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Found 13 results

  1. Thanks for the idea Connie Here's a few to get things started Hog's Breath (Cafe)-not something likely to stimulate your appetite Athletes Foot-yes that's a disease, why not change it to 'Club Foot', or go the whole hog and call it 'Gangrene' Clymax (natural product to help a woman's libido-I've got a better idea, leave australia) Footy (short for football) meaning any game predominantly played with the hands Soccer (football! cor, dear) The socceroos. that must have taken a nano second to think up, here's a better one: 'the Joeys' The Matilda's -Aussie female soccer team (to me conjures up images of old dears in dungarees holding pitchforks) the Wallabies (I would have even thought that 'the echidnas' would be more threatening, at least they've got spikes) I'm getting tired..more later
  2. Hi all, I thought i'd put something on here as it can't come to anything less that my proper searches done to date. I work for BAE Systems (Defence Contractor) as a Senior Commercial Officer (started 5.5 years ago as an Estimator) with very extensive knowledge of the function (Estimating, Procurement and Contracting). I am looking for roles within a similar field (incl. Construction) for short term work (as only on a WHV) in Melbourne. I've applied for literally 100s of jobs but nothing has come of it - not even an interview (I assume it's the visa thing!). Do you guys know of anything around or am I "urinating in to gale force winds" as it were? Cheers, Stuart
  3. http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/fallen-police-officer-damian-leedings-spirit-will-live-on-as-family-donate-organs-to-save-others/story-e6freoof-1226066772499 RIP brother John
  4. Hi all, First time posting on the forum, so forgive me. My wife and I are planning on moving to the UK in August of this year, and have just started the process of getting Chi, our Gordon Setter, all the required injections etc. Having read the forums, I noticed there has been a shortage of the rabies injection due to an epidemic in Indonesia. I contacted my local AQIS certified vets in Sydney, and they have a 10 shot vile. Unfortunately I am the only person that has registered, and as it only lasts 24 hours I have to pay for the entire vile. I was wondering if anyone else is in the same boat, and would therefore be interested in sharing the cost? I have Chi booked in for 6.00 this Wednesday 19th Jan, so any interested parties would need to get it done some point between Wednesday morning and Thursday evening. Not overly hopeful - but thought I would throw it out there and spreadg the word of mouth. FYI - the cost of the 10 shot vile is $375 (plus a $61 consult fee). I had previously been quoted $400 by another vet - so anyone looking at doing it in the near future, with the shortage, this owuld be a cheaper way to go (unless you are lucky and find a vets that has a few people booked in - we are pressed for time so this want a viable option for us). As an aside - I started looking at the forums for the first time last week - and have found tonnes of useful information that is all helping making the task of moving Chi overseas much more easier - so a big thank you to all contributors. Many thanks Iain
  5. Guest

    baby koala shot 15 times!!

    Frodo, Baby Koala Shot In Australia, Battles For Life scum,, thats all i can say
  6. Guest

    seems like a long shot!

    we were wondering if there was any way around our dilema.my oh is a first class bricklayer with an aqf cert 111.given the current climate he has now not worked 12 out of the last 24 months.is there any other way apart from looking for a job and waiting another 12 months?
  7. Well - I know this might sound like a VERY bizarre thread but here goes. Me, my husband and 16 month old son will be moving to Geelong in the next couple of months and I for one am finding the idea of being in a whole new part of the world (without knowing a soul) quite daunting. Although I know it wont be too hard to socialise and get to know people, we will have no family in Australia (and we have very little family in England to keep in touch with). Therefore, I am seeking anyone who would be able to act somewhat like parents to me and my husband and a grandparent to my son. By this, I do not mean do our washing; give us hand outs and so on :cute:. I just mean someone to trust, to turn to for advice, to enjoy spending time with and so on. I am 25, my husband is 26 and my son is 16 months (he is fabulous, cheeky and energetic - forever cracking a smile on our faces). To many this may seem crazy - but I am sure there are people out there who have no family and long for that kind of connection - or people who are just a long way away from their family...just like we will be. If anyone out there understands I would be happy to hear from you. xxx
  8. Guest

    One Hell Of A Long Shot

    Hi All. Firstly I know this thread is going to be one hell of a long shot, but thought I would give it a go. In 1998/99 I was in Palm Cove, Cairns for several months. I was staying at a backpackers by the name of 'The Retreat', it was situated up a dirt track, opposite a restaurant by the name of the 'Wagon'. Anyway to cut a long story short I met a lady there who went by the name of 'Frankie' a South African lady who would now be in her mid/late fifties. She had a son by the name of 'Jean', pronounced John. Whilst I was at the Retreat me and Frankie became very good friends, nothing you know what, just bloody good friends that's all. To tell you truth my time at the Retreat is somewhat of a blur to a degree, I was going through a ****ty time and my alcohol consumption was immense:shocked:. But Frankie got me through it and was always there for me. I cannot thank her enough. Anyway long story short, I eventually moved on again and backpacked around the rest of Australia. I kept in touch with Frankie for ages, but then for many reasons we lost touch. I had her mobile phone number, but cannot get through on this. I also had her email address, but each message I send keeps coming back 'void'. I know she had some personal issues of her own, and I fear they may have got the better of her, I truly hope not. I just reckon she is somewhere out there, maybe now more settled , etc. No excuse, the majority is my fault, as I said the dreaded booze and all that. Anyway around a year ago heard through a friend of a friend of a friend that Frankie was back in Cairns. I was out there again in August of last year and went back to all my old haunts, The Retreat, (not there anymore) nearly made me weep, bars, dives, etc, but no one knew anything of Frankie. The information I had was very vague and too date I have not been able to track her down. I know she had a sister in the Whitsunday's and she often spoke to her. I have since being back in the UK been on several sites that are used by ex pat South Africans, to no avail, I even placed an ad in the Cairns Advertiser. As I said I know this is a loooonnnnnggggggg shot but by chance can anyone help out. She was a bit of a nomad like me, so she could be anywhere, but I have a feeling she will be in either Cairns/Palm Cove/Whitsundays as she loved these areas of Australia. I realise that if anyone knows anything they may be a little reticent to let me know, after all I could be a stalker/freak:chatterbox:, but would appreciate any help. The areas I have outlined are at the end of the day fairly close, community wise. If it was Perth, Brisbane etc, I wouldn't even ask this question, needle and haystack and all that. Does anyone know of any other links I may be able to use to help me find Frankie. Its nothing drastic, but I would love to speak to her again, and thank her properly for what she did. I probably did this at the time, but it was probably through mutterings spilt out between drinks. I know PIO members are really helpful and would appreciate any help afforded me. As I said, no names, no pack drill, but suggestions on websites etc, or maybe someone knows where South Africans may hang out in the areas outlined and I could go from there. I have exhausted the avenues I know of, so maybe someone knows something I don't, I hope so anyway. Thanks very much for your time.:wink: Cheers Tony
  9. Guest

    Extremely Long Shot

    I'm a 32 year old male currently running my own business in the UK but looking to move to Perth with my family as soon as we possibly can, trouble is i'm not a bricklayer/hairdresser/nurse/ or plumber and dont think I fall into any of the categories on the MODL or SID lists. I am have had a colourful career history having worked in retail management, insurance, call centres, automotive and communications industries, and have also spent time within the police force :policeman:. I would quite happily take any job that got me down under and I was just wondering what the options/likelyhood were for being sponsored by an Oz employer :notworthy:with my varied background or what other option would be open to me?
  10. anyone going to the kalamunda show on saturday or sunday ? if you are let us know if anyone fancies meeting up ! would be nice ... its supposed to be a big agricultural show lots of trades and craft stands etc ..
  11. Guest

    A Long Shot But.............

    Hi I know this is a long shot, but a pal of my husband (Sie Clark) has moved to Melbourne in 2006, not sure where abouts. His name is **Kevin (kev O) O'Conner**. He works as a ground worker and his O/H is a nurse they are from Sunderland but moved from Rainton Bridge. Does anyone know if he has been on this forum, or just think they might of heard of him... My O/H would love to catch up with him. :yes:
  12. Guest

    This maybe a long shot!!

    Hi all Has anyone here or in Oz have a child or teenager with ADHD. We are apply for our visa very soon but are very worried that my sons medical will cause a problem. He is on medication concerta XL at present, and the dose is going to be lowered now he has matured. Can anyone let me know if they have a child with ADHD and have had medicals and let me know if it has been an issue regarding getting a visa. Many thanks Tracey
  13. I hadn't thought before about doing this because it sounds so bizarre, but is there a single man out there who's perhaps thinking about migrating and would be prepared to get married? There are issues - this sort of thing, while not illegal, is a method of entry that Australia does lookout for, and rightly so. However (deep breath) it seems like my only chance - I'm a couple of years too old. And quite frankly I know the country well and would be able to fit in and make a useful contribution, it's just that the migration rules are based on statistics, which apparently say that over 45's have difficulty. For reasons of formal compatibility, I'd be looking for somebody in his forties with a tertiary education and preferably a profession. Actually, the more I think about the implications the more problems I see. But I'm serious, not unhinged, despite the subject-matter, and I have to ask. Anyone interested in this?