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Found 38 results

  1. My husband and I moved here a few months ago and my husband is a production manager for a signage company in Geelong. If anyone is interested in working for the company who have a background in either sign installation or sign manufacture and want a job, or even looking for sponsorship for a job, please get in touch. There is a HUGE demand at his work for new semi skilled staff. Cheers Elaine
  2. they are not specifically on the list but it says members of chartered societies which they are. Every other form of health worker is on there, doctors, nurses, social workers, registered care workers
  3. Track your timeline with others with the same visa group... See my signature:wubclub:
  4. Just a gripe really. I have credit cards in 2 countries. Have shown a bank statement with decent funds. Proof of paying car insurance and utilities here. My Oz driving licence - credit card statements from overseas. But can't get a $19 cap plan because I haven't got a job!:policeman: Its $19 for goodness sake! I hate being "dependant" and really don't want to have this off the OH bank account. Just annoyed at the reality of it all Vicky
  5. Hi, My husbands company are on the look out for some experienced signage installers/vinyl applicators and sign manufacturers . If you might be interested, please just respond for further information. Elaine
  6. roflie

    Medicare sign up within 48hrs

    Hi guys... ...as part of my travel insurance i only have 48hours cover once i have passed through customs in Oz... As part of my visa i have to write and sign a letter stating i will enroll with Medicare as soon as i get in to Oz.... ...The question is - Is 48hours long enough to sign up for Medicare after i land... are there offices dotted around Melbourne where i can simply walk in off the street and what documents do i need (i've read just my passport as i am from the UK)? Thanks Roflie
  7. gilliantay

    The Sold Sign Is Finally Up

    Well, the house went under offer a few weeks back but there were a few things that had to be ironed out........................................ A visitor today pointed out that a 'sold' sticker had been plastered over the 'for sale' board..........so I take that to mean that the few things have now been ironed out !!! So, we move out in 9 weeks.......................................better get my skates on and start planning who, what, why, where and when................ Started sorting out things today - 3 drawers in and gave up - can't quite believe the amount of 'junk' we have gathered in the space of 2 and a bit years.............. Isn't it just the way............have met some rather lovely people this past few weeks and I can see that by moving just that bit further into civilisation, I could actually have a life here................................................. As I have been saying of late.....................just call me confused.com
  8. Guest

    Is it a sign from God?

    Mass Animal Deaths Around the World: Dead Birds Fall from Sky, Millions of Fish & Crabs Wash Ashore : TreeHugger weird eh?
  9. kellyjamie

    Any sign of TAS or SA SMPs yet?

    ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Kel:wubclub:
  10. Guest

    Pound sign

    Hello, Does anyone know how to do a GBP pound sign on an aussie keyboard? Our UK laptop died.....
  11. To sign go to Migration changes and visa capping Preamble- Migration changes and visa capping Migration Amendment (Visa Capping) Bill 2010 Visa capping retrospectively a crime against humanity View where signers are geographically clustered via Google Maps Note: This legislation is about to be approved. Please sign and forward this to your friends all over the world. (You will have no repercussions by signing this even if you are temporary residents) If the minister were to cap and terminate the applications then applicants may only have 28 days to wind up their affairs and leave. Some of these applicants would have been in Australia for years and waiting for a decision after lodging valid applications for PR. They may have found good jobs and well settled in Australia. Some may have married and have children, purchased property etc; Visa capping retrospectively a crime against humanity (Visa capping retrospectively a crime against humanity - DLegal - Australian Solicitors and Migration Lawyers)
  12. Can anyone offer us any advice, basically we rented a 2 bed property and about 6 weeks later we were told by estate agents that she was putting it up for sale and that we would have home opens, for sale sign up, etc. We were gutted and all we get now is estate agency calling us at 4p.m looking to bring someone around at 5 - we have turned them down when they done things like this and told them we need more notice b ut they are getting really nasty about it, basically the house has no interest for anyone actually buying but we have had viewings really about 2 a week and Im worse than Monica from Friends for cleaning and have to clean the floors after they leave as the tiles here leave big black shoe marks on the floors so we never wear shoes in the house. Also its a pain in the neck moving our private jewellery etc papers etc about so that other poeple can walk through our house and open our cupboards, fridge etc. yep she is selling the furniture too so they are taking a good look at everything (some of the furniture is ours so someone up poking at it is really ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)!!!! Does anyone have any advice for us on this, can estate agents put up a for sale sign, it doesnt help we are next door to a showhouse so we are going to have people thinking our house is empty as well and look through our windows too. :arghh:
  13. Health undertaking to sign -How many days for visa? Hi all, i have been asked by my CO to sign health undertaking as my chest x-ray was abnormal. All other documents show status " Met". Any idea , how many days/weeks it takes for visa grant after i submit the signed undetaking. thanks
  14. Do we just get holiday insurance for the first few weeks and to cover the flight or, is there a special kind of insurance that will cover us, also ive heard you can get insurance to cover flights if something bad happens to one of your family members in the uk, does any one know where i can for look for this and how it works, Thanks Tracey
  15. Hi all, Im a volunteer at Virginia United Football Club and I just thought I would let you know our sign on is this weekend Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th from 9.am So should you be living in the North side of Brisbane and are a keen soccer player or indeed have kids interested in the game then come along and sign up. This Saturday proves to be an entertaining day as we have the Lord Mayor coming to officially open our new fields, some players and officials from Brisbane Roar will be attending and bringing their inflatable pitch and we will of course be having free sausage sizzle. We Cater for players aged 3 and above and boys and girls of all skill levels are welcome. Check out our webpage for more information @ www.virginiaunited.com.au Or feel free to pm me for more details. Thanks Marty
  16. So sending off my police form but Ive come to page 6: http://www.acpo.police.uk/Certificates/Police%20Certificates%20App%20Form.doc where it says your photo has to be authorised by a person on the list. It also states: "this list is not exhaustive but you must ensure that the endorsing individual is a professional" My friends boyfriend who I have known for 3 years is a managing director at a broker company, would he be suitable? I don’t seem to know any teachers or solicitors, and as Ive moved around a fair bit a lot of people who might fit the bill havent known me for long enough! Help!
  17. Hi all, fibrous plasterer, (taper +jointer) just wondering if the building trade is showing any sign of recovering, especially interested in what its like in or around the Brisbane area. many thanks Scott + family
  18. Just interested how many there are of us, out there. Most know my story but for those that don't........ I'm Australian and came to the UK looking to see the world b4 i got to old, I met Tracy here in the UK fell in love :happy_face_love_in_ 5 yrs later and we are still going strong looking to head back to Oz December 2010. I've found having a UK partner brilliant in regards to living in the UK it does help having inside knowledge on the place, the only draw back is that it's harder to share new experiences together as Tracy has travelled around alot seen alot etc. Tracy has a great family who i adore so there are no problems there just wish (sometimes) that I could have mine around me as well, like Christmas times, bithdays etc, but I know Tracy will feel the same when the roles are reversed..... I only hope I can do the same for Tracy when we get to Australia Geoffrey
  19. lavender776

    Is this a bad sign?

    I've applied for ACT State Sponsorship. Probably like many of you, I'm constantly checking for updates. Over the last day or so, their website has been updated to say they are now processing normal priority applications received 7th October. (Until the last couple of days it has been saying they are processing those received by 30 June, i.e they've been doing last years' applications). My initial thought when I saw the update was "great, things are moving!" Then I realised that my application was actually acknowledged a couple of weeks before 7th October. Has anyone had a similar situation or can offer any reasons why? I've been running through a million different scenarios all day at work and trying not to panic. My biggest hope is that they didn't mean to put October, meaning they're not actually up to mine yet, but I think that's just wishful thinking). If anyone has been refused, has it been fairly quick?
  20. As above really My friend has signed it, but has no stamp to verify who she is. Will it suffice
  21. The long story short version - my ex-partner, with whom I have a daughter, has given permission for my husband and I to take her with us to Australia. The letter has been written and we have agreed amicably the "terms" for him signing this letter - as much contact as is humanly possible by all means. He has decided that he will return to his home country, South Africa, as he has only lived here to be with his daughter. Our sponsorship application has now come back and been approved and we are ready to submit to the DIAC. However on contacting 2 lawyers, both of them refuse to witness the signing of his letter as "they do not want to be part of an agreement relating to a child being removed away from a parent". The second lawyer also said it leaves them open to legal action should anything happen to the child due to the move to Oz. Has anyone else had problems with getting a lawyer to witness a letter the father is willing to sign? Does it need to be witnessed by a solicitor or does the DIAC accept it without? Has anyone had similar problems with lawyers not wanting to sign a permission letter?
  22. Hi All, I'm currently waiting for my visa, skilled 175 as a brickie. Practical passed, visa applied for Dec 08. Just waiting for case officer now. I recieved this email today, I reckon it's just an agency I got a quote from a year or so ago trying to get my business, well I hope so... Dear Sir/Madam The Visa Centre has recently received credible but as yet unconfirmed industry feedback that the Australian Government, due to the global economic crisis, may be planning cuts to Australia’s immigration intake by up to 66 per cent. Further, it is possible that applicants in the remaining 1/3 may be facing an increase in the points system passmark and/or a reduction in the skilled occupation list to reflect the current job market situation in Australia. Cuts may also be made to the family and business migration visa streams. Therefore, the Visa Centre has issued an APPLY NOW ALERT to all eligible intending applicants. All persons who wish to apply under the current immigration criteria and before this change are recommended to commence an application with the Visa Centre BEFORE THE END OF THIS MONTH, MARCH 2009. Although no absolute guarantees of success can be given, the lodgement of your application to DIAC (Australian Department of Immigration - Government) provides greater protection from any impending changes. Further, the Visa Centre has maintained an audited success rate of 98.5% through our protected agent-assisted application process and you will have the protection that this offers. Final details of the changes have not yet been formally advised by DIAC however it is possible that some applicants, INCLUDING YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY may be negatively affected by these changes and some applicants may NO LONGER BE ELIGIBLE after this change. Some time ago, you conducted a free eligibility for emigration to Australia with the Visa Centre and the outcome was POSITIVE at this time, however we cannot guarantee that you will be eligible after these changes. Act now! The next step… If you are serious about emigrating to Australia and wish to apply BEFORE ANY POSSIBLE CHANGES, we are recommending that you proceed with the formal paid assessment form (attached) by post and return to the Visa Centre with the payment of GBP130 or complete online by clicking here - https://www.visacentre.co.uk/formalassessment.php. This assessment report will outline the process and steps to take and we will then discuss the next step to take. For further details about the Formal Assessment service, please click here Emigrating Australia, Emigrating New Zealand : Our Service PROCEED IMMEDIATELY ONLINE To commence a full-check immigration assessment, please click here https://www.visacentre.co.uk/formalassessment.php. Please have your credit card to hand. Alternatively, please complete and return the attached form by post. If you have already completed a Formal immigration assessment within the past 6 months, then please phone us immediately. PHONE US TO DISCUSS YOUR OPTIONS Click link Emigrate Canada, Emigrating Australia : Contact Us for the phone number of your nearest office. We recommend that you phone us WITHIN 2 WEEKS and commence a formal assessment and, if eligible, a visa application through the Visa Centre before the end of this month, March 2009 If you are not ready to apply now, please contact us in future or visit www.visacentre.co.uk to determine whether or not you are eligible to emigrate under the new immigration regulations. For more information on the Visa Centre, please visit www.visacentre.co.uk or for more general information on Australia, please visit www.migrationnews.com We look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Visa Centre Officially-recognised immigration and visa consultants. I realy hope it's just them trying to get some business, anyone else heard about this? Damo
  23. Guest

    Sign Language

    Hi We are think of moving to Australia in just over a year I , just about to finish my level 2 in sign language and are think of spending another year doing level 3 and support worker in education. I have had look at the hearing impaired schools in south Australia can anyone tell if this would be enough to move to Australia form the UK i have my certificate also in classroom assistant, I haven't worked for 5 years as i been and full-time mum but are planning to return to work this Aug. Which will mean i worked a year Any advise would be great Thanks in advance Carol
  24. Sign language is by no means a substitute for hearing, but it is a start…a way to communicate with others.The truth about learning sign language is this. It’s not dramatic. It’s a part of the deaf person’s life. And learning it is very methodical, and quite honestly, not something that’s exciting to watch. It’s a means of communication and not a plot device. Review Of Rocket Sign Language
  25. Been here 10 months now. The day we arrived in Feb was dull and wet. Ok, so it's drier here than in the UK, but there haven't been many days where we have been able to sit outside without being wrapped up. So far we have only sat in the garden 5 times, partly because we have had things on, but also because a lot of the time it's not garden weather. I cycle to work every day and I still wear a fleece, as I have done every day. It seems that most days it will get warm at some point in time, but normally an hour later it will be cloudy and dull. We have only had 3 days in this time that I would consider as being 'hot'. We knew that Victoria wasn't great for weather, but we expected a "summer". It's hard to make out what the climate is like from word of mouth because some people's idea of good weather is different from others. The last few months have been awful weather, by anybodys standards, and we are now in mid summer supposedly. We keep waiting for the sun to shine but looks like it's not going to happen... i'm thinking we need to move further north!!