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Found 12 results

  1. Gin100

    Mobile Phone SIM Card

    We arrive in Melbourne next week & will need to get new SIM cards for our mobile phones. Can anyone tell me where you can buy these & what the best network is in terms of coverage etc around the Melbourne area? Thank you!
  2. My OH is coming to oz for a week on a visit visa. We would get our pr maybe a month or two later. He needs a mobile connection, preferably with Skype but ok without if it's much cheaper. How does he go about it when he arrives? Can he get a sim at the airport? Are Payg sims and rates very costly? Any help much appreciated.
  3. Guest

    oz sim cards

    Hi all, Does anybody know the best sim cards to get before flying out just want to be able to call when we get there . thanks chris:chatterbox:
  4. DEar friends would appreciate if some could provide me with the cellular and ISP market information: - which type of Documents are required to buy and activate the SIM - How many popular ISPs, GSM and CDMA operators existis in Victoria - which one of them is a SMP (significant market payer as per their number of subs), because that will be more beneficial to utilize the free minutes promotions provided for on-net calls - Are there any hidden charges - what is the minimum top-up amount - Mode of charging, is it CPP (Calling party pays) OR sub has to pay for both incomming and outgoing calls - Are the mobile operators charge Romming charges between states - if there is no balance (funds) availabe in the account does the incoming and GPRS also stops - If I have a mobile set available with me can I buy SIM only - Is there balance transfer facility avaiable from sub to sub - Is there emergency balance available (if there is no balance in the account is there a facility provided by the operator that sub can make a 1 or 2 min call on a specific number Regards, Wasif Saleem
  5. Guest

    IPhone 4 Micro Sim

    Hi, I was planning on taking my iphone 4 with me, once I get O2 to unlock it. Can anyone tell me if it is easy to get a pay as you go micro sim for the Iphone 4 and roughly how much this might be. thanks
  6. Guest

    Can I use my i phone?

    I have a contract i phone in the UK with a full year left that I have to pay off !!! Begrudgingly !!!! My question is when I get to Oz ( Melbourne ) can I get a sim from an Australian network and put it into my UK i phone? My husband also has an i phone but his is pay and go, can he do the same? Thanks in advance. Vixx
  7. Guest

    Vodafone Oz sim card

    I got one of these last year when we were over for a look. I got a "use it or lose in a month" top up one. We are moving over in a few weeks and wordered if I could still use it ie, same number, and just top it up? Or if it is no use and just get a new one.
  8. Guest

    Moblie phone, payg or contract

    My mobile is getting a bit old, was thinking of getting a new one. Should I get a new payg/sim-free one here (UK) and get a contract sim in Oz (to help with credit ratings?) or pasg sim? Or wait till I get out to Oz and buy a payg and contract sim or free/cheep phone with contract sim, or payg phone and sim? I think that covers all the options! Thanx for you patience James PS. Orange are doing the blackberry 8900 payg 4 250 quid (Is this advertising and is it allowed?)
  9. Guest

    mobile phone sim cards

    in aug while in sydney i bought a vodafone payg sim card. . how long is that sim active for . i know there is no credit on it now but im hoping to use it when i revist oz next month ????
  10. Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend an Australian mobile phone sim provider before we get to Aus. We are heading for Perth. When we get there (eventually) we will also be getting broadband so any that go hand in hand would be great to know of, but we won't get brodband till we arrive. Thought it would be great to tell everyone our new number before we even leave the UK and knock another 'must do' off our list. Thanks in advance of any info. Glen & Shirley
  11. Guest

    SIM cards and mobiles in Aus

    Hi I am needing a new mobile phone now, but don't leave the UK for 6 months or so. I'm therefore hoping to take my new phone with me, and get an Aussie SIM card when I arrive. Does anyone know if you can buy SIM cards in Australia on their own, or would I need to buy into some package/contract including a new mobile? Thanks in advance! :smile: Susie.
  12. hedgehog

    Mobilea phones and sim cards?

    Can you tell me whats the best way to purchase a mobile for use in oz? Is it cheaper to bring a new one from here for example a motorola razor v3 from tesco is £45 and then fit it with an oz sim card? Or buy one in oz for about $85 with a sim? Any other ideas on this subject I dont want a contract phone until I am earning and When that will be is another question.