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Found 24 results

  1. wanderingwheels

    Sending IELTS score

    Hi all, I am to take my IELTS in a few weeks. While applying for the test online, do I need to select the option of sending my scores directly to DIAC or can I send my TRF to DIAC later on along with the other documents? Any sort of input is much appreciated.
  2. I looked out the ielts score for kindergarten teachers (for teacher'sregistration), which is 7 in each sector.Does is the same score for teacher's assistens and childcare workers? Thanx
  3. tennis16

    IELTS score

    Hello, can someone advice me the eligibility to submit an application when i have score a 6.5 -listening, 7.5-reading, 6-writing, 7-speaking , total overall band = 7. i am intending to submit for skill 233513- production engineer or 323112 -aircraft maintenance engineer(mechanical) or 233511-industrial engineer. i am intending to go state sponsor, but which state will accept me? thanks
  4. Man City thrash the scum at cold trafford 6 v 1 and nobody has mentioned it as yet ......i cant believe the guttless man u blinkered so called supporters left a game so early when they were quite clearly being given a lesson on how to make the so called champions look pathetic ......the worse thing that Fergie said last week was that Liverpool v man u is the biggest game in the world , that was a dig at us before the derby , we made him and his merry men look like silly little boys ..........everyone knows that scouse and manc derbys are the must win big games ........2 points in 3 games for the so called champions ....!!!!! they best get use to the blue moon raising.....:yes:
  5. Hello, I would like to know exactly how many IELTS score need for the Secondary applicants under 176 visa? Someone said need to get 4.5 for each module and others are telling all 4 modules average band score need 4.5. Which once is the correct one.(This is for old point system) Please reply ASAP. Thanks. Kathy :swoon:
  6. tennis16

    IELTS score

    Dear All, kindly advice what's the criteria for IELTS score? does it need a score of 7 in each band for engineers Australia or state sponsor? thanks
  7. Me and hubbie have ran our own business for 13 years and whilst we have had various employees over the years, we never quite found the right person for the company. Therefore for a very long period of time he hasn't been able to socialise due to working ridiculous hours and being a project manager and therefore not always making friends when out on site and behind the scenes, as is the nature of the job, he has had quite a lonely existence. Outside of work he is a pretty good laugh actually, but I really do think that it's time he got out with people socially, preferrably people from the workplace. Here's the questions. He will probably be in a similar, quite senior role in Oz as it's what he knows and is trained for, but how welcomed into the fold of the rest of a workforce would he be? By that I mean is it very often the case that "rank" is left at work when socialising in Oz or is there always an us and them situation? Just wondering what peoples' experience is. Thanks
  8. Guest

    update IELTS score

    Hello everyone, Could I update my IELTS score after lodgement my application for visa subclass 176, for seeking higher points?
  9. Guest

    IELTS - What did you score?

    Trying to ascertain the probability of DH getting an 8 for his IELTS? What did you score, and what is your education level / nationalty?
  10. I am planning to apply for Skilled – Independent (Migrant) Visa (Subclass 175) this month. My skills have been assessed to be suitable for migration under 261312 (Developer Programmer) of the ANZSCO Code and my nominated occupation is under SOL – Schedule 3. I have appeared thrice for IELTS in last one year and following is the score of each attempt: FIRST TEST: Listening - 7 Reading - 7 Writing - 6 Speaking - 7 SECOND TEST: Listening - 8 Reading - 6.5 Writing - 7 Speaking - 6.5 THIRD TEST: Listening - 7 Reading - 7 Writing - 6.5 Speaking - 7 The above score of 3 different tests indicate that I have got 7 band score in EACH OF THE FOUR COMPONENTS, at least ONCE in above attempts. It shows that I am capable of getting 7 band in each of the four components, but it is just a matter of getting it in a single attempt. Considering 7 in each of the components (i.e. 25 marks of english language), I am meeting each criteria of eligibility of 120 points to apply for this visa category. Can anyone advise I should apply for GSM visa with above IELTS result? Will I be granted 25 marks for english language eligibility having 7 in each?
  11. Hi, Few questions which i am sure will have been asked before, but here goes- 1. We have submitted in april 09, Skilled - Sponsored (VE 176) visa- was just wondering if there is requirements for partner to have IELTS score if they are not included in the points etc-(not holding UK passport) 2. Is there any available time line for people in the same visa class-Skilled - Sponsored (VE 176) visa- carpenter/joiner- online application april 09 Been a long wait so far and hopefully as last indicated, all cat 3 should be finalised by Dec 2011- if they dont move the goal posts again ;-) many thanks for any info on the above!
  12. Just deciding which bank account to open in Australia...we've currently got HSBC accounts in the UK, credit cards and savings and also (until recently) held a HSBC mortgage. Is it worth us paying the fee (£50 for advance customers) to open an australian HSBC account? Will our credit rating stay with us ? Just wondered if anyone else had done it and found it worthwhile...does it make it easier to get a mortgage in Oz? Don't want to pay £50 when I can open a NAB account for free! Any advice much appreciated. Cheers :unsure:
  13. Guest

    Ielts score

    Hi can u update me what score should i get for gsm visa? Do i nid to get a 7 in all categories? Tnx
  14. Guest

    Ielts pass score????

    Hi everyone, been a while since i been on here due to a delay with our migration process. Had the IELTS results today and cant for the life of me remember what the pass mark is for a RN. My wife is in work so she said for me to open them as she is at the end of her tether with it. Thanks Sean
  15. divya288

    IELTS Score 7.5

    What is IELTS score 7.5? Proficient or Competnt? Please advice
  16. User Name

    Issue with IELTS Score

    Hi guys, for those of us who didnt meet the IELTS 7, do you guys reckon its worth redoing it? I applied 886 and got 6.5 in the writing part. Though this meets the 886 requirements, would it be better idea to redo the IELTS and submit one with all 7s? From the look of it, Government is going down hard on people who don't score 7s. Last thing I want is for my application to get culled because I was 0.5 less in writing.
  17. User Name

    Appealing IELTS score

    Hi guys, I got my IELTS score and got 6.5 in the writing section (need 7 in each band). I am planning on appealing. is there a chance (or do you guys know of any cases) where the score can actually go down? say from 6.5 to 6 instead of going up? Most that I checked out have either remained same or gone up. Cheers,
  18. I have applied under the following category 2299-79 Business and Information Professionals. My simple question is that what will be the minimum IELTS bands require to qualify for australian immigration. For more informaion Points SOL ENSOL MODL 50 Yes Yes No So far my poits are calculating as 105 without IELTS.
  19. Guest

    average IELTS score

    Hi all just wondering what the average test score is. is it hard to get 7's? just wondered what others have got in their tests. my hubby is sitting the test shortly and he's not very good at english. just panicking now that he doesn't pass. we haven't submitted RPL yet and by the time the result comes back and we can apply for 175, the new rule will be in about getting 7's in the test. :arghh: thanks Emma
  20. Hi, We are moving back to the UK in a few months. We have been in Melbourne for 3 years now and previously in the UK me and my partner have always worked and paid tax and NI. Does anyone know if you have to pay a penalty to be entitiled to Doctors/Dentists NHS etc. Someone told me that you have to pay your NI contri for the years we have not been living in ENGLAND??? Is this true?? Thanks Ollie247:wacko:
  21. hi all hopefully without an argument starting what is the score with credit card debt? i know that they can chase you for government debt but what about credit cards, as a lot of people are taking a loss on house sales it is obvious that some people are going to leave credit cards behind. the thing is as some banks like hsbc have branches in oz can they not chase you from a branch over there . i have a card that i will pay before i go but a mate has just lost his job and is fed up with the uk as he has debts and i stupidly told him you can start fresh in oz now hes on about going so i need to give him the right info. many thanks dobba
  22. Tids

    points score? confused!!!

    Hi All, Does anyone know about the points test for the 175 visa? I am 35 and a qualified Fabricator/Welder with 15yrs experience but only scored 95 need 120!! i only lost 10 points due to not working in my trade for last 5yrs how can i get more points?? Cheers Craig
  23. Guest

    what score for IELTS to Pass

    Does anybody know what score overall you need to get the extra 5 points for visa from the IELTS test Thanks
  24. Guest

    OP score

    Can someone please explain to me what the basics of what an OP score is and how you get higher levels. Thanks