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Found 5 results

  1. Hi folks, We have received a shipping quote of $12K to ship a Landie Defender, 2 motorbikes and about 15 boxes of possessions (no furniture) back to the UK from Brisbane - Is this over-the-top, or does this sound about right to your knowledge? Thanks!
  2. Hiya everyone, Just thought I would share our shipping quotes that we had from 6 companies in Nov/Dec 2011, yes I know its not that recent, but might help give an indication on prices for those of you, who like me are wondering whom to go with for shipping .... We had the following companies in and this is what we got so far: [TABLE=class: grid, width: 800] [TR] [TD]Company [/TD] [TD] Total Volume (Cubic Feet) [/TD] [TD] Total Volume Price [/TD] [TD] Price Per Cubic Foot [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]PSS [/TD] [TD] 403 [/TD] [TD] £2049.00 [/TD] [TD] £5.20 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Anglo Pacific [/TD] [TD] 445 [/TD] [TD] £2354.00 [/TD] [TD] £5.29 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Excess Int'nl [/TD] [TD] 409 [/TD] [TD] £2067.00 [/TD] [TD] £5.05 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Crown [/TD] [TD] 435 [/TD] [TD] £2650.00 [/TD] [TD] £5.39 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]John Mason [/TD] [TD] 438 [/TD] [TD] £2150.00 [/TD] [TD] £4.91 [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Pickfords [/TD] [TD] 439 [/TD] [TD] £2095.00 [/TD] [TD] £4.77 [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] We got all of the surveyors in over one weekend (Fri - Mon) and showed them all the exact same things and made it kind of like an interview and asked them the exact same questions ... lol !! :GEEK: Anyone in the same boat getting surveyors in to assess their volume, prepare lots and lots of questions for them .... my wife and I bombarded them with questions relating to the shipping process, the costs, insurance, hidden costs eg ... storage costs, getting boxes early to prepare for packing as some companies were charging for this. This was the most crucial time for us to get as much info out of them as we could. In some cases, some of the surveyors were struggling to answer some questions or even understand the terminolgy which showed how much they knew about what they were trying to sell and did make them look rather unprofessional. To our amazement one surveyor did not know what BAR Overseas was, and another selling insurance, had to flick through the T&C's and narrate them to us when we asked general questions relating to insurance? Another thing to notice is that some companies will advise one thing and others will not advise it, for example, we asked whether we should pack some things into vacuum packed bags to save on volume, some surveyors were saying not to as when shipped in the container, the items will start to sweat due to heat changes in transit and this could result in condensation and mould happening. We weren't planning to anyway but wanted to see what they would say. Others were saying that this was fine and you won't get condensation or mould issues, so sometimes it can be confusing. Anyway, we are still debating who to go with but are trying to filter them down from 6 to 3 and then see who can do a better price, I guess you have to go with your gut instinct of who you feel will look after you and your belongings (even if it means not choosing the cheapest option), but it is tricky as everyone is finding out ... we don't know yet who we are going to go with yet.... :unsure: As for those of you wondering what we are planning to take hence the above quoted volumes, its not even a full 2 bed house ... bits and pieces of everything ... just the bare essentials to get us started (just to name a few things, excluding the obvious like clothes): Biggest items: Bedstead & Mattress x 1 Small dining table with 4 foldable chairs Duvets + pillows 1 x two seater sofa 1 x Small 22" Flatscreen TV 1 x Glass Coffee table 2 x Games Consoles Lots of DVDs 1 x Baby Cot flat packed 1 x Baby car seat 1 x Baby pushchair Boxes of Toilettries Vacum Cleaner Ironing Board Lots of kitchenware Ok then hope that helps some of you out with prices and quotes and good luck with choosing your shipping companies !! :biggrin:
  3. Hi everybody, Sorry if this was covered elsewhere. As much as we love living in Australia (been here 5 years) we have our reasons for moving back to the UK. This wouldnt happen however for at least another 3-5 years but I'd like to at least be as prepared as i can for the mountain of costs that face us. We came over with next to nothing and gradually bought everything we need, however if going back I would like to have everything I have now without having to 'start from scratch'. My question is, is it possible to ship furniture, household goods AND our car in the same container? surely its possible to hirer a bigger container and put everything in the same container? If so, how much more would it then cost me to ship my car as well? It would probably be cheaper to sell the car and buy another one once back in the UK? but id rather pay a bit extra and avoid this hassle. any help/shipping stories appreciated, also recomended shipping companies Cheers Danny
  4. Hi there, Its been a while since I have posted on PIO. Happy New Year to you all. Been trying to work out exactly to make my move to Oz as painless as possible by being organised, hmmm not sure that has worked. Anyway, I am moving to Sydney, flying out on the 27th of Jan, but will spend a month travelling through Cambodia and Thailand and then get to Sydney just in time for the Mardi Gras. My brother is taking on my flat over here, so all furniture etc is being left behind. I am flying with Qantas, and will be using my 23 kilos to carry a few things I will need for my month of travel, but mostly essentials I will need as soon as I get to Oz, eg suits for interviews, some clothes and I will also have in my handluggage my valuables (jewellery, digital slr, laptop). Which means the only things I plan to ship are shoes and clothes. I dont estimate all of this stuff amounting to more than 2 (at the most 3) suitcases worth. And the impression I get is that the more you ship the better the price, economies of scale and all that good stuff. The only quote I have so far is from the excess baggage company. But I figured it might be better to go with someone who specialises in shipping to Oz maybe? Has anyone has any experience of shipping small amounts? I have read quite a few of the threads and would much rather pay more if it means I have more certainty over the arrival date (I think I read somewhere that some companies guarantee dates, whilst others wait until their containers are full) If so I would welcome the names of the companies you used or any advice you can give - as I reckon I can just about get this sorted before I fly out. Thanks
  5. Seeing as there always seems to be people asking about the cost of shipping etc, I thought (seeing as I've just finished organising ours) that I'd share what I've uncovered. Just to add that we are packing all the household stuff ourselves - the company will only be wrapping up furniture/ packing mirrors and pictures etc. This is definitely worth doing as (like the companies will admit) when they pack, they don't do it with your best interests at heart, i.e. the less they stick in a box, the more you go over your allocated space and the more they clobber you for! We'll also be taking apart anything that can be flat packed, just to ensure that we can squeeze as much in as possible. So, of the many, and I mean many companies that I had troop around our house - here are some of the results and the best deals we got. Quotes based on a 20 foot container from Perth to UK (East England) leaving in June: Allied Pickfords - $10,600 for a complete pack - never asked them how much for self pack as I tossed the quote straight in the bin with a laugh when it arrived! Crown - $9,000 Kent Movers - $7500 Movements International - $7995 down to $7400 when asked for discount Keys Bros - Between $6500 - $7000 Transglobal (same people who own Chess, meant to be cheaper but admit they don't offer the same level of service as Chess?!) - $6500 Chess Moving Perth - $6358 Additional hard casing for 42" plasma - $90 Please note none of these quotes include insurance - and this is where they try to make the money of you. One agent wrote down that 3 ornaments in our lounge should be insured at $6000! Last time I checked we didn't have any Faberge eggs! We personally won't be insuring the shipment. We've done so in the past and couldn't get them to pay out for damages they had caused when packing. Short of the whole container going over the side of the ship - which is highly unlikely as I should know after having written a whole boring book on the subject of shipping - we'd rather take our chances. Nothing we have is that valuable and things that matter aren't replaceable anyway. Needless to say we're going with Chess. They seem OK and they're partnered up with Britannia in the UK, which is at least a removals company I've heard of. The one thing I would say when dealing with agents is: a) Tell them you have made plenty of international moves (even if you haven't) so they don't think they can treat you like an unexperienced idiot. b) Play them off against each other to get the lowest price - competition is rife at the moment. c) Get a quote for self pack to compare to a full pack. d) Get the quote in writing ASAP. Chess did try and pull a fast one on me by giving me one price by phone and then add $200 more to it the following day in the written quote they emailed over. I said that I expected the pay what I was originally told and if they didn't stick to that I would carry on shopping around. Needless to say 5 mins later they called back to re offer the original price. Anyway, I know that finding the right company can be a long winded and stressful ordeal, so I hope all our homework is of help to someone else out there. Of course these were the prices we were offered, or rather I asked for, but at least it gives a guideline. Good luck all! Rachel :biggrin: