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Found 59 results

  1. Susan from Moneycorp

    Security of your Funds

    With reports of regular breaches of online security, it would be wise to fully understand how your chosen Financial Institution protects your money. Here we detail how Moneycorp stores your funds securely and ways to protect yourself online: https://www.moneycorp.com/en-au/news-hub/staying-secure-online/
  2. shellsparkles

    Seeking Security Technician

    **Please not I am posting this for a friend - DO NOT PM ME** We are looking for someone with experience in electronic security for a position in Sydney. Ideally you will have inner range, concept and integrity certification/training. Additionally experience in IP CCTV systems. We may be able to offer sponsorship after a trial period. Please note, you must currently be in Australia to apply for this position. Please forward your CV to jasonf@jlmintegrated.com.au
  3. Hi I have attended several expo, some specific for ex-military, all stating thet our UK held security Clearence (SC Level) can be transferred as read across should we be sucessful in out premanent visa application to down under. I had a recent phone call with a recruitment agency who claim this is not the case. Has anyone with experience come across this, if so what was your outcome. if positive, how did you go about it? I am not specifically wanting to stay in the defence industry, but it is another option to widen my job prospects.
  4. John and Wendy

    Day 1 of research our move to OZ!

    Hi everyone, I have just joined this site researching the possibility of the big move from the UK, my main concern is jobs for us both. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated and I look forward to learning much more. This is something I have wanted for the past 10 years, with the state of the UK now, I'm finally jumping ship. Johns background 30 years old, 10 years in the security industry including the British Army where I served as a Royal Military Police NCO, specialised in close protection with a tour of Iraq behind me. I left the Army 6 years ago and have been working self employed in close protection (bodyguard)/surveillance/private investigation/security chauffeur and instructor. I have vast qualifications in security, I am also an advanced driver at the highest level with lots of experience working with celebs and royalty. Before joining the Army, I was a qualified landscape gardener which I continued to do whilst on leave from the Army. However, I'm not sure how transferable those skills are. I would consider joining the Australian Defence Force, or police. Has any ex military amongst us done that? Wendys Background 25 years old, no kids, not married (I am Johns partner of 5 years with plans of marriage and kids), I work in retail which I have done for 6 years, on the shop floor for 1 year and office admin for 5. I am also security trained and licensed so would ideally be looking for work in admin/retail or security, failing that, a full time mummy and supportive wife. Any advise people can offer is greatly appreciated and we thank you in advance. We are a blank canvas, we are open to any ideas of location and careers. We look forward to hearing from you, kind regards, Team WEMO! - long story :biggrin:
  5. Hi all, Quite interesting forum, pleased to read so much information conveyed in one place! I'm a Security Professional with 12+ years experience in the field, also holding market recognized certifications such as CISSP, CISA, CEH, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, ITIL and Prince2. Could you please share how the Infosec Market currently is in AU? I'm moving to Australia by december, and just trying to figure out how long it might take for me to find a job, since I've got no local experience (what seems to be a big issue). If you are IT, but not into security, your opinion will also be appreciated! CISSP
  6. We seem to hit a bit of a major issue. My husband is an Aeronautical Engineer and some of his work is naturally in the defence industry i.e. government. The government only employee citizens, except in exceptional cicumstances i.e. when no Australian could possibly fill the position. This means he is really struggling to find work as agencies are not interested as this whole issue is too hard for them and if he applies direct to the government he gets rejected because there is always someone else who can do the job even if he maybe the best candidate, not that they ever interview to find out. We know this is the case as he has spoken to the people he has been rejected by. Has anyone got any ideas? Our visas need to be activated by April and it seems to big a risk to go to Australia with this issue and no job. Help!
  7. Katiem

    New IELTS Security

    Bit random ... I have my exam on Saturday but just received a letter in the post to say that the place I'm sitting the exam (Bath Uni) is starting a new scheme to increase test security and that some candidates will have their fingerprints taken on the day and a photograph then if/when they leave the room during the day they will have to have their fingerprints checked?!? Is there really such a security issue? I can't imagine needing this level of security?! Has anyone else received similar letters for other test centres or could it just be this one? Don't really want my fingerprints taken...imagine inky fingers on the test papers :mad:
  8. Dear All, A quick question just for confirmation. ICT security Specialist - 262112 is not in SOL sechedule-1 in list below on link. Does it mean i can't apply for Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175)? http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule1.pdf Your input/comments will be highly appreciated Regards
  9. The Pom Queen

    Facebook Security Glitch

    There seems to be one security breach after another with Facebook at the moment. A series of photos from Mark Zuckerberg’s private Facebook page were made public today after a web expert managed to gain access thanks to a glitch in the social networking site. The bug in the website’s photo reporting tool - which Facebook says was only temporary and has now been fixed - meant that users could access others’ pictures even if they were private. Users were able to look at the private photos by ‘reporting’ a profile picture as ‘inappropriate’, which then saw other photos displayed, such as those of Facebook CEO Mr Zuckerberg. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2070749/Facebook-security-glitch-reveals-Mark-Zuckerbergs-private-photos.html#ixzz1fotugUcG
  10. Does anyone know of any companies looking for quality Information security people, with the offer of a 457 visa? I am in Liverpool UK Thanks Paul
  11. Hi All Any advice or info on taking lap-top, external hard drive & memory stick thru airport security and the X-Ray machines. Thanks
  12. Guest

    Security work

    Hello, I will soon be moving to Melbourne and would like to continue to work within the security industry. I am ex British Forces and currently operate as a security advisor for an oil and Gas company in the Middle East. I would very much like to make contact with anyone working in the security industry in Australia especialy the Melbourne area. Any feedback on courses,licenses, security providers,seeking work would be very much appreciated. many thanks. Ben
  13. i have been looking on real estate websites at some of the houses (Townsville area) and notice that a lot of houses have security screens mentioned which i presume are the grill things on the windows and doors, what exactly are these? Also i notice some houses seem to have windows with no glass in, like a wooden louvre window, do they really have no glass in?
  14. Hi I am a HR country applicant and got my CO in Dec 2010. My application is undergoing security checks and still not completed. I was born and lived for around 26 years in Iran and completed my studies in Iran as well and never worked in Iran. I started my careers in UAE around 7 years ago and am residing in UAE at present on working resident visa. My question is : Is my security checks conducted for Iran only or it will be conducted for UAE as well? If it is conducted for both countries then is it done at the same time for both or security checks for the second country starts once the security checks for the first country is completed ? Based on statistics, security checks for Iranians is taking 12 to 15 months at present and I am worried about my application as I have been living in more than one HR country. I appreciate any advice in advance Regards REZA
  15. Hi Please respond with a full cv and cover letter if you are or strive to be an Information Security Consultant!:biggrin: We're looking in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Oxford (UK)! Regards Yvonne Sears Feel free to contact me on here
  16. Hello, My girlfriend and I are about to move to Melbourne from Queenslands. I am a security installer, I currently hold a QLD security license which was easy to get. A QLD police check a british police check and some certified documents, passport, driving license etc. The Vic security license is a bit harder to get the certified documents must be from a JP (or any body on the list of people i don;t know) that has known you personaly for 12months! Iv been in Aus for almost 2years! I don't know anyone! Has anyone managed to get around this? Will a British person on the list of people i don't know in Aus, be able to certify the documents? Thanks Dave
  17. Hi All, We are delighted to have just received our visas (PR sub class 175). However, like many I guess, are waiting on the sale of our house; letting it is the likely outcome. I am security technician (CCTV & Access) and would welcome feedback from anyone in the industry, particularly from Perth or Melbourne. (We are pretty much open minded on our destination at the moment). I am interested to find out the practicalities of obtaining the ACA open license. Thanks very much.
  18. Hi, my husband has a skype interview with Chubb Australia on Tuesday evening for a job as a security engineer. Does anyone have any tips on the sort of security equipment that is used in Oz? He will be dealing with maintenace and installations. He has worked for ADT here in England and a few other companies. He deals with intruder alarms, CCTV, access control, fire alarms etc. We know the interview will ask technical questions so wondered how different the systems are in Oz. Any hints and tips would be great. Many thanks. Nicola & Jamie:biggrin:
  19. Hi all, I am a fire and security engineer looking to migrate with my family. I need some advice from someone who has been there and done it from the same industry because I am getting mixed responses from agents etc. Because my trade is not specifically specified on the lists I am being advised on different occupations to apply under, such as electrician. We seem to be hitting a brick wall every time so any advice would be welcome. I have been in the game for 23 years so if I don't it know I never will, so got the experience and qualifications. Thanks for looking, hope you can help. A very frustrated family
  20. Guest

    Security checks!!!!!!

    Guys !!! Any 2009 applicants whose application stuck in the security checks?????
  21. I was born in a high risk country but now I am a citizen of low risk coutry (UK) and have been living here since last 8 years. I have lodged state sponsored 176 visa in June and just wondering if the security checks timeline for low risk countries would be applicable to my application or it would be a long wait through ASIO. I would greatly appreciate if somone having same circumstances can share their experience. Cheers
  22. Guest

    ASIO security checks

    My case stuck in security checks, guys any idea how long they take ?? Any idea of knowing wts going on??? Asked the CO but same reply i get that application under routine checks but no timeframe......???/ What can I do ???/:wacko:
  23. Guest

    ASIO 's Security Check Logjam

    According to the this news there is a backlog of security check files of ASIO. ASIO's security check logjam revealed - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) This may explain the reason of why we are waiting more than usual. Currently, security checks takes 2 months more than average for high risk countries.
  24. User Name

    Security Checks after July '11

    According to a news article I subscribed, there are changes to the way security checks will be conducted by ASIO. My guess is that instead of automatically sending everyone from Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and few others for these checks, they will handpick the unlucky ones for checks. However does it mean that security checks will be quicker for those whose applications have already been sent for these checks after this new system for ASIO kicks in? Hope any agents can shed some light on this. SOURCE: http://www.acacia-au.com/immigration_portfolio_budget_2011-12.php http://www.theage.com.au/business/federal-budget/immigration-department-faces-staff-program-cuts-20110510-1ehh6.html
  25. I just sent an email to IGIS regarding my application and received the following reply from them Correspondence reference: 2011/xxx File reference: 2010/xx Visa inquiry I refer to your inquiry concerning any security assessment that may be required for this visa application. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) is the agency responsible for conducting security assessments. To inquire about the case I require the following additional information about the visa applicant and any secondary applicant: · Full name · Date of birth · Country of birth · Date of visa application · File reference number This office can check whether or not ASIO is acting unreasonably or has made a processing error but we are not able to direct ASIO to change the priority of a case, or make the process quicker for a particular applicant. Where we identify an issue requiring resolution, we liaise with the relevant agencies about the issue. We will not provide any other feedback but will contact you if we require any further information about the case. I suggest you maintain contact with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for information about the status of the visa application. On behalf of Vivienne Thom Inspector-General 6 April 2011 Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security P +61 2 6271 5692 F+61 2 6271 5696 www.igis.gov.au ___________________________________________________