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Found 11 results

  1. tracy123

    Asylum seekers.

    Now I know these types of threads can turn ugly and I know some people want them out while others think differently but how do we fix the problem? Watching the start of a 3 part documentary last night a few things hit me (and I know this is only a snap shot) but 1 family waited 7 years in a refugee camp in Africa before being granted asylum in Australia. They had done the right thing and it took 7 years to be processed IMHO that is far too long, and I can understand why some choose the boat. Look at PIO there are some looking for the quickest route to get into Australia, fair enough it is by the book but at the end of the day they are not escaping death. Personally I don’t agree with the boat people/others overstaying their visa I think they should be put to the back of the queue but I understand why they do it, and faced with what some face I would do the same (double standards I know). I feel however the government are trying to fix something that can never be fixed while processing times are as long as they are. I think “trying to do the right thing” is getting us tangled up in a lot of red tape; we should become a lot stricter in processing and processing times. I don’t understand why people need 3 chances to prove their case. If we (as a country) don’t invest in more staff to deal with the backlog it is only going to get worse. What’s worse? Giving someone loads of chances to stay but sticking them behind bars for years on end or have a quick process with a final decision? Also these people that are starting all this trouble in the detention centres should be deported and their cases thrown out. Once again I can understand their frustration, but if we did the same we would face consequences for our actions. We need to invest in refugee camps around the world to get rid of the backlog of refugees waiting to be processed if people knew that their case would be decided in x amount of time would they pay thousands and risk their families lives to jump the queue? We all want a better life for ourselves and our families it’s human nature but for some it’s more than just a better life it’s to save their life.
  2. Source: Fairfax newspapers http://www.smh.com.au/national/bowen-stirs-up-hornets-nest-over-villawood-detainees-20110426-1dujv.html
  3. BBC News - Australia refugee law case trumps government policy I wonder if there is any hope for those hoping to overturn other unfair migration policy. Daniel
  4. Have any of you guys read this? Children freed but new detention centres for asylum seekers to be built | News.com.au The government is going to let the asylum seekers to stay whereas keeping us who work hard and pay taxes and full application fees away. This is the biggest joke I have ever heard. Yes, everyone is equal, but my money is not easy money, why should I pay for them to stay while myself is in a limbo? I will not consider Australia is a country with justice from now on. I also doubt the value of applying for PR in Australia. Welcome any discussion.
  5. In comparison, Australia voted to abandon TPV and grant permanent visas. Canada toughens asylum seeker laws - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Canada toughens asylum seeker laws By Dan Karpenchuk in Toronto Posted 3 hours 50 minutes ago The Canadian government has introduced tough new legislation aimed at curbing people smuggling. More than 500 Tamil asylum seekers have arrived off the Canadian coast in recent months. The new law includes mandatory jail sentences for people smugglers and it will also make it easier to prosecute them. Ship owners and operators found guilty of people smuggling will be slapped with jail sentences that escalate if they are working with or for a criminal organisation. Other deterrents include reassessing migrants within five years to determine if they still need protection. During that period those individuals would not be able to sponsor family members who wish to come to Canada. Additionally, migrants who visit their home countries during that five-year period will be barred from returning to Canada. Those that are turned down will have to appeal to a federal court, but they will not necessarily be able to stay in Canada during that process.
  6. Sydney Morning Herald's Peter Hatcher: Chris Bowen has dumped the harsh rhetoric for a humane detention policy. (See link:) http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/a-compassionate-voice-20101022-16xxz.html
  7. hi guys , just read this artical . how much they paid to assyllum seekers in compensation. just imagine how much they should pay to GSM applicant those waiting from years n years. and immigration department just misguiding them.:unsure: Asylum compensation payouts soar | News.com.au
  8. melbournegirlinny

    Asylum seekers and fear

    Here's an excellent article from The Age, Melbourne's newspaper, retelling what happened with some boat people back in 2001 just prior to an election and drawing parallels with today's situation and how Gillard and Abbott are handling it. Birds of different feathers, but what is so scary?
  9. melbournegirlinny

    Disohonesty by Politicians on asylum seekers

    Here is a very good article from The Age on how the new PM is taking the same dishonest road as Tony Abbott on the tiny number of asylum seekers arriving by boat. I know Julian Burnside QC who speaks in this article-he is a very talented barrister and has done an enormous amount of free legal work for people on civil rights issues. Gillard urged to be honest on aslyum seekers Sandra
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to get a 457 or 121 employer sponsored visa to get over to Oz. The trouble i'm having is getting response from recruitment agancies and find e-mail addresses of contacts within companies to send my CV and cover letter explaining my situation or what i'm looking for. For the last two weeks i've been calling recruitment agencies about jobs posted on seek/career/jobs. Whilst i get to talk to them and explain everything and ask if the employer would be interested in employer sponsorship for the role, they sound interested, i send on my CV and thats it......no reply from them:huh: What i'm looking for is some advise from poeple who have gone through this process and been successful, what they did and how they did it. Also anyone have any idea about how to get contact email addresses from companies so i can send on my CV? I've read about getting an Oz email address and phone number and applying using those, i suppose thats one way of getting response. Thanks, Harry.
  11. Hi everyone. I posted some time ago before I got to Melbourne for IT&T Sales People looking for work in Melbourne. I'm here and getting established, so if you are coming over from the UK and want to discuss getting a job in Melbourne, do get in touch. I can't necessarily help people needing sponsorship (although some clients may consider it) but can help find a new role for you within great companies. Also, I work with a team of IT recruitment specialists (SAP, CISCO, networks/security, GIS, Developers, Project Managers etc) so anyone looking in these fields, do get in touch and I will pass your details along. We have an office in Sydney and Brisbane so I can also forward details for people dettling in these areas. Best of luck to everyone making the move, yes it's scarey, yes you get homesick, yes everything is weird at first, yes property can be more expensive than you expect it to be but it's a great country and I love it! Pj xx