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Found 12 results

  1. Hi! Noob here so apols if this has been asked 1000 times before or isn't appropriate. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of the following situation... I'm currently a self employed sole trader in the UK and will be relocating to Australia in Dec 2021 on a Subclass 100 Partner Visa. If I receive income from employment in Australia once I have relocated, should that income be declared on my UK tax return for 2021-22? Likewise, should any of the income I have earned in the UK prior to relocating to Australia need to be declared on an Australian tax return for the year 2021-22? Thanks, Frank
  2. Hi, My husband is a self employed bricklayer, our agent has requested his accounts for the last 3 years. Today we received an email informing us they were concerned as last years accounts showed a significant drop in earnings. I have replied this is due to the recession and my husband had to reduce his wages and hours dramatically. We are both very worried now it could interfere with our 176 application or at worst, end it! Does anybody know why this is so concerning? If it helps this years accounts show a significant improvement as work has increased. Thanks
  3. Can anyone pls advise what are the tax rules regarding self-employed people in Australia. Do you have to prove that you need to drive from A to B or? as long as you are self employed you can get a car and offset it against your tax at a rate of ?? Any advice would be appreciated. thks
  4. Hi guys, bit of an odd question here. My wife is thinking she would like to do a little work from home to bring in a little extra cash. Most of these positions are on a self employed basis. I wondered if anyone knew if this was ok as we are initially on a 457 Visa until our PR is sorted. Thanks :biggrin:
  5. Can anyone tell me how much an accountant would charge to prepare a tax return for self-employed? I know there was a thread on here recently about general tax returns and the average figure coming out was around $100-$150 - our accountant charged $250 last year and I am now wondering whether that is over the odds, or is there more involved when self-employed - I know we have a LOT of receipts for him to check through, :biglaugh:
  6. Hi there, My OH starts his job in Sydney on Monday as a carpenter, and he'll have the choice of being self-employed or PAYE (or is it PAYG?). Are there any particular benefits or pros or cons to either? He doesn't need a work van at the moment and the company (very small firm) are getting their accountant to sit down with him to discuss... Just thought I'd see if you knowledgable PIOers can offer any advice, or perhaps certain questions he needs to ask the accountant? Thanks!
  7. Hi Have previously posted a thread along these lines, but am getting conflicting information so hoping someone can put me straight. We have been told by our bank that we can apply straight away for a mortage, dont necessarily need a deposit, might not even have to go down the low-doc route. Spoke to 2 different mortgage brokers who have said "no chance, not without being resident for 12 months and a minimum of 20% deposit". Hubby is subbie plasterer, earning good money on paper, and we are quietly optimistic that we might have a cash buyer for our UK house, but this would still not give us the full 20% deposit required. We are not in any desperate rush to buy and saddle ourselves with a big mortgage here, but just trying to find out exactly what the picture is - dont want to miss out on an opportunity, should one arise, but also dont want to get our hopes up if we are way off the mark. Im sure you understand what I am getting at, just want some real honest answers here. Can anyone help please????
  8. Hi All Am just running through the 47sp and 40sp forms as I am an Australian sponsoring my UK partner. Not sure how to answer the questions regarding income/employment as I have been working as an employee of my own ltd company in the UK for the last 5 years. So for example on the form 40sp Q33 it asks about current employment status. Technically I am still employed under my ltd company and am getting paid a salary every month, even though my last paying contract finished up in August ('the company' therefore currently has no clients/income but is still paying a small salary) and as we're going to australia over xmas I have no intention to look for work in the UK until after we come back and whether we know my partners visa is granted or not. So, does that make my answer: 'In Paid Employment' and then do I just enter my ltd company as my employer and provide payslips and last self assess as my 2 years proof? or is my answer 'Other' - and that I own the company, ... then what do I put in the 'paid employment details' section in question 34? Confused! :unsure: are there any contractors out there who have already managed to sponsor their partner for australia? Thanks!
  9. Looking into going back to working for myself as i did back in the uk ,have been here comeing up 12 months and fed up working for a boss again. Got my blue card. Think i will need a ABM number ,can any one tell me more about this. Also any thing else that could be helpful. many thanks eddie.:idea:
  10. Guest


    Does n e one no can u claim tax back when you move to Aus, (Form P85) when your self employed?:unsure:
  11. Guest

    anyone else self-employed

    Just had a beautiful easter weekend working while the weather was hot and sunny, this made me think about Australia more and more. Business is thriving, i'm a carpenter/joiner, but is it worth giving up bank holiday weekends and most evenings of the week either pricing jobs or doing bookwork. Being April 5th with the year end for your books to keep your accountant happy you find yourself if not working sleeping. Sorry for all the moaning but is there anyone in oz self-employed who finds themself still working silly hours? I'm really unsure whether once our visas have come through (hopefuly) whether to work for somebody on the books or carry on being self-employed. Have the opportunity to carry on being self-employed once we arrive but the whole point of us going is to cut down on the hours worked and have more time together as a family. Has anyone else found themself in this situation? Sorry if it sounds like a moan, just wondering if anyone else is thinking this. Eddie and family
  12. Guest

    Self-employed? advice needed?

    Hi, We may be heading for WA this year as husband will hopefully be transferring to police over there and with all ths fuss about his work, I hadn't really even considered mine. At the moment,in my spare time I work as a portrait artist and run art and craft sessions for children. In the UK I am registered for tax because I am also employed to work part-time at a high school. I would ideally like to concentrate on bringing up our 2 children but would also like the opportunity to be able to contribute by painting as this is what I have always done. I have been told loosely that I would be unable to work for myself for 2 years in Oz. Can anyone tell me whether this would apply as in the UK you don't need to be registered as self employed unless you earn over £5K per year. Is there a way around this? I'd be grateful for any help. Many thanks Caroline