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Found 14 results

  1. To: Message to the Moderators, I've noticed that there are a lot of kids asking for Penpals who live or are going to live in a particular area of OZ, my Daughter included! It's a bit of a chore tralling through all the threads looking for kids in your area! Would it be possible to add a special section in the Younger Ones perhaps called PENPALS where the kids could register their details ie. Name, Age and hobbies, listed under the area where they live/are moving. i.e. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne etc etc? I know that it would really help my daughter if she could speak to kids already there or ones going to the same place as her. Many thanks, Caroline.
  2. 100. I got rather disoriented by the sudden mod action. Also, it is getting quite hard checking two different sections - one could end up getting vertigo shifting around between sections!!!!
  3. hi there again and welcome to my stress, i'm a qualified nursery worker (child care) and cant seem to find it on the skilled section, does this mean i can't apply for the 176 visa? if not which visa will be best for me? i have 2 children and is a loan parent looking to migrate to oz i have cousins in Tasmania not sure whether they could help. i need some advice and ideas how to live the dream, all advice great. thanks shelly
  4. I am having a problem with the Online Visa Application form. According to the online form, Provide details of ALL your family. Include family members that are not accompanying you to Australia as well as deceased family members. My father left me, my mother and my siblings some years ago. (Technically my parents are still legally married). I have placed my mother as my non-migrating dependent. My question is, do I still need to put my father in the Other Family Members section?
  5. Guest

    Visa 119 re Partner section

    Hi I have been accepted for a position in Canberra and will be completing visa subclass 119 (employer sponsered) my partner of 12 months will also be included in the visa, BUT does anyone know what the rules are regarding partners, I know we dont need to be married but do we have to have lived together?? we havent because of employment but travel to each others homes every weekend and can proof this.......is this enough ???? help I dont want to go without him!!
  6. Hi, I am looking forward to apply for ACS RPL and need sample/template/format as I need to know how to fill that particular section. Kindly note that I am not looking for content but only template/Sample as I am having over 10 years of IT development so I have more than 20 pages of content ready for technology resources as per the ACS. Thanks in advance Srini
  7. paulswin

    IELTS overall or each section??

    I'm hearing sooooo many different things one minute WA require ielts next thing they dont! Also is is an overall score they go by or is it each section???
  8. Hello my name is Sam. I would like to apologise because I know that this is a completely different topic to what this forum is about. But I could not find anything to do with health and things like that. (I am fairly new to this) I am moving to Australia in the next 2 years or so and I am on Diabetic tablets called Metformin. I am on a 500mg dose and I get it free in England for obvious reasons. But I am on this tablet for life. I also cannot go on any other form of diabetic treatment. Could you please answer me these questions as it is quite important... How do I go about getting this tablet over in Australia? Would it be free? Thank you for taking the time to read my post and for your help. It is much appreciated. Take care everybody :cute:
  9. Quinkla

    Section 300 Visa Granted

    I have just had an e-mail (about half an hour ago) to say that I have been granted a Section 300 Prospective Marriage Visa. I have a job offer which is time limited, and this means I will still be able to take up that post - but my goodness they cut it fine. And the process was far from stress-free. But - WOOT!!!
  10. Hi to everyone, Does anyone know why Immi gov au web site removed “What’s New section of 23rd September - CSL and priority processing directions” ?? Thanks to all in advance Nata :hug:
  11. hey i need help in the financial section. we've lived together 13 months but lived with my parents. payed rent. mum kept a log book. moved into my grans hoouse when she was sick. for 3 months payed some utility bills but was in grans name they both kept a log book of when and what we payed but it's nothing legal. we have no rent slips. no joint bank accounts no shares in real estate. nothing. we both have jobs to return home to. (in aus) so would statutory declarations from our bosses be enough to say that we can financially support ourselves? we're both casual at our jobs but we work full time hours. and what kinds of things would our bosses need to write down. or are we totally screwed? any idea anyone? please help. thanks.
  12. Hi, Nearly completed e457 application, got to the special skills section and haven't got a clue what to put. Is there something specific i should mention? Also i have: a) No qualification in my trade. b) No qualifications whatsoever! (Apart from a few useless low grade GCSE'S.....Are they worth mentioning?) Do i leave the boxes blank or just enter N/A? Because i'm a thicko will this go against me? Cheers Andy
  13. Guest

    Advice on TRA section 8

    Hi guys, i have recently wrote out all my employment history explaining the FULL details using a word document.This covers 10 individual pages.i am wondering, would it be beneficial to write it all out by hand, or just to print off the word documents and Just write "see attatched notes" in section 8 of the form. I know this sounds daft, but i am beating myself up over this. Any suggestions from you guys. Thanks Daz+Gill
  14. hi im emigrating with my family to melbourne in december and im due to start uni next year i was wondering if you had any advise on how studnt finance works over there, whether most people live at uni like theydo here or commute from home, how maintenance and tuition loans work, anything realy thanks lauren