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Found 10 results

  1. jo greenway

    Sun screen advice please

    Hi all We have been here three weeks and I have been using our sun cream from uk - nivea factor 50 on my boys, starting to look to buy some here and I can't seem to find anything over factor 30, is this the highest you can get here? Both my boys are fair skinned and I want to make sure they are well protected from the lovely Aussie sunshine!
  2. whichway

    Blue screen error

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how to fix my computer. I have now started getting this blue screen error all the time which is shutting down and restarting my computer. This is since the computer guy has been to clean it up (which cost me $300 for a clean up, 2GB RAM and a seagate portable hard drive) It didn't do it before so he says it must be one of the programmes. But to get it fixed by him would just be more hours and more labour $$$. I know he should fix it cos essentially i think he caused it but it's not happening that way. I wish I'd just bought a new computer but now I have paid for the extra RAM and the $300 of course. I also can't use my friggin hard drive, I don't know how to look at what's stored on it, as the usual obvious methods are failing. Do I need a back up programme or something? I have looked online but am an idiot. Any help very gratefully recieved:biggrin:
  3. Hi guys, I am moving out to Sydney on the 17th of Jan and need to send stuff with me. I currently live with my folks so I don't have furniture. I work however as a Wedding photographer so the main things I will be taking are computers, camera gear, electronics and clothes. I reckon I can get it into about 6 Tea carton boxes plus a case for my TV. Seven Seas seem to be pretty reasonably priced, is there anything I might be missing in the small print with them? Any other companies that are worth checking? I have a long list here but most of them don't provide instant online quotes. Also what fees will I have to pay once my stuff arrives and any idea of how much it would be for that number of boxes? Thanks guys SUSHI
  4. Guest

    Flat screen TV?

    Quick query about taking out television. We have a newish (year old) 37" flat screen TV, HD, freeview built in etc. Firstly, will it work OK in Australia or are we better off selling it and buying new when we get there. And secondly, do they have anything akin to our freeview, or is it all satellite based? Oh, and whilst I'm on the subject, will out Wii and XBox 360 work? Ta xxx
  5. JVC 32 inch / 81cm Widescreen (16:9) pure flat screen TV. Comes with stand and Audiosonic digital set top box with remotes for both units included. Dolby Digital stereo speakers with Sub woofer and Fastext / Teletext. Excellent working condition. $250
  6. Listining to Australian radio last night they were talking about this cutback in immigration that is affecting so many on here, they are lying....it has nothing to do at all with the global recession as they try and make out....it is because they are scared of the population explosion that is hitting Australia, this is what they are scared of....and this is why they are cutting back on immagrants....nothing to do with recession ata all. Australia is projected to grow at a rate of 65 per cent, well above the global average, a survey by the Washington-based private research body, the Population Reference Bureau, shows. The population is already growing at the fastest rate since post-war migration and the baby boom saw it explode in the 1950s and '60s , figures released yesterday by the Bureau of Statistics show. Australia population growth
  7. I post this out of interest only and make no comment about the issue otherwise. Blitz on foreign students to screen out visa fraud
  8. BuddysMum

    Sun screen, step by step please

    I have read all the literature etc. I know that the sun is a real health issue. I know we have to use sun screen, sun hats, shades etc. BUT.....I would just love to know the practicalities. I have read that some apply sunscreen just to go out to the washing line. I know that some never apply it (with dire consequences) So,,let's say it is winter in NSW. Would you wear sunscreen then? Would you wear it only if you were going out all day or would you put it on for a trip to the shops? What is the best brand? How often do you have to reapply it if you are not swimming? When we were over last August we bought one recommended by the drug store. It was ok, but it kind of "slipped" a bit during the day, and frankly looked rather odd. I would be happy to do that if there is a real need, but I am just aware that we didn't see many locals in this advanced stage of "slippage":wink: And then, what about around Brisbane at that time of year? I want to take care and protect my family, but I don't want to be neurotic and over-fussy. Any help and advice gratefully received!
  9. Hey ho folks! does anyone out there know if there are any screen printing/printing workshops in Adelaide or if there are any screenprinters who will produce lengths of fabric? I'm interested in getting involved again in screenprinting and other types of printing so if anyone has any info, pointers or leads it would be v much appreciated Z :cute:
  10. Guest

    UK Plasma screen t.v

    Can anyone help, we have been told that it is not worth taking our Plasma scrren tv as it won't work out in OZ, Has anyone else been told that or taken theres out and it hasn't worked? Thanks x:smile: