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Found 26 results

  1. Thinking about taking Audi A6, I think the only modification it will require to meet the Australian Standards is the installing of car seat anchor points and was wondering if anyone could give me an idea about how much this costs. Thanks
  2. Do you think we need a speaker? Not for myself of course, being a paragon of virtue and reasoned argument. How many times does the Speaker say 'order'? I bet that becomes his Chinese torture in retirement.
  3. Guest

    UK child car seat in Oz??

    Hello, can you use an UK chaild car seat in Oz? My Oz friend over here sais that we may have problem with the insurance in case of an accident. Any advise or previos experience? thanks
  4. Reported today on news.com.au http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/qantas-passengers-hit-with-seat-booking-fee/story-e6frfq80-1226038530742 Qantas passengers hit with seat booking fee THE next time you want to book a seat next to your partner or children on an international Qantas flight be prepared to pay up for the privilege. The airline has begun charging economy passengers $20 per person per leg of the journey to select a seat via its website. Those who want to avoid the fee will have to request a seat upon arriving at the airport, taking the risk that there may not be enough free seats left to be able sit beside loved ones. The airline's Advance Seat Selection option can be used for exit row seats but will attract a fee of up to $160 for long haul international flights. Those travelling on domestic flight or in first, business and premium economy cabins will avoid the seat selection fee. Frequent flyers and members of their loyalty scheme will not be charged. A Qantas spokesperson said that the new initiative will benefit passengers. “Advance Seat Selection complements Qantas’ pre-boarding services designed to make the pre-boarding experience quick and onboard experience comfortable,” the spokesperson said. “It is another initiative enabling Qantas customers to have greater choice with their travel experience. “Should customers not select their seat directly after they have booked their flight, they can continue to select their seat during online check-in free of charge.” The Advance Seat Selection was previously available to frequent flyers with Platinum, Gold or Silver status. Qantas is not the first airline to introduce such a charge. British Airways launched a fee for advance seat selection in 2009, charging passengers around $25 for the privilege. Qantas has carried out a series of domestic and international fuel surcharge hikes this year, with further increases flagged. Last month the airline announced that domestic fares will rise up to $10 a flight from the end of the month, on top of the five per cent hike in February. The airline also announced a range of cost-cutting moves last month in a bid to combat rising fuel costs and the economic impact of recent natural disasters. This included cutting jobs and flights on routes such as Japan, Melbourne and New Zealand, as well as downsizing some aircraft.
  5. Im going to assume that its not going to be a UK 3 pin plug in the back of the seat, does anyone know what power adaptor I will need to use it? :biggrin:
  6. sebahat

    Booster seat on the plane

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to check with you lot if there was someone on this forum who took a booster seat with them on the plane? We are flying in 3 weeks, booked through Qantas but because we stop over in South Africa for 2 weeks, we actually going to fly with BA first and then South African Airways from Johannesburg to Perth. We are going with 2 little children, taking one umbrella fold buggy and I`ve heard somewhere that we can also take a booster seat for our other daughter and put it with the checked-in luggage. I emailed Qantas enquiring about it but they are not coming back to me. I don`t want to call them as I want to have it in writing in case they stop me from taking the seat while we already at the airport. I just wanted to check if anyone has done it. Thank you Alex
  7. Guest

    Car Seat

    Hello, we are travelling with our 17 month and 3 month old. We will buy a seat for the 17 month old and use her car seat. My question is does anyone know if we'll be able to check another car seat in as we will need it when we get to the UK? We are travelling Singapore Airlines. Thanks
  8. melbournegirlinny

    Chris Evans holds seat

    Looks like Chris Evans has held his seat :sad: Senate Results - Western Australia - 2010 Federal Election - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) The ABC is also saying at the moment that Labor has 70 seats and the Liberal/Coalition has 72 seats. Sandra
  9. Guest

    Childs Booster Seat do I need one

    Hi everyone We are arriving in Sydney on the 8th August and then travelling down to Canberra on the 11th and staying until the 15th, we are on our reccie for 3 weeks. I am wondering do I need to get a child booster seat for my 7 year old boy while we are driving. I hope we can get together with some of you when we arrive in Canberra, let us know if you wish to get together when we arrive, we are all looking forward to coming and meeting some of you. thanks Lynne
  10. Thought this may be of interest to people coming to WA who have children upto 8 years http://www.pscwa.org.au/getdoc/1fad8cd4-9d1a-42c4-9ae4-175d8bf95bd8/FAQ-Child-Car-Restraints---21August2009.aspx
  11. Hi there, Its amazing after googling for hours we have been unable to find which car seats will be allowed to go on an airplane! We fly to Melbourne on the 12th May with Singapore and have booked a seat for our 14 month old. As its a night flight we are hoping he will be more likely to sleep in his car seat and would like to take it on board with us. Singapore have said this is fine so long as it is less than 17" deep and 18" wide (as we are on the A380) and is FAA or ECE approved. Every forum we have looked on people either start arguing about the pros and cons of taking a car seat, or arguing about which brand is better! No one actually answers the question!??!?! Some do say that they took their Britax on board but dont state which model, eeek! Im aware we may have to dispose of the car seat the other end as it may not meet Australia regulations. Has anyone actually flown with their child in a car seat and if so which car seat did you use? BTW this site is such a great resource so thanks for all that contribute. I love the tip about the soft play area in Singapore airport for wearing little ones out! Many thanks, David, Elaine, Kaylah and Aiden.
  12. Was just wondering if anyone knows the laws regarding baby and child car seats in Australia? Similar to here? Are cars over there fitted with the ISOFIX system? Have those of you who are out there taken your car seats with you, or bought new? Would be grateful for any advice anyone could offer....
  13. 2003 HOLDEN ZAFIRA TT MY03 Private Cars For Sale in QLD - carsales.com.au Only selling as we are moving back to the UK. :biggrin:
  14. Hello, I am not much of a poster more of a "lurker" as my questions always seemed to be answered so I hope you don't mind me asking for some advice. We have finally got to the stage of booking flights but we are stuck on whether to buy seat for our son (who will be 15 months at time of travel). He is too long for the bassinets on all airlines, and as we would need a car seat for him at the other end we thought about buying a seat for him and using his car seat. The problem is the car seat we have needs to be attached with a seat belt with a 3 point harness and all the airlines say you can use a seat that is secured only with a lap belt. Has anyone ever used a car seat on the plane? What car seat did you use? We are considering buying another one. I am dreading the flight as I can not imagine my son sitting still or being able to sleep in a normal adult seat. I hope someone can help! Thanks in advance. S
  15. Guest

    Renting Car Seat??

    Hi our rental car + car seat is going back this weekend. We have recently brought a new car, however we have no car seat for our 2yr. We do not want to buy another car seat as we will have two arriving on the container in a few weeks time. Has anyone rented a car seat from anywhere in the Mornington area? Many thanks Lee
  16. Hi has anyone got a car bike rack or/ and childs seat for a bike for sale? :wubclub: Geelong, Lara or Melbourne area, cheers jen xx
  17. I know that for most of you this is pretty boring information but for me it's a major step forward. From the Qantas industry sales site. latest qantas news international advance seat selection & international online check-in 18 june 2009 Qantas has introduced international online check-in and advance seat selection, expanding the range of services available to customers. international online check-in Customers whose first sector of their itinerary is on a Qantas operated and marketed flight can check in and print their boarding pass between 24 hours and 2 hours prior to their flight departure. Customers may also enjoy a faster airport experience with dedicated online check-in counters for bag drop and visa checks. international advance seat selection From 18 june 2009, chairmans lounge, platinum, gold and silver frequent flyers travelling internationally will be able to request a seat via Qantas.com once they have completed their reservation. By logging on to "manage your booking", eligible frequent flyers will see a 'select seats' button which takes them to a seat map showing available seats to request for their international booking. Please note for any Qantas domestic travel, a seating preference panel will be displayed on Qantas.com with the opportunity for eligible frequent flyers to enter an aisle or window preference for a domestic flight number.
  18. Hi All My dad told me about this site which is really useful so I thought i'd share it with fellow PIO'ers! Airline Seating Charts - Best Airplane Seats - SeatGuru It's basically a source for airplane seating, in-flight amenities, and airline information. They provide detailed seatmap graphics and in depth comments about seats with limited recline and reduced legroom. There is other information they offer but for me the best thing is info about the seats for each plane. Sorry if this site has been mentioned before. Emma
  19. Hi, I am trying to arrange transport from the airport to my accomodation and have been asked if I require a car seat. My son is five and uses a booster seat in the UK. Are there any regs in Oz that I have to conform with? Can he use a booster or does he have to use another type of seat? Thanks
  20. can anyone recommend a company to pre book our airport transfers? we need one that can provide a car seat for our 10 month old daughter. would prefer to have everything sorted before we go as i'll never hear the end of it if we are stuck at the airport at 2am ! thanks. lee.
  21. Hiya I am flying with Singapore next year, with my 2.5 year old. They have told me that I should feel free to bring my car seat along to use in the plane. I dont want to. The alternative is they provide extra straps for use in one of their normal seats. Has anyone else done this and if so, were there any problems?
  22. keily

    Seat sale ...emirates

  23. hi, we are going over to perth to validate visas after christmas. ive been looking on the Bayswater car rental website and the rates seem fantastic. does anyone know if they will hire you a car seat for a baby? couldnt find an email address for them and was no answer when i rang them (but it is sunday afternoon there!) or has anyone hired a car seat from anywhere else in perth? daughter will be 10 months old when we go. thanks. lee.
  24. TheBrammies

    Two Flies Sitting On A Toilet Seat

    ...................................................................... ....................................................................... .......... ONE OF THEM GOT P@@@ED OFF :biglaugh: :biglaugh:
  25. Has anyone or does anyone know if you can send a car seat to an airport then collect it when you arrive? We are arriving in Brisbane the end of August and are planning to hire a car for the 1st 6 weeks but rather than have to hire an infant seat for the duration i was wondering if i could send it to Brisbane airport then collect it upon arrival.....Any help or info would be greatly appreciated! Paul...