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Found 128 results

  1. Does anyone have or know children attending this school? I have searched and searched but cannot find out any info about other peoples experiences at the school...anything good or bad would help in deciding if its a possible school i would like to send my children to. Thank you in advance x
  2. Whilst still in the UK? That way I will have a ready source of funds to rent a house when I get there. Thanks for any advice
  3. hi, after much form filling and info gathering we are now ready to send our visa app away. i was just wandering what the best way to do it is. royal mail? DHL? or any other way that you can suggest. what is the quickest way to send it (other than email as not an option lol!) thanks in advance jen x
  4. we have just ent off for our police checks which will take about 2 weeks i believe (10 working days) but could get caught up in xmas post, then we will have everything ready to send off our RSMS application. We are going to send it by courier but was wonering if there is any point now this side of xmas? Im presuming DIAC will be closed for the xmas and new year period and our application could get lost amongst a heap of other stuff piled up not dealt with. what do you think, send as soon as it is ready, or wait till new year?
  5. Me again!! Thanks to all who help with the notary issue I had yesterday, have found another one and he is cheaper!!! Result. Can anyone tell me when the NMC and British consulate (in my case) send my certificate of registration status and evidence of completion of IELTS coruse to APHRA?? When I send my application in, after they have received it?? I just dont know.
  6. I've been reading on the Victoria website (http://www.liveinvictoria.vic.gov.au), that you can send in your SS application and send in your skills assessment when required. We are thinking of doing this to help speed things up a bit. Our agent is sending my wife's paperwork off to the TRA tomorrow, which will take about 60 days to be assessed apparently. We thought that if we apply for the SS now swell, then hopefully we can just send in the TRA assessment once we get the ok. Has anyone else done this, and how did it work out? Thanks, Paul
  7. Hi I need to send about 5 A4 sheets to Adelaide, does anyone know which is the fastest way to do this? I need signed delivery at the other end??? Cheers in advance S
  8. luckymallen

    Do we send him before or after we fly??

    Hello All, Just want people's opinions, or what decisions you have made about when to send you pet. Now the new Rabbies policy has been introduced for pets, out agent has calculated that if our cat travels a few days before us (which is ideally what we wanted) then he would have to stay in quarantine for about another week or so on top of the minimum 30 days) before he can be released. We could however send him four days after we leave and then he would only have to spend the minimum 30 days in quarantine. Obviously, the less time he spends in quarantine the better, but I just feel i want him their safely before we fly! But thats very selfish on our part, isnt it? Also, due to the flight times and opening times of the quarantine station, Heccy has to change planes in Singapore, the agents have assured me this is very quick and safe, but I feel very anxious about this - eek, I am beeing neurotic! :animal-cat:
  9. Hi Guys! Just after some help to work out how much of a shipping container will we need (I have no idea how you work out the size of your stuff!!) We have been in Oz 3yrs and still have bits and pieces at the in-laws in the UK. We still don't have our PR, although hoping to get this next year and we can't decide whether to send our stuff over now (and hope that our PR comes through) or put it into storage in the UK and send over once we've got it (as the in-laws are selling their house soon and we need to get our stuff out of the way!) The thing is we don't really have much stuff to send. Just a super king size bed, large beanbag/sofa thing, TV unit, coffee table, photos, frames and pictures. And I guess the rest is just boxes of kitchen stuff, DVD's and clothes. (although, I really can't remember what else we have back there!). How much room would we need in a container? 1 third?? or less?? Any ideas or help would be appreciated! :huh: Thanks
  10. Hi All, We have been waiting 6 weeks for my husbands police clearance from the Bahamas? I contacted them yesterday to find out why we haven't heard anything and was told it would be better to send it by fedex and address it care of xxxxx xxxxxx and she will send certificate asap? But she didn't mention anything about finger prints. Just asked me to send copy of passport? Can anyone advise - 1/ Where to get finger prints done in the UK. 2/ Whether my husband needs to get finger prints done. He didn't need to do it for England clearance? Any information would be appreciated as it's holding up his application. Kind Regards Megan:wacko:
  11. Guest

    do i need to send money???

    please can anyone help?? we are some way through getting state sponsership but cant get specfic answers from our visa company (visafirst) does anyone know do i have to send money over its just that our bank does not have the same amount that was in there when we started the process and the wife wants to know if we have to show proofs again once (or if)we get state sponsership, please help:goofy::goofy:
  12. We are considering applying for state sponsorship but have just found out we will be allocated an area to live and work in. I'm a bit worried well get an awful area so just thought I'd ask where everybody else was allocated
  13. calNgary

    Send me some rain Pleaseeeee

    Well today my tank is officially out of water, the pump wont work as the level is too low, the washer is stuck half cycle and i have a mound of pots of wash,,lol. Its the first time in 5 years we have run out because we have had no blooming rain!!!! I do have the option of walking down to the road and turning the trickle feed tap on for some town water to slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyy trickle through, but i so know when i lift that cover there will be spiders, cockys and everything down there:chatterbox:,lol so im thinking it will have to wait till hubbys home,lol. Anyone good at doing a rain dance ? lol Cal x
  14. My daughter is trying to send a box to us from uk to oz- the post office have quoted her £90 at their cheapest rate. Anyone know a cheaper way to send it? Thanks, Donna :cute:
  15. IMMI mentions that for a 175 visa, you need to show your results. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/175/eligibility-english.htm I interpret this to mean, take the test, get the results sent to your house, and attach them to your application. However, from the IELA test center (about to book): http://www.nmit.edu.au/pdf/ielts/nmit_ielts_info.pdf So, still bit confused. Do I need to send results to IMMI as mentioned in the form. I will likely not be lodging my applciation for another couple of months after taking the test.
  16. Hello there This may seem like a very stupid question but ive completed my Partner visa and have everything i need. Where do i post it to? Or shall i get it couried? I cant find an address anywhere! Many thanks
  17. ranjeetsingh2010

    How to get an agency to send you a 1100?

    I am applying for a subclass 176. I want to know how I can get a 1100 from an agency. Also what agency can be approached to send the same on my behalf. Any information in this regards will be very valuable.
  18. hi guys i have a dilemma, im single, a chippy and emigrating to townsville in august, but no job to got to. im staying with an aussie buddy and have got quotes from various removal companies. would it be better to send my tools and personal belongings at the same time as i emigrate, or would it be better for me to hopefully be successful in getting a job and settleing down in townsville before i send for my tools and personal belongings. cheers clark
  19. Hi Everyone, Last week we were granted our 176 visas. Just wondering whether its best to send our passports off with the visa grant letter or not bother as the visa is electronically linked to our passports anyway? Some people have said its best to send the passports off to have the visa label put in as its better when getting jobs etc. The only thing is we are flying out to Perth on 28th June so I don’t want to risk the passports getting lost. I know this prob wont happen & they do say it’s a 3 working day turnaround but you never know!! What does everyone else do?
  20. Hey guys/girls, Been looking at the forum and found it very helpful for a few issues iv come accross whilst planning to work in Oz, so decided to join up! I sent my CV off to a nursing recruitment company on tuesday and they got back to me today and said my skills and experiance are of a great intrest to them but i need to obtain my nursing registration over there first before we can go any further with my application. I did do some research before sending my CV but stupidly didnt realise that part! So i downloaded and printed off the application for overseas nurses (AGOS-04 form). Now this is where i am upto, and here is my problem.. Me and my girlfriend have been together 3 years but dont live together although she practically lives in my mum and dads house with me and has for 2 years we have nothing to prove so. She doesnt have a profession and would rely on me (I think) to get in to Australia to work. Would it be worth me sending this application form off yet and paying the application, registratation and assessment fee and not being sure whether my girlfriend would be able to come with me pending everything goes through ok? The company say that they will put me in touch with a migration agent but thats once i have the registration so really stuck at the minute with no one to ask. Any of you guys/girls experianced anything similar? Would appreciate any help, thanks!
  21. They are asking me to add to my application and have given me the link which is telling me that it is not possible as the outcome has been made Any suggestions I have emailed them and they keep coming back with the same answer I am still going mad after getting a visa approved!!!:confused::confused:
  22. Hey all, I'm planning on going to Australia hopefully this time next year to work for 12-24 months with a view on making that move permenant. If i'm not moving there permenantly from the off do I still need the NMC to send my details off to Australia? If so could anyone be so kind as to fill me in on how I go about this? Thanks very much!
  23. Hi all As well as our few bits of furniture and books, CDs etc I'd like to send over some of my huge stash of perfumes, sprays, body lotion, shampoos etc - there's no way it'll all be used by the time we go, though I'm trying!! I may also ship a few bottles of my favourite fabric conditioner, yes I know you can get Cuddly or whatever there but I'll miss my Lenor! Are these items acceptable to ship? Many are part-used so obviously not new, and I'm not gonna be setting up a Lenor stall in Brissie :biggrin:just a couple of big bottles for 'special'!
  24. Has the Australian Government got no compassion? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-13637307
  25. Hi has anyone used Passports for pets.co.uk to send their dog/cat to oz ??? What were your experiences? Thanks in advance Annette :tongue: