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Found 15 results

  1. The occupations currently experiencing shortages of skilled labour are listed below: Mechanical and Fabrication Engineering Tradespersons (112.2 in the Sep qtr; 108.9 in the Jun qtr); Chefs (107.8 in the Sep qtr; 105.3 in the Jun qtr); Automotive Tradespersons (103.7 in the Sep qtr; 103.8 in the Jun qtr); Hairdressers (101.8 in the Sep qtr; 101.1 in the Jun qtr); Food Tradespersons (101.1 in the Sep qtr; 101.8 in the Jun qtr); Computing Professionals (100.4 in the Sep qtr; 100.5 in the Jun qtr); and Wood Tradespersons (100.3 in the Sep qtr; 102.6 in the Jun qtr). Further details click here: Australian Skills Shortages Demand 2011 Clarius Skills Index Major employment sectors to be hit by skills shortfalls.
  2. Hey, my OH is already in Springfield Lakes for past 5 wks and we join him on 8th Sep- sooo excited only 10 days to go! There is myself (Claire) and our 3 children, Mia- 5 1/2yrs, Casey and Ethan both 2 1/2yrs! Just wanted to see if there is anyone in PIO who lives in that area we could meet up with after we arrive? Would love to get to know new people so that we don't miss the family back in UK too much!! :huh: Cheers Claire
  3. Hi, my husband is going out to Perth next month to establish work, house etc before myself and our 2 boys move out. We are looking to see if anyone has a room to rent for 1-2 months when he arrives and finds a permanent rental. Any help/advice would be great. Thanks Valerie :biggrin:
  4. Hi all, I am a single guy coming to Melbourne on Sep,19. I don't have any friends or relatives there, so I am abit worried about my accommodation.is there any suggestion for short term renting a studio/1 bedroom apartment in preferably zone 1 in Melbourne?(up to 200 p/w)
  5. I have been granted the 175 independent in Sep 2010, I plan to move to Oz, but am finding it difficult to move before Sep 2011... The reason for thinking of moving in before/in Sep 2011, is the 4 years of stay requirement for citizenship.... My question is what if by the validity of my visa i.e. Sep 2015, I cant complete the 4 years required for citizenship........
  6. GENERAL SKILLED MIGRATION ADELAIDE PROCESSING INFORMATION This is an automated e-mail response which provides updated information on skilled migration applications being processed by GSM Adelaide. The information provided is updated fortnightly. Last updated 2 November 2010. Please do not send enquiries or reply to this email address as this mailbox is not monitored. Contact details for GSM Adelaide are listed below. Current Processing Dates If your application date has recently come into our current processing date range you should allow at least 6 weeks to enable a case officer to complete the initial assessment. Please refrain from sending requests for an update on the status of your application within this 6 week period. Priority Processed Applications Under the priority processing direction we are currently processing applications with a nominated occupation on the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 3 - Priority Group 3. Assessment of cases which fall into priority group 4 will commence once all cases in priority groups 1–3 are finalised. To determine which priority group your application falls under please read the information on the department’s website at: General Skilled Migration Applications lodged before the following dates are currently being considered by a case officer: Skilled – Independent (Migrant) subclass 175 VE 175 (e-lodged): 24 December 2008 VE 175 (paper): 24 December 2008 Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 24 December 2008 VE 176 (paper): 24 December 2008 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 475 VF 475 (e-lodged): 24 December 2008 VF 475 (paper): 24 December 2008 Skilled – Independent Regional (Provisional) subclass 495 and Skilled – Designated Area Sponsored subclass 496 UX 495 and UZ 496 (e-lodged and paper): All applicants who have an occupation on the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) – Schedule 3 have been allocated. Skilled – Independent (Residence) subclass 885 VB (paper): 20 April 2009 Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) subclass 886 VB 886 (paper): 20 April 2009 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 487 VC 487 (paper): 20 April 2009 Please note Under the current priority processing arrangements Accountants who now provide an IELTS with proficient English will not receive a higher priority than other applicants. All Accountants are included in the new SOL and are currently being processed under priority group 3. Priority Exempt Applications Visa Subclasses 476, 485 and 887 are exempt from the current priority processing direction. Applications under these subclasses will be processed in the order in which they were received by the department. Applications lodged before the following dates are currently being considered by a case officer: Skilled – Recognised Graduate subclass 476 VF 476 (e-lodged): 4 October 2010 VF 476 (paper): 4 October 2010 Skilled – Graduate subclass 485 VC 485 (paper): 26 October 2009 Skilled – Regional subclass 887 VB 887 (paper): 30 September 2010 Subsequent Entrant Applications All subsequent entrant applications for subclasses 485, 487 and 475: 1 October 2010 Processing Times Estimated processing times for GSM visa applications can be found on our website at: Client Service Charter Estimates of processing times that apply to different types of applications are provided as a guide only. As processing times are dependent on a range of factors, individual processing times may vary considerably from the published estimates.
  7. Hi, im Martin, 25 from London. i will be travelling to Sydney on my own to work for 6 months at the end of Sep! dont really know anyone there, so will be great to meet some people here?? So if you any of you guys are in a similar situation, want an extra friend for drinks, clubs, activities, beaching or just to hang out and explore Sydney please private message me to swap facebooks if i can, i also want see as much of Australia as possible in the 6 months (outside of having to work full time!!). So if i have the time, possibly Melbourne, Gold Coast, Fraser island, Whitsundays etc. I've also booked a 2 week holiday in Thailand towards the end of Nov. Also plan to take surfing and diving courses! (havent done that before!) and any other ozzie stuff i discover while im there! Thanks!
  8. Sponsorship for offshore applications The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship suspended accepting offshore General Skilled Migration visa applications from 7 May 2010 until 30 June 2010. Applicants will only be able to lodge an application after 1 July 2010 if they have been assessed for an occupation on the revised national Skilled Occupation List (SOL). The Northern Territory will put in place a State Migration Plan and will publish a Northern Territory Occupation List with that plan. This list will contain a number of occupations that are not on the national SOL. The target date for the Northern Territory's State Migration Plan is 1 September 2010. Processing of all offshore sponsorship applications has been suspended until the Territory Migration Plan comes into effect. All applicants for Northern Territory sponsorship will be required to demonstrate that they have positive employment prospects in the Northern Territory even if their occupation is on the shortage list. :eek::eek:
  9. Hi to everyone, Does anyone know why Immi gov au web site removed “What’s New section of 23rd September - CSL and priority processing directions” ?? Thanks to all in advance Nata :hug:
  10. Dear Friends I'm 176 non-csl As I have had changes in my application status even after Sep 23, I thought of starting a new thread if anyone wants to share about their application processed after 23/09 and got any clarification on it. My Evidence of Specific Work Experience and Evidence of work experience were confirmed "received" on 13th of Oct. The immediate reason for starting this thread is my friend called me up today and told about he found "met" in few of the requirements on 28th of october. Does it mean that these applications are still being attended by COs? Pls share your views regards jains
  11. Hi all, I applied for 475 visa, SS+CSL on Jun 09. Got CO on Aug 18, every documents received on Sep 12. After that nothing new... Although as new processing priority, my application is on #2. So anyone who like my case please show your timeline? Just to know and wait together! Thank you
  12. connaust

    Late News 1 Sep - UK Tops List

    AUSTRALIA'S permanent migration report, released yesterday, shows that the United Kingdom remains the country's biggest source of permanent migrants, followed by India and China. Bucking a historical trend, the UK's share of the permanent migration program increased 9 per cent in the year ended June 30
  13. Hello everyone, I was at a bit of a loose end last night & in a rather sad & obsessive manner I pulled some info from the beupdate website. Using the 175 visa applications only (as that is the one we have applied for) from September 07 as it seemed a good place to start to April 08 (as that is when we applied) I extracted all the applicants. Then I removed the following applicants as they were not relevant to the info I was trying to deduce. Those with visa granted, those that stated they were from a high risk country, those that had not updated with either a pre aknowledgement date or an acknowledgement date (if they had one or the other I kept them) Both paper & online applications & modl & non modl are included. What I was aiming to get to was how many applications were listed & how many had COs. Quite why I decided I wanted to know this I don't know but the result was quite cheerful. 201 applications listed. 59 have case officers 44 of the 201 are paper based (including us) 8 paper based have case officers. Does anyone find this info useful / interesting? I am happy to update the results once a week & post them in this thread. Please let me know if you would like to see the info. Alternatively, please feel free to send mocking replies on how I should get out more often. Cheers Jaq
  14. Hi, there is a same kind of thread for low risk countries but i know there are lot of people on this forum who belong to a high risk country... what is the status guys??? lot of applicants from low risk countries are getting there visas but what about the high risk countires??? December??? Jan, feb or what??? On BEUpdate.co.uk, there is a Jan applicant from South Africa who has got a CO.
  15. Hi everyone, Today's Daily Express (pages 28 & 29) has a big article on mass migration into and out of the UK. They say that Leicester is going to be the first City that will have a white minority within the next 12 years and that people no longer recognise the UK as the country they once knew. Tell us something we don't know!! The UK government could learn a lot from the Aussies & the Kiwis when it comes to controlled migration. We are all prepared to 'jump through hoops' to get into Oz, so why doesn't the same apply for people coming into the UK? The debate continues.........