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Found 8 results

  1. Guest

    Starting from scratch in oz

    Hi there im just considering moving to oz in a big way at the moment and if anyone can answer a few questions for me id be over the moon. 1. In what order do i do things?? i.e do i apply for the visa first? save as much as i can first, get my skills assessed first etc etc Can anybody tell me in what order they did the migration process? How much would an agent cost? Many thanks.
  2. Guest

    Itch You Have To Scratch.

    Well firstly many thanks to Rob for getting PIO working again, not easy I would imagine. :notworthy: Secondly, I am presently sitting in Stanstead airport waiting for a mate to come in from Australia via Holland. Been ages since I have seen him, will be a great couple of days. But on the way up here I was given the finger by one driver, TWO people tried to push in front of me in the coffee queue :mad: Just paid over four quid for a coffee and biscuit, two hours parking is going to cost six pound eighty, and to top it off, a knob decided that his telephone conversation on the mobile was one that had to be heard by the whole frigging airport. So the itch I presently want to scratch is to jump on the next available plane to get me out of this sh7thole. Sundays are bad enough, but my experinces over the last hour or so have definatley made Sunday worse. I'm not having a pop at the UK as a country, but some people really do make me wonder what the hell is going on. Cheers Tony.
  3. I am heading out to Brisbane with my wife soon on a 475 visa. Her visa will apparently be "through mine" and she will be able to work. I presume she will also be able to study. She is in her early thirties and effectively has no existing qualifications. She is considering studying whilst in Oz and is wondering what her options are. We may also only be in Oz for a year, so we would like whatever time she invests in education to be useful and set her off in the right direction for her future. Are there any key qualifications that most people need to pick up before they can be considered for most courses (e.g. English, Maths)? At what level? Are there any short-term qualifications that will help to satisfy Australia's skills shortage? Are there any incentives or government subsidised schemes for certain qualifications? How transferable are Australian qualifications to the UK (in terms of perceived value)? Obviously degrees are completely transferable, but what about sub-degree qualficiations? Sorry about the open-endedness of this post, but any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. She really is starting from scratch so additional information or advice would help us to narrow down her choices.
  4. Gents and ladies... new to the forum so go easy on me - and apologies if it's a really stupid request (I've looked here and can't find anything). We're at the stage where we've decided on the move to Aus and are currently speaking to someone regarding which VISA we'd qualify via. (It seems I juuuust scrape the 100pts on a 175). Is there a step-by-step guide, explained in a really condescending manner, of how we go about things on a daily basis from here. I mean - literally - from scratch, without missing out a single thing, however small it may seem. I'm not sure if it's a blog I need or a guide... we just have absolutely no idea of the process and after exhaustively searching the internet there doesn't seem to be a total idiots guide. If you've got this far, thanks for listening and sorry for rambling.
  5. Guest

    Starting from scratch???

    Hello! Would be interested to know if anyone else plans to start from scratch in Australia. By that I mean going over with just suitcases and not much else! I'm unsure if this is a genius idea or absolute madness! We plan to sell all our worldly goods (may ship some tea-chests with sentimental/useful stuff or send as excess baggage) and use the proceeds to part fund our new belongings. If I had the money and decent furniture I would undoubtedly ship the lot. Do you think it will be less stressful not having to wait for a container and 'camp out' or will all the shopping we have to do be a trauma? Plan to go to the bargain stores, ie Big W, Target and Ikea for most stuff. We won't have a fortune to take with us and we will have to live frugally for a while. Also as we are on a 457 we will be limited to 20kg baggage each. Does anyone have any experience of this and how much stuff do you think we'll be able to cram in? Any ideas or advice would be gratefully received! Thanks xx
  6. Hi, Has anyone on here got any experience of living in Oz and then returning to the UK to start from scratch. I sold my house, business, everything to come here and one of the main reasons I have not returned is because of being scared of starting all over again. I would like to hear of others experiences in this regard as I am fed up with being unhappy here and just want to get it together and go home but there is still this fear of starting all over again. Thanks
  7. looking at various visa options here. dh is a crane driver and altho he can get work in oz, he cant get into oz with that as his skill. i have been at home raising kids for 9 years but prior to that was an accounts assistant for 10 years, but no formal quals. if i wanted to become say a brickie or tiler or photographer, how long would i have to do it before i can apply, im confused i have seen somewhere you ahve to have 12 months work exp. but other sources say 3 years :arghh: anyone clarify it for me? how long do i have to train to get a 175? ( our other option is to go in on a 457 sponsored and then apply for PR after 2 years btu i cant find the criteriafor that visa either, do they still have catagories and points etc or is it automatic if you have worked there for 2 years on a 457 you can get a PR?)
  8. Hi there just been wondering about shipping costs A lady I spoke to once, who came home then went back said "at least I know how to do it right this time" and continued to say how she would ship everything out 2nd time round, sorry I can't remember her reasons now. It does make me think though on top of all the other costs just how much will it cost to start from scratch? sofa, beds, bedding,pots, pans,washer, dryer fridge the list goes on I also don't know how much it costs to ship everything either. Just one of my many many thoughts buzzing around my head:wacko: Diane