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Found 29 results

  1. Part 1: I never apply for jobs anymore, although I have registered at several internet sites whose role is, among other things, to help people get jobs. Perhaps this act of registration at such sites on the world-wide-web is an act in which I engage out of some sense of nostalgia, out of habit, out of an inability to stop applying for jobs after five decades of persistent and strenuous efforts in that direction. Those decades of efforts were aimed at obtaining jobs, better jobs, jobs more suited to my talents, jobs that paid better, jobs that freed me from impossible situations which I had become involved with, some work-scene in which I was ensconced--along the road of life. I stopped applying for full-time jobs, as I say, in September 2007 and part-time ones in December 2003. I also disengaged myself from most volunteer or casual work six years ago in 2005 so that I could occupy myself as: an independent reader and scholar, a writer and author, a poet and a publisher, an online blogger and journalist, an editor and researcher, indeed, what some might call a man of leisure in the Greek tradition. At the age of 70, then, and on an old-age pension, an Australian pension, I am in one of the formal conditions, one of the many definitions, of old age. I am now in the middle years(65-75) of late adulthood(60-80), as one model that the human development theorists in the field of psychology use to define this period in the lifespan. I have become self-employed in the many roles I outlined above. None of these roles pay any money, although I did receive royalties for my books at one internet site. The royalties were for six years of the sale of one of my books at that site. I received a cheque for $1.49. Years ago, back in the 1970s if I recall correctly, I could have bought one of those chocolate frogs for, at the time and again if I recall correctly, 25 cents. But at $1.50, their current price, this money, these royalties, will not allow me to buy even one frog. Part 2: I have gradually come to this current, some would say, penurious role in the years after I left full-time employment in 1999, some 16 years ago. Not being occupied with earning a living, and giving myself to 60 hours a week on average in a job, as was the case in the three decades from 1969 to 1999; and not being occupied with giving many other hours to community activity, as I had been for so many years as was the case from at least 1949 to 1999, marked a turning point in my life. I became able to devote my time to a much more extensive involvement in writing and reading material of my own choice. The process of frequent moves and frequent jobs which was my pattern for fifty years, 1949 to 1999, is not everyone's style, modus operandi or modus vivendi--to use two still commonly used Latin phrases. Many millions of people live and die in the same town, city or state and their life's adventure takes place within that physical region, the confines of a relatively small place, a domain, a bailiwick as politicians often call their electorate. Such people and other types as well often have very few jobs in their lifetime. Physical movement is not essential to psychological and spiritual growth, nor is a long list of jobs, although a great degree of inner change, extensive inner shifting, is inevitable from a person’s teens through to their late adulthood even if they sat all their lives on the head of a pin and never moved from the parental nest. That reference to the head of a pin was one of the theologico-philosophical metaphors associated with angels and often used in medieval times. This metaphor has interesting applications to the job-hunting process but I will leave that for another time. I was able to find jobs, in the main, by being willing to go where the jobs were and not feel committed to one town, one state, one home. Ron Price Tasmania
  2. Hi, My wife and I are considering applying for a 457 visa. To hopefully head off to Australia this August/Sept. My wife is a dentist. We are currently in the UK. I know a lot of these questions have already been asked but this is regarding to a specific sponsorship from DJS (dentist job search). I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to help me with some questions. 1) Does anyone have experience with DJS, if so what was your experience like? 2) We are considering Adelaide, is this a good area for work? What is the cost of living like? Any other opinions on Adelaide? 3) Are we eligible for the 'living away from home allowance' (LAFHA) 4)My wife is a dentist so we understand that she needs a full medical etc. I am not medical considering admin/bar work as a dependant on her visa, any idea what I need to get? 5) How much does the visa etc all cost, do we need a certain amount of cash in our account before we go (like the holiday working visa) and how much will we need between us or each? Much thanks :biggrin:
  3. I have been looking for rental properties using websites like www.domain.com.au Uptil now, I have simply been typing in 'Sydney' and the auto-complete feature makes it 'Sydney, NSW, 2000' and thats that. I sort on lowest to highest price and up come the results. Now, I have been noting throughout that the rentals that come up seem to be located around the CBD and I've been wondering to meself why this is so because there are definitely more areas to Sydney than the CBD, Darlinghurst, Potts Point, Surrey Hills etc. Anyway, today I started typing numbers starting from 2000 (so I went like 2000, 2001, 2002,...) but this time I was searching properties for buying (trying to get a sense of what the bare minimum price would be across ALL types of livable properties) and it seems that typing in different numbers really does change the results. So, intrigued by this, I searched on google for a list of NSW postal codes and got this site: http://www.postcodes-australia.com/state-postcodes/nsw Now I recognize many of the names here, but the help I need is this: Which postal codes listed here: http://www.postcodes-australia.com/state-postcodes/nsw lie within a 40 mins reach by bus/train to the CBD? All help appreciated. If somebody knows of a better way of doing this search, please do suggest. Looking forward to everyone's wonderful responses!!!
  4. Guest

    Search for sponser

    HI GOOD DAY TO ALL OF U , IM jj from INDIA , i want to workpermit for australia , i dont have much knowledge about it , can any one tell me that from where i can search for a employer sponsear for me , also tell me links about Victorian State Sponsorship list ,so i can come to austarlia ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plz tell me , i will b great of u my email is royalguy7@gmail.com
  5. Guest

    Job Search

    Hi guys, My OH is a graphic designer and is finishing up his portfolio to job hunt this week. We are looking for employer sponsorship as it seems to be our best option. Looking at other posts people have said to put in our covering letter that we are looking for sponsorship and others have said not to. So I think we'll put it on there first and if we dont hear anything for a while then take it off haha. Anyways, the main reason why I've created this is to find out where is the best place to apply for jobs? We wanted to apply on Seek because there's soooooooooo many jobs on there but I've seen a few people from other posts recommend avoiding it because of the agencies. Is it worth still applying on there anyway? Or maybe using it to find companies that are looking and go directly to them? All/any advice would be hugely appreciated. Thanks guys :cute:
  6. Guest

    job search

    got any leads for site management roles in brisbane ?
  7. Guest

    Job Search

    Hi, my family and me are applying to move to Sydney, sent the paper work off three months ago, does anyone know any good web sites that advertise job vancancies?
  8. Please remember that it was me who made this reminder post when you collect your winnings, I'm not greedy but $1mill will be fine, thanks:notworthy: A WA Lotto player has woken up today as a multi-millionaire after winning $7.5 million in last night's draw. The winner, who bought the Oz Lotto ticket at the Geraldton Lottery Centre, is yet to come forward to collect the prize. Shop owner Johan Vorster said:* “I don’t mind who has the winning ticket as long as it makes someone happy”.
  9. Here's a list of IT job search resources I've compiled for my IT career search in Perth. Would like to hear any feedback on the agencies and please add to the list. Agencies http://www.michaelpage.com.au http://www.chandlermacleod.com/ http://www.hays.com.au http://www.candle.com.au http://www.recruitment.titan.net.au http://www.robertwalters.com.au http://www.roberthalf.com.au http://www.talentinternational.com.au http://www.deltapeople.com.au http://www.sense-it.com.au http://www.brooklyngroup.com.au http://www.finite.com.au http://www.command.com.au/Jobs/Location/WA http://www.randstad.com.au/ http://jobs.au.hudson.com/ http://www.beilby.com.au/ http://www.pra.com.au/ http://www.therubygroup.com.au http://jobs.maxxprofessional.com.au Search Engines http://www.jobsjobsjobs.com.au http://www.jobserve.com.au http://jobsearch.careerone.com.au http://mycareer.com.au/search/jobs/wa/perth/sector/it-telecommunications/?s=777 http://nowhiring.com.au http://westjobs.com.au http://www.jobseeker.com.au http://www.alljobs.com.au http://www.seek.com.au https://www.snipey.com.au http://www.workingin-australia.com/jobs/it-and-technology Sites to post your resume https://www.linkme.com.au http://www.sixfigures.com.au http://www.linkedin.com https://www.visualcv.com/ http://au.iprofile.org/ IT Services Companies http://www.kineticit.com.au/ http://www.ajilon.com.au/careers http://www.csc.com/careersau https://tas-ey.taleo.net/careersection/gexp01/jobsearch.ftl?lang=en&location=76340070193 http://www.uxc.com.au/careers.html http://www.iinet.net.au/careers/ Companies http://www.bankwesttalent.com.au/contact_centre/index.html Tim
  10. Hi, I've just moved to Melbourne this week on a defacto visa. My boyfriend's Aussie, went to uni here and has a well-established group of friends. I'd like to make some friends of my own, particularly as I've just left mine in the UK and am missing them already! Keen to hear from people in a similar situation. I'm living in Hawthorn, but would be good to hear from anyone in any part of the city. Thanks! Charlotte
  11. Guest

    Search not working?

    Trying to search for threads and getting nothing back. At first though it was my search terms but even a simple search for the word 'help' finds no results.
  12. Hi All, I have been trying to get sponsored work (trade floor support in investment banks) for the last month and finding it very difficult. I have spoken to a number of recruitment agencies and they are telling me it is alot easier to get sponsorship if you are out there and meet these people face to face. Because of this I am planning on travelling out to Sydney for a month in Feb. I was wondering if I was out there on a tourist visa and got offered a job would I be able to renew that visa while out there or would I have to come home first then re-enter australia? I've heard it has something to do with condition 8503? Hope that makes sense Thanks
  13. Hi, I was doing online search on which suburb is the best place to live in and i came across a news article that mentioned some areas were hit by Tornadoes & extreme storms. :shocked: Coming from a tornado-free and relatively weak storm country, i'm not familiar with how to find areas that are safer from these weather extremes. So i thought the best place to check is to seek advice from POMs here who can share where are the suburb to avoid or which are safer. For e.g., i read that Mandurah in WA has quite a record of tornado sightings though no news of major damage there. We appreciate any advice on this subject. Thank you. :biggrin:
  14. I'm emigrating from the UK to the Brisbane area later this year, and would appreciate any recommendations for recruiters / executive search I should approach. My background is: Currently CFO of a small but industry leading financial services group, having just completed a realisation. I’ve agreed to a 3 month transition before my exit at the end of November 13 years working internationally with a major US business, starting up and growing food manufacturing and supply chain management businesses.in the UK, Thailand and USA. Extensive mergers, acquisition, JV, and change management experience. I’m looking for a role with a significant growth / change challenge, requiring close partnership with the business leader, rather than being driven by a specific job title or size of business. Appreciate any leads / contacts you can recommend for my reccy trip next month.
  15. Hi, I came across this employment search engine and found it really good. It maps a huge selection of job offerings available on the internet in one extensive database by referencing job listings originating from company websites, recruitment agency websites and large specialist recruitment sites Thought I'd share it... http://www.careerjet.com.au cheers B!K3R
  16. Hi Which IT Companies are willing to sponsor IT pro's for PR,work visa and how to approach them ? Any useful tips ?
  17. I am working in the field of search engine optimization/marketing since more than 4 years. Let me know that if i apply for Australian Immigration in which SOL i will lie. As we as my educational background is IT. Sincere and targeted responses are require me...........
  18. Hi there, Going on a 3 week holiday/fact finding mission in October to Oz. Starting off in Sydney and finishing in Cairns. Hoping to spend a good chunk of the holiday in beaches area close to Brisbane as this is potentially where we want to move to. Just wondering if anyone can tell be some good holiday search engines for Oz hotels, motels etc Thank u Fi:jiggy:
  19. Hi all, I have been going through following portals for a IT job search for a developers position (C/Linux/Unix) or an linux/unix adminstrators position. p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; } www.seek.com.au www.careerone.com.au www.mycareer.com.au The initial impression i get is quite demoralizing, as I could find only less than 5 jobs in SYD from the above portals, which disappeared less than 1 day time before I could apply. Also looking for linux administrator openings, but I could see around less than 50 jobs. This is out of 4k-5k job in IT in SYD. Are there any other portals / forums I am missing out ? I also heard that mostly the IT job market works on referrals. Is this true, if so how do I go about networking in a place where I am new to ? Can you suggest good consutants / HR recruiters whom I should apply with ? I am a little concerned now. Please provide your valuable suggestions and feebback. Greatly appriciate and help! Thanks in advance.
  20. rockola57

    Uk census search

    Hi, Has anyone done this?What site do you use?Any info greatly appreciated,Family History etc.Thanks.:biggrin:
  21. Guest

    New UK flight search website.

    I've been advised about a new internet flight search engine which has only gone live to the public today,it's called Zugu and it's a meta search engine which searches all websites and airlines at once,I've had a play with it and it seems good. It's at Zugu - Find the right flights...Fast.
  22. Hey people, i've been here bout a 1yr and a half now and although i've got a great bunch of mates would like to expand and hopefully meet more people. I drive so meeting up aint a problem and seeing as i am of legal age if your up for goin out and gettin plastered one nite, dont hesitate to contact me!
  23. I'm looking to buy a property in the UK early next year,can anybody recommend some good property search sites for the UK market? I know that "Google is my friend" but I would appreciate some feedback from anyone who may have used a site that they found good. cheers
  24. Guest

    MARA web site search capability

    Gday all The information about whether the agent's contact details given are for the agent's Primary business location or Secondary business interest has now gone missing on the MARA website. Why don't DIAC/OMARA ever think to ask agents if the info is displayed as required? Agents are obliged to list all their immigration business interests and say where is their main (Primary) office. The info used to be in the pdf files, now it's gone again. :policeman:
  25. Dear Forum Members, At the outset I (being an Indian) apologise for intruding into this forum exclusively meant for British Expats. The dilemma I have got my self into left me with no choice but to rely on the fora like this. Background to my dilemma is this: I have got HSMP (Tier1 General) visa for UK (one year over already) and Australian GSM 175 visa (this I got only a couple of days when I was least expecting it). I had worked in UK on my Tier1 visa from December 2008 till Febraury 2009 & April till July as Oracle ERP Applications Consultant. Since then I have been searching for jobs in UK but not succesful. I returned to India where I had to compromise on my indian pay package by more than 25%, yet I could not land in a job. By the way, I am Oracle Applications Consultant with over eight years of overall IT experience and six years of extensive Oracle ERP experience. Meanwhile a personal misfortune struck me in the form of Flashfloods in South India in which my house got devastated. I had to help my family move to another city for a few months. I was preparing to return to UK by the third week of October when I still had a slim chance of trying my luck (though I am prepared to do the waiting game during the months Nov, Dec and Jan). While all this was happening, I got a mail from the Australian DIAC Case Officer to send the PCC, which I completed on 21st of this month, only to find that my Australian Visa was granted on 27th. My dilemma: Any how, I can not stay back in India since I was sitting jobless for four-five months, it is deemed a crime in India. Potential employers would not even touch your resume with a barge pole if you remain unemployed for more than a couple of months here. So the option of staying back in India is all but over. The choice before me: Travel either to UK or to Australia; Question: If there is a glimmer of hope (if at all it is there) then which is better option? On plus-side, I am used to the British way of life through my eight or nine month stay in UK. [As part of the Ashes series, I travelled in many cities in UK like Leeds, Bristol (for Cardiff test), Cardiff, Birmingham etc.] I myself was working in Bradford then. I know the city of London in and out now. On the flip-side, the job market horrors of last winter (my first winter in UK) refuse to die. Though market is showing signs of a very modest recovery, it has not trickled down yet. As I know nothing of the current job market in Australia for IT professionals, I would humbly request those of you who are in the know of the wintry months in UK and summer months leading to Christmas in Australia. Which of the two options is better? In either case, I am prepared (mentally and financially) to wait at least till the January-end 2010 for a job. I thank you all in advance for bearing with this outsider to this forum and I conclude soliciting a few suggestions to wriggle out of the mess I created my self:).