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Found 36 results

  1. All the TV programmes (most recently, the 'A Place in The sun', down under specials), national press and the internet sites suggest that there is, however, closer inspection, such as reading these forums, looking at genuine agency sites in Oz, and even the likes of Gumtree would suggest differently. We Brits are led to believe that we can swan off to Australia for a 'better way of life', where the sunshine hours are are only matched by the abundance of work, but I suspect this is not actually the case. Interesting to read right here, about the man and his family scarpering back off to Blighty after just five months having been unable to find any employment. My wife is a qualified accountant here, seemingly a '60-pointer' on the government skills shortage list, but we've looked in vain for hours for suitable positions? Would anyone care to shed any light on this matter? Thanks, Martin & Amy, Surrey, England (cold and wet...)
  2. The Pom Queen

    Shortage of Men in Australia

    Come on we need more guys in Australia:cute: BBC News online is carrying a report today, detailing how an analysis of the latest census figures show that Australia is suffering from an unprecedented “man drought”. The statistics have revealed that there are almost 100,000 more females than males in Australia. The problem is worse in the coastal cities, where women have moved seeking better jobs and lifestyles, while many men have gone overseas. 30 years ago, Australia was with flush with men thanks to immigration policies that favoured males. That position has been reversed because thousands of Australian men in their 20s and early 30s have gone overseas either to travel or to work. It has caused a gender imbalance that is having far-reaching implications. Major cities in Australia now have concentrated groups of unattached women, along with dwindling numbers of the opposite sex. Demographer Bernard Salt says the exodus of young men to foreign countries is leaving its mark. “If you go into the United Arab Emirates census you’ll find there is around 12,000 Australians living in Dubai, mostly male, mostly in the 25 to 34-year age group. Here is an example of one country that has drawn out a specific age demographic out of Australia which has contributed to the ‘man drought’.” But the situation outside of the larger towns and cities is very different. Vast numbers of women have abandoned the countryside seeking better jobs or education in metropolitan areas. They have left behind communities overloaded with younger males.
  3. Hi all, Can anyone please explain to me why plumbers are on the skills shortage list. I'm looking to come over to Perth next year but on every job site, paper etc there aren't any plumbers jobs advertised. Also is right that if you haven't got a plumbers licence you can only work as a plumbers mate?? Can anyone come back with some answers as I've just started the visa process and am worried that were spending ££££'s and feeling negative with the job propects. Thank you guys Ian
  4. Hello everyone:biggrin:. Just looking for and honest answer. I am looking for work in one of the mines in Au. Is there a career(FIFO) there for me? I'm a U.S. citizen with 25 years of experience in heavy equipment operating and management. very reliable and willing to travel. Any suggestions?
  5. The occupations currently experiencing shortages of skilled labour are listed below: Mechanical and Fabrication Engineering Tradespersons (112.2 in the Sep qtr; 108.9 in the Jun qtr); Chefs (107.8 in the Sep qtr; 105.3 in the Jun qtr); Automotive Tradespersons (103.7 in the Sep qtr; 103.8 in the Jun qtr); Hairdressers (101.8 in the Sep qtr; 101.1 in the Jun qtr); Food Tradespersons (101.1 in the Sep qtr; 101.8 in the Jun qtr); Computing Professionals (100.4 in the Sep qtr; 100.5 in the Jun qtr); and Wood Tradespersons (100.3 in the Sep qtr; 102.6 in the Jun qtr). Further details click here: Australian Skills Shortages Demand 2011 Clarius Skills Index Major employment sectors to be hit by skills shortfalls.
  6. The HIA, which represents the building industry, forecasts NSW will have a housing shortfall of 155,000 if houses continue to be built at the historical average of the past 20 years. Even if the state picks up its home building rate from the current 40,600 to 48,600 per annum (a high building scenario), it will still have a shortfall of 84,000 houses by 2020, according to HIA modelling. Under the same medium rate scenario, Western Australia will be 112,000 short of the number of houses it needs by 2020, followed by Victoria (104,200), Queensland (91,800) and South Australia (24,600). The ACT is building just about enough houses annually, with an undersupply of just 1,400 houses projected by 2020 if building conditions remain unchanged. Australia’s weakest housing market, Tasmania is the only state market building enough houses currently and is forecast to be in surplus (1,300) by 2020. In total, the HIA forecasts a shortage of 500,000 homes by 2020 across the nation, should building rates not pick up. At a local government area level, flood-damaged Brisbane is heading for a housing shortage of 25,000 by 2020 at current building rates, according to HIA. Other notable municipalities heading for significant housing shortages in nine years’ time include Darwin (6,500), Sydney’s Sutherland Shire (4,700) and Blacktown (4,400) in Sydney’s outer west.
  7. Just having my daily fix of breaking headlines down under and in the top 5 stories I found this: From: NewsComAu April 05, 2011 STRICT English tests will make it almost impossible for migrant tradesmen to enter the country, according to employers. Alternatively, you can copy and paste this link into your browser: We need foreign tradies, say employers | News.com.au Interesting times ahead... I think I may have summed up how many of us may feel about the pending cut off date and the crazy 1st July changes.... Time flys The years fly by The months go so fast* Marking off the weeks one by one But the hours of waiting painfully go on With every tick and every tock Time appears to stand still* For us on the immigration clock There's a deadline in place of the first of July Many of us will have tears in our eyes* We are involved in the race against time Holding out desperately for *news* But all we have are the spring time blues Tick tock, goes the immigration clock Its a process that takes it's time Takes days, weeks, months and many a year have gone by
  8. Just reading the Herald Sun Real Estate supplement. Says if we are planning to get a renovation it might pay to get a move on. There is a shortage of skilled tradespeople in eight of the 13 skilled trades monitored by the Housing Industry Association meaning the frequency of tradies not turning up when promised will rise. When they do turn up they will charge more. Web site is HIA - Welcome to the Housing Industry Association Ltd
  9. Help I need data on why there is a demand for Bricklayers in Aus and why the prospects are better than in UK? What is the sustainability of Trade etc.... Does anyone know a Government website? I know a weird request Many thanks sharon:GEEK:
  10. Guest

    Housing Shortage?

    I hope you don't all think this is a bit callous in light of the situation in Brisbane but my husbands company want to proceed with their offer and are asking for a decision on our move to Brisbane. Obviously a big decision for our little family. We are just wondering whether the housing shortage that will obviously arise from the floods will mean rent will soar? Will we get there in a couple of months to find everything has gone up and we can't afford to live. We were hoping to be about 30 or 40 min north of the CBD.
  11. Hello, This is my first ever post ( never used a forum before!) so i hope my message is in the right place! I am a news camerawoman with 11 years experience and understand i am on the new SOL list of skilled worker. After getting my skills assessed, i know i will have to find a employer to sponsor me. But in the media industry, jobs don't come by frequently so i was wondering if any fellow camera operator has ever been sponsored by a tv company in Australia? How can i find out if there is a shortage of camera operator in the country? My last question is this one then: if your job in on the SOL list, does that necessarily mean there is a shortage for that particular skill? Thank you in advance to anybody who will find the time to answer me & have a lovely day! Sophie.
  12. Read this link it could possibly be good news for us tradies. WA labour shortage looming again - The West Australian
  13. According to Clarius Skills Index September Quarter the 10 occupations and index readings that are currently experiencing skilled labour shortages are listed below: Building and Engineering Professionals (100.5) Computing Professionals (101.4) Building and Engineering Associate Professionals (100.8) Metal Tradespersons (108.0) Automotive Tradespersons (104.5) Construction Tradespersons (102.7) Food Tradesperson (102.7) Wood Tradesperson (103.6) Chefs (108.5) Hairdressing Tradespersons (102.7) The hospitality industry is already suffering from falls in international students and immigrants "Waiter, waiter...", but then again with recent news of public sector cuts in UK a new wave of "economic refugees" could be on their way.....
  14. According to Canberra times, the skill shortage for tradesmen in the ACT is so acute, it is pushing up pay to $160,000 !!! : City's skills shortage pushing tradesmen's pay packets to six figures - Local News - News - General - The Canberra Times
  15. Clarius Skills Index June 2010 Quarter Tue, Jul, 27 2010 The June quarter Clarius Skills Index shows that already there is an emerging skills shortage across several occupations and the availability of skilled workers may become an issue for Australia in the near future. The top 10.... 1 Chefs 2 Metal Tradespersons 3 Construction Tradespersons 4 Automotive Tradespersons 5 Building and Engineering Associate Professionals 6 Computing Professionals 7 Building and Engineering Professionals 8 Food Tradespersons 9 Science Professionals 10 Health Professionals
  16. hi all , here is some good news for migrants...... , The Australian Industry (Ai) Group/Deloitte survey of more than 400 chief executives found 34.7 per cent of businesses believed there was at least a high risk that a skills shortages would have an adverse effect on operations this year. Skills shortage a risk to economy - WA Business News cheers
  17. Could this be an indication of the new SMP,s. This was up today on the website. Was there any point in publishing this to be honest or is it a slight leak of the New SMP. Id like to get the views from the agents please. Kind Regards :eek:
  18. Clarius Skills Index. Australia’s move towards yet another national skills shortage has been confirmed in the latest Clarius Skills Index, with demand for skilled labour reporting a significant upswing. In the March quarter, 15 of the 20 skilled occupations measured in the Index reported an increase in demand with eight of those skilled categories showing demand exceeding the available labour. The eight categories are Building and Engineering and Computer Professionals, Building and Engineering and Chefs in the Associate Professionals category and Metal, Automotive, Wood and Hairdressers in the Tradespersons categories, which all scored above 100 in the Index. Interesting that the draft or proposed SOL Skilled occupation List for 457 temporary workers and skilled immigrants is apparently not going to include chefs and hairdressers? Much to do with perceptions that only "Indian students" at "dodgy colleges" study these migration or PR pathways?
  19. melbournegirlinny

    Shortage of Tradies-Article from The Age

    Just read this in The Age (Melbourne newspaper)-it talks of an acute shortage of tradies and how those in Australia will be putting up their hourly rates this year. Bit confusing I have to say given the stance of Chris Evans. But thought it might be of interest to you. Shock in trade as tradesmen's cost on the rise Sandra
  20. Richard Gregan

    Australian Skills Shortage

    http://www.clarius.com.au/PDF/Clarius%20Skills%20Index_December%202009%20Quarter.pdf The need for the "top ten" occupations may be of interest for those looking for to make some sense of the recent announcement.
  21. Hi All Leighton are a very big company and Wal King, their boss, has been fiercely critical of the changed immigation policies which Minister Evans has been inflicting on Australia. Leighton Holdings are heavily involved in mining in WA. Leighton Contractors are one of the other companies in the group. They seem to secure a lot of the contracts to do the groundworks on very high profile projects such as Pluto and Gorgon in WA and they also have the groundworks contract for the big new desalination plant near Melbourne. Mr King has had yet another go at the Government this weekend: Leighton boss sees skills shortage - The West Australian The Minister's line has been to claim cosily that there are enough workers in Oz to be able to satisfy the staffing requirements for all the big projects. I don't know where he gets his inspiration from because everyone else - from the WA State Govt downwards - has been assuring the Minister that there will be worker shortages, that they will be severe and that his tinkering with all the various work visas during 2009 will make the problems much more severe than they need to be. Cheers Gill
  22. connaust

    Media & House Shortage Porkies

    DOUBT has been cast on the widely held belief that a shortage of housing in Australia is driving up property prices, with a leading researcher arguing there are nearly two million too many homes. Researchers Brendan Darcy and Louis Christopher say high prices cannot be blamed on a lack of housing stock because the figures used to illustrate the shortage -- if indeed there is one -- were being misinterpreted. You still here stories about rising migration and population growth, while we know they are decreasing as we speak...... hope there is not going to be a crash.... but nice easing and deflation of prices could be useful.
  23. Guest

    Water shortage in Oz

    What is the current situation with the general water shortage in Australia? Is it effecting the household bills? Are things getting any better that what was reported a few months ago in the UK - doom and gloom..!!
  24. How annoying is it that with 43 test centres in the UK that I cannot get booked onto an IELTS any time soon! I am in Scotland, and with only 3 centres, one told me that they are hugely in demand, and to book well in advance. Well, I dont want to wait for months, so asked if there was a reserve/waitlist, and she said 'well, if there was there would be plenty of people before you'. If there is such demand, why not run the tests every month, or take more people - the money is there for the taking as far as I see it. They only run the general test every few months as she said 'most people want to sit the academic test' yet contradicted herself when she said that so many people had requested it before me. The other 2 scottish centres only run it every few months, therefore having to wait about 4-5 months to get on it. I decided to drive to Liverpool for it, but within a day of contacting them the course is now full for 9th May and not another til mid June. If I travel further south to the Brighton venue, I'd have to fly the night before and book accomodation overnight adding about another £300 to the cost but was willing to do so, until they said that the May courses are also full now and not any more til June. How frustrating!! I had wanted to get my application in for May as I believe case officers are being allocated to all CSL visas by end May but not going to be able to do that now. Sorry just wanted to vent, but do others have this problem too? :arghh: Shaz