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Found 15 results

  1. It does not make sense unless it's all part of Rupert Murdoch's cunning plan to take over the world?
  2. I have tried to check online status for my application but its showing following message This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Is everybody getting same problem. Please reply asap.
  3. Guest

    Anywhere Showing Football

    Hey All Can anyone tell me a bar or anywhere that shows British football, in particular that will be showing the Rangers Celtic game this weekend? Preferrably somewhere within taxi distance from Scarborough!
  4. I am looking on my application checklist, online, and I don't see a "work experience" tab where is usually states as "required". Is this normal? From what I'm reading on the forum is that most of the online applicants do have this tab in place. Thanks!
  5. Hi... am applying for a 176 subclass visa under GSM. My brother who lives in Australia (citizen) is sponsoring me. Could you please give suggestions of possible documents to provide as evidence to show we are brothers?
  6. Dear, I have a questions to the agents and users 1. When is the points test points calculated by CO? 2. In the documents checklist if the status is met what does it mean? the documents are validated or the points regarding that section is provided. 3. How much time is needed after all the status is showing met? (previous experience) 4. When do co ask for medical undertaking form (if required)? If all the requirement is finalized? Please give me an answer. Thanks and regards, Shoinik
  7. Hi all, fibrous plasterer, (taper +jointer) just wondering if the building trade is showing any sign of recovering, especially interested in what its like in or around the Brisbane area. many thanks Scott + family
  8. Hi everyone, It would be so nice if anyone can tell me why my document status still showing "Requested " even after I have uploaded all the documents requested. I was asked to send form 80 on 11/11/2009 by my case officer and I have completed uploading the form 80 on 26/11/2009. I have applied under Subclass - 176(Family sponsored) on 23/11/2009. I was not asked to upload the police clearance and medicals but I did also arranged those and uploaded them in advance. Do I need to arrange the PCC and Medicals again? Am I on the right track? If anyone can help me to get some relief ... Thanks in advanced, Rubab.
  9. Guest

    showing funds??

    Ive been reading a few threads that have indicated that people who are getting state sponsership will have to show funds?? about 20,000aus$ for main applicant and 10,000AUS$ for each dependant please someone tell me if this is the case.. if it is could someone please tell me when are you supposed to show available funds as we have only just found out about this... thanks dizzy..:twitcy:
  10. Que Sera Sera

    Meds are showing as Finalised !

    So someone somewhere is still accessing our file, its not at the bottom of a dusty cupboard! :biglaugh:
  11. I am going to apply for skilled sponsored migration to canberra. I have positive result in skill assessment from vetassess. I do not know exactly how can I show my commitment to canberra in order to be nominated by the ACT government. If You have visited canberra and You are informed of its life style, please help me. I would be very grateful if anybody can help me to write an acceptable and proper statement for commitment to canberra. Thanks a lot.
  12. Scotty Dog has been so helpful in another thread about school ages in Queensland......but I found this table which people should be able to use to work out which year their children will be going into in Queensland schools. Don't worry about the school it comes from - it's valid for all schools in Queensland. http://internet.faithlutheran.qld.edu.au/admissions/Documents/Guide%20for%20year%20of%20entry%20to%20College.pdf Hope this helps Love Daphne
  13. hi there Im the sponsor for the above visa and was wondering what I write for the statement that I need to provide proving my income and how I will sipport the applicant in the first two years. I dont know where to start!
  14. Guest

    signature not showing

    sorry if i am being dumb here but when i try to add my purple spinny face it doesn,t show up. have noticed other just say it in words ie jiggy. am i doing anything wrong??thanks ' gail ps can,t find my little purple face now at all!!!!
  15. Hello everyone, I have already asked a similar question, but now the focus is different. I would like to enroll to a one year long MA and prolong the visa by enrolling to the other one year long MA. I saw at the IMMI website (Higher Education Sector: Temporary Visa (Subclass 573) - Assessment Level 3) that I would not need to show my savings history for this: "Note: If you have completed 75 percent of your course and are applying to renew your student visa, you do not need to show your savings history." It s very important for me to check am I right about this cause I do not think I would have enough money to show both for the tuition fees and living expenses for that 2nd visa application. :nah: The other thing I am worried about is "show proof that you can meet these financial requirements for the first 24 months of your stay in Australia" (on the same page). Is this applicable to me if I am enrolled to a one year long MA course?? Thank you for your answers. Cheers.:wubclub: