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Found 38 results

  1. Hello, Here in australia since mid November 2012 on a 457 visa and worked every week 50 hours plus til this day. I need to be with my children as i can see they are suffering as i work mornings (i am a nurse) evenings and night shifts. My Husband just got a job with the same firm, he is on my visa. I am last in so all annual leave is not available til the end of the year. HOW can i get alittle respit bite off ( week or two) and be with my children. Could i get a Doctor note, what can he say?? Need a doctor note, after 2 days sick from my work. Would give anything to sit down and take Australia in and be with my children......
  2. Hi All Maybe I'm naive but I have never ever come across this in the UK. I'm in childcare and I was really sick just before my shift started before 7am in the morning. Now you have to be 'clear' for 24 hours before coming back to work, when working with children. When I called my boss to say I was ill, I was told that I had to find someone to cover me. What! Sorry?! I've never heard of this, wasn't advised when I started the job. But I didn't have phone numbers or details of colleagues who have a day off - hopefully waiting and willing to drop everything to cover for me on their precious day off. So has anyone else had this happen to them? Where is the NSW employment law that says a sick employee HAS to do this instead of the management? I'm not in a union or anything and to be honest if I was I'm sure my bosses would find a way to get rid of me. I can't believe this happens in Australia - one on hand I understand this sort of thing can be a problem for a small company but companies employ real people who do get sick, so this surely should be factored into their business plan. Anyhoooo any help, advice and/or constructive feedback would really be appreciated as this is my first job here. BEGal
  3. We drop the dog off at the pet transport place on 22nd Nov, our flights are booked for 11th Dec and 6 weeks temp accom has been booked and paid for... we're nearly all set to go... Mum was up helping me do a car boot sale today and when she was leaving I got a bit tearful when she was saying bye to the dog... it was probably the last time she'll see him in the UK. And since then I've been feeling sick thinking about going and the goodbyes. I've wanted to make the move for years... but this afternoon it really hit me that this is real and we are actually going to the other side of the world. Aaargh! :arghh: Remind me again why I'm putting myself and my family through this!!?
  4. incapacity or disability benefits Should we be surprised? RIOTERS ON BENEFITS Two out of five of the suspected rioters were on benefits, figures have revealed. 1,344 people have appeared before the courts in four nights of rioting. <LI style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">Suspects on benefits: 530 Jobseekers Allowance: 280 <LI style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">Income Support: 110 Employment and Support Allowance: 100 <LI style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">Disability Living Allowance: 100 Incapacity Benefit: 60 Carer's Allowance: 10 Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2052847/UK-riots-One-defendants-incapacity-disability-benefits.html#ixzz1bi5mdITB
  5. The Pom Queen

    Breeder Fined $5000 for selling a sick puppy

    This is a real tough one as we don't know all the facts, but as a breeder if one of your animals gets ill it is courteous to either offer the family a refund or replace with another. As it's a back yard breeder and this case has gone to court and ruled in the pet owners favour I have no sympathy BUT when do a breeders (I'm talking a genuine breeder) obligations end. Parvo is a terrible disease and in all fairness this breeder may not have known that the pup had parvo as the incubation period can be 4 - 14 days. Here is the article for anyone interested. I think the main thing is that this gorgeous puppy is well and alive. A COURTROOM battle over a sick puppy named Eddie has cost a backyard dog breeder more than $5000. Fay Armstrong was ordered to pay damages over the dog she sold to a customer after it became ill. She appealed the decision but this week the District Court threw out her bid to have it overturned and also ordered her to pay additional legal costs. Ms Armstrong, 57, this year became the first person forced to sign a declaration to never sell diseased animals following numerous complaints about her breeding operation. The landmark legal action was lodged by Consumer Protection. Last year, Ms Armstrong was told she would have to compensate Fiona Schneider for the money she spent on Eddie and for the distress the sale caused. In 2008, Ms Schneider bought the golden retriever pup from Ms Armstrong, who claimed the dog was a pure bred and had been vaccinated. But a few days after the sale, the canine became sick and required substantial veterinary care. It had contracted parvovirus. Ms Schneider told PerthNow she had launched the legal action after Ms Armstrong refused to take any responsibility for Eddie's condition and also refused to pay half the medical bills. In November 2010, a magistrate ordered Ms Armstrong pay $4779.19 in damages. However, she appealed the decision. This week, District Court judge John Wisbey dismissed the application and ordered she pay additional legal costs. Ms Schneider said she was pleased with the latest ruling but feared the battle may not be over. She explained that in court the 57-year-old threatened to take the matter to the Supreme Court. "I understand why people don't want to take legal action in cases like this," Ms Schneider said. "This has gone on for three years. I am still trying to get the original costs. "But I did it because I just felt I had to stand up to her and I didn't want this to happen to anyone else. "If she had of agreed to pay half the medical bills I probably would have left it but she dug her heels in and I felt she shouldn't be allowed to get away with this."
  6. Guest

    Sick of waiting!

    Is anybody else in my position? Applied SA SS as an Hairdresser but was too late as they closed the system and the quota for Hairdressers were full. Then I went to a expo in Leeds on July 9th and was told to my face by one if the delegates from the WA immigration party that Hairdressers would be re-introduced on their SMP today and guess what....no sign of even the word Hair!. I just wish they would be bloody straight with you, if it's gonna be 2-3 months then just say that. Is anybody else on here in the same position or heard any news through the grapevine?. xxxx
  7. Hey guys, I wanted to put this is here as I saw there are over 170 people viewing the immigration section of the forum. I am sure it is a long and arduous process and sometimes seems like it's never gonna happen but stick with it. I landed in Oz three weeks and it is amazing, seriously happy that I am here. So I just wanted to say keep going because I think it will be worth it for you! All the best, Kev P.S. I have recently updated the blog in my signature so if you would like to see how I am getting on then please check it out.
  8. Kylie83

    Help...Home Sick

    My husband an i have moved out to Australia two years ago... We recently went back to England for five weeks... :cute:I am actually australian and he is a south east london fella... He has found it really difficult to settle in as we are living in a small town (kinda like Home and Away) any ideas on how to make life a bit happier until we save enough to move back to UK... He is missing his english mates to talk footy with and have a pint...
  9. Smirfyduo

    Help please! Cactus is sick :o(

    I have a cute little cactus but he clearly has something wrong with him. :eek:The red bobble is dying - it doesn't seem to have anything growing on it, but it is going black and sort of falling into itself. Can anyone with green fingers offer any advice on what I can do to save him please :wubclub: [ATTACH]2372[/ATTACH]
  10. After an evening spent in a North Queensland pub I am feeling shocked and depressed at the amount of racism amid the locals. I am so tired of comments along the lines of, 'oh, you arrived in Oz on a boat, we are happy to have you, we just don't want the curry munchers', 'all muslims should be nuked' and so on .... It is everywhere...! I enjoy meeting new people and it seems, just as we start to connect and get on, the conversation regresses to the same remarks and I just have to walk away as I cannot bring myself to compromise my anti racist views. I find it so depressing that I have seriously considered this being a reason to not stay in Northern Queensland... (although as a keen diver the reef does a lot to offset this). Does any one experience similar comments to this extent? They leave my husband and I feeling disillusioned and very alone here sometimes.....
  11. I cannot believe how many days sick people take here :eek: I worked in the public sector in the UK & thought that was bad, but this takes the biscuit Fully complemented, our team has around 15 members, only small but at any one time at least six are off sick. Carrying the work-load of others is making my job very tiresome Add to that the amount of time requested for various appointments, picking up kids (does the childminder really let you down THAT much?) Has anyone else found this? I work in the welfare sector
  12. Before we left the UK on the 17th July I did the IELTS, slightly miss judged the waiting times which is why it was done so late!! No problem though as plan was for OH to work and me get going in a few months when the kids settled and happy etc. I had the results sent to me and direct to AHPRA, should have had them first week here, waiting, waiting, waiting, phoned them and they said they'd posted them. Waiting some more, feeling a bit frustrated so coming home tonight decides to phone them when I get in. The results are in the letterbox................................. Listening 9.0 Reading 7.5 Writing 9.0 Speaking 9.0 GET IN!!!!:jiggy: Of course may not need them now but at least the worry is gone
  13. Guest

    So sick of being "ripped off"

    Im having a moany day (no comments please..LOL) I have got a couple of poster prints that I wanted to get a frame for, now if I was in the UK, I could go to Wilkinsons or somewhere and just get one for GBP 20.00 or so No , not here,,,,,$150 each, is the cheapest I can find, my calculations to convert that, means aroundGBP 94.50. For a plain black frame, Im shocked:mad: I feel so sorry for those coming here, who like us, were so unaware of how expensive it is here.Not much fun for :arghh:them, with the conversion rate either I want to go home,,,,NOW
  14. Guest

    Sick of the rollercoaster!!

    Right now I am SO sick of the emotional rollercoaster of being an expat! One day I think ''Australia is fine, in fact I think I like it, I can stay here forever'' whilst the very next day I feel uneasy and unsettled and bored and I want to get on the first Heathrow bound plane I can! Sick of it! Anyone else feel like this?
  15. vron

    Sick of flying

    Can somone give me an idea as to how long we have to wait to apply for parent visa? Quick summary of our situation (understatment).We have one daughter resident 2yrs,married to an australian.We have another who is studying to be a nutrionist,in her 3 yr.we have a son in u.k. We came here approx 2 yrs ago,for the birth of our very long awaited grandchild,had an extension on our visa ,went to the u.k 3 times last year due to husbands dad ,ill health.he sadly passed away,came back for our daughters wedding,had another extension on our visa.my dad taken ill back to the u.k again.sadly he passed away to.. now we are flying back again in 2 weeks as my dads house has been sold and our belongings are there.Allso have to fly out of oz in dec as our visa expires. OK so in 2yrs have had a new grandaughter a wedding 2 deaths and sold a house,how crazy is that.Its emotionally and financially exausting.Bck tp my original question,could somone PLEASE give us an idea much longer we have to live like this.would be grateful for any sugestions..
  16. Guest

    Sick of People Whinging!!!

    And why...............most people that do the whinging on here have NO reason to be whinging at all...........be VERY thankfull for what youve got!!!!!!! Yvonne
  17. Hi all, my husband is an Electrician, completed skills assessment in April 2008, applied for visa August 2008, Got Queensland State Sponsorship, Dec 2009, and after calling DIAC last night was informed that they are not looking at any non- CSL list applications unitl end 2012! Well cant believe it, that will be over 4 years of waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :arghh: Its now a joke, fed up living in limbo land, how do they expect us to wait this long, cant take much more, anyone else having the same problems?????????????? :cry:
  18. mrsindecision

    feeling sick with worry about it all

    Hi all, have spent the best part of the last 4 years feeling sick with worry about firstly moving to Australia and secondly since getting here not really settling and wanting to stay and thirdly now deciding to move back. (after 2.5 years and a trip home in between). Our reasons for heading home are many - but mainly - real disappointment with the life, poor work opportunities, poor educational opportunities for the kids, our ages (no time to sit it out for a few more years will be "on the shelf" professionally), missing family and friends, the humour, the wit and the ability to talk meaningfuly about something important to you. We have to get the timing right with 3 kids, one in uni, one starting uni and one in school. The elder two are on board ( they miss humour, music, gigs, pubs and sharp wit, the youngest is so sad to be leaving (15) and will be at the trickiest point educationally (joining GCSEs mid flow) - if we dont go now we will have to wait 4 years by which time we will have had it. But its tearing me up seeing her so sad when she was so brave to come and now has to face starting all over again when her life is pretty damn perfect, I am just starting to bottle it - thinking it would be easier to stay than start again but knowing thats not true. Both OH and I have been feeling properly depressed and exhausted with worry about doing the right thing. I also realise how hard it was for our loved ones best friends when we left - we left a big hole for one or two very important people. We will now be doing the same to our good friends here. I just hate messing everyone about - but also recognise this could very well be a crucial now or neve moment in our lives. Any words of advice or support?
  19. Guest

    How sick can you get??

    This is my understanding of love Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. How did it turn into this which was on the BBC this morning? BBC News - HIV-positive New Zealand man infects wife with needle Daniel
  20. Hi all... just accepted my job offer today so the visa process is going to get under way. Ridiculous as it sounds, with the move being months away and we havent even got the visa yet... I feel sick! Just been sorting and tidying through the house thinking 'my goodness all this has to be packed, and we're leaving our little house!'.... and my tummy keeps turning, even at this very early stage! I know this is probably natural as you put another hurdle behind you, but crikey. The 'whole event' does hit home doesn't it? I'm excited and scared to death at the same time! :eek:
  21. Guest

    Sick of 457 visa

    Hi everyone, Here is my story. I came over to australia on a student visa abt 3 and a half a years ago. i got a part time job as an associate civil engineer after i've done my diploma course. and last year in july, i finished my advanced diploma in civil & structual engineering course and my boss said if i agreed to work with him for 4 years, he would sponsor me for a 457 visa. it was just verbal anyway. there's no contract or anything. so i accepted his offer. i had no any other choice. My nominated occupation is only worth 40 pts. so, i couldn't really apply for any other visas. and i couldn't afford to pay for to go to uni. Then, the problems began after a few weeks on that 457 visa, my boss got me working for 56 hours a week and sometimes, 70 hours a week on a flat rate. he only put me on casual that time. no annual leave, no sick leave, no holiday pay, no overtime pay. i got so sick of it but i couldnt do anything and i needed to stick with it to get an extra 10 pts to apply for my relative sponsored 176 visa. i didnt know that time that i can get that extra 10 pts if i chose to get sponsored by the state government. my ageat didnt mention anything abt the state sponsored visa. anyway, no matter, i ignored my tiredness, kept encouraging myself n kept hanging on. in March, this year, my boss said he couldnt afford to keep me anymore and told me to start looking a new employer, i already knew that its not that easy to be sponsored on a 457 visa for my associate position. so i arranged to apply for a student visa to go to uni. i got an offer from a uni to for a full time course, i paid the tuition fees, everything was ready to apply for the student visa. then my boss changed his mind. he asked me if i could stay. he said he would put me on full time and i would get annual leave and so forth + a work car. well, i wanted to help me as he said he needed me, so i only decided to go on for part time study and decided to stay. we had an agreement that i would only work 38 hours a week. but recently, he kept complaning me of not being able to work full time. by full time he means 56 hours a week. and said my study is disturbing the progress at work. i got so pissed off now. if he didn't ask me to stay, i would have been already on my student visa now and would have been free from all the hassles and stresses from work. oh yeah, i would like to describe more abt my duties at work. my position is an associate civil engineer but i have to do not only the engineering work, but also admin work, put in timesheets, invoicing etc. sometimes i feel like my boss is a total ****. let's get back onto the main topic now he' complaining of my studies and today he told me that he wanted the work car back and said he is more happy to employ someone full time and get rid of me if he has to. ( i think thats the nicest way of telling me that he wants to sack me). i told him that i have already decided to reduce my units at uni and would be able to work for more hours after this semister. i told him that i will be able to work 45 hours after this semster but he still didnt seem happy. oh well, i've got enough of it now. i will work for him for a couple more months and save up some money to study full time at uni. and then he can be ****ed. i applied for my 176 visa, relative sponsored back in april this year. and applied for WA state sponsorship at the end of june so hopefully, i will get the state sponsorship soon and hopefully its not gonna be very long to get the visa granted from the point, i go on to student visa for full time study at uni next year around july. Can someone please suggest me of what i should do? whether it's a right decision or not...? Cheers, Chan
  22. emmaj

    Paid Sick Leave?

    Ive just received my new employment contract and reading it through it seems that I wont get any sick pay until i have worked for this company for 12 months. Is this the norm? Thanks Emma x
  24. Guest

    case officer sick

    Hi, i am currently awaiting an outcome on my onshore remaining relative visa. My case officer asked me for some additional documentation i june from my kids father in the Uk who i have spoke to in 8 year. i already had him sign a stat dec when i came here 3 years okay but I was told this was not sufficient. being here and all my family here, you can imagine how hard it was to gain any more info especially since he is a chronich alcholic with no fixed abode or ID who is in and out of hospital. his mum finally found him and he wrote a stat dec ( never got it signed as he has no sense), his mum wrote a letter , gave her passport and I also provided a stat dec and proof that because we are not married he has no parental responsibilties to my children. My co has been very understanding and said she would refer to policy about how to go about the situaution. That was 8 weeks, i have been told she is off work indefinetly, meanwhile i am sitting not know what to do next and what else is needed. plus, i had medicals done last year and now they will be invalid which I again will have to pay for in what is already a very expensive visa ! i am so frustrated , can i request another case officer. I am about to start a business and cant, missing out on some school benefits for my kids etc etc . Sorry i need to vent and as I said my CO has been excellent but i want things to move on !!
  25. Guest

    I feel sick!!!!!!!

    :eek:I havn't slept all night!! The removal people arrive in less than 2 hours and I feel totaly unprepared. Sat here surrounded by all our worldly goods and thinking what the hell are we doing, don't get me wrong still want to go but wish this bit was over, rang my sister in Oz! who else will talk to you at 5 in the morning! so feel abit calmer than I did. I am sure everyone feels the same at this stage but reality is setting in when up untill now it still felt like something that we had been talking about for ages that might happen some time in the future. We don't fly for another 2 weeks!! thought it would be a good idea to have an empty house to do some decorating before the renters move in, will be like camping don't think the dog is going to be impressed when he comes back on Saturday and his faverite chair has gone missing! hope he dosn't think it's buried in the garden somewhere!! Sorry to ramble Dawn x:chatterbox: