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Found 58 results

  1. Please note - January 2013 CREP update changes and ratings. Please read the CREP info further down the page. I posted about this over on the sister site PIA. However I thought this would a useful thread to have as there are difference in car seat regulations between the UK/EU and Australia. This is all taken from my online research. Thought I'd share my findings. Many people making the move to Australia are not aware that their UK car seats are not legal in Australia. Even if they have the latest, newest and highest rated UK/EU car seat, it won't matter a jot. It will be illegal to use in a car in Australia. Australian car seats are top tethered and have to be approved to Australian standards. Imported car seats are not tested or legal. So what do you need to know Child restraint laws What seat does my child need? Up to 6 months: Your baby must be restrained in an approved rearward facing child restraint like an infant capsule or a convertible car seat specifically designed for newborn babies. (NB - Just because you can turn your child forward facing at 6 months in Australia doesn't mean you should. Rear facing for as long as possible is advised for safety reasons). 6 months to 4-years-old: Your child must be in either a rearward facing or forward facing child restraint, such as a child safety seat. 4-years-old to 7-years-old: Your child must be in either a forward facing child restraints or a booster seat restrained by a correctly adjusted and fastened seatbelt or child safety harness. You can read this information on RAC Australia, BabyCenter.com.au and also here at bubhub.com.au and kidssafewa.com.au. Just a number of websites online, national and different states, basically all saying the same thing with regard to the car seat laws. They are a national thing, regardless of state now. **UPDATED CREP RESULTS JAN 2013** CREP have released their new test results. Please be aware they used additional criteria so some car seats star safety ratings have changed. Car seat safety test findings from CREP (Child Restraint Evaluation Program) This is the body that tests car seats on the Australian market. It has safety ratings for all types of seats. Click on the appropriate age group to view the results. Be aware some of these car seats are no longer available and newer models have been brought out. Also they are not the be all and end all in terms of testing and you should always take into account other information, test results and so on also. New CREP ratings Jan 2013 - http://www.crep.com.au/crep-results.php What type of car seat do I need to be looking at? Capsule/Infant carrier - From birth to 9 months/1 year 9 or 12kg (depending on car seat limits) These are rear facing car seats. Convertible car seat - Suitable from birth, rear facing from birth to weight/size limit then forward facing till 4 years Forward facing car seats - 6 months - 4 years Booster seats - 4-7 years of age. Both harnessed and seatbelt fitted. Highbacked fitted with top tether is becoming the norm. A few other things - * Britax is called Safe n Sound in Australia. They sell their car seats nationally. There website is here - http://www.britax.com.au/ * Maxi Cosi is Maxi Cosi - They currently don't appear to have an Australian website but you can find their car seats for sale online or in stores in Australia. * There is also Facebook group for car seat safety in Adelaide. Adelaide Kids In Cars. Very helpful car seat experts who are more than happy to help answer your questions and more. * Extended rear facing (from 1-4 years of age) is not yet available in Australia. Britax is planning to design and test an extended rear facing car seat in the not too distant future. You can find various groups on Facebook if you are interested in learning more about this. They are Australian Parents for Rear Facing Car Restraints to 18 kg Rear-Facing Down Under Bring Extended Rearfacing To Australia * There is also a thread on this forum for extended rear facing (ERF). It can be found HERE * The Australia system uses the top tether. If you import a UK car you'll need to install tether points for fitting your Aussie car seats properly. * Isofix is not yet legal in Australia. It has however passed a few hurdles and is currently waiting for final approval to enable car seat manufacturers to begin making and testing car seats fitted using Isofix (or the Aussie equivalent if they use the top tether also still). UPDATE July 29 2011 - Isofix is coming to Australia in 2013 - Read more HERE * Please view this webpage to get an idea of a child safety harness for older children no longer needing a car seat - Scroll down the page to the last couple of photos - http://www.childrestraints.co.nz/australia.php You can also find more info over on Carseatsafety.com.au and Roadwise. The original thread for this is over on PIA AUGUST 15 2012 - NEWS UPDATE ON AUS STANDARDS You can download the draft HERE . You need to register and then download the PDF. From a Britax press release - On the 13th August 2012, Standards Australia released a draft of the revised Child Restraints Standard AS/NZS1754. The draft introduces a number of significant changes to the way Australian and New Zealand children will be restrained in cars in the future. The key changes in the draft include: Child restraints will be made available in Australia that include lower attachment connectors allowing them to be engaged with ISOFIX low anchorages available in many cars. This new category is similar to systems offered overseas. As with all Australian child restraints, the upper tether strap is required for use; A new category of child restraints will be introduced to the Australian market, allowing most children to stay rear facing up to approximately two to three years of age; A new category of child restraint with an in-built harness for children from approximately six months up to eight to ten years of age will be introduced. Previously restraints with an in-built harness have only been available for children up to approximately four years of age; Introduction of testing and defining child restraints that are suitable for babies that are of low birth weight or premature, and Introduction of marking of child restraints suitable for aircraft travel. The draft will be open for industry, government and consumers to review and comment until the 16th October 2012. Once the standard is approved for publication, expected to be early next year, Britax will endeavor to certify and release restraints that are compatible with ISOFIX low anchorages and within the new requirements of the standard. (Source Britax/Safe n Sound).
  2. Perth Trotters

    Heading Home? Need Kids Car Seats?

    Hi There, I have 2 Britax Car Seats that I am unable to use here in Australia so was wondering if anyone heading home (UK) required them. They are both in excellent condition and have not been involved in an accident. I have a Kidfix (Isofix) Booster Seat 15 - 36kg approx 4 - 12 years and a Britax Renaissance, Group 1 (9months - 4 years approx) Will happily give them away just cant bear to dump then when they are in such good condition but it is illegal for me to use them over here! Can be collected in Halls Head, Mandurah until 15 Dec and therafter from South Perth. PM me if you are interested! Thanks Claire

    car seats for Oz

    Hello, can anyone tell me how to find out what car seats/booster seats are allowed in Oz. I have a 3 yr old and 6 yr old. Are there any seats that can be used in both Uk and Oz or do we just have to buy new ones out there?
  4. any one selling up- or kids out grown -anything considered PM me thanks
  5. Guest

    Car seats on arrival

    Getting scarily close to arrival time now and still trying to plough through the endless to do list! Just wondered what others with young kids did (or are planning to do) about car seats when you arrived? We will be hiring a car ASAP after arrival (another on the to do list!) so not sure if we will pick that up from Perth airport or get a cab. Either way, I won't have car seats for our three kids (1, 4 and 5). Any ideas gratefully received!
  6. Hi guys, long shot but anyone got any car seats for sale that they no longer use? North of Brisbane but will travel to collect. Cheers PM me or reply to thread :biggrin::wideeyed:
  7. Guest

    Car seats?

    We fly in 4 weeks time and I am just starting to think about the task ahead Cars- In particular car seats- Stan is just under 18kg- what would be the recommended seat for him- (if he needs to be over 18KG for the next one I could fatten him up what are the ok brands to get, what are the brands to avoid? Where would you get them from? How are we going to get from the airport to the centre of Sydney with 3 pre school kids and 100kg of luggage? Would we have to pre book a taxi with seats or can they travel in a taxi without seats? Ok freaking out now thinking about just that- I need a lie down! Thanks xx
  8. Guest

    Childrens Car Seats

    Hi, Wasn't quite sure where to put this, so apologies if it's in the wrong section. I was just wondering whether anyone would mind recommending which childs car seat to go for over in Australia please? We'd like it to be a Group 1, 2, 3 (at least that's what they're called over here) so suitable from 9months until the child no longer needs a car seat, have side protection head rest and a 5 point harness. Can anyone give me a pointer please?
  9. Can you please help settle a disagreement... Our children are 4 and 6 and we need to know if they really need new car seats when we arrive in Oz. We have perfectly good car seats here but obviously without the Australian standards sticker on. What have you done? Have you bought new to comply with Aussie law or have you taken your British car seats over and 'hoped for the best'?
  10. Car Seat for kids- All you need to know for Queensland. They reported that all the other states would follow suit afterwards, so a year on, this should be the regs for the whole of Australia. Biggest differences from the UK are- 3 yr olds need an "H type harness" till their 4th b'day. No one under 7 in the front (unless you only have 2 seats) and it confirms UK seats are not acceptable. Penalties are 3 points and $300 fine per incorrect kid! Link: http://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/~/media/a34d7a95-2ff5-4b5e-b57b-47aeb515d0af/child_restraints_qanda_feb11.pdf HTH.
  11. I am going to UK in Sept and it looks as if we will have both granddaughters with us:jiggy: (the d-i-l said yes after all!!!) so just on the off chance, is there anyone in Cambridgeshire (or within cooee) who would be interested in either lending or selling us a couple of child car seats for a couple of months? Kids will be just 4 and 10 months. I know that is a huge long shot but nothing ventured ....! Thanks
  12. Guest

    Au Car seats in UK

    Just wondering, does anyone know if Australian child car seats can be used in the UK? We are thinking of taking ours with us if they are legal over there. Has anyone done this or know any more info... Many thanks
  13. Guest

    Rear facing car seats

    Just read about UK car seats not being legal in Australia due to not having tethering. I remember when we were over last year that our son had to go forward facing in a car seat and it was tethered at the top. I hated him forward facing and was so glad to be back in our own car and his own rear facing car seat once we got back to the UK. However, big huge problem for us next year when we move if we have had another baby. We use a rear facing car seat here in the UK which is suitable till a child is 4. We have no desire whatsoever to use a forward facing car seat for any child of ours till they reach 4. The car seat has passed some of the toughest safety tests out there and its sold widely in Scandianvia and elsewhere. And rear facing is the only way I want our kids to travel until they turn 4. I've read a child can be forward facing from 6 months in Australia (a scary thought) but that they approve forward and rear facing between 6 months to 4 years. So now I need to track down suppliers of rear facing car seats. It was hard enough getting a rear facing car seat here a few years back but its catching on so more stockitst. Anyone already in Oz and got their child rear facing car seat till 4? Make, model and stockist info gratefully appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. paul1977

    british baby car seats

    hi people why cant we use our british car seats in oz...? if there safe here why not in oz...? i understand its a different country but is there a difference in the uk/oz seats:policeman:
  15. foy465

    Car booster seats?

    We have a bit of a dilemma. After looking around I have found out that U.K car seats are no good as they of course don't carry the Australian kitemark. We are not hiring a car, we are collecting my husbands work car on arrival. So can anyone recommend a store to buy 2 booster seats? (Brisbane). I have googled and they look seriously expensive :frown: Thanks very much.
  16. Can anyone give me advise on what they did when they arrived about car seats. We have a company car waiting for us but with no car seat! We have been told it isnt worth takling our UK ones as they dont meet Oz standards, which is fine! But what do you do when you leave the airport?? Was anyone else in the same postition? What did you do? Can you rent one from somewhere or is there a shop at Melbourne airport you can buy from? Cheers
  17. Phil & Vikki

    Children seats in Oz

    We were looking at bringing out our car child seats with us as we plan on having more kids in Oz. We had the shippers in the other day and they said that we would not be able to take our seats with us. This was because our seats are not the isofix car seats, but they are the ones held in by the seat belts. The guy said that the belt ones are not legal in Australia and that we could not use them. Does anyone know if this is true or now?
  18. billyphoenix

    Arrival, Car Seats & Taxis

    So how do we do this? We will be arriving in Melbourne at the weekend and will need to get a taxi from the airport and we have a 2, 3 & 7 yr old - what do we do about car seats, do the taxi companies have them? How do we get in touch with them or are they very lax and don't care? Thanks Lindsey
  19. The Ozcans

    New Airline Seats

    "An airline in New Zealand is introducing new 'cuddle class' seats on long-haul flights. Airline launches new 'cuddle class' seats - Yahoo! Travel UK "The Skycouch seats will initially be available on flights from Auckland to Los Angeles from April 2011 and experts estimate they will cost around £1,271 less than business class." Also, the other link.... stand up seats!!! Stand-up airline seats unveiled - Yahoo! Travel UK :smile:
  20. Guest

    Airline Seats

    May of been done before, but thought this may be of use to some: Airline Seating Charts - Best Airplane Seats - SeatGuru Yes I am an anorak, but the site allows you to see ALL seating plans for each aircraft run by All of the airlines, well nearly I reckon. Especially helpful for those who are tall, fat, travelling with children, certain medical conditions, or people who just want the best seat available on the often arduous and long flight to OZ. It also gives you all the amenities on the aircraft, TV's, etc and has many links to show you the best way to pre book or just research the airlines and what they offer. Hope some find it useful. Now where was that train spotting manual. Cheers Tony:biglaugh:
  21. Hi, We move from London on 2nd Sept and are hiring a car for about 3 weeks (hopefully we should have bought our own by then!?). We need car seats for a 9 week old and a 2 year old and were planning on buying them as soon as we land but will we have problems fitting our own seats to a hire car as I hear you need to anchor them in the boot or something??
  22. Guest

    Kids car seats

    I know in the big scheme of things like selling houses, changing jobs, sorting schools, etc etc car seats may not be priority but wondered what people have tended to do. I know some may not be compatible over in oz and i can check on the web to see if ours are. But did anyone take theirs and was it a pain with all the other baggage and wished they hadn't? Or did you get rid of them and buy new and wish you had taken them? Your views much appreciated. Thanks Claire x
  23. Guest

    Free UK Car seats

    Hi Guys, We moved to Australia 2 weeks ago and brought our children's car seats with us. Due to new law in Australia these seats are illegal in Australia so we have had to buy all new ones for our 3 kids!!!! We are on the Central Coast & will give our seats away! Just thought those of you who may be going home to UK ( the seats are legal in UK!! ). We are also going on a road trip up to QLD so willing to drop off if anyone shows interest. 1st is a Maxi cosi priory X P, ( baby up to 4 yrs ), the other two are Graco JR 1 x pink, 1 x black. Paula.
  24. The Conservatives are on course for a convincing election victory after a new poll for The Daily Telegraph showed the party is leading Labour by 12 points in crucial marginal constituencies. On the eve of tonight’s first ever leaders’ television debate, the most comprehensive survey of swing seats since the campaign began showed David Cameron comfortably ahead. Keep going Cameron, put the UK back on track, I know it will take years to repair the damage done by Brown and his bunch of idiots! General Election 2010: Conservatives lead in 100 key seats, Telegraph poll shows - Telegraph
  25. Hi. Bearing in mind recent changes to the law, we are looking for the next seat for our 3.5yr old. I am looking for what advice or recommendations anyone can give. Ideally we want something that still provides good safety and cushioning around the head. It's a little bit of a minefield out there. We need a seat that will go in the front of a 3 seater van, so that may limit our options somewhat too! Thanks in advance!