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Found 168 results

  1. Hi all, We are moving back to the UK in a couple of months from Cairns QLD and I was looking for a bit of advice. We shipped all our household goods and furniture to Aussie and as we are heading back to the UK we have decided to sell a lot of things rather than take them all back. I wonder what is the best way to sell second hand furniture, books, toys, kitchenware etc in Aus, is it Ebay or gumtree perhaps as I am unsure where to start? Thanks so much for any help you could give. Caroline
  2. neilwilliams1987

    Moving Back and Selling Contents of Flat

    Hello Everyone, I will be moving back to the UK in the New Year and will be selling off all contents of my flat, i will be uploading pictures in the coming week. Ideally this would suit someone who has just moved to Perth ideally i could sell the whole lot, or piece by piece. If anyone knows of anybody this would suit please get them to get in touch. I am based in Joondalup with plenty of parking for trucks / utes ect for moving. the list includes: Double Bed and Mattress x2, Beside table, Dining room (table seats 6), bedroom Unit, lamps x2, couches 2 seater and 3 seater, TV Unit, TV, Coffee Table, SIde table, Fridge, BBQ and Smoker, Pots, pans, cutlery, plates, bowls, ect. anyone is welcome to come past and have a visit, i know whats its like to get started in a new country and how hard it can be, if i can sell the lot in one go a discount will be given. not looking to rip anyone off just want rid off it all. Please share Cheers Neil neilwilliams1987@yahoo.co.uk
  3. Hi Everyone We are moving back to the UK at the end of February after living in Sydney since 2011. We are selling items such as: 59" 3D TV TV stand iMac Desk Bed and bedroom furniture Fridge-Freezer Washing Machine etc. If you are interested in seeing the list of items we are selling then please pm us via this site and we will send you our list. Items are available for pick up only and cash payment.
  4. PomPomBuckley

    Time taken to sell house in the UK

    Hi folks :-) Please excuse me if this question has already been asked recently. I have done a search and nothing relevant appeared hence the new thread. We are looking at emigrating in a couple of years (OH is from Brisbane) to live with family. After researching a little it would seem opinion varies on when to put the house on the market when selling to emigrate. We live in a terraced house in Yorkshire and with the market being a bit more fluid recently up t'north I hope it won't take long to sell, when the time comes. We think that first time buyers and landlords will be the main interest. My main question is what area do you live and how long before you planned to leave did you put the house on the market and how quickly did it sell? Do you have any tips for me? I am starting renovations soon (I am a big planner!) as it's quite an old house but mainly just decor and replacing flooring in the works. Any advice appreciated. Thanks! :wink:
  5. Guest

    Selling my car

    Hello all! I am planning to move out to another city. I am from Limassol and would like to sell my car. Anyone interested?
  6. So we're moving back. Melbourne has been great but there are so many factors now that mean we are making the move: births, deaths, loved ones, LAFHA (don't get me started) etc. Anyway, was just wondering what everyone else was doing in terms of selling stuff or are you all taking it back with you? We're planning to ship/fly boxes home but not the 1/2 container that we came over here with. Personal stuff will go but everything else has to stay. We have 2 months left and, well, don't want to sell til the very end to avoid sitting/eating/sleeping on the floor especially with two young children. Thinking we'll have to frantically sell sell sell in the last few weeks. And the Car??? So glad we're leaving in winter/early spring, would be tough leaving in summer...saying that, we won't get a summer for another year! Thoughts, comments, suggestions welcome.
  7. Hello. Quick query which may pose more problems than is worth, but im not sure on the logisitics of the potential impact. When we move to Oz, we always planned on selling our house, exchanging it to $`s and using that money downunder. BUT.,., since our initial thoughts. The house asset rewards is only about £20K and the exchange rate is poor so wouldnt want to exchange it until I really had to. Savings we have, and can rely on for 6 months.,., maybe more. So, would it be viable for us to rent our house out. It would take more £ in rent than what i pay to the mortage. Whats happens tho if i do this, and i then land in OZ, do I have to declare this for taxing, or any other money related incidents i should be aware of.:policeman: Sell, or Rent??? Does it matter to OZ what i do? Cheers.
  8. Mr Fabricator

    when to start selling stuff and pack up

    Hi All , i know everyone will be in a different situation but when do u feel is a good time to start to thin out personal posessions , clear away all the crap that should have been junked years ago and decide what is going to oz ?? ive pretty much just started the long process but have been sorting , and clearing since i first appointed my agent . Couldnt bare the thought of being granted a visa , booking flights and then having my whole life to shut down . I do have a business to shut down aswell as my personal life so its pretty much double and not just a case of handing my notice in and taking my office coffee mug home . Ive been ebaying big items , ( 2 motorbikes and 3 cars ) from home and work , funds from these have all but cleared up my debt's Ive been through my wardrobes and seem to be skipping things on a weekly basis , i look at stuff everywhere and think when do i use that , why did i get that ?? BIN !! Its actually liberating and with the waiting game that is the visa process it maker me feel like im still doing something and making progress . thoughts ? lee
  9. The Pom Queen

    Pakenham - Victorias top selling suburb

    I can remember when Pakenham was just fields:wideeyed: A breakdown of the state's top-selling suburbs puts Pakenham at the top of the list, with 781 houses sold in the year to June, according to property research firm RP Data. The numbers include house-and-land packages. The suburb, popular with first-home buyers, has also stood its ground at a time when Melbourne's median house price has fallen by about 8 per cent. Pakenham's median house price rose 4.6 per cent in the year to August, although prices have begun to ease in recent months. Berwick and Frankston have also remained popular with buyers, recording 778 and 650 house sales each. Both suburbs also have defied a falling market, with the median house price in Berwick rising 2.3 per cent in the year to August, while it remained flat in Frankston. Harcourts Pakenham director Peter Blackwood said the area's affordability, as well as new developments such as the $80 million Pakenham Marketplace, had kept it popular with buyers. An entry-level, three-bedroom home on a standard block costs between $320,000 and $350,000. "I think it's safe to say the market here has performed better than most over the past 12 months," Mr Blackwood said. "It's an affordable area that is only 50 minutes to the CBD and an hour from the airport, and there is new infrastructure opening that will bring employment." Mr Blackwood said the area had also benefited from buyers downsizing from larger houses in more expensive suburbs. "What we have found over the past 12 months is that a lot of our buyers have been downsizing where they are looking to knock off a chunk of their mortgage," he said. Other suburbs high on Melbourne's sale list include Point Cook (771), Craigieburn (576), Werribee (574), Hoppers Crossing (560), Sunbury (559), Reservoir (461) and Mornington (429). Real Estate Institute of Victoria spokesman Robert Larocca said Melbourne's outer-ring suburbs had experienced smaller price falls than their top-end counterparts located within a 10km ring of the CBD. "We've found that the more affordable suburbs are more likely to experience reasonable demand in a softer market," he said. "That is all on the back of the supply shortage that was experienced in Melbourne. That is easing because our population rate is coming back and our builders are building more homes, but there is still strong demand from the average family looking for an average home." The snapshot comes as a review of Melbourne's real estate market shows the number of properties sold slumped to a 15-year low in the year to June. Melbourne recorded 72,666 property sales during the last financial year, 23.1 per cent below the previous 12-month period and the lowest transaction volume since the 1995-1996 financial year, when only 61,156 properties were sold. Across Victoria, 98,888 sales were recorded in the year to June, 21.2 per cent down on the previous 12-month period and the lowest transaction volume since the 1996-1997 financial year when 94,710 properties were sold. In dollar terms, the value of property sold in Melbourne in the year to June weighed in at about $43 million, close to 19 per cent below the value sold in the previous 12-month period. The total value of property sold across the state in the last financial year came in at $51.1 million, down 17.3 per cent on the previous 12-month period.
  10. Hi Guys , we have just had the best news Visa granted for western Aus yey !!!! It seems to have been a real slog with one thing or another , At first we applied for Canberra only to have the rug pulled from under our feet by them wanting evidence of funds up front, Like most people we have money tied up in property but not in cash . However Emigrating Solutions quickly sorted us a application for W/A and within 4 days we had the sponsorship approved . My main concern now is selling the family home it has been up for sale for 3months and no-one has even been over the threshold Agghhh . I no there must be many worrying about the same thing but does anyone have any advice or tips . We have come so far and wont be scuppered at the last hurdle . Thanks Bitzy
  11. Is this irresponsible behaviour or is it great news?:wideeyed:
  12. bensdad

    eBay selling

    I have just spent the last few days listing what I thought was junk on eBay just to see what I could get for it. The way it's going it looks like our flights might well get paid for! Lol Well happy gonna see what else I can find. Counting down the days!
  13. Mizzmp

    Selling UK house

    Is anybody else having trouble selilng their house? We have our visa and the only thing holding us back is the sale! So frustrating as have priced to sell. Very grateful we have our visa and shouldn't moan but just want to fly out now!
  14. There is a great website where you can purchase a backpackers car/camper, sell one and also share a ride. The website is: http://www.travellerscarmarket.com
  15. Does anyone remember the house selling feng shui tip someone posted on here a few weeks back? You're supposed to get a red envelope, put in something metal and wood from the house and some earth from the garden, then chuck it in the nearest river and wish for a house sale. Anyhow, desperate times call for desperate measures. So a few weeks ago I took a walk down to the river, stood on the bridge like a complete berk :embarrassed:, had a quick look round, whistling in a 'just admiring the view' type of way, chucked the envelope over and scuttled on my way. At 12pm got a call from my EA to say I had a viewing the next day (Sat) and one on Sunday. Hadnt had any for weeks so was pleased. 2 weeks on, the 1st couple have put in an offer which we've accepted and the 2nd couple want first refusal if anything goes wrong with the sale. I also got a note through the door from another EA today saying they have a couple in rented who want to live in my street , can I contact them. Either the market's picking up, Feng Shui works or house buyers are like buses - you get nothing for ages then 3 come along all at once!!! :twitcy: Angelcake
  16. The Pom Queen

    Breeder Fined $5000 for selling a sick puppy

    This is a real tough one as we don't know all the facts, but as a breeder if one of your animals gets ill it is courteous to either offer the family a refund or replace with another. As it's a back yard breeder and this case has gone to court and ruled in the pet owners favour I have no sympathy BUT when do a breeders (I'm talking a genuine breeder) obligations end. Parvo is a terrible disease and in all fairness this breeder may not have known that the pup had parvo as the incubation period can be 4 - 14 days. Here is the article for anyone interested. I think the main thing is that this gorgeous puppy is well and alive. A COURTROOM battle over a sick puppy named Eddie has cost a backyard dog breeder more than $5000. Fay Armstrong was ordered to pay damages over the dog she sold to a customer after it became ill. She appealed the decision but this week the District Court threw out her bid to have it overturned and also ordered her to pay additional legal costs. Ms Armstrong, 57, this year became the first person forced to sign a declaration to never sell diseased animals following numerous complaints about her breeding operation. The landmark legal action was lodged by Consumer Protection. Last year, Ms Armstrong was told she would have to compensate Fiona Schneider for the money she spent on Eddie and for the distress the sale caused. In 2008, Ms Schneider bought the golden retriever pup from Ms Armstrong, who claimed the dog was a pure bred and had been vaccinated. But a few days after the sale, the canine became sick and required substantial veterinary care. It had contracted parvovirus. Ms Schneider told PerthNow she had launched the legal action after Ms Armstrong refused to take any responsibility for Eddie's condition and also refused to pay half the medical bills. In November 2010, a magistrate ordered Ms Armstrong pay $4779.19 in damages. However, she appealed the decision. This week, District Court judge John Wisbey dismissed the application and ordered she pay additional legal costs. Ms Schneider said she was pleased with the latest ruling but feared the battle may not be over. She explained that in court the 57-year-old threatened to take the matter to the Supreme Court. "I understand why people don't want to take legal action in cases like this," Ms Schneider said. "This has gone on for three years. I am still trying to get the original costs. "But I did it because I just felt I had to stand up to her and I didn't want this to happen to anyone else. "If she had of agreed to pay half the medical bills I probably would have left it but she dug her heels in and I felt she shouldn't be allowed to get away with this."
  17. Hi, i am sure we are not the only ones in this position but our house is taking longer than we thought to sell here in the u.k. As we have to validate by next summer we do hopefully have time but was wondering if anyone has tried these quick sale agencies? I have been on their websites and they guarantee a sale in a month but not sure how i feel about them? Don't want to go too much under what the house is worth but will struggle to afford to validate ! Would love to know if anyone has tried alternative ways of selling!
  18. We are in the process of sorting out a move to Canberra in a couple of months. I have a small Ebay thing going here in the Uk selling used/new clothing. I have amassed a good pile of things to sell but my questions is whether to ship it and sell it on Ebay Australia or try to get rid of it here before moving out. We are moving from a large 4 bed house so imagine we will be using one of the larger containers so I dont think the actual shipping will be an issue. It just whether to try and get rid of it all here or whether there is a good market in Oz to sell ladies high street clothing (river island, Marks and spencers, Per Una, Jigsaw etc) Its just an extra thing to have to do while here amognst a million others and if there is a good market for second hand clothing from the Uk there I can just cross it off my list of things to do and postpone till later till we are there:biggrin: any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Angela
  19. Hello, Has anyone had any luck selling an imported car here? Aussies seem deathly afraid of sturdy European vehicles, fully compliant and probably better built anyway! It's a low-mileage Audi TT in Brisbane. Thanks!
  20. Hello everyone, New to the forum but amazed at how friendly and supportive the posts I have read are! Really hoping some of you kind people may be able to help clear up some of our confusion. We are planning to move to Australia as soon as we conceivably can, until last night we had thought this would be FEB/march 12. New information I discovered through this into question, hence the confusion. Forgive me for what might be a long winded explanation of our situation! I am Australian (Newcastle born and bred), but have been living in uk for last seven years on various visas, the most recent being my marriage visa to my lovely British husband. We have a beautiful 10 month old daughter born here in the uk (uk passport only at this stage). My limited leave to remain marriage visa is due to expire 2nd dec 11, and would cost us 975 pounds to renew into the indefinite leave to remain visa. We had been planning to pay this, thinking that it would allow me to come back into Britain if we ever need to return. However last night I discovered that indefinite leave to remain is only valid if you do not live outside Britain for two years+, and we are obviously planning a long term move to oz. In short, my visa expires in December and we are reluctant to fork out a grand for what will only be a couple of months if we don't have to. With me so far? Sorry for any muddle. Anyway we are now thinking we might try to move before my visa expires. This introduces a whole new range of issues. I have been reading forum and I think it seems as though the absolute best result we can hope for my husband to get a spouse visa for Australia approved is 5 months (which obviously takes us past my uk visa expiring). I think I am also right in assuming I need a visa for my uk born daughter? Not sure if she can go on same form as her dad? We also have a house to sell (will be putting it on market in next fortnight). Whilst we don't necessarily need it sold to move, it would be better for us financially and certainly we could only manage a few months cross over! Am nervous about the market and would think we would be incredibly lucky to have it sold before december! Basically my questions are a) has anyone been in a similar situation or b) does anyone have and insight into our options? I believe I am right in saying that in order to avoid paying the thousand pounds to get my visa renewed, I need to leave the uk before it expires on 2nd dec. My husbands visa will more than likely not be back by then, and we won't travel separately because of our daughter. I know this is an essay so will be surprised if anyone has made it through it let alone made sense of it, but if anyone has any info or thoughts on our options they would be hugely appreciated! I am guessing copping the visa fee here might be the only clear cut way but if anyone has any other ideas...am desperate to get home! Many thanks in advance
  21. KY9

    House selling scam

    I have just read this article regarding the fact that your house could be sold by Nigerian scam artists if you don't have any liens or mortgage on it. http://www.perthnow.com.au/real-estate/landgate-begins-search-for-property-fraud-victims/story-e6frg3mu-1226113219277 It seems that the best advice is to make sure you have a small loan against your house that will ensure that the bank has an interest in any attempt to sell it without your knowledge. I'm wondering if this could ever happen anywhere other than Western Australia.
  22. Guest

    Selling our house in the UK

    Hi all, I am stuck in a bit of a dilemma and think sharing it may ease my mind!!!! I have landed a job in WA, got my 457 visa granted, have my wife and 4 children ready to move...only issue is selling our house, which we need to do to be able to afford the move!! However, the issue I have is do I or don't I go over there by myself first of all, living with friends free of charge, get set up in my new job, get some money behind me etc etc... I know that I can earn over double what I am getting paid now in the UK and have to ability to save some money so we have a 'cushion' once we are all there.....my problem is that leaving my wife and kids, with the house un-sold and not knowing how long it will take to sell!!! I know that I will miss my family, but think that the ability to save money and prepare things for the family moving over would be a good thing!!! Any helpful advice would be good!! Thanks Steve.
  23. Hi all, I was speaking to a friend who has emigrated to Oz, who nearly convinced me to ship my car (BMW 320 Ci M Sport Coupe - '04) over when we emigrate next year. However, I have seen some posts which suggest that imports (even when Oz registered) dont fetch the same sale price. This is understandable but does anybody know what the mark-down tends to be on imports? An Oz version would be AUD24-27k. I wouldnt be taking the car to sell it, but inevitably would sell it at some point....any pointers on this or any other car import issues??? ....does it really cost £6k to get the thing across and up and running??? Cheers! :dull:
  24. Hello there, Sorry if your thinking of moving back to the UK and its not worked out. were moving out at the beginning of Sept and will be needing a car straight away and looking to buy a small boat in time. If anyone who's moving back has any of these to off load then please drop me a message. Cheers and all the best, Joe
  25. sunni1234

    Selling house in OZ

    Is it a good idea to tell the real estate agent that your selling up because you are heading overseas? Thanks sunni