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Found 53 results

  1. Guest

    Postal Services

    Hi .... does anyone know how long a small parcel usually takes to get to WA??? We posted a parcel nearly 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived.
  2. Hi All, I am employed by a multidisciplinary design consultancy in the UK and am planning to move to Melbourne in early 2013, I am currently employed as an Intermediate Electrical Design Engineer. My question is this:- How heavily does Building Information Modelling (BIM) / Revit MEP feature in the building services / construction industry within australia??? Would I benefit from getting involved now, i.e. is it expected of an electrical building services engineer in Oz or is it classed as a different role over there??? Any advice would be greatly received!
  3. Hvac project mamager with hospital project managment experience wanted $ 150,000 package , are you intrested in comming to perth ? 457 sponsership available to the right applicant if intrested pm me
  4. Having seen this article - interested in others' experiences of working in mental health in Victoria. Struggling to imagine just how much the s*** would hit the fan if a service user admitted on the ward I work on committed suicide on the unit and can't remember ever hearing about this happening in any of trusts I've worked in, despite my current trust's occassional headline-making errors! Wasn't expecting the grass to be greener but a little shocked. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/state-urged-to-act-on-shocking-death-rates-in-mental-care-20110904-1jsh1.html
  5. Ronan20

    Down Syndrome Services

    I have received a 457 visa. Our two year old son has Down Syndrome. Is he entitled to avail of all services that are available to help cope with DS or are there exclusions because we only have a 457 visa and not a PR visa. Thanks Ronan
  6. Moving out to oz this Sunday coming for a year.I am a joiner and the gf works in the bookies and the bar and she does a bit of cleaning here in sunny Scotland.we are flying to Sydney and staying a week there.willing to go anywhere in oz though, not to worried about finding work but just wondered if anyone knew the definite best place to get some given what our jobs are. There's not that many jobs listed online but I take it the local papers will have adverbs. I do a lot of (homers) (side jobs out with my own work,is that a done thing in oz too? Thanx for any replies.:biggrin: Ps.feel free to hire my services through this eh(thread). Cambo the joiner.
  7. Anyone work for or about to be employed by BIS? I am hoping to get an interview shortly for employment with their workshops. Any info / advice appreciated
  8. On June 18, 2011 since 3.00 am GMT, I have been trying but unable to acess 176 online application despite trying numerous times. Does anyone else experiencing the same problem. Thanks
  9. Hvac project manager with hospital project experience wanted package $150k are you intrested in comming to perth WA ?. possible 457 sponseship available to the right applicant pm me if intrested ,
  10. Hello I'm new to this forum so let me know if I have posted this question in the wrong place! My husband and I are looking to move to Australia, ideally Melbourne, Perth or Sydney. We are hoping to get in via an employer sponsored visa for my husband who is a UK chartered senior electrical building and services engineer. He is currently working in Saudi Arabia so I am doing a bit of searching for him from back in the UK. He has sent his c.v. to several Australian agencies but after a promising initial phone call with one of the recruiters he's not heard anything back. After any job offer he would need to give 2 months notice to his company in Saudi and he would then like 1 month back in the UK but after that we would be ready to move out. Could anyone give any advice on the best agencies to find work or any companies he could approach directly? Thank you Jacqui
  11. Briggy

    Postal services:(

    Hi to all, Not a happy bunny today:( Just found out that a wedding dress I made for my daughter and sent as a gift for her. She has been charged 72 pounds to have it delivered her end, fumming:mad: We put on the parcel it was a gift, but we did insure it for $300 is this what has caused her to pay an import tax??? Does any one know??? Just that I'm making her 3 bridesmaid dresses too and have to post them back. Do I have to take the chance and not insure them. Confuzzled:wacko: Don't want her to pay again:(:shocked: Anyone got any info please:D:D:D And we were told it would take 3/7 working days 10 days later and she still hasn't got it:( But is on it's way:D Cheers Brig xC:x
  12. Hi I have worked in the financial services area a number of years ago both at branch retail and group credit level. May look to move back into this sector in Aus. Can anyone tell me the most recognised and respected Australian qualification, which I would need to attain - similar to the QFA qualification in Ireland/UK. Regards
  13. Hi Guys, Does anyone have any recommendations for lawn moving/gardening services in Brisbane (south side - Camp Hill area)? Thanks Simon
  14. Can anyone help me with the choosing of services please? Gas Electricity Water Im in Victoria and about to move into a rental property who will set them up but worry that the companys they use wont be the cheapest/best suppliers. Thanks:biggrin:
  15. Hi Folks, I'm trying to figure out where to start in arranging our services at our new rental. In the UK, the previous tenant/owner is usually asked to name the suppliers for the new tenant to contact them, and decide whether to continue with them, or choose another. We've moved into our rental in Sydney, and so far, everything is switched on/running, but we're not sure by/with who as a supplier. We're not sure who we should contact to get this moving. We did notice on every agency application form there was an offer to pass our details to a 'one-stop-shop' who would set up our services. However, I viewed this with suspicion - it sounded like a way to sell overpriced affiliated services to us - and left it blank in doubt. However, having now found how well-defined NSW rental legislation is, I'm wondering if actually it was a reasonable thing to sign up to. Can anyone advise what the usual procedure is? Many thanks! Damian
  16. Guest

    State Emergency Services.

    Well, from what I can gather from friends etc out in Queensland and to some extent the media to date there have been no recorded fatalities after cyclone Yasi, however I think there are two people missing, lets hope they turn up well and healthy. And I also realise that Cairns etc didn't come off as bad as some expected, unfortunately further south it was a different story with places such as Mission Beach fairing rather worse. I am the first to have a pop at local and national government if they need a good telling off, BUT. From what I can gather the way this potential devastation was handled by the Queensland government, and much more importantly the state emergency services is truly worth of mention. I realise that a lot of Queenslanders took it upon themselves to do what they could to ensure their own safety, but in no small part the SES should be praised for the work, planning and communication that took place that I dare say saved many lives. As with the recent floods in Queensland the SES have been working overtime to ensure peoples safety, and often at the risk of their own lives. It is all too easy to criticise many aspects of government, but in this instance I would particularly like to highlight the SES and the terrific work they do. They can be seen time and again in bush fires, floods and cyclones etc work their behinds of to ensure no lives are lost. And it is worth remembering, a lot of these people are volunteers whose only aim is to help their community often in times of great peril. The unsung heroes of this latest event are indeed all those who put their own lives in jeopardy in order to help others. I'm not sure, but if it were not for the emergency services (all branches) then the injury and death toll may have been a lot worse. So in short, a big thank you to all the state services for the work they did, and indeed are still doing to get Queensland up and running again, lets all hope that Queensland can breath a sigh of relief and hopefully mother nature may give the state and its people a little respite and peace for the coming months and years. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  17. Richste

    Pet Travel services from Scotland

    HI We are moving over to Oz hopefully next August and was looking for some recommendations on who to use from anyone who has moved there dog from Scotland, we are in the Perth area so around this area would be great if possible. Any suggestions welcome!! Thanks Rich
  18. Hi everybody, I'm Mina and now i'm studying in CertIII and will finish in the end of March I just wonder is there any chance for me to get Subclass 457 from CertIII? Or minimum have to be Diploma?? Thx so much in advance:notworthy: xxx
  19. Translink says bus services have been suspended in the Caboolture, Redcliffe and Burpengary areas because of flooding in south-east Queensland. Train services through to the Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane, are still running. There are also delays to public transport services in the Ipswich area, west of Brisbane, because of rising floodwaters.
  20. Just had an email through that the FSCS will be increasing from 50,000gbp to 85,000gbp more information can be found here: FSCS > Home
  21. Hi all, I'd appreciate a little advice from anyone in the know. Me and the wife fancied a change of lifestyle and have moved over with her work from london last month. i'm on a 457 through her company. I'm 34 and have spent the last 7 years working in central london for two of the big banks. I've been working as a IFA with the top end private clients divisions, I'm very qualified i.e up fully diploma and well as all the basic qualifications. I understand that my qualifications are non transferable, so my initial thoughts included working within a bank, maybe as a client banking manager (assuming the structure is similar to the uk). I understand that i won't command the salary that i did back home, and i may need to take a few steps back. Money's not a major issue at this stage. I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts and some advice on the best way to apply for things too. Regards
  22. I cant seem to find this in the forum, I am able to pay for my visa online. When will the DIAC take the money? Some people have said it wont be taken unitl 3 weeks after the application has been
  23. Is there anyone out there who knows of CV writing services aimed at the Australian Market. Specifically aiming to break into the electrical/electronic maintenance side of the mining industry or off shore hydrographic survey Cheers the Poet:jimlad:
  24. We are looking at coming over quite soon and are in the process of checking out the market place to see if our skills are in demand. Vikki is a Technical Services Manager here in the UK with over ten years experience. We have been looking at a few job sites and there is not much work available in this are. We was wondering if anyone know of any agencies that we could send Vik’s CV of to, to try and get the ball rolling. We have already tried Hays, Reed and a few more of the usual ones, but was looking more for specialist recruitment agencies or addresses of any companies that may be looking to employ or talk to a qualified Technical Services Manager. Any help would be great, thanks
  25. Hi !! My husband was offered a job by ACTS ( Australia Construction Training Services) as an assessor, but we are still waiting for the job contract, which was supposed to be sent by email... My husband sent an email to his contact ( the guy that offered him the job) there, but it's been over four weeks now and still no replies... we are getting a bit worried about this... as all the previous contacts we had with them were not really straight forward... Do you also think that this lack of feedback is worrying ? Just want to know if there's any ex-pat here that is working for this company; or has been offered a job with them... or even if you know someone who is working or was offered a job by them and is still in UK... ??? Also, if you are using their services to get your aussie qualifications, I would appreciate a sincere opinion, please, as we are getting really worried. Cheers!