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Found 45 results

  1. Hello Stupid question :goofy: - but when you go on an areoplane you get asked so many security questions - it is pretty hard to do anything you shouldn't - thank god. But if you are trusting a packing company to pack everything for you, for them to then take it to their depot and fill the container (our house does not have easy access for a 40ft container) - who is reasonsible if someone in the company is dodgy and no one knows till the container gets to Aus????? :frown: Told you it was a silly question !! Any thoughts????
  2. Ben and Pea

    Silly question - Your visa and job

    Hi guys, Say you get a visa to enter based upon your job (Secondary teaching). If you migrate then can't find a job are you allowed to get a job doing anything? How long can you do this for? I presume you have to find a job according to your visa acceptance at some point? Or are you not allowed to emmigrate until you have a job secured? Really silly questions but I don't know the answer! Thanks, Ben
  3. Hi all, Our CO has requested police checks, form 80 and medicals. We are applying for a skilled sponsored visa subclass 176. When they say medicals does that mean we need to have x-rays too or just the medical? I seem to remember reading somewhere that you should only have x-rays if specifically asked to do so by your CO. Did I imagine this? Or should we fill out both forms 26EH and 160EH and have the x-rays done too? Your help will be much appreciated. Sorry if my query's a bit thick! I'm getting more and more nervous and don't think i'mseeing/reading things properly:unsure:. Thank God for this forum. Thank you :hug:
  4. Guest

    Sorry if i sound silly!!!

    Hi everyone.. Well got me case officer today.. its DP... VERY EXCITING"!!!:biggrin: Just wanted to ask... We front loaded with Police/Garda Report, but not the medical. So he has asked us to submit the medical which is grand, but he said my hubby never answered Question 80 (when looked up, it a tick on one of them questions about criminal records, the question that you just tick yes or no to!!) feel stupid now!! So he just gonna send it back to me to fill in and send back? has this happened to any of you?? and also, when you got your FIRST email off your C/O, did you email back anything?? just say thanks or something?? or just leave him to it?? thanks!!!
  5. Does Aus hospitals generally have aircon??? I know that none of all the hospitals that I have worked for in the UK used airconditioning (in fact the heating was on all year around as a rule :goofy:). My old manager said that this is due to aircon not being conducive in infection control, not sure how true this is though. Anyways, after vividly remembering how hot and uncomfortable it can be in your starched tunic during a 12.5h shift I was hoping that aircon is a standard thing in Australia....
  6. there must be heaps of people on this site just trawling though looking for answers about australia,and some may seem silly question your afraid to ask--this is the thread to ask them on, go for it--or anything your not sure about australia just ask away--what have you got to loose:wubclub:
  7. So I have just completed my VETASSESS on line and am about to send off the physical evidence. When paying I selected the option for express courier so paid Vetassess the extra $34 as per their website as part of the fee. Surely I don't now just put the stuff in the post without putting a stamp on it???!! But then I've already paid them for the postage so don't want to pay again?!! I told you it was a stupid question!! Thanks Emma
  8. I am in a silly mood now. So apologies in advance for any threads I troll (think its at least 3 today and counting, sorry Save The Lemming and Pablo) But you see I (sort of) got offered a job earlier this afternoon so am feeling goooooood. Being silly is good sometimes though isn't it? Or is it just childish and pointless? :jiggy:
  9. Hi PIO, I'm just a bit confused with a few things at the moment (no suprise, as there's been so many changes recently!):wideeyed: We are applying to go to Western Australia with my husband's trade, General Electrician. We submitted the visa application and State Spons application (176) in Oct 2009. We have since had the WA State Spons approved and are now waiting for these SMP's to be released (August/September????) From what I understand, if General Electrician is on the SMP for WA, then we will be Priority Group 2. If it's NOT on the SMP, then we are Group 3, as we already have SS. Is this correct so far? On the time guidelines that I've seen, it says that visas should (?) possibly be issued 12 months from date of lodgement, if you fall into Group 2, or by the end of 2011 if you're Group 3. Now: I KNOW not to take these guidelines as gospel, but shouldn't we look at this as a bit of good news? I'm just really, REALLY hoping that my hubby is on the SMP for WA and we can start moving forward again. If everything ticks along nicely as described on guideline charter, then when could we expect to be allocated a case officer and have to do medicals etc?? Or am I just being waaaaay too optimistic about all this??? We're all hoping that this is going to be our last UK winter and would just love to be settled in WA for Xmas 2011. Wishful thinking?? Any ideas?? Anyone??:wub: Thanks. Catherine -----x-----
  10. Guest

    Silly Questions

    Hi All We are at the very start of the process and so just have a few silly questions that I thought the very nice people on here maybe able to help with. We are looking at a 176 visa, with me as the main applicant (boyfriend just going along for the ride :jiggy:) I am currently down as an education officer (so not critical) however when/if we arrive in the city of choice what happens if I can't get a job as an education officer, or do the state sponsoring me help me find one?? Know we have to stay for 2 years so that is not a problem. Thanks Bluebird!
  11. Guest

    Another silly question?

    I applied for 475 visa, SA statesponsor. I had CO in Aug 18 and health exams in Sep. But my PCC was front load. Today, my agent called me and said: My Case officer want another PCC because of my last PCC is expired. Next week, I will get new PCC and send it to DIAC. So I wander if how long I will have to wait? Will my application be in new queued again? Or when my CO receive my PCC, she will grant my visa? Plz reply me! Thank you.
  12. Guest

    silly question

    hey poms in oz folk...... happy new year and that.:twitcy: i just wanted to ask another little question. since my last post i have instructed a migration agent to help in this long hard process anyhoo much to my dissappointment you still have to find practically everything yourself and wow that aint easy however i wanted to know is there any time frame with which your application can be rejected by that i mean im now forty and applied before my birthday and am still trying to find out info.... work history holidays out of the country dates and times and such and ive had these forms three months now ... getting worried:mad:
  13. Just a quick silly question but can I take chocolate and a set of kitchen knives in my main suitcase/luggage? Was given a lot of chocolate and a new knife set for xmas and just want to check that there will be no major issues with this? Thanks, Lou
  14. So guys lets have all have a laugh xx smile it is xmas time and lots of people are in the process!!! Or even moved and missing home, family , etc or even that they will be going in 2010 so any funny stories please !! Or even cringe as long as not too dirty !!!
  15. So I'm filling out Form 80 and got to the questions about parents and siblings. So for parents you have to give details of actual parents and anyone you've had a parent-like relationship with, including step parents etc. Both my folks are remarried but I've never had a parent-like relationship with either step-parent, having left home well before all this happened. Are my step-parents still relevant? (I put their details in the main application... but here?) And for siblings - well I have one brother and two each of step-brothers and step-sisters. This form doesn't mention anything other than actual siblings, but again I mentioned them in the main application. It's a bit of a pain because I don't currently have the extended details like "place of birth" for all of these folks. Also some of them (step-mother's side) are Iranian in origin and I couldn't begin to guess how their names are written in their native script.... Advice, as ever, is appreciated.
  16. Hello there all, A little bit of a silly question but, does your application have to be filled in in upper or lower case (e_visa). Basically, does it matter? Thanks guys. Ley x:hug:
  17. Guest

    Silly Question

    Hi, we are about to apply under 175 in about 2 weeks. We have more than enough points, have no criminal records and are both in good health (although OH is a tad on the chubby side and is trying to lose weight before the medicals!) :tongue: Once we have applied, are our docs quickly assessed and we get an initial yes or no for the go ahead with the application, or do will have to wait for the duration of the application i.e. 12 months, only to be told 'sorry...you cant get in!' Or should I assume that if we have everything needed, we will get in? I have tried to find this info but cant find anything on it. I would really appreciate any info on this...getting a bit twitchy, want to tell friends and family and put the house up for sale etc :err: Thanks x
  18. Guest

    Silly Dog Question!!

    Hello guys! This might seem like a really stupid question to some of you!! Hopefully those of you out there that are doggie lovers will understand my question though! My husband and I have always wanted to get a Labrador when my son was old enough to appreciate one, he is three now and we know he will love having one. Our family situation will mean that we could look at getting one in September, not a puppy but a rescue dog from the Southern England Labrador Rescue, who I have had contact with. We are just starting the process to get our 176 visa to WA so realistically we wouldn't look to move to Oz until the end of 2010. We have two cats already and I have looked into the cost of moving two cats and a dog to Perth which we are more than happy to pay. But, am I being really stupid to look into getting a dog before we move to Oz? Should I wait until we get to Oz in what could be, over a years time and then get our much wanted companion?? Are there too many risks with getting one now that something could happen and they wouldn't be able to move due to a medical reason?:confused: We have a good semi rural life here and a dog would be a really great addition to our little family. Please tell me if I am being impatient and should wait for Oz, or is there nothing wrong with getting our little English doggie now who will come and start our new life next year? I am a terrible animal lover and not the most patient of people when it comes to something that I want and have been waiting for for ages, much like moving to Oz!!:wacko: Cheers guys! Nicky x
  19. Guest

    Another silly question ...

    Hi Just peace of mind really.. I have my 175 Visa in my passport,,,, will any of the latest changes to the GSM affect me...????? We have till Dec 21 to validate. Thanks steve.
  20. Guest

    this may sound silly

    has anyone flew to oz but never have been on a plane till then ?
  21. Guest

    Silly Question...

    Did anyone/is anyone packing bedding in their container? Will they get all musty if we do?
  22. :arghh:i was wondering who do we phone, we sent our meds to sydney and i was wondering if there is any one who new the phone number so i can ask if they have recieved them, many thanks:notworthy:
  23. but I was wondering what the car number plates are at, at the moment. I was back in Perth in April and Im sure I saw cars that were starting with a C registration, ive looked everywhere on the internet and cant find it. I saw something on telly and the car had a C reg, me and my partner were trying to work out when the programme was made, partner thinks it was a few years ago, but the C car reg threw me, lol, see told you it was a silly question but its gonna bother me till i find out! Also when did the C registrations start does anyone know? Thnaks in advance.
  24. Guest

    this may be a silly one ?

    my oh scott has just had a letter fro his work place to say he needs to show the documents to say he can work in the uk ? the thing is he was born here and has never been out the country ? so why are they asking him this he dosnt have passport couse he never been out the country and what does he need thanks in advance
  25. Hi all Im confusing myself so only thought it right to confuse you lot too! Lol We are just about to send off my visa application for the spouse visa, permanent i hope as we have children and have been together over 4 years. Its to my understanding that the permanent visa is valid for 5 yrs, is this correct? If so, in our situation we plan to validate in April and migrate permanently end of 2009, maybe the beginning of 2010. I would have held my visa for over 12 months by the time we migrate. What happens then once the visa expires, as I would not have been resident in oz for the required 4 yrs in order for me to obtain citizenship? Does this make sense??!!!! A very confused Laura, who really should know the answer to this!:wacko: