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Found 51 results

  1. Hello! I am looking for just some general advice and knowledge please! My partner and I are both 25, he has just managed to get in an application for a 457 visa before they get officially abolished. We will be moving to Geelong sometime this year (we are provisionally looking at August/September) but it just depends on how long the application takes to process. We will be moving with out two boys who will be 5 and 1 (very nearly 2). I'm really struggling to find good schools and areas to live in. My partner is a mechanic and will be working in Belmont, which in itself seems lovely and the schools seem to have good ratings. But just reading things written on google isn't giving me much reassurance. Im just basically asking if anybody would really recommend any areas or schools. I've looked at places like Armstrong Creek, the houses seem really pretty, modern and new, but it seems very far away from everything? Id like to be able to walk to the majority of places and be within a nice little community. I've seen people post things like "Newtown is good for schools and a great place to live". But I'd like to know more, why is it so great? what is there? are there local shops and parks? coffee shops? supermarkets etc. I just really need some advice on family life, areas to live, schools, etc. I'm having a huge wave of panic and feel totally out of my depth, we have only ever been to Perth before. Any advice or general stuff that anybody would like to share would be so so appreciated!!
  2. So, moved out here at the beginning of June 2014. Husband and I lucky enough to get a permanent residency visa with no conditions, which means no stipulations on where to live or what job to have. We're making the most of this opportunity by travelling around the country for 12 months or so, before deciding on somewhere to hopefully buy a plot of land and build and grow our own. Touch wood, everything's going well so far, my only slight point of confusion is what shops are the equivalent of UK ones? eg what's the nearest thing to Boots chemist? or TK Maxx for decent discounted clothing and random items? In general, very happy to be here, don't miss much about the UK yet, would be nice if I could have brought all my family and friends out though! :ssign19:
  3. Just stumbled across this today. Millie http://www.ezibuy.com.au/next/womenswear.html
  4. Ladies, Having read lots of threads about rubbish clothes shops in Australia I thought I would compile a list of those UK favorites that do deliver to Australia. Hopefully Next will also deliver to Australia in the near future if we keep harassing them!!! In alphabetical order: Ann Summers 5-7 days £3.95 ASOS 10 days £10.50 Boden 12-14 days £12.00 Bravissimo Unknown £7.50 Dorothy Perkins 5-7 days £10.00 Evans 5-7 days £7.50 Hollister Co 5-7 day £20.00 Lasenza 10-14 days £14.95 M&S 10-14 days £20.00 Miss Selfridge 5-7 days £7.50 New Look 8-10 days £7.50 Top Shop Unknown £7.50 Wallis Unknown £10.00 Please feel free add any I may of missed. Happy shopping!!! :v_SPIN:
  5. I'm moving to Melbourne to go to school in July 2012. I've been looking at suburbs to rent in not far from the city with maybe a 30minute commute. I would like to rent a decent 2bedroom at no more that $250/week. Can you help me find out some good suburbs.
  6. Just here a week, trapped in Scarborough!! But am definately buying a phone asap! Is there such a thing as a carphonewarehouse type shop in Aus where you can go in and explain what your needs are and they will tell you which mobile co. or plan to go for?? I'll be mostly ringing someone already on Telstra so should I go for telstra myself?? And i'll be texting and possibly ringing Irish mobiles too so does any company give deals on that?? I'd google it myself but on very dodgy wifi that keeps dropping out so it's very difficult. any advice appreciated.
  7. cartertucker

    List of shops in Australia

    A while ago I saw a post on here that listed all the shops in Australia, where you could buy everything from a toaster to beds Please could anyone point me in the right direction? :wubclub:
  8. Hello! I am a first time poster. I will be moving to Brisbane in the next month as I have a job offer. We don't see ourselves staying for more than 2 years (yet!) and so we would like to get things for our flat/house as cheaply as possible as they will be donated after we have finished using them. So what I am wanting to know is are there any cheap shops out there in Brisbane? I am meaning charity shops or something similar to our Wilkinsons, Primark, Poundland etc. We will be looking for somewhere furnished but will probably end up buying toasters, pans, cutlery and bedding etc. ANY help at all please? :cute:
  9. Hi, Looking at areas in PERTH. Medium budget. Schools. How far from shops? Parks? Beach? I have 3 small kids... Hubby will work away. Need friendly/social area. Any idea/ comments....
  10. I have both a chinese wedding end of the month and a food industry apprentices showcase thing on May 22. Id love to get one of those gorgeous chinese silk dresses! Its weird, but there dont seem to be any chinese clothes shops in perth! there was a famous one everyone recommended called winnie's boutique but its gone (the retails space is up for lease). dammit! i would buy online but im pretty broad across the shoulders even for a caucasian, so i dont like the idea of buying before trying on...are there any places that anyone knows??? thanks in advance
  11. Hi I work for a retail charity store at the moment and have enjoyed working in this sector, are there charity shops in and around Perth ? And do they have paid management jobs? Thanks sarahx
  12. mj&db

    Recommended Pet Shops

    Can anyone recommend any large pet stores in Australia. Keen to start getting an idea of costs of food, bowls, beds, collars etc...
  13. We are looking to buy table&chairs and couch and bed&mattress for our new place, but Im not sure where to go. we have managed to find places for fridges/washing machines etc but are struggling to find furniture shops. I know all the places to go in Dublin but have no idea here:wacko: we are looking for stuff thats not mad expensive but not rubbish either. Does anyone know where there are furniture shops or areas that have a few furniture shops near each other? We are based in bayside in southeast but are willing to travel to find stuff (well - within a reasonable distance). All suggestions appreciated. Louise.
  14. Guest

    Clothes shops in australia

    HI all, I was hoping if all those poms in oz could tell me about nice clothes shop that are similar to those like Next,H and M,New look,Tammy and M and S. I cant seem to find anything of much use on the net. thanks Jodie
  15. Guest

    Bed Shops In Perth

    Bensons Beds have a great sale on at the moment!!!! so I just need to know are there good bed shops in Perth that sell nice beds for nice prices or are they really expensive? I will be shipping my king size and daughters single but need new Single for son and guest double bed. I would like to see what house we buy out there then decide on the furniture to suit the room but if they prices are high it may be worth taking a single and a guest bed???? Also hoovers whats best? as I would imagine we would have hard flooring downstairs not carpet?? Dyson ? Henry ? Both ? Thanks in advance I'm going to have loads of these type of questions so please bear with me. Any ideas, advice welcome xx :chatterbox:
  16. Pozz

    Ugg shops in Melbourne?

    Hi guys, im trying to find a store around Melbourne that sells Uggs as my family arrive on Tuesday and I have promised them some. Can anybody recommend cheapish places as im sure i'll get stung for more than two pairs. :biggrin:
  17. Guest

    Pets shops in SYdney area

    Hello, that will be one of my first shopping session once arrived in SYdney ;-) , to et my boy a new bed some new toys a new litter tray (my dog uses litter since he was a puppy) WOuld you recomand some? Big ones or even if you ve got some good small shops addresses thanks a lot for sharing tips !
  18. Guest

    Craft Shops in Perth

    Hi Thinking of moving to Perth after marriage. I'm a lot in to cross stitch and embroidery. Are there any good craft shops in Perth where I can buy threads and fabrics. Thank you :hug:
  19. Guest

    berwick shops

    Thank you to the person that told me berwick high street is about 300 metres long. Could anyone please tell me if it has a nice vibe to it, or is it just a row of rather boring shops that are not especially nice to sit outside of and enjoy a coffee? It appears to be part of a main highway. I imagine this kills the atmosphere. Maybe I am wrong. I hope so! Bewick seems to be the only area other than mornington, with a long shopping strip How does the main berwick shops compare to the mornington street of shops? (I have seen mornington but not berwick) Thanks everyoone!
  20. colin&lorraine

    carboot sales n second hand shops

    Hi just wondering do they have carboot sales and second hand shops down under we are bringing nothing with us when we emigrate so will need to get stuff as cheaply as possible :unsure:
  21. Hi prob a very daft question to most but does anybody know if "John Frieda Frizz Ease" products are sold in Oz shops, if not I will ship some without it I look like a very scary, Scary Spice:biggrin:
  22. Hello, Im sharon, I have two children age 8 & 13 and my husband is a mechanical fitter. We live in perth at the moment but would love to live a greener life with acerage and start a business with our own log cabin holiday lets and have a sort of farm stay lifestyle. The only problem is out daughter doesnt want to leave perth as she has made so many friends in the 2yrs we have been here, so we need to be somewhere that has pleanty of things around us, shops schools activities ect. we dont have a massive budget in fact we have quite a small one :wacko: but as long as the land is big enough to do what we want we are not too bothered about the state of the house as we are both pretty handy. any ideas would be great thanks sharon
  23. fraggles

    british food shops

    I know there has been a few posts before on here but can not find a british food shop on gold coast does anyone no were there is one
  24. I think one thing that shocked me when I came to Perth was the rather strange and decidedly outdated sense of fashion here, and the serious lack of good shops. Here are some of the major crimes against good taste currently being committed in WA ... Rachel :biggrin:
  25. Who said Britain isn't multi-cultural. Fish and chip shops accused of selling Vietnamese cobbler as cod - Times Online