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Found 73 results

  1. I've seen this question asked a few times now so thought I would supply as much info on this matter as possible. Aussie power outlets are the same as the UK. 230-240 volts. Plug sockets are very different however, but you can get around this issue with an adaptor plug. If you have a High Definition Digital Television, even though Australia and the UK both use the PAL system to broadcast Analogue and Digital TV signals, there is still a good chance your UK bought TV may not work when you get here. First up...Analogue TV sets Australia and the UK both broadcast in PAL, but they are differing variations of PAL. This means the audio has different frequency properties and so, more often than not your UK TV (set up for PAL I) will not be able to receive the audio component of the signal from Australian transmitters (broadcast in PAL G). Secondly... High Definition Digital TV sets... Similar issue. The vision will be received fine by your HD telly, but the sound will more than likely be corrupted by the DIGITAL signal output by Aussie TV stations/broadcasters. The reason is that the UK and Australia ouputs digital audio in different digital based formats. Some in AC3 and some in mpeg which is a similar audio format to DVD audio. I should stress however that SOME very new Digital TV sets may have an option menu to change this audio system setting for receiving Digital TV signals in other worldwide areas, but unless you can check this out for sure on you particular model of Digital TV, it is best to sell it and start again with buying a NEW one here in Australia. It is also a good point to remember that the ocean can be rough, and you may need to wrap your precious telly-box in at least a foot of bubble-wrap before placing it into a container for shipping. Screen components on LCD and Plasma TV's are very fragile! In summary...sell your UK set before moving here and buy a new one in Australia when you arrive. LCD and Plasma Digital High Def TV's appear to be much cheaper here than in the UK, and if you purchase one here you will have peace of mind that everything will function properly, and that your vision AND audio will be crystal clear. My YG :idea:
  2. Whilst still in the UK? That way I will have a ready source of funds to rent a house when I get there. Thanks for any advice
  3. AaronS

    Barbie all set up

    Sorry, but I had to go with a real barbie that cooks with charcoal. Gas or electric won't cut it for a country boy from Texas. The good smell coming from Frenchs Forest will be from my backyard. Come on over but bring some beer!
  4. Another query on behalf of a good friend who is hoping to secure a 457 visa. The question is will his wife be allowed to set up a business after arrival in Australia? I've done some digging myself and it's clear that she will be able to work but not so clear as to whether she will be able to be a business owner. Any advice from someone i the know would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. The Pom Queen

    UK Set for -20

    JUST days after a heatwave Brits have been warned to brace themselves for a cold snap with temperatures plunging to -20°C. Nervous councils are busy stockpiling 1.4million tonnes of grit in preparation for another harsh winter and snow falling as early as next month. On average councils have ordered 1,500 tonnes more salt than at the same time last year as forecasters predict the UK could be just weeks away from a sudden collapse in temperatures. Forecaster James Madden, from Exacta Weather, said: "I expect the most frequent and heavy snowfalls to occur across many parts of the UK during November, December and January at present." Temperatures dropped as far as -20°C last winter and Mr Madden said of the upcoming cold snap: "It is likely that temperature and snowfall records will be broken." The Local Government Association (LGA) revealed authorities were aiming to stockpile more salt for October than the total amount used last winter. Scotland has already seen snow this week, just days after record October temperatures saw bikini-clad sun seekers hit beaches around the UK. And forecasters have predicted temperatures in the seventies (Fahrenheit) on Sunday and Monday.
  6. The IKEA store in Sydney has set up "Manland", a daycare for men who are fed up of shopping with their partner. They can play the xbox, eat hot dogs and watch sports, while the women go shopping. Why couldn't they continue this? Everyone wins in the end.
  7. HOUSE prices and rents are set to go through the roof again in Brisbane, The report, prepared by BIS Shrapnel, says the underlying strength of the Australian economy, stable interest rates in the short term, high immigration and a dire shortage of houses, will be the main drivers of this growth. It forecasts the Brisbane median house will lift by 16 per cent to $505,000 over the three years to June 2014. The rise in home prices and shortage of accommodation is also expected to force up rents. This compares with 20 per cent in Perth, 19 per cent in Sydney, 8 per cent in Canberra and only 6 per cent in Melbourne. It also predicts that first home buyers will start to re-enter the market in greater numbers next year as the outlook for the economy improves. This will in turn encourage others to return, especially upgraders, as demand for their properties improves. ''Sydney hasn't fallen in a hole and house price growth has been minimal but has held up over the last 12 months,'' said Robert Mellor, the managing director of BIS Shrapnel. But he predicts this will jump to about 5 per cent in 2011-12 and 7 per cent the year after, before growth will start to slow as a result of higher interest rates in 2013. ''At some point in the next few years rising interest rates will become a concern and that will bring a slowing in residential property markets,'' Mr Mellor said. BIS Shrapnel chief economist Frank Gelber warned the Melbourne market was "running out of steam" as supply levels for new homes increased to satisfy demand. Would-be house buyers would be deterred by a likely 100-basis point increase in interest rates over the next few years. Such a rise would take the official rate to 5.75 per cent. "The property market will stay stronger over the next few years but there will be no huge increase in (residential) property prices over the next five years in Melbourne," Mr Gelber said, speaking in Melbourne. "The next big increase in Melbourne property prices won't be until the next upward phase of the economy." Separately yesterday, a report from the Housing Industry Association revealed that in the past year, Australia's major developers built about 50,500 new houses - down about 20 per cent from the previous year. Commercial to eclipse residential Despite the optimistic outlook for home owners in most capital cities, residential property will be outperformed by commercial property over the next 10 years, according to research by ANZ. Equities will eclipse residential real estate as the strongest performer, but ANZ suggests that when risk is factored in, commercial property will generate similar returns. The report, Asset returns: Past, Present and Future, said owner-occupied housing had made annual average returns of 12 per cent over the 24 years since 1987 even when costs and taxes were factored in. Simple historical comparisons of equities and property are often used by property analysts to demonstrate housing's superior capital returns but ANZ included costs, taxes, interest on loans and factored in the risk associated with investing. It found that owner-occupied housing had the highest returns, outperforming investment property, in part because of capital gains tax exemptions. Investor housing was the next best asset class, performing slightly better than equities over the time analysed, the report said. They were followed by government bonds, term deposits and commercial property.
  8. Tasmanian weather set to get wild. (During the next century anyway) TASMANIANS can expect more intense rainfall episodes and more hot days and warm nights as the climate changes throughout this century, a new report out yesterday shows. The Climates Futures for Tasmania technical report on extreme events found that the effects of climate change on weather will vary depending on the region. "Extremely wet days will increase in the South-West and North-East, averaging up to seven days per year, which is about a 25 per cent increase," said the report's lead author, Chris White. However, the number of rainy days across the state is expected to decrease, with the greatest decline in the North-West. Dr White said hot summer days and heatwaves would get more frequent. "The number of summer days [warmer than 25C] is projected to double or triple in some regions. Some areas of Tasmania will get 40 additional summer days a year by the end of the century." The Climate Futures for Tasmania project, managed by the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre, is the State Government's most important source of climate change information at a local scale. Climate Change Minister Cassy O'Connor said the project was crucial. "The report outlines projections for extreme tide and sea-level events, severe wind gusts in a changing climate, and flooding in Tasmanian rivers," she said. "The report also includes information on coastal vulnerabilities and projected climate-change impacts on infrastructure, which is all essential information to be used for sea-level rise inundation mapping and in regional planning by local government." The report can be found at www.climatechange. tas.gov.au
  9. We are going out to Melbourne to validate visas early next year but will not be staying permanently at that time. Is it possible to set up any bank accounts whilst we are there or do we have to have a permanent address over there to do this? Is there anything else we can do whilst over there? Register at schools etc?
  10. Hi everyone, I'm really in need of your help. Right I have told my husband of the countless threads & posts that many of you "in the know" guys have said that to equal our finances & lifestyle over in Oz we should work on the 2 - 2.2 x uk salary scale. But he's just not believing me ! Can you guys help explain it better to him than I can & set him straight & get him to realise its not just one or two folk that says that.
  11. woody465

    Set up costs

    Hi Everyone, My husband and I are hopefully moving to Sydney in October this year (our 457 visa application was lodged last week), I am just trying to pull together the list of 'set up' costs we will have when we first arrive so we can anticipate how much money to transfer. We are going to book short term accomodation for 3 weeks before we arrive so I am not including that in my set up and we will not be purchasing a car initally So far I have: Rental Bond 1 month rent upfront Food ( Month before any pay) Public Transport Utility set up (unsure how this works but I have seen other people mention it) Mobile phones Is there anything fundamental that I am missing? I wasn't sure if there was anything else connected to renting or if you need to pay more than a month upfront? Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!
  12. Hi Friends, I am willing to submit my application to ACS for ANZSCO Code 262113 (Systems Administrator). I just wanted to be doubly sure before applying of all the documents I have. Also, the process of making an application. 1) I have to apply on this link, right ? 2) I have heard from a friend that I need to follow download skill Assessment Form from here and send across with my documents. But, I could not find any such link in "MAKING AN APPLICATION" section of Pre-application Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants. Please suggest. 3) In Relevant qualifications and Relevant experience fields of online application, do I need to attach scanned copies of original documents. 4) Notarized Copy means photocopy of original documents certified/attested a Notary, right ? Just wanted to crosscheck, by the way I saw same written here. 5) After filling the application and making the payment through Credit Card, how do I need to send the documents (along with A copy of the signed online ‘application record’ and the email acknowledgement with the reference number) to the below address. I need to send the documents through courier or registered post. I am sorry if some of the above questions seems silly, forgive my ignorance. :wideeyed: Just want to make sure from my forum friends that I am on right track. Many thanks in advance.
  13. The Pom Queen

    Interest Rates set to rise to 9.5%

    Just had this article sent through to me thought it would be of interest to those members following the property market. Property prices won't experience huge losses over the next three years but interest rates will rise to almost 9.5 per cent by 2014 to force buyers back onto the sidelines, a new study says. The report by BIS Shrapnel, released today, dismisses forecasts of sharp falls in prices over the short to medium term and predicts prices to remain steady through the rest of 2011 "with some cities even showing moderate price growth over the two following years". Report author Angie Zigomanis said the drop in home prices to June this year had been caused by the government's withdrawal of stimulus spending, rising interest rates and a 50 per cent pull-back in the number of first-home buyers entering the market. But he said buyers would return as investment from the mining boom started revving up the economy through 2012. "The only question mark for us is interest rates. Our forecast is for a half a per cent rise later this year, and another half a per cent rise in the first-half of next year," said Mr Zigomanis. "In an environment that is strengthening, we can probably handle that at current price levels. People have factored those rate rises in, so as the economy picks up people will wade back into the market knowing that there is a couple of interest rate rises on the horizon." He said the forecasts were based on unemployment falling below 4 per cent in "a strong economic environment" where rising wages and inflation would see the RBA hike rates. "Housing rates are consequently forecast to peak at 9.4 per cent by the end of 2013. While the momentum in purchaser activity is expected to continue into 2012-13, rates at this level will eventually bring about a downturn in both the residential market and the economy over 2014." City by city Mr Zigomanis forecast Sydney's median house price to be $640,000 in June 2011, or a 1 per cent rise on a year earlier. The report noted that house prices would "remain 9 per cent below the peak of March 2004" but home loan affordability was "at its best level since 2002". Melbourne's forecast median house price would hit $575,000, a 3 per cent rise on a year earlier, but Mr Zigomanis noted there was "little upward pressure on prices" as the construction of new dwellings was beginning to exceed demand. In Brisbane, the median house price would slide 4 per cent over the year to $440,000. The report noted that "underlying demand in the Queensland market has been weakened by lower overseas and interstate migration inflows that have fallen to long term lows". The Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions were expected to have moved in tandem with Brisbane. Adelaide's median house price to June 2011 was predicted to remain static at $410,000, while Perth home prices would settle at $480,000, down 4 per cent for the year and 10 per cent since the March quarter peak of 2007. The median price of a home in Hobart was steady at $365,000 over the year to June and Canberra's median house price was estimated to have fallen 2 per cent to $512,000.
  14. Hi Guys, I have served in the Royal Navy and since leaving I have been in sales, ranging from car sales to financial advice in Abu Dhabi and I am now a sales manager for a company in the UK. as you can see I have no 'skill' set that is listed on the SOL list, are there any other methods of how I can get to move to Australia? Also does any one know the process of getting step kids out to oz? hope to hear from you. Lee
  15. Hi anyone in process of moving back - we are in our 4th month back (after 13 plus years in Perth) and no regrets at all I will do a separate post about the emotional stuff but here is some boring practical stuff that may be helpful and save you some hassle 1. Working in UK -If you plan to work within 6 months of landing - get a recent Australian Police Clearance before you leave (has to be within last 6 months). I had to have a security check for my new employer but because I have not been back for 6 months they cannot do one so I had to apply for a recent Aussie one. Not easy from here as it has to go via Canberra and you have to pay in Aussie dollars and it takes over 3 weeks to get which delays employment etc. Just get one if you are gonna work in case you need to be vetted. 2. Car insurance - we struggled to get a company to acknowledge our no claims coz it was earned overseas. Get a letter from your car insurers confirming your no claims (RAC will do one for you ) as it may help - we found Saga insurance UK(oops...can I mention names ??) were good (if you are over 50 of course!!)and they recognised the no claims. Otherwise lot more expensive 3. Landline and internet - lots of different companies vying for business so some good deals but beware it can take 3 weeks to get connected. I had to keep going to brothers to access internet Could buy a mobile dongle but can be expensive depending on what you are using it for 4. Mobile phones - again if you did not leave a UK bank account open and you open a new one (which we did) then you may struggle getting a contract coz no credit history. I have had to tag on to my Mums contract to get a monthly deal. Pay as you go is expensive so ask family and friends for advice 5. Buying house/providing ID - we had to produce certified copies of passports etc - worth getting some copies done and signed by a 'professional' so you have them ready 6. Pets - we bought our springer spaniel back and she is in her element! Just a tip - the Customs people at Heathrow will actually deliver your pet to your home. yes at a cost - we live in lancashire and it cost 175 pound. But consider that if you are on the same plane as your pet - it takes up to 5 hours to clear them through the animal customs so long time to wait when you are knackered after the flight. A few more hours wont hurt them! Our dog arrived at my Mums house (3 weeks after I landed and 1 week before hubby landed) in clean crate and none the worse except just tired - dont think she slept the whole journey but she was healthy and happy and paying for the delivery saved us the stress of driving down to Heathrow and having to stay over etc so the cost for us was worth it. Another thing to watch - make sure you have the original rabies cert to give to the collector so they travel with your pet. The carrier we used failed to tell us this and I wont go into the panic we had or name and shame them as I hope it was a one-off mistake but it is probably THE most important bit of the process. (I had to send originals to London to be there when she landed but it was touch and go whether this would be OK - phew!) Hope this helps - let me know if I can help with anything else - believe me things have changed if you have been away for a while but the best thing is that family and friends rally round and help See separate post for 'how are we feeling 4 months on' ....but it's positive!
  16. My Brother has a Westpac account which he has opened in Perth. I would like to pay some money into it monthly (i'm nice like that!) but how do I do that. I have the "sort code" and account number and all his details. Im with Natwest and I have online banking but can't seem to find out how to set up a monthly payment from my account to his. Any ideas? xxx:err:
  17. family of five

    Private school fees set to rise?

    Dear All, Just read this re private schools fees, does this mean that fees could be going up and if so by how much? Was looking at private schools for my kids but don't want them to start and then have to pull them out if the fees go up lots, anyone know any thing about this? Thanks all Tina, Family of Five x http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/sunday-mail/private-school-fees-in-600m-funding-hit/story-e6frep2f-1226047555084
  18. HI everyone, we have booked a short term rental in Secret Harbour for 3 weeks from 1st July. I am surrounded by boxes and furniture to be dismantled for packing and somehow it doesn't seem real (as if something's gonna stop us going. Is this normal? ). I think I'm panicking because hubby hasn't got a job organised to go to (he's an industrial electrician) and I'm a primary teacher (not wanting to get full time work until we're settled). We have a son (24) who's already there working on a mine (he's the on that talked us into going!) a 19 year old daughter (who has now got a boyfriend and although sad to leave him is excited about going) and an 11 year old daughter (extremely shy and worried about starting a new school etc). We have organised a place at Assumption Catholic Primary for my daughter but we're keepingan open mind as we haven't even seen the school yet. Does anyone know anything about the school. If she goes to the school we will be looking to rent long term around the Mandurah area. We also have two wee dogs, so that will make it harder to find a decent rental! Yikes, so much to think about and do! It would be great to hear from anyone in the same boat that is going to perth around the same time.
  19. I was watching the news about a week ago and there was a report in depth about the artificially inflated house prices here,and how the bubble will burst soon as it is not sustainable!What do you think?I hope it does,from a purely selfish angle,so i can get a house! Cannot afford to buy and live a decent life here at the moment,i prefer the latter at present!!!!:wink::goofy:
  20. Guest

    Initial set up costs

    Hi all Just trying to work out our initial set up costs one we set foot in Oz, has anyone got a list they worked from when arriving? Got my own but need to make sure I'm not missing anything major. Thank you.
  21. Hi Folks, I'm trying to figure out where to start in arranging our services at our new rental. In the UK, the previous tenant/owner is usually asked to name the suppliers for the new tenant to contact them, and decide whether to continue with them, or choose another. We've moved into our rental in Sydney, and so far, everything is switched on/running, but we're not sure by/with who as a supplier. We're not sure who we should contact to get this moving. We did notice on every agency application form there was an offer to pass our details to a 'one-stop-shop' who would set up our services. However, I viewed this with suspicion - it sounded like a way to sell overpriced affiliated services to us - and left it blank in doubt. However, having now found how well-defined NSW rental legislation is, I'm wondering if actually it was a reasonable thing to sign up to. Can anyone advise what the usual procedure is? Many thanks! Damian
  22. Afternoon all... I have just 'invested' around an hour reading through some of the 'Cost of Living' threads and I've got to say that I feel a little better having done so. I have been a member of PIO for around 12 months now and the one thing that seems to be ringing in my ears more than any other is that Australia is sooooo much more expensive than the UK. Having looked through some of the figures on the site though this really doesn't seem to be the case. Food certainly seems to be more expensive but then this looks to be balanced out by the fact that utilities and petrol is so much cheaper. I'm beginning to think that the discrepancy here is that people are including their initial set up costs having made the move. Our position is that we will be paying a big whack up front and bringing everything with us.....40ft container full to the rafters (even asked if we could put a roof rack on it to add some more gear!!! :biggrin:) plus another 40ft container with our two cars in it!!!! I would much prefer to take the hit in the UK and cut out the poor exchange rate than face the pain in Aus. Real estate seems to be the other area which is causing a skewed comparison. Australia is still struggling with high purchase and high rents whereas the UK has slowed down and people are currently 'enjoying' the lowest interest rate in decades. This won't last and when the UK rates start to increase the cost of living in the UK will start to feel much higher. I've noted a few of my UK outgoings below and they seem way more than anything quoted on this thread: £500 pm Food £173 pm Council Tax £70 pm Oil (no mains gas) £50 pm Electric £38 pm Water Rates and of course £.136 per litre fuel.....even my bloody LPG has gone up to 70p per litre! Life's bloody expensive everywhere!!! :arghh: Thoughts......??:confused:
  23. My OH reminded me that today is exactly 15 years since I first set foot on Australian soil. Anyone else, other than Captain Arthur Philip and me, who arrived on the 26th? I watched the Red Arrows fly around the harbour but missed the fireworks at night (jetlag). Stayed at a lovely hotel at The Rocks. Happy Days.
  24. in the uk--so if thats the case thats some good news for people moving to oz this year,or are in oz awaiting the sale of there house in the uk--i saw this on the bbc news this morning--as a thought say your house is on the market in the uk,and you are living in oz,and say it goes up in spring will you get it revalued for selling purpose,or will it remain at the selling price you agreed with the agent, which could have been 6 months ago
  25. Guest

    Will my Skill Set be in demand

    Hello and happy new year to all, I'm just trying to find out some info regarding my skill set. I am a City & Guilds qualified bathroom fitter with a basic city and guilds plumbing qualification. I have been doing this job working for myself for 6 years now, and although not qualified, can wall and floor tile to an excellent standard and plaster. I trying to find out if there would be a demand for this skill set in Oz. We were hoping to move to Perth if there was an opportunity. If anyone could point me in the right direction or has answer my question i would be very greatful. Thanks in advance :biggrin: