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Found 7 results

  1. I hope someone can give me some advice. We have our flights booked for January and finally decided on Queensland. Hubbie still working here and kids still at school, house up for rent, packing well under way and everyone knows the plan. BUT...I have such a terrible feeling this is the wrong thing to do, I'm not sure if it's fear or panic or the fact that I will miss my family but I just don't know if I can do this. I can't eat and feel constantly ill. It is going to cost us soooo much money to do this and I am just not sure it is worth it. We have a nice life here, we have had to cut back in recent years but we are not in any sort of dire situation but I am terrified that starting all over again will be very hard on us, especially my husband. I just feel so sad and feel we have gotten ourselves into a mess. I know there are no guarantees but the tears just won't stop coming and I don't know how I am going to get on that plane. If anyone has gone through this can you let me know how it ended up for you. Thanks & sorry for going on, just desperate at the moment.
  2. hello, I would love for somebody to reply to me! I moved to australia, on my own backpacking. I met a man, i feel in love...the whole shebang. Once we'd finished backpacking, i was more than ready to go home. i love my family but he wanted to stay and because i loved him so much, i stayed too. i never want to make it seem like he forced me to stay. i stayed because i wanted to. fast forward 3 years and i am still here. many times i think i should have gone with my gut and left for good ol' blighty, but i didnt....until now. i am leaving oz in the next few months to be with my family. i tried, more than you can possibly imagine to like australia and i love my boyfriend very very much. id hoped we'd get married, i had planned our entire wedding (for the love of god dont tell him that though ) but ultimately, i will never love a man as much as i love my family. the whole time i have been in oz, my family havent visited. in no way am i indicating my family dont care, they simply just dont have the money...and if this in an indication on what the rest of my life is going to be. i'm not in. i dont want to do it. i would like my future children to know my parents, to sit on my dad's knee and listen to the god awful stories he told me and my sisters as a child. id like my mum to help me out when i have absolutely no idea how to make my child stop screaming and as for my sisters. i dont think i will ever love 2 people as much as i love them. i quite honestly (prepare for dramatics!!) feel like a part of me is missing. for years and years ive pushed down the guilt and the sadness of not seeing them all the time...in all honesty too...it is guilt i feel so very guilty i missed my nephews birth, both sisters engagements, their first homes...i shall never forgive myself and i know they feel the same for me, except for the most interesting thing i ever did was rent an apartment in inner city brisbane, wooopeee! anyway, before i bore everyone to death..assuming anybody is actually reading this. homesickness NEVER goes away, sometimes it sleeps and lays dormant..but follow your heart. if ur gut is telling you "this isnt right" then its correct. going home in 2 months time is the best and saddest decision i ever made. i may well not marry my boyfriend and that kills me because in all honesty...he is amazing but i feel if he loved me the way i do him, he would try and do something to save us and he has not. however, i cant force him. if he doesnt want to go, dont go. it may feel like the end of the world but im sure that it isnt. the grief of a break up is shortlived, homesickness stays for a lot longer. :spinny:
  3. Hello all, I have just moved to Adelaide with my boyfriend of 3 years from London. Since I have known him he has wanted to leave the UK for Oz. We broke up because of this many times as I thought, great! I have finaly met the man of my dreams who I have fallen head over heels in love with and he bloody wants to move to the other side of the world! Just my luck! He also thought we should break up many times because we wanted different things (OZ and london!) but we couldnt keep away from each other and would always get back togther missing each other terribely. In one of our "breaks" he went to sydney to look for a job and try to get sponsorship. We were broken up but he would still call and email and while he was gone i missed him so much. I wanted to be with him desperately, even if it meant going to oz. I looked into ways i could live there and was so unhappy without him. He also missed me and ended up confessing his love for me over the phone in oz during 3 hour long talks on the phone, saying he woudl not be content without me and wanted us to marry. I also didnt feel content without him and decided I would move to oz with him. After he came back from sydney, we spend a happy year togther in london and planned how we would both emigrate to oz togther. THe plan was I would go with him and stay for 6 months and if i like it we would marry and stay here and make a life. THe only problem is that we had to stay in Adelaide for 3 years with state sponsorship b4 we could move anywhere else like sydney (where i actually have relatives). Since being here for 2 months I have felt very homesick and lonely. I miss my family and many friends who I am very close with. I used to live with my parents and see my friends all the time. We are all so close, like sisters and am very close to my mum. I speak to my mum everyday on skype and my friends every week on phone. Everyday we are facebooking. My OH is unhappy because he feels i am not giving it a go here and gets upset when i critizize oz and glorify london. I cant help it because i genuinely miss london so much and my life there where i had a great social life, good job, family etc. I have never thought of moving away from london. I did it for love. I thought it would be enough. AM so confused because i know i have to make a decision soon. am going back in march either engaged to be married and stay here in oz, or back for good on my own. It hurts that i have to choose between the love of my life who is so good to me and loves me, and my home in london and friends/family. I feel i cant just make this decision to "just go home and see it as an adventure" and "at least i tried". I cant think like this because it will mean loosing the man who i love so much. He hates the uk and has never felt at home there, this was his dream to come here and he told me that he cant live there. I insisted i wanted to come and he told meit would be so hard as he knows how close i am to the people in my life. He is scared i am going to leave him. SO sorry guys to rant like this. I just feel that no one understands my dielema. Has anyone emigrated with a partner because it was them who really wantedto go? it seems most couples just so happen to want to do the same thing and made a "joint" decision. How i envy them! AM scared i am making a big mistake living here where i feel out of place and not at home, its such a change from london and i have no friends here. I dont feel its me, if we marry and have children it sadens me that my mum wont be around or my friends, i feel so alone. I also feel that if i decide to go back i will also regret it and it will be a bad decision. I love my oh so much, without him i go mad, miss him so much, and he is so caring and supportive towards me right now, very understanding. I feel bad for ruining his dream, by not being positive enough. Sorry to do your heads in. any advice would be apreciated.
  4. Queenslanders are preparing for the possibility of large bushfires in the coming summer due to greater fuel loads fed by last season's unprecedented floods. Firefighters across the state have been battling large grass fires daily and authorities are warning residents to be prepared for a severe fire season. Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) rural operations manager John Fisher says thicker vegetation is fuelling the fires. 'Fires are taking longer to put out,' Superintendent Fisher said. 'We are having multiple fires daily and they're fast-moving grass fires with tall flame heights that are difficult to suppress.' He said creeks and water bodies that were usually dry were running, making access to fires more difficult. Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk says the council is ramping up its fire management plan with the inclusion of 14 new custom-built fire vehicles. Mr Quirk said the vehicles, worth a total of $1.2 million, were four-wheel drive fire units fitted with a water tank and a safety sprinkler to protect crew if they're overrun by a fast-moving fire. Fire hazard reduction burns took place at Mt Coot-tha Forest in Brisbane on Thursday. Supt Fisher warned residents to work out fire plans after residents overreacted during a large grass fire in Gladstone on Wednesday. He said many thought they had to evacuate their homes. 'People thought it was the worst-case scenario and a lot were contacting emergency services, unsure what to do,' Supt Fisher said. 'The idea of the alert was to make people aware of the circumstances, the location of the fire and where it was likely to go.' It took emergency crews several hours to control the blaze. Another fire was burning in Calliope, southwest of Gladstone, on Thursday.
  5. To whom it may concern I am writing to you in regards to a working holiday visa sub class 417. i need to obtain information on the process of applying with a criminal record, any help or information you can provide me with would be very much appreciated as i am unsure whether i am eligible to apply for such visa. My names I am 30 yrs old, i have a criminal record with a serious offence dating 06/11/99 which included robbery, possessing firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, attempt to take motor vehicle without owner’s consent, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, theft, taking motor vehicle without the owners consent. This was all one offence dated 06/11/99 which is 11 yrs ago to which I received 2yrs detention and 18 months probation which in the UK is cut in half so I only served 12 months in a young offenders centre. Other than that I have 15 other convictions consisting of one count of theft and one burglary. The other 13 are minor driving offences. (To which I have been informed does not count as criminal convictions in regards to visa applications?). With regards to the above, all my last criminal convictions are dated the 13/12/99. Post custody, I left the young offenders centre in 12/00 and went to England where i got a job as a part -time cashier in a bookmakers. After six months I was promoted to deputy manager, after a further three months I was promoted to shop manager. Following this I applied for a store managers job at Focus DIY which I was successful, in 2002 jobs came up for Toyota which was the best place in the area to work, the interview process took me 5 months, I got the job and stayed there to 2004 until I decided to return to northern Ireland to further my education, I enrolled for a course at the University of Ulster doing a foundation degree, I completed the course which I was really proud of as coming from my poor background we did not have much opportunity of education and at the present moment I am in my third yr of a computer science degree with honours.
  6. Just wondering if anyone can give me some advice for my friend(sister in law and husband). He has severe arthritis and has recently been put on a drug called ANTI TNF which seems to be helping him a lot. He and his family are looking into moving to Australia at the moment -he is a gasfitter and so is on the CSL. They are worried with him being on this drug-which costs the NHS £24OOO a year!!! whether a/ would he be given a visa when on a drug like that and pass his medical and b/ would he continue to get the treatment in Oz? They are really keen to move there, especially as we are hoping to be out there if/when we finally get our visa this year! They do not want to go through the whole process and pay money for visa only for some one to turn round and say they cant get a visa granted/or get treatment out there. Would really appreciate any advice on this from anyone else who might know or has had similar experience.
  7. Hi, We now have severe weather warnings here in NSW which has been placed top priority, King tides, flash flooding,abnormally high tides,winds at 90km/h mainly in the Hunter & metropolitan areas at the mo but supposedly spreading to other areas of NSW. SES numbers have also now been issued I remember the bad storms last year the same first 2 weeks of june too, so many peeps lost so much and took weeks & weeks for many to get back to normal,which caused so much heartache, upset & cost - guess its time too batten down the hatches & ride it out.:unsure: (wyong river & tuggerah lakes on flood alert, remember tuggerah mcdonalds under water last year (it was not good all the buns got soggy !!!) How are you guys in other states of oz doing, is your weather calm????