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Found 15 results

  1. emmaroo

    Securing house in UK

    Just wondered if anyone who returned to UK and had to get accommodation encountered any problems? I will returning with money but not employment and I am worried that this will cause me problems when it comes to securing somewhere to live! Can anyone give any advice? Cheers Emma :hug:
  2. Hi, just wondering if anyone has managed to secure a residential let (unfurnished, not a holiday let) before leaving the uk? Flying out on 14th September to Perth and staying with my brother for the first week or so. Not sure if I'll manage to sort out a rental in such a short space of time so wanted to know if it was possible to arrange one before leaving. Checked a few of the real estate sites and found several suitable properties but they all require a viewing of the property before you can apply. Any help / thoughts will be much appreciated.
  3. Hi Everyone I am getting very worried, I have spent best part of this week trying to secure a furnished rental for our arrival in Perth within the next 3-4 weeks. The rentals seem to go very quick, and change throughout the day, due to the time difference, you wake up thinking you have a rental, then overnight something has happened and you no longer have one, so have to start the process again. Has anyone got any advice what I could do, or any good agencies i can contact, we are quite flexible with areas. Thanks Kim
  4. Me and my partner and moving to oz in almost 5 weeks time and we have been looking for a place to rent in Sydney. There are lots of places within our price range and location however as we aren't actually in oz yet it makes things more difficult. Has anyone been in the same situation and is there a way to get around this so we could possibly sort a place out before we arrive? We aren't sure if there is a way for people coming from abroad to do this. Are we missing something here or will we actually have to wait untill we get there? Otherwise we are going to have to stay in a hotel for a couple of weeks on arrival which may prove to be very expensive. Will appreciate any help or advice we can get!
  5. Guest

    Securing a Rental

    Hi everyone wondering if anyone can shed some light on how we would go about getting a rental home for a family of 4, when we arrive in Oz, we are moving to Adelaide early next year and beginning to think this seems to be an impossible task to do from the Uk? All suggestions greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi We are currently in the process of deciding when and if to return to the UK. We are governed at the moment by the fact that my four year old son is due to start school in the UK in September and we have decided that it may be better for us to return prior to that rather than next year (which we had originally planned) as we would like him to start school at the right time, rather than mid year on his own. We are currently looking at rentals initially, before we commit to buying anything, but having never rented before am not really too sure how easy it would be to secure a rental upon our return or even whilst we are still in Oz. How easy would it be for letting agents to get references/credit checks etc if we have been out of the country for a couple of years? Also, we will have to look for jobs when we arrive so would this affect our chances of getting a rental? Just wondering what other people have done really who have gone back home. I am not really able to stay with family as I need to get an address in the area in which I want my son to go to school, so I am limited to a certain area. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Sheila
  7. Hi, Can anyone tell me if it's acceptable to arrange, and pay in advance for a short term rental (in Victoria), before we leave the UK. We have large family and feel if we can have a rental to go straight to, that's one less stress to deal with. Thanks
  8. Hi, Has anybody had any luck securing work or at least being offered an interview upon arrival in oz?? We have emailed some companies today and put together a good cover letter detailing when we will be arriving and the fact we are currently applying for the ozzie air con licences.
  9. Me and my husband are about to start the visa process to emigrate to western australia. We'll clear most of our debt before a visa is granted but we'll still have an unsecured loan of about £30k by the time we go. My question is, will this be detrimental to our visa app? Thanks
  10. Hi all Just wondered how easy/difficult it is to secure a short-term (3-6 months) rental apartment if we are in Oz on a WHV? Does this tend to put letting agents off? Are references always required? What is the maximum up-front payment agents would normally expect, i.e. how many weeks rent in total? Many thanks
  11. After not really looking too hard for a rental as the place im 'house sitting' is doing me fine, I stumbled across the perfect house for me. Exactly where I want, perfect layout etc and a great price. I sent in my application today after viewing it this morning, but wont hear until after new year! I dont think I will get it as there were loads of other people interested, so i'd like to know what I can do to secure the next one? There are obvious things I need to sort out, like a few gaps on the application as im new to Oz; but what do vendors look for to choose one tenent over another?
  12. Hi All I will be heading over to Brisbane next year and am trying to find out what is involved in securing a rental once we get there. I plan to book some form of temp accomodation for the first few weeks while we hunt but won't have a job when i arrive. How have you all found sorting out a rental once you get there? What paperwork was asked for and any tips to put your best foot forward. i.e. Paying a few months up front? Any advice or inside info appreciated Regards
  13. Hi Has anyone had any luck securing a job offer under the ENS(121)scheme. Oh has sent off CVs but havent heard anything. This seems like the only option after having lodged a 175 and a 176! Jodie
  14. Hi, I'm looking to move out to Oz early next year and wondered how easy it is to find and secure employment in Australia before leaving the UK. From the threads that I have seen it seems to be pretty difficult. I have been on Australian jobsites but I'm assuming they advertise jobs that you would apply for once there as opposed to applying with a view to moving out in a few months time...? Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. kellyjamie

    securing regional sponsorship

    does anyone know if the more regional you go the more chance you may have of securing sponsorship from a state? for example would QLD be more likely to approve our application if we were to head for central coast instead of sunshine or gold coast? just wondered, thanx kelly