farm for years from them, there are certain exclusions as to what you can do. Does anyone know of anything similar in Australia...... If we were to go to Australia it would be Queensland on the Southern Gold Coast as that is where my daughter and grand daughters are, they live in a suburb about 20 minutes drive from Surfers Paradise but we dont have to be on their doorstep, even a couple of hours drive away would be good. If anyone has any knowledge of leasing land/property I would very much appreciate some info. :smile: Thanks Phoebe
  13. Hello, everyone ~ Hope you can help ? I have a very close friend in the USA, who is looking for a similar forumin the USA so that she can figure out how to begin the immigration process to bring her mother into the USA from AUSTRIA, where her mum is currently living. Does anyone know of a site in the USA which could help her ? Thanks so much ~ ukdeb x
  14. Hi to everyone. New to the fourm, just found it on line and it seems like a great place to get some friendly advice on all things Oz from fellow Poms. I've been in Australia since the start of June on a working holiday visa. I met my partner (an australian citizen) when working in America in June 2008. After our work stint ended, she came to stay over in the UK. As I was contracted to living in university halls, she moved in with family in Cardiff, and we commuted to stay withe ach other at weekends. My partner came back to Oz in March 09, and I followed her out on my visa on 1st June 09. We've decided that, as she has a large family and I don't, and because I love this country so much, that we are going to apply for a de-facto relationship visa so that we can live here together permanently. We've looked through all the paperwork and started to put our application together, and I was just wondering if anyone who has been through this process could offer some advice. Although we have been together since June 08, the working of the conditions seems to indicate that you must live together for 12 months prior. We obviously didn't in the UK, but will have by the end of my visa. We're not sure when would be best to apply, because we obviously don't want me to have to leave and come back, and are hoping to be granted a bridging visa in the interim. We're also a bit concerned because, as we are lving in an extension of her parents house, we have no utilityu bills in our names, although I have paid for the internet and phone since June, and it is in my name. If anyone has any advice, stories, anecdotes or suggestions that might help us, I'd love to hear them. Thanks for reading this loooonnnnggg post! :-)
  15. Guest

    Sky or Similar!!!!!!

    :jiggy: hi All Just wondering we are moving to gold coast or sunshine coast and just wanted to know if foxtel or similar is the same as our sky tv? Want to know what sort of packages you can get? Can you get sport package only we are big Man City fans and want to watch the footy matches! Our boys are sporty and love footy, golf and boxing! So can you also get boxing and UK Footy on sports pack? Also do they have a similar thing to our sky+ boxes do they have hard drive box so we can record programmes (Footy Matches) because of time difference? Any info would be great Thankx Jan & Dave
  16. Hi Does anyone know if there are health visitors or similar jobs in Australia? If so does anyone know what training is required? I'm a registered nurse and it's what I've always wanted to do but have been told they don't have health visitors?
  17. Hi everyone My son is currently in yr9 in the UK and we are planning to move to QLD at the end of July. He has selected his options in his current school and I was wondering if the process is similar in Oz and, if so, at what stage do pupils select which subjects they are going to study? Any info greatly appreciated Debby
  18. Does anyone know if I can get Lush toiletries/cosmetics or if there is another store in Australia that specialises in anti animal cruelty cosmetics? Also, as it's made from natural products will I be allowed to take my lush toiletries into Australia? Will it get through customs? I don't think I can get through the stopover without my shampoo :rolleyes:
  19. Im Holly and me and my family are moving to Mandurah Perth next Summer after my a-levels when Im 18 and im kinda scared! I want to go to Uni and study Law or English Literature, something like that so I'll be starting Uni in January hopefully. How do people make friends out there? I know I'll make friends at Uni but does anyone have any ideas for the six months leading up to that. Would love to talk to other people around this age in the same situation (:
  20. Hi, Does anyone know if there is something like an Ofsted Report for Australian Schools??? If so, can you give me the link. Thanks, Mandisfam
  21. Hello, Our recruitment contact in Australia has just had an employer come on board with lots of vacancies for diesel fitters, fitters & turners, and similar. The employer will sponsor people with the right qualifications and experience on 457 visas. The employer is a very large company and the work is mostly in Queensland and often in remote areas. If you are interested please see the jobs listed on our job vacancies page: Sort Out My Visa: Australian Jobs for Trades People Cheerio!
  22. Guest

    Anyone in a similar situation?

    Hi Guys, Im just wondering in anyone elses parents have been granted a visa. My 49 yr old mother, who is single would love to emigrate and would need to work. Just wondering if anyone else has had any experiences of this? thanks x