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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys. Can anyone who has been through the process advise the following. Moving to Perth and will be looking to secure a long term rental hopefully in Joondalup Area or surrounding suburbs. In your experience how quickly can a long term rental be secured. I sort of need this one answered so I know how much short term furnished accommodation i need to book:biggrin: Thanks for any advice or guidance offered:wink:
  2. Here is a little heads up for anyone looking at relocating to the Gold Coast in the near future,,, Its a great place to live with stunning scenery and beaches and some gorgous houses available but it is having a tough time on the employment front right now, so be prepared to travel or re-train to find work. This is an article from todays newspaper with more detailed info,,,,- http://www.goldcoast.com.au/article/2011/05/19/316371_gold-coast-news.html Cal x
  3. We currently own our property in uk, when we have sold our house and move to perth we will have to rent as will be using any equity we make to fund our new life. My worry is do people still feel at home in rented accommodation and stay in the same one for years or do you always feel unsettled?
  4. We are going back into the rental market as I am returning to study. Anyway, what i was wondering is: what was that extra information or what did you provide that you believe secured you that rental? Message me if you want to keep it under your hat as any info will be appreciated :wink: BTW we have previously rented and had our bond returned in full but the rental agent is on maternity leave so i am struggling to get a reference. I am going to phone them on Monday see what they can do. Thankyou :wubclub:
  5. Please can you share some info with me on this one? My other half has emailed his work history to lots of companies in Melbourne in the hope that they might get back to him with something that would allow him to get a foot in the door or even a telephone interview before we actually leave for Oz. He has either heard nothing at all or been told flat out that they are not interested in him until he arrives in Victoria and applies directly for jobs so is available for face to face interview. Same has been advised by the employment agencies etc. So, how have you been able to get work so you can start when you arrive in Oz? Thanks so much for any answers on this one as I know you probs don't want to give too much away. PS Other Half works in Construction
  6. Hi I was wondering if any tradies have managed to secure a job in Australia whilst still in the UK? My hubby is a furniture Spray Painter and there are a few jobs coming up on Seek & Career One. He has phoned 2 of them and emailed his resume to 1. They have all said the same thing. They would offer him a job but its hard as he is in UK. They said to ring them when he arrives. He has explained he has a permanent visa and friends to stay with. Also how we have no ties here and he can go to Australia when ever. He would go first if he could get a job. With money being tight, we would love for him to try and secure employment before we go back. But is this impossible. If others have managed to do it, can you give us any tips. Thanks Jill:notworthy:
  7. Hi all, I am an Band 5 OT with one years experience. However before I re-trainned I worked as a support worker, working in Mental Health settings for over 10 years. I am currently on a physical health rotation with experience in eldery acute & social services so far. Hopefully moving to Paeds in March. I am 36, single with property here to sell/rent. I'm keen to get over to Oz. So my question is is it worth applying now or continuing with my rotation until I get to Band 6? Are there roles for juniors? Secondly what is the situation with mental health OTs over there as ideally I would like to go back to Mental Health? I have no family sponsership but have friends in Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra (which seem to be the hardest places to get too!) In this case is the professionals visa the way to go? Thanks for any help/advice, Nicki
  8. Guest

    Am I Secure!

    Hello All We are both 47 on 457 work visas so we could not apply for 175 as we are over 45. We have been in Brisbane 5 months now and want to settle and buy an house but, feel very insecure as if I lose my job I will have to leave OZ after a month. With the current situation is my job secure! Can my sponcer help me out with getting Permanant Recidency sooner than waiting 2 years? Also my wife is still not working but, applying for everything! If she was working full time would that help me out if I lose my job? We are renting at the moment but, feel fustrated as we are paying someone elses mortgage and is very expensive, as we have always owned our own home. We are on our own with our pet dog who keeps us sane! As anyone been in our situation as I would welcome some advise as what to do, we have to pay full for doctors etc as we are not entitled to medicare or anything else, yet I am paying tax! Nickas
  9. Hi guys... My OH is an operations/production manager with a masters in business admin....we have had our visa since oct '08 and have applied for numerous jobs with no luck! People keep telling us that we need to be in Oz really for employers to take us seriously! So...shall we bite the bullet and arrive jobless with maybe $60,000 cash to support us or wait here in a secure job until Paul gets a job offer??? It's a dilema!! Paul has put his cv on seek...career one etc. but no luck! Lisa,xx
  10. 02 December 2008 SUBJECT: VERY VERY VERY URGENT!!! - UGGENTLY LOOKING FOR A SPONSORING EMPLOYER FOR ANY IT JOB TO SECURE MY SUBCLASS 457 VISA... Dear Everyone: I was sponsored on a skilled migration visa by Mackay Computer Services in Mackay. I have been in Australia since the 1st of August 2008 and have worked in my current position since then. My visa details are as follows: Australian Visa, Ref. 1593176643T1 UC 457, Sub Class 457, Duration: 14 July 2008 to 14 July 2012. Due to unforeseen circumstances in respect to my family, I was unable to continue my employment at Mackay Computer Services and as a result have amicably ended my employment here in the hope of securing a position in Australia. However, Australian immigration regulations require me to be placed in employment and with a new sponsor within 28 days of my termination with Mackay Computer Services. This period is effective as of Friday, 14 November 2008. Failure to meet this deadline will result in me and my family returning to our country of origin, being Bangladesh. This is not a viable option as the procedure to re-apply outside of the country is financially demanding. I am urgently looking for assistance. I am working to a deadline (already 17 days gone from the deadline and I have only 11 days left) and appreciate if anyone can assist me to find a sponsoring employer to provide me a suitable IT job before this period is over. I am a diligent and loyal worker with over 19.1 years experience in the ICT field. Eagerly waiting to hear from anybody with kind, sympathetic and sincere cooperation.... Best regards, Md. Farhad Kamal Senior Technical Engineer Mackay Computer Services Pty Ltd 31 Milton Street Mackay, QLD 4740 Australia Telephone Number: 0421506521 (Mobile), (07) 4951 7777 (Office) Email: farhad.kamal@gmail.com, farhadkamal@mcs.com.au
  11. Guest

    secure mail or courier ?

    bit of a wee silly one really but cant decide what to do can you tell me what you did when getting the visa put inside your passports please - might help me make a decision :twitcy: thanks sjs
  12. Hi Coming to live in Brisbane mid Sept. Got a holiday let/apartment for the 1st 6 weeks whilst we find our feet. What do you need to take with you to the viewings to secure a Rental property? My partner & I do not have a mortgage in the UK you see (as we've been living at her parents last year or so whilst we saved up for this trip!). We will have 2 personal references (from friends living in Brisbane & Melbourne). We'll also have a reference from the Company sponsoring me on the 457 Visa (ING Australia). I'll also be able to take a copy of my contract which details my salary ($80K per year). What else would we need to have to secure somewhere?? Any help would be much appreciated! Cheers peeps Scott :chatterbox:
  13. Guest

    do u secure a job ?

    do u secure a job first before coming to australia or you go there after being granted a PR and go there jobless ? :GEEK: