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Found 43 results

  1. Hi me and my girlfriend both 25 have recently moved to Brisbane from Scotland And are staying in Bowen hills. I have been scrawling the net for any amateur teams to go down and play with and have had no success, does anyone know of any about at all?!! Hard to find out about a lot of stuff when you are just here! Cheers, Richard
  2. i am looking to find some scottish mums in Perth, not meet any and i have been here for 3 months although I have met a few nice English and Irish girls just wondering where all the scots hang out I have been here since Sept and am looking for any one in the same position. I have a son Oliver who is 2 my husband and myself are both 27. liza
  3. Leeannetricia

    Uk food not available in oz

    Hey, moving to Canberra in a month! Much excited Anyway was thinking are there any uk food we don't get in Oz that I can bring with me Or are there any foods/snacks that are really expensive! Lol Was going to bring my friend over some wee Scottish treats as she moved over in November Any help much appreciated Cheers now Leeanne 1month away from The big move
  4. Hi guys, my names Ashley. I'm a mental health nurse working here in Glasgow. I'm 24 been qualified and working for addictions and child protection for the past 2 and a bit years. I'm planning to move to Melbourne in a years time the now (Oct 2012) for good however i'm coming out to Melbourne for a holiday/visit in march 2012 for 3 weeks. My flights are all booked. Would anyone kindly meet up with me for some drinks and show me around the city. Will be travelling myself. Highly appreciated it. Thank you
  5. Hey we just arrived a week ago and are absolutely loving it. We are all sorted with house, car etc and now just need some friends We are in Pacific Pines. Anyone nearby interested in meeting up. We are 26 and have a 1 year old daughter.
  6. Hurricane Bawbag - 8/12/11 - The day Scotland was awfy windy. Did we panic - NAW! Did we evacuate -NAW! Did we abandon Scotland - NAW! We just had our tea early in case the lecky went oot !!! Americans get Katrina, Irene, Pauline and Andrew... we get Hurricane Bawbag! You may take our fences you may take our wheelie bins but you'll never take our banter:P pure dead brilliant :biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: mrs keily
  7. For everyone who misses Scotland you can now have a little bit of it in your pocket, the app is full of great information about clans, history etc - have a look http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/the-scottish-clans/id483183095?mt=8&ls=1 covers every clan supposedly
  8. hi there, been in brisbane 5 weeks and struggling for contacts for work,can any1 help?
  9. just been in brisbane a week.waiting for white card.living in redhill area. needing work if theres any brickys out there with jobs,contacts or just advice would be much appreciated. any 1 else in the same boat,wanto make a squad??
  10. Hi Guys, we have been in Perth for 3 and a half years now and although we love it we have only made a handfull of lovely friends. We are from Fife in Scotland and have an 18 year old son and a 14 year old son. We are young parents, 39 and 42 and love the outdoors and nature. We love BBQs and would love to meet more friends for socialising and having fun through Summer. Would love to hear from any lovely families out there.
  11. Hey all I thought I would share our experience of getting our certificate copies certified up here in Scotland. We got a few done a few months back at a Solicitors and were very lucky as they only asked us to donate something to their charity box in the office. Then I read on here that a Justice of Peace can do it for free in Scotland also. So for the main application we contacted the council who gave us a list of names, I then called one two days ago and he said to pop around his house this evening. He sat there and very kindly signed 20 odd documents for us and didn't ask for a penny...he said he wasn't able to accept anything anyway, monetary or gift (although we did leave a bottle of something) and that's it. All done and dusted within a few days. I just wanted to post this for anyone in Scotland to show how easy it is Especially after hearing so many stories where people have paid a fee per document! Away to finally put in our main application...soooo excited!
  12. Hi Guys! OK so my name is emily, im 29, and have been here for 3 months now. My boyfriend (anthony) and I moved out here at the end of June for some better weather and work (for those of you who know Glasgow it is cold there). We are going to be here until june 2012, and maybe longer if we get sponsorship. we live in St Kilda and love it, but im starting to miss the girly banter back home, and hes really missing football chat (not aussie rules, real football, e.g. rangers, celtic, manchester). I know im 'coupled up' now, but id love to meet some girls, who are not too settled down, who can go out without their boyfriend on a night out once in a while!! Me and my boyfriend would equally like to meet couples too, just anyone who is up for a laugh! gimme shout if u like!! cheers..em x
  13. Can anyone let us know how standard grades in Scotland are assessed in Australia, our oldest will hopefully have 4 to 5 standard grades all at credit level when we move next year. What qualifications will this give him in Australia?:arghh:
  14. Hi, PROSPECTIVE MARRIAGE VISA LODGED/ WHAT MAY THE TOURIST VISA REQUIREMENTS BE?) Madly in love with my aus fiance - we met in Scotland (my land)in March 11 and fell pregnant within that month. We lived together for 3 months until we made the decision to move back to Oz to live and raise a family. My fiance had taken a year career break over here and has now moved back to her excellent job in the Australian Government - i plan to join her in a month. It is now September and we have not yet lodged the prospective marriage visa. But when we do in a week, I am hoping we can get a CO asap and advise them of my intention on heading over early for the arrival of our baby. Q1. Does anyone know if you still need to meet the tourist visa criterion i.e $3000 for 3 months and $6000 for 6 months etc or as she has a job with maternity pay, they may waiver the criterion a little due to her income supporting me? I am a chef but there is no work in scotland so we have found the last 4 months hard trying to save for PMV and flights along with bills being executed over here. Thank you for reading my post. Q2? Can you call up and get a CO immediately for a PMV?
  15. Guest

    Any scottish Pubs in Brisbane

    Is there any Scottish bars in Brisbane , ohh will they show the football ?
  16. hi everyone, Just dipping my toe in the water here Potentially have a job opportunity in Melbourne on a 457 VISA. We are a family with 3 kids aged 12, 5 & 2. I've managed to get lots of great information just from browsing the forums here. I'd be really grateful for ANY information on Melbourne such as suburbs to live in which are good for high schools & primary schools. Also just generally how does everyone find it?!! This job opportunity has come out of the blue & we could potentially be moving by the start of 2012. So we're under a bit of pressure to find out whats its like Thanks
  17. Hi Guys I am currently in Australia on a working holiday visa and cant get work as a spark here due to the complicated licencing here. I have been shown the path to go down and no a place to get my skilled assessed for the 457 in the University of Swinburne in Melbourne which is costing 1800 Dollars all in. Can any1 tell me what the next step would be if i was successful in getting my skills assessed. Thanks
  18. stevie ellis

    scottish summer

    So far this summer a think av been on a roof we ma t shirt on aboot 3 times the rest o the time av still had ma quilted shirt on:mad:un real eh ? looking oot the noo and aye thats right its pissing doon, och well nae barby the night :laugh:
  19. Hi guys. We have set up a facebook page for Scot's in Sydney. We are planning to meet up at the end of July for a few drinks. Please join us at scottishclubsydney@groups.facebook.com. Cheers Kev
  20. Hey how's yous all doing?? Just joined the site and have a few questions and it be great to get a few I'm 23 year old Glaswegian, work as bricklayer n have my Svq. I have decided to get a years working/traveling visa for oz. Going to go down under oct/nov before the the Scottish winter kicks in:no: lol. Just havnt decided where yet. Was thinking sydney or Melbourne been told it's a cooler climate lol even tho it will still be toasting. Where would be better work wise? Also wondering if aussie way of bricklaying is alot different? Any repleys would be great. P.s any info on where to get cheap flights and accommodation would be good to. Cheers Joe :wink:
  21. Hi , just wondering if anyone else has experience in taking children to australia who are under 18 without fathers permission, my son is 17 and daughter 16 we have decided to apply for a 176 family sponsor visa as we could be waiting months for the SMP's to be released, anyway months ago I managed to get in touch with my Ex huband (who has had no contact with them for years, we moved to England 9 years ago) he agreed he would get a statutory declaration signed giving permission for them to live in Australia, I even sent him a form with all the appropriate details all he has to do is get is signed in front of a solicitor,since them I have sent messages asking when I will get it with no response. As both my children were born in Scotland, the Scottish Law states that once a child reaches the age of 16 the parental responsibilties cease,except for guidance until they reach 18,therefore my question is that on the visa application form , the question "Does any other person have custodial,access or guardianship rights to any of these childre" Will it be OK to answer no? Any help in this matter would be apprecited, sorry for such a long post. Veronica
  22. hi been out here for a year now,and love it but would be nice to catch up with a fellow scot for a few jars and watch our mighty national team try to play fitbaw,think theres a game on 8th oct v chech rep if anyone is interested let me know cheers
  23. Anybody intrested in trying to get some sort of shinty team in perth? Looking for anybody who is intrested, if your irish and ever played hurley before u would enjoy trying shinty. Its similar to hockey but faster and less rules. Email me if your intrested. Anybody welcome to give it a go, its great fun. Looking for people who have never played before and willing to give it a go
  24. Been here for a few years now and have a good network of friends but would love to catch up with fellow Scots for a few drinks etc and have a wee chat. Miss the Scottish sense of humour and would be lovely to meet folk from our home country.
  25. Hi NE Scottish Family(2A plus 2 boys 8 &4 and 1 Girl 3) moving to Perth in August. Anyone who wants to get intouch, please say hi. Best Wishes Keith