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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, My NAB account shows me that my car loan(through ANZ) has been reversed back to my account! The money was taken yesterday and put back in today?? Confused!!
  2. [WRAP]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/inhaler.jpg[/WRAP]According to new figures, Asthma cases in children and young people are on the way down but the poor are still more likely to suffer. A study by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare compared figures from 2001 with 2007-08 and found the prevalence of asthma in people aged between 5 and 34 years old had dropped by 25%. The study also found a drop in the number of new cases among young people and a fall in hospitalisations and deaths linked to asthma. The director of the Australian Centre for Asthma Monitoring, Professor Guy Marks, says during the 1980s and 1990s the number of cases were increasing, but the long-term trend is now down. "Our report today shows that over the last 10 years there's been a decline in the number of children and young adults who have asthma by around about one quarter compared to what it was in 2000," he said. "The same has been seen for the number of people who have been hospitalised from asthma. There has been a decline probably since the mid-1990s again that seems to have plateaued in recent years." The report also found those from disadvantaged areas were more likely to be hospitalised than people from high socio-economic areas, with the gap widening in recent years. Professor Marks says Australia's asthma rates are "relatively high" compared to the rest of the world, but says the recent decline in cases remains something of a mystery. "We don't know what causes asthma. We do know that it's likely to be something related to environment or lifestyle factors, but exactly which ones of those factors it is we can't say at the moment." He says while the drop in the disease is good news, asthma remains a significant health challenge in Australia. "We have to be careful about being complacent because the prevalence rates and the outcomes of asthma are still high in Australia compared to other countries," he said. "One of the other things that our report shows is there's increasing evidence of a difference between people living in poorer areas and people living in more well off areas of Australia. "The prevalence of asthma is higher in people living in more disadvantaged areas and also the outcomes of the disease are worse in people living in those areas."
  3. There is a show this weekend in Birmingham. As a family who is expecting our case officer any time now is there any benefit in going to these things? It worries me that on their website they dont name all the exhibitors, we don't need an agent or career help so is there anything else that could be beneficial? cheers Glenn
  4. Not really :biglaugh: Sniper training with high velocity rifle [YOUTUBE]6YWqkX8ZLDI[/YOUTUBE]
  5. For those who miss their TV shows you can get them usually about 8 hours after broadcasting on TheBox.bz This is a free p to p web site. It has practically every tv & radio show on it. I don't bother now with other progammes an proxy servers, unless I want it live. For Aussies overseas there is TheEmpire.bz this has all commonwealth tv shows. The Box usually it can be hard to join as there are only 100,000 members, but you can get a friend to invite you. TheEmpire.bz is easy as it has just started. I am a fan of Channel 4 "Four Rooms" it is broadcast on Wednesday evening, and is on The box when I get up on Thursday. This might help those who find it hard to connect with other methods. BTW it is virus free.
  6. There are loads of Music shows like X factor, American Idol, Australian Idol etc. Do any of you like the ones who dont make it ?I think some of them are very talented & deserve recognition. So I thought we could use this thread to post some music by the ones that got away. Doesn't have to be from any current show there have been many series of these shows & some memorable performers who didn't get the votes to win, So do any get your vote ????
  7. Dear All, I am happy that my occupation is in SA SMP list. But not sure if I am capable to move cat-2 as my occupation shows not available. I have got my SS approval on 9/9/2009. some user said that it will move but not yet got response from any agent. Anyway, something is better than nothing. Also lets update how many of us are in this type of cat like" not available" who's SS are already approved. First I have updated here as below: You can also join: Name: Dayem Type: 447 Occupation in SMP: Production Manager (Manufacturing) SS approved: 9/9/2009 CO allocate: Not yet Medical: Not yet Best Regards, Dayem
  8. Hi guys Well i am in a very unique situation.I came here on a 573 Higher Education Sector visa in 2006 and finished studies in 2008 ,Applied PR (Through Paperwork at Adelaide) in Aug 2008.But if any employer checks my work rights online,they still get my student visa status and it shows 20 hrs only!!! I think it is to do with the fact that paperwork candidates cannot have their status online but at least it should not show as a student? dont know what to do? Any suggestion guys!!
  9. The latest survey indicates there will be a hung parliament, but it would be Gordon Brown who would be in the position to try and form a government as leader of the largest party. Labour could still win most seats, new poll shows - Telegraph
  10. Dear all in waiting, I hope what I heard could ginger up all thosein waiting. One of my colleague was doing interpretation for some Australian Welfare organization in a presentation. During one senior officer's speech, he suggested that there will be a positive increase in migration quota for 2010-2011. Since my colleague is also waiting in backlog (as a 885 onshore professional French to English interpreter applicant), she was surprised with what she heard. She thus went straight and doubled check with that officer af presentation and was told Australian Welfare has already passed the report to Parliament and enunciated that it will take more than 18 years for new babies out of increased population (current baby boom) to grow up to be laborer. He concluded that DIAC has already announced to them the next year's migration quota will be 180,000.:wub: Heard of this, of the same situation with my colleague, i am not sure whether i should be happy :jiggy:or more confusing. :wacko:
  11. Guest

    down under live shows

    Was wondering if anyone was going to the down under live shows in London in January, I have got my tickets after hearing good things about their previous shows.
  12. Guys i uploaded my PCC as asked by my CO.... i Uploaded it on saturday 7/feb/09... & today 9/feb/09 all my docs on my document checklist are showing "MET" even the PCC which i had sent on 7th feb has changed to "MET"... can any1 tell me when can i expect my visa grant letter now?? PCC was the only document requested from my case officer..who contacted me on 4th feb 2009... Kind Regards Krisha
  13. The Bank of England has offered a glimmer of hope amid the gloom as it said the credit crunch was finally showing signs of easing. Governor Mervyn King said liquidity in the financial system had improved and confirmed that mortgage rates were beginning to come down as the logjam in wholesale money markets freed-up. But it is only those less risky borrowers with money put aside for deposits who were seeing the benefits of lower rates, he said. Nervous banks are still clamping down on more risky lending and borrowers with no or low deposits are continuing to find it costly to secure home loans, according to the Bank. Figures earlier this week from the Bank revealed that two-year fixed rate mortgages for those with a deposit of 25% of the property value had fallen in price for the first time since February. However, the Bank did not release data for the third month running for two-year fixed rate mortgages at 95% loan-to-value due to the lack of home loans on offer for those with lower deposits. Mr King said: "It's the riskier borrowers who are finding it more expensive. "The credit crunch hasn't had an enormous effect on those people who are saving to borrow." He poured cold water on speculation that the Bank was considering extending the emergency £50 billion special liquidity scheme, introduced this year to help banks. Reports had suggested that the Chancellor was poised to widen the scope of the scheme, which allows banks to swap mortgage-backed securities for Treasury bills. Currently it only allows banks to use securities on mortgages taken out before the start of the year as collateral, but the Chancellor is reportedly considering allowing it to include new mortgages. Mr King made it clear that the Bank did not want to prop up the mortgage market. "Funding is not something the central bank can supply," he said.
  14. cartertucker

    Emigration shows in the Uk

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has been to any of the emigration shows in the Uk & if so, if they were helpfull/any good? The shows I know of so far are: Opportunities Australia - EXP08 Emigrate shows - starting a new life abroad Look forward to hearing from you, Kelly.
  15. Guest

    Emigrate Shows

    Just wondering if people realise that there are Emigrate Shows on at the end of this month in England, anyone interested can log onto Guide to Emigrating Abroad, Advice & Information on Overseas Emigration for show information. The shows are 29th/30th September York Racecourse and 6th/7th October Stoneleigh Laura
  16. Guest

    TV shows?!

    Wat kind of TV shows are there in oz? cus im gonna miss english tv loads! im gonna have to go on youtube everyday to see tif they have been loaded up!! Do u guys get 2 see any of the shows on over here? like fonejacker (personal favorite and worthy of a youtube search right now!), or hollyoaks, lost (you've gotta have lost!). Just leave a reply with some of the best tv on over there! Gav :err:
  17. Guest

    Emigrate Shows

    Have not actually made it to one yet, and now with all the info I have found through this and other sites, I am kinda wondering whether or not to bother. There is bound to be another one in October. What do you guys reckon?
  18. Guest

    Seminars & Shows

    Hi there, new to the forum so here goes. We are in the first stages of discussing a move to Oz. Did anyone use seminars and emigration shows to help in the decision making and if so can you recommend which are the best to go to. Thanks for the help.