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Found 36 results

  1. nickjenkinson

    Five a side football (soccer)

    Afternoon all, Myself and a few friends have regular 5 a side football (soccer) at the outdoor courts opposite ' The Australian' pub on Wednesday evenings between 8-9pm. Looking for a few more numbers. If you are interested, feel free to message me back. Always a good way to make a few mates. NOTE: it's nothing overly serious. All standards accepted.
  2. Hi All, I am looking for some feedback and thoughts. :idea: I have been is Australia for 6 months and am struggling more than I thought with homesickness and to my surprise guilt! I feel guilty for leaving my family, not being there at family celebrations or tough times. I feel I have left my Sister to "look after" our parents and spend time with them because I am here. I have a close familiy member with cancer at the moment, she has no husband or children and my Sister and I were like her own. To top that off my Dads only Brother died suddenly a few weeks ago too. I would like the thoughts of any parents or siblings of those who have made the move to OZ; Do you think they are selfish by moving away? How badly does it damage the relationship and bond with the people you love? Do you look forward to visiting and spending time in Oz with them or do you feel like it's a duty, and an expensive one at that?! Are you genuinely happy for them? I haven't got the courage to ask my family how they feel at the moment as my homesickness is quite raw, as expected at this stage. Feedback from anyone who's had that conversation would be appreciated too. Many thanks PIO :v_SPIN: Emma x x
  3. Nothing much has happened since my last post. Back in Sept the UK removal company advised me that the door to door time for my 20ft container would be 8 weeks, it docked on time, but its now 10.5 weeks and it's only just been checked by customs, and there's been no suggestion of a delivery to me. I have deduced that, because the import co-ordinator who was handling my case left the company last month, (they are advertising the vacancy) the remaining staff are now overworked, making mistakes, (today I was sent somebody else's customs bill) everything gets behind... The UK removers are ignoring my emails asking for updates. What I have learnt from this is that I should not have paid the full shipping fee up front, and if there's a next time I will use a larger company who may have more influence over the overseas agent. And, certainly, ignore claims of caring,' we'll do it all efficiently and take the stress out of your move' as proclaimed on the glossy websites of the UK company I booked through; the company they sub-contracted to and the Oz import agents! Personal recommendations are the only thing to heed.
  4. we are selling our fridge freezer its 2 years old still like new seling due to getting a new one we are in singleton perth paid $1800 will take $700
  5. Hi Guys, I am looking to get back playing 5 a side football; played for a few years at uni in the UK but havent kicked a ball since coming here 6 months ago - definately missing it!! I live in Clarkson so looking to join a team at the joondalup arena; available to play any night of the week. I would say i am average/good player, lacking in the match fitness at the moment but a few games and i should be back to fitness. Dont really mind what division your playing in but would prefer not to join a team who is getting thrashed every week!! So if your in need of an extra player, who can play every week then give me a buzz. Cheers Nick
  6. 2 Bricklayers required, must be neat and speedy trowel. Good rates of pay. To start asap Mainly Brisbane Northside with some southside travelling occassionally. Must have own transport Please feel free to pm me Thanks Phil
  7. dapstar970

    11 a side Football teams

    Hi im looking for decent website with team contact details for playing amateur football in Sydney area. This is something I dont want to give up when I leave UK :no:and its a great way of socialising with like-minded people....:biggrin:.. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers Dan
  8. Guest

    East Side of Melbourne

    Hi, I am hopeing to get a bit of advice of anyone please. We are moving to Melbourne and will arrive early morning 22nd November. We initially thought we would live in Point Cook but have since had a good think and gone back to our original place where we wanted to settle which is Berwick. We have never been to Australia so are looking for as much advice and help as possible. We do not want to live in a massive cul-de-sac - like we do back home. We are looking for something semi-rural that has failities (shops, bars etc) good schools and not to far away from the CBD. My husband is a AutoCad Draftsman and I am a self employed Massage Therapist (humans and horses). Can anyone help at all. Any info would be grefully appreciated. Many thanks Nicky Ogilvie
  9. Some people will know that we are in the process of trying to sell our house and get over to Oz by October at the latest. We put our house on the market five weeks ago and we have had several viewings (after changing the pricing strategy for selling our house to an offers over situation). On Tuesday night we had a viewing and the first thing that the guy said to my OH is 'Oh, I hear you are emigrating, what's your timeline'. When OH said that it depends on what offers we get on the house he seemed to kinda lose interest and within minutes he had left. Wednesday morning came and I got a phone call from the Estate agent saying that he had made an offer £7000 less than we were hoping for. (Our neighbour sold a few months back and got what we are estimating ours will go for). We turned it down hoping that this would force his hand to increase his offer slightly and meet us halfway - which on Wednesday he wasnt prepared to do. So that was that - or so I thought. :no: This morning I get a phone call from the Estate Agents (not my regular contact) who told me that 'I was silly not to accept this guys offer and that we would shoot ourselves in the foot if we didnt take it and he saw something else that he preferred and put an offer in there.' Apparently he called their offices this morning asking them to get us to reconsider. Houses in the area are all priced in the same price range and we have the added advantage of having a stunning Amdega conservatory added to ours. I really felt that I was being 'bullied' by this guy and told that the buyer was totally in the right to offer what he was offering and that we shouldnt expect anymore. When I asked if we could get the guy to meet us half way the EA said that we would scare him off. He also said that we could accept the deal in principal but continue to market the house. My question is: whose side should the estate agent be on? The buyer or the seller? :confused:
  10. Hi can anyone in the building trade help us i'm a carpenter as we have our 176 visa and have come out to validate them. been offered a job for when we come back, how do we get bsa licence and all the insurances you need to live here i'm getting very confused would love to meet up with someone who could help, we will be here for another 2 weeks . We are currently on the golden coast but looking to live on the northside of brisbane .I'm Lee 44, Ann 42, our boys are 20 / 14 thanks :notworthy:
  11. Hi Are their any teams around Macquarie Hills or nearby suburbs that have any spaces for my husband he is also a refereee but looking to get back into football for the excersie and socalising side of it. Kind regards MariaL
  12. terry & Melanie

    sleeping on the wrong side....

    I have only just realised that since we arrived in Oz my husband and I have been sleeping on the wrong side of the bed!!!!:goofy: In the Uk I slept on the left and hubby on right Here I sleep on the right and hubby on left Is it a southern hemisphere thing....like the water going down the plug the wrong way? Has anyone else noticed this phenonemon. Its really disturbing me....HELP!!!!:twitcy: Melanie x
  13. Hi all, I am currently in Australia on the sponsored 457 visa, with my partner being the primary visa holder. We would like to make the move over to PR if possible. I have reviewed my options and it appears that we basically have 2 paths we can take, 1 the 175 skilled independent migrant route and, 2 the ENS 856 route. The ENS route would be our preferred path as the processing times seem much quicker. I done the points calculator last week and we both meet the 120 pass mark but this doesn't matter to the ENS as far as I can see. We don’t think my partners employer would go through the ENS without tying her into a longer contract so I was going to approach my employer and ask them to do it. She doesn’t want to stay with them for much past the expiry of the 457 as it wouldn’t be doing much for her career/pay grade. So, to entice my employer we were going to offer to pay the $2500 fee (maybe everyone pays it but they don’t know that). Can anyone advise on the bad aspects for the employer in this situation? For instance, if they go through with it and after a couple of months I go on a killing spree, is there any comeback on them? From immigration, or the like? The obvious bad aspect is the additional work load on the HR manager, she done a 457 application before and I don’t think she wants to do one again. It would obviously free us up to move and work somewhere else if we wished but I can do that anyways as I am here because of my partner. So, my main query is, after the ENS 121/856 PR visa is granted has the employer anything to worry about other than the employee leaving them. Thanks.
  14. Guest

    Sunny side of QLD

    Hey all, I have been trawling websites for what seems like years looking for a place to settle my family and am having no luck. I am originally from Sydney but have been in the UK for the last 10 years. Time has come to move my family home and as I have only holidayed in QLD when young am not sure on where is best to settle down. We have 2 boys ( 6 & 1 ) who I am sure will love a little more space. What I am looking for is something of 3 to 4 bedrooms and a nice backyard, would love to be within walking distance of the beach but I know I may have to comprimise. My budget is between $400 - $500 a week so should be able to find something. After all my looking round the region of Southport and surrounding areas look nice. Also alot of the places are on complex's which I am not fussed about but are they any good?? Not like the estates in the UK I hope. Below is a list of areas that I have shortened it to. *Biggera Waters *Labrador *Miami *Hollywell *Paradise Point *Hope Island *Runaway Bay *Parkwood Any tips on best areas for schools and work (in that order as we can travel to work) would be very helpfull. Also What are the beaches like round these areas? I used to be a avid surfer so a good surf beach is a plus as opposed to a bay or canal. Many thnaks and look forward to any replies, Nathan
  15. Hi All, Just joined this site today - Im looking to join a Brisbane 5 a side team that plays midweek, nothing serious or super competitive, just after a bit of a laugh and meet some new faces. I used to play a bit in the UK but have struggled finding anything over here and I really miss my footy! If you belong to a team and need a player, please let me know! Thanks John.
  16. Guest

    Indoor Soccer - 5 a side

    All Now that the outdoor season has come to a close, I am keen to play indoor 5 a side "soccer". Let me know if anyone is interesed in putting a team together. Ideally I would like to play Sunday nights at the Prahran venue, but I am open to suggestions. Anyone interested drop me an email Cheers matthew.thomson@nab.com.au
  17. Hi anyone know of any 5 aside football on Mornington Peninsula area or close by? :cool:
  18. Hi all, Im looking at possibly accomadation for when we arrive, proberly be in May :chatterbox:sounds so close now, cant book yet as need to wait for the house sale to go through, Would like to be close to Emerald, Berwick or Mornington. Any one have any suggestions or good links, found a couple of good ones but already gone, Looking for 1 month stay, got to be self contained. Any help would be great, Cheers all Tracey
  19. Dear all, We have a residents visa that expires end of April 2010. I read that it is possible to fill out a Form 1085 residents return visa. I haven't been in Oz since 2005. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the likelihood of succeeding or methods to improve chances of an application - whilst remaining in UK ?
  20. Hi can anyone help, my husband has been offered a job and told he will be working mainly in the south suburbs. We want to be in easy comuting distance so hes not stuck in traffic each day, but we also want to live in a good suburb near the beach. we love the water and hes a keen fisherman. We have 3 children and need a good primary school and college or tafe. Are we asking the impossible?PLEASE HELP we originaly wanted to live in Coomera or Pacific pines but have been told traffic is impossible and it will take a good hour and a half to work and same home. we want to avoid to much traffic but are unsure what areas to look in. My husband flies over from melbourne this tuesday 15th, so we have 1 week to find an area , rentals and check on schools, we are all in panic mode
  21. well is the grass greener on the other side for you i think it just a diffrent shade of grass no better no worse just plain old diffrent godd but diffrent oh ok very good (for me ) we are all diffrent . so is the grass greener for you or just diffrent julie xxx:hug:
  22. Hi Professional lady requires accommodation house share? (friend) Working in Ferntree Gully area. Will be needed until March 2010 Thanks!:wink:
  23. Hi Just wondering if anyone had a trailer and ride on mower they wanted to sell? thanks Karen
  24. Guest

    On the bright side

    One advantage to the down turning economy is the cheap flights, I have just cheered myself up no end by checking the flights had to do every thing I could to stop myself booking then and there, flights were only 2400 euro for our family of 5, we paid 7500 last christmas unbelieveable. God I will do anything to keep my mind off state sponsorship application! Anyone else going crazy??????:arghh:
  25. ...For mens team we are all 30+ and seen better days but did manage 3rd place last season so weve still got it...just ;0). We play Tuesday nights around 8pm in Narabeen. Is $170 for the season (sept-dec) and that includes your kit. IM me and we will set up a kick about to see how it goes. Any Goalkeepers espeically welcome. 4 places available