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Found 19 results

  1. caroline Selwood

    103 parent visa time allowed

    Can anyone tell me how long you are allowed from the grant of your visa to when you have to be permanently living in Oz. I lodged my visa in 2010 and queue numbers seem to be moving now.
  2. So after moving to Oz in May we landed in Melbourne and stayed with the 'rents. Now we have arrived in Darwin after 3months travelling and have decided to stay. We LOVE it here! :biggrin: The lifestyle, the weather, the surrounding countryside, everything! We have rented a house and hubby has a job and we are trying to settle into normality! So I wondered if there are any lovely PIO people out there in the Darwin/Palmerston area that wouldn't mind a beer or 2 some time! We have 2 little boys aged 3 and 2 aswell and as I'm home alone in the day I'd love to meet some playmates for them too. I don't hear many posts from Darwin based PIO people but I'm sure there must be some of you out there! :jiggy:
  3. Hi We obtained 176 WA state last year and our flights are booked for September. We are so happy we got WA as our family is there and means our little one can grow up with his cousin etc. However My partner works for Google at present and they are very sad about him leaving, so much so they don't want to lose him so they have organised a job for him in the Sydney office until 2012 and maybe further. my question is our Visa means the world to us as all and I do not want to do anything to jeopardize it, would working in Sydney for 12 months hinder our visa or citizenship when we go for it in 4 years time? Thanking you kindly in advance for any help given as not sure who to ask.
  4. It is not clear to me as to whether the sponsor and the child of the parent need to "settled". For example, the child is a Permanent resident who has lived in Australia for 3 or 6 months while the sponsor of her parents, namely the spouse who is a citizen for (say) more than 10 years. Any ideas what is the guideline in this case? Cheers..
  5. Well we finally arrived in perth 3 weeks ago now i sooooo love it we have moved into our house all our furniture arrived the new car got delivered the kids have started in school and love it then...... I decided to drive out to the tip on friday afternnon and get rid of all the boxes from the shipping and just as i was about to turn into the tip some young lad came speeding down the road and lost control of his car and smashed straight into the side of mine :arghh: i wouldnt have minded it was only a car and none of the kids were hurt but he got out and keep banging on about how he had no insurance and how his car was a classic at 22 years old didnt seem to mind at all that he had just written on my brand new car that i had picked up 3 days previous. So now Steve has gone off for 5 weeks im here waiting for the insurance company to get back to me but i know they will have to investigate because the policy is so new oh and on reading the insurance paperwork this morning ive noticed were only covered for 20,000 which means if it has been written off were 13,000 short :arghh: However apart from that I LOVE IT im having to drive a really crap car until my new ones either gets repaired or i get a new one but who cares the kids are fine it could have been a whole lot worse and im in australia the sun is shining ive debugged only have 1 mozzie bite life is good :jiggy:
  6. ali

    Have you settled yet?

    You must get asked this heaps - I know I have and I usually say yes because I feel content. This morning I woke up to emails from the Roo ball and school parent rep committee, basket ball fixtures, a couple of texts regarding someone leaving the ward I used to work on and organising a night out - and I thought this is why we're settled - it's sort of crept up without knowing it but we're involved in 'everday things' .... so when you think about being settled what's it been for you? Ali
  7. I am after advice from people who have taken a while to settle in Oz. We have been here for 18 months now and although I have made friends and the kids have settled I still get upset every day as I'm so homesick. I'm wondering if anyone else has felt the same and then found that 6 months on they are much happier? Or am I just going to be one of those people who will never be happy here, if so I need to work harder at persuading the rest of the family we need to go home. In the UK I didn't live close to my family but managed to see my parents most weeks and sisters every few weeks. I have a lot of guilt issues about moving here and taking away the grandchildren. I thought these feelings would lessen over time but I'm not feeling any better. My husband wants to stay and so do my kids. What would other people do in my situation? Is it worth giving it more time?
  8. That's settled: Melbourne on top | The Australian
  9. RobandCatherine

    "settled" for sponsoring parents?

    Apologies in advance as it may get confusing, My sister in law bought an aussie husband back with her after backpacking in 2002, in 2 weeks time they are returning to live in Victoria and following our 176 ACT sponsorship we will move to Canberra in the New Year. Mother & father in law also want to move out (both mid 50s) and are considering contributory parent visas, because sil is married to an Aussie citizen will they have to prove that they are settled at the time of application or could they apply sooner? Also as mil & fil will have both daughters resident in Aus are any other visa options open for them, they will be holidaying in Aus next June & I think would ideally like to stay from then if bridging visas etc allow, we have not used an agent but is it worth investing in one in these circumstances? I am hoping Gollywobbler will read this as she seems to be a bit of a specialist with CPVs etc. hope someone can advise.... Rob.
  10. palonman

    CPV "settled" sponsor

    Our only son is over in Oz with his family on a 2 year student visa, after which he will probably go for an employer sponsored visa. Do the two years as a student count as "settled" if he sponsored us for a CPV or would we have to wait until he gains residency after his employer sponsored visa?
  11. PommyPaul

    that settled feeling

    Amazing how it just creeps up on you hey! one minute your like, whoaaa where the hell am i, the next your like sweeeeet.... you know where everything is, you know your way there and back and your more likely to say "hows it going" rather than "alright"
  12. I've found i'm doing pretty much the same thing as i used to in the uk now that i've settled in aus. uk i used to fish on the norfolk broads, oz i sea fish off the beach round caloundra. uk i used to do trackdays at snetterton, now its qld raceway. uk i worked then went home did the chores and chilled on the net and in front of telly, same in oz. uk i hate shopping, oz i still hate shopping lol... so did the things you do actually change once you'd settled in, in australia or is it just the same but in what i would consider a much nicer enviroment?
  13. Hi all, Just wanted to say that I moved to Ireland nearly four years ago from London where i was born and bred, we are relocating to Oz in February from Ireland tho me and my boyfriend are both from london. I absolutely HATED ireland when when we moved here, i mean HATED it and if hadn't been for the fact that my whole family lives here i would've been back to london in a shot, then after a couple of years i just sort of started to settle in without even realising it. I didn't think i'd ever settle here and i would compare everything to how it was back 'home', the driving, weather, shops, peoples mentality, peoples attitude's, lifestyle e.t.c. e.t.c.! Don't get me wrong i still do get annoyed at certain things especially the driving, then i'll pop back to london to see OH family and i'll realise that some drivers in London are just as bad as they are in Ireland and the weather is just as bad and that some people are muppets in uk like they are in Ireland. I think its just easier to moan about the country where you were born as its your home and when you relocate to a new country on top of all the everyday s**t that you have to put up with you also have to contend with the fact that your not a local and you are in fact a foriegner. Who knows I might get to Oz and hate it too and be on the first flight home but it honestly really does get easier with time when you move. I hope everyone is not thinking for me to shut up as i only moved from england to ireland so what do i know, but uk and eire couldn't be more different. I really hope that everyone who is sad in Oz settles in soon and starts to love it there. Also one more thing, I used to get really angry when I was made to feel like a foriegner here or if people used to call me a 'tan' (as in black in tan) and then i started to think that not everyone is the same and it isn't everyone that makes me feel like that so why would i hate Ireland because of just a handle of people. Now i love Ireland and i totally feel like i've intergrated here and i embrace everything as though i belong here, just as that happens we are upping sticks and monving to Oz so i have to go through it all again.lol! Good luck to everyone. xx
  14. Guest

    in oz two months and settled

    Hi all, Just an update for those who remember me from the few posts I sent before we left. Myself, hubby and 16 year old daughter and 10 year old son came to perth on hubbys 457 visa in the middle of August. Hubby settled in work. 10 year old happy and settled in school and in Australia. 16 year old daughter working full time in a child day care centre near home getting full time wages while working towards her certificates and qualifications. She is struggling a bit missing her friends, family and boyfriend but coping really well and I am proud of her. We are all so much happier here than the UK if not missing people. I certainly miss people but not the UK. If any of you remember my hubby is to old to get us the pr visa so it is my intention to study to hopefully get us the pr visa. I start an aged care course on Monday and I am really looking forward to it. It is my intention to go right through to diploma level which will take about 2 years and then hopefully get us the pr visa. Have been looking at the visas and when I qualify I will be a welfare worker or a community worker. I have always wanted to work with the elderly so now I am selfishly thinking the move here is my time to do what I want for a change, kids are older now and it's my turn to have a career. My problem with the pr visa may be that I do not have enought points. In 2 years when I qualify I will be coming up for 43. I am also studying at a regional campus but do not know if I can get the extra points for this as I do not live in a regional postcode I don't think. Anyone any ideas on this. If I am short on points can I do the ilets test for them. I have tried to work the points out but I do get myself confused. Hubby and I were wondering if we need to engage an immigration agent now or when I have finished my course. Again any help and advice will be appreciated. I am so looking forward to the start of my course though. It should be very interesting and very rewarding. Thanks for reading my post and gollywobbler if you have any advice on visas and points i would like to hear your views. Thank you and good luck to all still trying to get thier visas.
  15. Guest

    Now the dust has settled....

    Hi All, Sarah and I haven't posted for a while but we haven't forgotten about OZ. When we first came up with the idea of emigrating we were full of enthusiasm and I researched like mad, even down to which Foxtel package we'd have! lol. We quickly decided that the only way to properly decide would be to have a reccie, which we booked a long time ago for this October. Since then all the research and most of the thinking about OZ has paused. Now that the reccie date is looming (4 weeks now!) we are not sure how we are going to feel. Our situation hasn't changed a huge amount however as we are trying for our first baby and the fact that we would be leaving new grandparents behind is a constant reminder of what we have here. That coupled with the fact that my self-employed career is going amazingly at the moment makes us ponder what we actually have to loose. All the initial draws to OZ still remain and we intend to have a truly wonderful holiday in a few weeks time, however we are more 50:50 now whereas before we were probably around 70:30. It's not going to be an easy decision....... Just thought I'd post this so that I have an honest account lodged here for when I return and will no doubt be recanting numerous stories along with our joint findings. To be continued.....
  16. Guest

    What does settled mean

    We have just returned back from a holiday in oz (visiting the family) and we are hoping to join the family and live there,looking on the aussie govt webpage its says that the family have to be settled in oz?can someone define settled,does it mean has our daughter and her husband have a job/house/? or that our 4 year old grandson goes to school(hes turning into a aussie). They only emigrated in July 2007 does this make a difference
  17. Being here for 5 weeks now i feel i settled into home life with my O/H and her son that was my biggest worry when i moved here cause i only previous spent 2 weeks in the same house lol BUt i found it a piece of cake even through im still putting things in the wrong places. but how can you tell you settled into the country it self even through i been cranky over the last few weeks and still am with the job search :err: I love the ausise way and pace of life but feel like i being pushed south by other People as they feel i don't belong in Queensland as I come from London do they think every one from London wants to live the Rat race all there life.
  18. Lynne2007

    Here I Am All Settled ;-)

    Well here i am all settled in our new home in Sydney, Just waiting on Tony & kids arriving next Thursday 16th Jan. Well my first night here in our new home was a bit of a scary experience, if you had seen me you would have laughed & laughed & laughed but i didnt because i put the air conditioner on which was fine all clear i was doing just fine, i goes to the toilet then sees a cockroach, well i pooped my pants as i not physically seen one for real before in my entire life so out came the spray (thankyou Jo for the advice of what to buy, you saved my life :notworthy:) it died then i goes back into living room to watch telly but when i looked up at the air conditioner unit there was something staring at me out of the vents, well that was it, i was OMG WHAT THE HECK IS THAT, no it wasnt small to me it was blooming big, again i pooped my pants, out came the spray (I have a lot to thank Jo for for recommending this spray :yes:) i moved the furniture and sprayed for dear life of which it fell on the floor but nope it wasnt dead, i pooped myself again so i am spraying and spraying then i had enough of it still wriggling so out came a box i had so it got a good beating of which i may add took a few hits to finish it off then i rang Jo in a frenzy which she told me i should have took photos of it but all i could think of at the time is you are not sharing my blooming bed :twitcy: I finds out after meeting one of our neighbours that is was a light brown grasshopper. Well i am sorry if anyone thinks i was cruel but at the time and my first night here i had no idea what it was and it was in my space and was not stopping for supper. After all that i could not sleep all night so was awake all night. Next morning i saw another cockroach so sprayed that and then went shopping and got cockroack baits of which are now all over the house and i went and bought one if them plug in elecric signal things what sends out signals to deter beasties and believe it or not i have not had one beastie in this house since and i have been here for 2 & half weeks now. Our dog lies tomorrow and will arrive in quarantine on thursday and our furniture is on it was now thanks to GBLiners who apparently did a fantastic job packing it all up, and ye people they even packed up my Rabbit (after hubby cursed me like for leaving it behind for him to sort and explain to customs hehehe) but they didnt take anything out of draws so didnt see it lol, we should get our furniture etc middle to end of february. I have got my Ozzy driving licence now which i did day after arriving in Oz, got my golden sticker in my passport and got our new car too so all tony has to do when he gets here is build the 15ft pool we bought so he has it easy lol. I started work on the wednesday after xmas and am absolutely loving it, made work friends too and a lot of them are from the UK too so that helps, been doing a lot of night shifts so hence reason i havent been on here much and i only got my internet on on 3rd Jan. The only other thing i can say is I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to all the others waiting on there visas, wont be long now and congratulations to all of you who got your visas while i been offline. It is and was all worth it as it is an amazing country, missed you all muahhhhhh :jiggy: xxxxxx
  19. Guest

    sort of settled but not!?

    Hi All first time to use and just found the site last night:spinny: we arrived in Oz last August and our story is a bit different to those that I have read so far, in that I am an aussie and my husband in english, however I lived in the UK for 6 years before returning. we are living in the Blue Mountains and all in all is going ok as family are around and some friends, but most are in Sydney or have moved totaly away. need some ideas on how how to meet like minded couples, girlfriends, mates etc!! any advice Cheers Alana