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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all, In a TRA skills assessment, one part is to "explain your work in your own words". Can this be typed in word documents and signed after printing, or does it need to be done on Statutory Declaration forms. Or maybe it needs to be certified by a JP. Does anyone know the best way to do this. I know I'm posting all the time! I've just "hit a wall" in my skills assessment. Thanks :biggrin:
  2. Has anyone signed up to the sponosrship australia website and actually paid? Is it worth it? I have signed up to the free trial but that doesnt give you much info.:chatterbox: Sponsorship Australia
  3. Tommyg

    signed up with agent

    hi everyone , had our first meeting with our emigration lawer ( richard gregan ,overseas emigration) and signed on the dotted line as he seemed really on the ball. Just got confirmation on a family sponsor too so been a great week. Does anybody know if family sponsor speeds up visa process or not. Be nice to here from someone who,s been there. cheers
  4. jgal

    just signed with agent!

    hey all after weeks of deliberating we have just signed on the dotted line with an agent! im so excited now, ideally if things move fast (which i know is unlikely) then my hubby wont have to sit ielts test as we have been advised that as of july everyone will have to sit this! my poor hubby is a bit worried, and i feel for him as all hopes are pinning on him! although im sure if he has to sit he will manage it, it's only the general one he will have to do! has anyone on here sat theirs yet and could give us some pointers? so now im so excited and dealt with a very emotional weekend of telling family of our plans, and im also so anxious. just want it all to happen now, i would die if we dont get it now!!! good luck to e'one who is in the same position as us, im sure it will all be worth it!!!:biggrin: jx
  5. Hi, has anyone recently used the post office international signed for service to have any documentation delivered to Oz. The university where the OH did her nurse training have sent a transcript using this method on the 19th January and they (AHPRA) still haven't received it. You can track the package up until it leaves the UK, and this has told me that it was on a plane on the 20th Jan for delivery to Oz, for what use that is !!!! Just wondering if anybody has any experience or knows of realistic timescales I should allow ? cheers
  6. Guest

    WA SMP signed off....

    Hi all Just thought I would share info, rec'd an email from our agent this morning to advise that there was an announcement today to advise Wa SMP's have been signed off!!!! Whhhhooooooo Sue x
  7. Below is the advice I received from NT Immigration department when I enquired about SMP The Northern Territory State Migration Plan has not yet been signed by the Minister for Immigration. We are waiting for this to happen and this is out of our hands as when this will happen. You will need to check our website as we will advise when the SMP is in place via there. Regards xxx
  8. Hi everyone I have completed and submitted the application but i can't find any field for the signature. Can anyone please let me know what is mean by A copy of the signed online ‘application record’ and the email acknowledgement with the reference number? Thanks
  9. Just passed another Oz milestone! I want to join the Queensland Police when we get out there and you need a certain level of education to apply.As I have not got a degree I have just signed up for this course Police Training - Queensland Police Service - College for Law and Justice Administration I am off sick at the moment (shoulder operation) so it will give me something to do. The funny thing is that as it is further education, my employer has half funded it. They originally said no as it was an Australian course so I appealed as the rules did not state that it had to be a English course! So may not be in here as much as I am going to be a soap dodging student! JOHN
  10. Hi all, I am spending today and tomorrow doing as much internet investigation as possible and booking some time off to go to Aus (probably in the New Year) to do some research on the ground. My husband and I started our migration journey in March, having returned from Cairns. We have an agent, I have had my job assessed (I am the applicant due to age) and we are now waiting to see which state we can apply to for sponsorship. We really would like Queensland but are expecting South Australia to be the one with General Manager on their SMP. In the meantime I am starting to make contacts and apply for jobs in both states in the hope of getting Employer Sponsorship. Like many I am sure, I have been watching Wanted Down Under Revisited which I have found useful to get a feel for how difficult the move can be, and am looking forward to makinig contacts on this site and sharing experiences. Lisa
  11. Hi, Our medicals were posted to HOC Sydney on 04/11/09. After much worry over whether these got there under RM International Signed For, I discovered this morning that you can track it online in Australia. Go here: Australia Post- article tracking, parcel tracking item tracking and enter your Royal Mail tracking code (all 13 characters) into the Domestic Tracking number box. Click 'GO' and be amazed that your item details will appear (well, they did for our item anyway). Our Meds were delivered on the 12/11/09. Cool or what!? Mat.
  12. grainne73

    Stat Dec Signed

    Hi Wonder if anybody can tell me if the signed stat dec (form 1229)for permission for under 18 child has to be included with the visa application or can it be submitted separately at a later stage? thanks
  13. I’m just about to send my documentation to TRA but I’m not sure which service I should use. Do you recommend Royal Mail or one of its competitors?
  14. Hi Guys, I stupidly sent my visa docs to my agent with Royal Mail International Signed For, after the lady at the post office told me it was no different to DHL and I may as well save my money. This was last wednesday and my documents still have not arrived! I know its only been a week but I thought it must be there by now! I looked at some previous threads which said to contact Aus post. I sent them a message with my tracking number and delivery address but got an out of office reply. Then strangely this morning I checked my email again and now I have an out of office reply from Royal Mail, I never emailed Royal Mail. My guess is that they have no record of my package and have bounced the enquiry back to them. Has anyone had this before? I'm so worried! Also there is a number on the Aus post website but it has no area code, does anyone have the number? Hopefully someone can help! Thanks!
  15. Well... The OH and I pottered along to the Magistrates Court this morning for our 09:30 appointment. We turned up 20 minutes early as we were told this would speed things up as they could get it all stamped etc beforehand. I was expecting to go sign my Stat Dec in some office with a bored lawyer etc. Not the case!! At 10:20 ish we were called into an actual court room (first time I'd ever been in one, stopped dead at the door in shock with the OH shoving me saying "go in then" in a stage whisper they must have been able to hear at the other end of the room)... there was a legal advisor, a stenographer and 3 magistrates in there!!:shocked: :err: I had to (and so did the OH) go into the witness box and be sworn in, then read out part of my stat dec (and they're the relationship ones so not really what you want to be reading in what felt like a room full of people) and then got warned about the consequenses of telling fibs.... then I signed it (after the magistrates had given permission for me to sit down to do so...) then it was the OH's turn. Definitely NOT what i was expecting!! However the whole thing for all the photocopies, and the kerfuffle with the Magistrates only cost £25... Didn't get out til an hour and a half after we arrived but hey... I can't see how they can argue with its signatories! Bless them, they said just to make sure, they would sign and stamp every page of the stat decs too Anyway - thought I'd post this in the hopes of reducing the complete bewilderment and terror of anyone else who is summoned into a courtroom for this when they're not expeciting it! F xx
  16. Hi I have been told by the Panel Doctor who did our meds that they were posted on 19th Jan & was given the tracking ref. I have checked Royal Mail website everyday since & am not getting any tracking info. I rang the Surgery who told me not to panic as it can take a few days to show! Has anybody else experienced this? Thanks.
  17. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL :wink: Just some information you may or may not find of some use: - We had our Medicals on the 8th December 2008 in Huddersfield. These where all confirmed and posted on 17th December, but we thought “International Signed for” meant it was tracked all the way to Australia, in fact all you get is the following from the Royal Mail website: - “Your item, posted on 17/12/08 with reference RJ9999995GB has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in AUSTRALIA” pretty meaningless really. So I contacted Australia Post via there website and within 24 hours I had this reply from them “The article RJ999999005GB was delivered to GPO BOX CENTRE SYDNEY on 30/12/08” Here is the link to contact Australia post if there is anyone in the same position we was in. If you want a completely traceable service we suggest you use a courier: DHL UPS or alike. http://www.auspost.com.au/APC/CDA/Forms/APC_CDA_General_Enquiry_Form/0,1495,CH2545%257EMO19,00.html Regards
  18. Was at the sol on Sat with my ex (not an experience I would like to repeat!) He has signed the form saying that me & Adam can take the kids to live in Oz permanently!!!!!! It cost me £5 for the sol to witness his signature (yes he even asked me for the money!) and I typed the form myself with a bit of help from fellow P.I.O (thanks). Anyway we can breathe a sigh of relief now, that's the biggest hurdle out of the way. Good luck to all of you that are going through the same thing. Samantha x :jiggy:
  19. Guest

    V8 Signed Jacket

    Hi Guys My son spent the weekend at the V8 supercars show. Were he recieved a offical V8 supercars jacket with about 13 of the drivers signatures on it. Now (I know nothing of this sport) he is thinking of selling the jacket. Are there any fans out there that think this would be a sellable item & if so how much do you think it would sell for?? He is thinking of putting the jacket on e bay I said I would post this for him. Thanks Janette
  20. We have been browsing through Poms in Oz for a couple of months now and have finally taken the plunge to sign up - I have to say many thanks to all of you for the info and general chit chat - am getting a long list of things to do before we leave, but we are currently waiting for a job offer :spinny:will be going on a 457 if all goes well. Vymn
  21. heyy if ur readin this, thanks (: i just signed up to this site now but my parents have been on here for about well i dont now howlong realy, but over 18 months i now that (: it took AGES to have our visas i just gave upon the idea but we had themafew months ago and now im realizing its actually happening and we r definatly going before 2009 im so excitied, im going to miss everythin about wales but i just cant wait to get out there ahh i went off topic then , sorry im on here realy just to try meet sum people my own age like, see whats what in the land of aus ,! so message me or sumin il chuck u my addy and have a nig nag ini! i enjoi the gym and a fair few drinks on the weekend! dance ,trance, euphoria ,Rave is my type of music! but im not one of those annoying chav's, rock i enjoi it but ,that goes for every other type of music bar them << ) they will always be 2nd best souuund in abit xxx Alsoooooooo haha, i found this ammusin :Randy-git:
  22. Hi We are due to have our medicals on the 4th Jan. When I spoke to the receptionist at the surgery she explained that they send the Medicals/Xray results to Oz via Royal Mail International Signed For. I've read on PIO that many people seem to send medicals by Courier. Do you arrange courier service yourself and take the medical/xray results away with you or does the surgery sort courier out if you request and pay for it?:err: Thanks for any help Rachel
  23. In an unpublicised change to the immigration process, last month the government introduced a new "Australian Values Statement" that all migrants must sign - after swotting up on what they are in a lengthy brochure. I've had a quick read through and for Poms it all looks quite standard uncontroversial stuff: freedom of speech, respect for the law etc. But I wonder how migrants feel about actually signing a contract to abide by a defined set of values? Does anyone explain what happens if you don't agree with any of the statements [any Welsh people uncomfortable with the requirement to speak English, for example?]. And what happens if you don't respect these values? Could you have your residency revoked and be sent back to Blighty for not being egalitarian and matey enough? I'm not joking, here's one of the values you must sign up for: "Australians have a spirit of egalitarianism ... The aim is to ensure there are no formal class distinctions in Australian society." So that rules out Her Majesty getting a 457 visa then! I don't have a problem with the values, but being forced to sign up for them is a bit creepy - more like joining a cult than starting a new life down under. And I'm not sure coercion is the best way to get people to adopt specific values. What do you think?
  24. Hi, We sent our application off to the TRA on the 29th Jan by the royal mail signed for service. We were only able to use their tracking service whilst it was in this country, once it left the country we were told to use the Auspost tracking service. We tried this every day but it came up with nothing, after reading one of the posts on PIO forum slagging off the Parcelforce/Royalmail service we got really concerned, we kept trying Auspost but still no result, so we tried ringing TRA direct after 8 days. We were so relieved when they informed us that it had arrived that day. I just wanted to tell anyone who has used, or is planning to use this service, that it is really quite good and not to worry. 8 days is an acceptable time to deliver to the other side of the world. Kim