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Found 2 results

  1. I'm really frustrated with the DIAC and the way they are handling things!!! It seems that everytime there are some good news (a light in the tunnel) something happens and we are taking a few steps backwards. 25/03/2009 – Application received (175 Visa Skilled Independent) 19/06/2009 – Application being processed further (Changed to a 176 State Sponsorship non-csl) 04/08/2009 - CO request police clearance and medicals 08/09/2009 – Health requirements finalised 03/09/2009 – Overseas penal clearance certificates finalised 03/11/2009 – File removed from case officer due to the 23/09/2009 announcement. I took the liberty to e-mail Mr Wilden regarding our application and asked him if he can maybe shed some light on the status of our application. He e-mailed me with the following news: "I have confirmed that all the requirements for your application have been received but under the under the current processing priorities your application cannot be assessed further. While you provided further supporting documents in relation to their employment claims in August, this information had not been assessed when the current Ministerial Direction came into effect. What this means is that although you provided health and character clearances at the request of a case officer because the application is not decision ready it is not able to be assessed and finalised as part of the 'decision ready' group that are now being processed. It is possible that once the decision ready cases in this priority group are finalised then case officers will be able to look at applications like yours sometime in the new year but this will depend on the policy settings applicable to the GSM program when this point is reached." I mean how "decision ready" can an application be - now we get penalised when the CO's can't get an application to a decision ready stage in time - the "supporting documents in relation to employment claims" were provided very early in August... Is there still hope???:arghh: regards AC
  2. I would love to hear from you then! Emmigrating with money and assistance would help but what if you are like me... My family own a house in NZ and we work hard just to cover bill payments. We are considering New Zealand because we want to have a lifestyle... Our situation: We pay hiugh mortgage on our 3 bedroom house and there are five of us in the family including my parents. My husband Ronny, was an accomplished singer, producer songwriter in Indonesia till he came to NZ 9 years ago. Now he works in a retail store where he is adored by his fellow colleauges and bosses. My art career started in Indonesia in 1995 and here in NZ, I work full time in a retail store where I am adored by my bosses and colleagues too! Ron's music career has been on stop for 9 years except for the occasional performance etc. I restarted my art career in 2004 and wants to do more and grow as an Artist. Our 17 year old son wants to be a film maker... No matter how hard we work, we only have enough to pay for our high mortgage and bills... salaries in NZ are pathetic un;less you are highly qualified, which we are not. ... Our plan/ thoughts: One or both of us go over to Australia (Tasmania? Melbourne? Brisbane?) to check it out and apply for work while there... (few days ponly as we are fiancially tight). We go and work in say Brisbane first... and keep paying our mortgage... If things go well... bring our son and parents over (if they want to follow us, I do have others in the family they can may not want to part with)... rent out whole house... Or if parents decide to stay to rent out 2 of the 3 bedrooms. Our questions: 1) Will we be able to live a simple life in Australia for starters and be able to pay for our NZ mortgage and other bills while incurring new bills in Australia? (Average accomodation for a room per week, a unit/ house/ apartment per week in average place not expat deluxe type areas... heh ! heh!) 2) Will we be able to find jobs that pays at the very least $ 18 per hour easily? ( of course I hope for more since I have a vast of work expereince!) 3) How do we transfer money to NZ for bills? 4) How will we be taxed? 5) Will our Artistic careers be better off in Australia??? 6) Which state would be better for us creative types? If anyone can answer my questions and share their life experience... it would be awesome!!! Expectantly, Amanda ps Anyone there needing a fantastic cook, housekeeper type couple? we would not mind a situation where we couple work and live for a family / company taking charge of cooking, housekeeping etc. :jiggy: